The Real Quebec

June 11, 2012 Dirty News, Montreal, Quebec City 269

The real Quebec

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, this post is to clarify something! I just finished reading a post written by someone from Quebec, talking sh*t about the rest of Canada, specifically, English Canadians! He claims that the woman here are beautiful because they are Quebecois and that the English has RAPED their language. Lets get one this straight, you raped your own language, when sit there and write things like “kes ke tu fu” when it should be written “Que’ce que tu fait?” That’s you raping your own language. When you say things like “Asoire.” when it should be “A soir.” your raping your own language. Ask anyone from France, the people who speak REAL french, if the french in Quebec speak or write their own language properly, all will say NO! Furthermore, the french people here are underachievers, they all drop out of high school, work in a garage, not as the mechanic but as the guy sweeping and cleaning up the place. They all drive Ford pickups filled with beer and weed. They are the NUMBER ONE CARRIERS of SYPHILIS, CHLAMYDIA, GONORRHEA, AND HERPES in CANADA (you can look that up, ever heard of Rouyn-Noranda?)! Their woman are NOT hot, the girls in Montreal that are beautiful are the ethnic girls, the Italians, Greeks, middle eastern, Asian, Black, Indian, Russian, French from FRANCE and Romanian girls! They are NOT Quebecois! You need to go to the rest of Quebec to see what they actually look like, and they are not as attractive as the girls centered in Montreal. So don’t claim these beautiful woman as your own nationality, because they are not. The french girls here are classless sluts with no morals and STD’s. They act and talk like men, they get wasted and fuck boys and old men in bathrooms, and they piss on Crescent and St.Laurent street after the clubs. They go after coupled up and married men and protest naked in the streets. Im sorry, but Americans, if you had to deal with these low lives everyday, you too would hate them too. If Quebec ever does separate, it will FAIL, because the educated and ambitious people who keep this province running are the ENGLISH and the IMMIGRANTS! the Quebecois do nothing with their lives, but sit on their front porches, with beer and their flags and complain about everything English. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to Montreal, pick a hot chick, and she won’t be a Quebecois. She will either be English or have an ethnic background. So do not claim us beautiful woman as your own, I’m a model here in Montreal, very well known and considered one of the beautiful faces of Montreal, I do many events every weekend, I have my own calender and do signings and appearances constantly. I am NOT QUEBECOIS! And neither are any of the other girls I work with! Just wanted to make this very clear. So Canada may suck to Americans, but the Quebecois are the SCUM of Canada!

Canada problems are so low class.- nik

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Vive Le Quebec Libre

March 15, 2012 Montreal, Quebec City, The Dirty 309


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there are couple of posts lately about “beef” between Canada and U.S.A.. Proud Canadians love to compare themself with you American on some topics…What you do not know is that anglo Canadian dream of being American..Lets be honest, Canada sucks big time and even more since the conservative party own the majority..As a quebecer separatist (ooh no…) I want to exclude the province of Quebec from the rest of the Canada because we do not want to be affiliated in any manner with the rest of Canada.. They rape our langage as well as our culture… and they are jealous of our pretty girls because lets be honest… Canadian girls are uptight and not sexy at all compared to Quebecer girl with their latin touch and beauty…. just look how they walk with heels it is so unsexy…Since the Canadian sent so many anglo to Quebec… they kind of diluted the number of french speaking to a point where it is going really hard to do the separation… Nik help our province out…. convince our fellow canadians to throw us out of that conservative and boring country.. And by the way, why Canadian love the queen that much? The queen is printed on our bill which is a daily insult for 20% (the french speaking percentage of Canada) of the country and a constant reminder that we are fcked..Vive le Québec libre!! Dean Pelletier Nota Bene: please post it, as french quebecer I would totally love to feel the hate from the rest of Canada… It is really funny how they love to hate us.. Post Scriptum: I hope Nik you will not mix french from France and french from Canada… there is nothing left similar except the langage and love of wine and good life.


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Vanessa Vieira Is The Sexiest Woman Alive

August 16, 2011 Quebec City 10

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, you want to talk about a sexy woman?  Check out Vanessa Vieira, this girl is certified DIME PIECE for sure… super sexy, natural and got a donk for days.  Tell me you wouldn’t knock boots with her.

I wouldn’t knock on a door to even say hi to her… she needs a lift and a nose.- nik

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Dont Believe This Liar

July 7, 2011 Quebec City 7



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, tell the ladies BEWARE. He talks a good game but dont believe the hype. He will write poetry sing to you paint your toenails brush your hair BUT he will also walk around the house with your shirt and purse and shoes on and pretend to be a woman!!! Very strange!! I asked him several times if he was gay but he swears he is not. He is a total mama’s boy and cant do ANYTHING without her approval. Im pretty sure he still breastfeeds btw lol. I was actually willing to overlook the bisexual thing but then came all the woman. He sleeps with up to 5 woman in one day!! He will allow other women to call your house and tell both women that the other is his sister!! He rarely showers and actually has to be told when…I had to tell him after 4 days!! He also doesnt wash his jeans so the colour wont fade…when he opened up his overnight bag I almost puked! I finally broke up with him after a couple months when I found out he is 22 pretending to be 28!! Dont believe his id ladies he is into identity fraud and has several ids and will show you whichever is closest to your age.

I wonder how many girls believe his jewelery is real.- nik

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Not Even A Gay Man Can Say No To This Canadian Beauty

March 22, 2011 Montreal, Quebec City, The Dirty 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, DA Strong for about a year now and I am very surprised that this beauty has yet to be submitted to the dirty. It’s a shame were not a dirty city yet because we do have a few DC potential! But anyway here is Brittany Crossman, as close to a 10 as 10 can be in my book, looks and personality to match. Everyone knows you appreciate the great set of +2′s to make a girl but I’m hoping I have finally found one you would that is naturally gorgeous.

You can tell that is her real hair too. The problem or reality you are going to face is that her natural body and looks only have about 3 seasons left. On year 4, her mouth will protrude and she will become full horse. Watch.- nik

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Beautiful Girl From Quebec

March 16, 2011 Montreal, Quebec City, The Dirty 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has pretty much everything you say is hot in a girl (minus light eyes and maybe a nose job). Her name is Virginie and she is from Quebec (yeah yeah yeah, you aren’t Canada’s #1, wtvr).  Anyways….do you see potential, can this be a yes to a brunette finally?

She looks too old to be my brunette. I can tell her age by her back fat and armpits in the photoshopped image. Canada is getting warmer.- nik

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I Would Marry Chesticles

December 9, 2010 Chesticles, Quebec City, The Dirty 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so glad you have decided to revive Chesticles, personally I don’t know why but I love her and her body.  I think she is amazing and one of the hottest woman on planet earth.  Have you ever met her in person?  Is her skin soft as it looks?  I’d probably marry her if I ever had the chance.

Let’s be honest you only want to marry her because of her chest… you know you can buy those things for like 6k and mount them on your body. It could save you a lot of money and headache. The best part is that you can rub it out to yourself whenever you want for free.- nik

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