We All Slore Around Right

January 9, 2014 Raleigh-Durham 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: Wrong! It turns out whoring has taken a whole new level here in marinetown USA. With the name of Christi Corkum. I mean damn not only does this girl use and abuse (she took some bodies Xmas gifts then dipped and blocked them completely) but she’s always gotta have a dick up her ass! Probably because shes “allergic” to condoms and doesn’t use birth control ;) but girl don’t think your safe either! This little skank will fuck anything that moves and gives her attention! Got kids? No problem! This whore works at Chuck E Cheese!! I know where I want my next bday party! I only people still believed your bullshit, cause you also talk more shit than anyone else this town knows! Time I move bitch, buh-bye! You know her too?? Tell her about how she probably stole your mad or crushed your heart,

Sexts are pointless without a face to match.- nik 

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Lori Barbour The Scary Lip-A-Saurus

January 4, 2014 Raleigh-Durham, The Dirty 311

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m scared and I simply do not know what to do. I need your help. Lori thinks she is the best looking model from New York.  She treats everyone bad and still thinks she has what it takes. What to do think? I value your opinion immensely. Please give me your honest opinion on this beauty.  How hot and sexy do you find her?

Are we 100% sure that hairy stomach is female?- nik

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Sandy Slore

January 3, 2014 Raleigh-Durham 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just wanted to bring the attention to all unsuspecting men to this DRD infested store. Nik, i have had a hard time deciding what’s worse the fact that this thing is employed at Rent-A-Center or her parental rights have been revoked by both children yet feels the need to continually be in arrears in child support. Her rap sheet includes DWI’s, possession of pepsi, fleeing scenes of accidents, she likes to steal checks from unsuspecting family members. Men and women all it takes is a few stiff drinks and she’ll do whatever you want. Be prepared once you take her home you’ll get something ajax won’t take off.

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Sage Water Is A Terrible Company

December 26, 2013 Dirty Business, Raleigh-Durham, The Dirty 77

service-areas copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my apartment complex hired SageWater to do a water re-piping. The workers seemed competent and efficient, until I realized my pet (cat) was missing after they dry-walled and painted. This is 4pm on Friday afternoon. I am freaking out, call my apartment office because I can hear her meowing but can’t locate her. As it turns out, a worker dry-walled my cat into the wall and painted. After an hour and a half of trying to contact SageWater, “Ken” told me someone would be here to open up the wall and let the cat out. The worker showed up, cut a hole in the dry wall and left. Still no cat. I took a bottle and knocked a big enough hole in the wall that I was finally able to locate and rescue my cat.  This “assistant to the regional director” asshat “Ken” tells me he is sorry that my family pet is enclosed in the wall and there is no one he has to send out to help me.  I told him that indeed he was sorry.  Here is a pic of my handy work.  This company needs to be held responsible for their incompetence.

You have a dumb cat.- nik

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Chad Nutsch Is A Rich Pig

December 22, 2013 NC State, Raleigh-Durham, The Dirty 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chad Nutsch aka the biggest douche bag in North Carolina. This idiot started making t-shirts that said “Lake Life” and now all of a sudden he’s an entrepreneur and CEO equivalent to Donald Trump, and don’t you dare try to tell him different. He does nothing but brag and talk about his business to the point of extreme obnoxiousness, mainly because he’s too dumb and boring to find anything interesting to talk about, but also because he wants everyone around him to know how great he is at all times. He treats everyone like they are peasants… a girl threw up in his car and he actually paid a guy to eat the puke while he taped it, then put the video up on his facebook like us normal people wanted to see it. What kind of person does something like that??? A true asshole, that’s who! But the most disgusting thing about him is the way he treats women. He thinks that it’s okay to throw one dollar bills on any and every girl like they’re strippers, and he is just a complete pig. He offered to give a friend of mine a ride home from a party because she was really drunk, then once she was in his car, he told her that if she wanted to get home she had to get naked and give him head while he was driving. When she refused, he actually PULLED THE TRUCK OVER AND PUT HER OUT ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! She had to walk in the dark until she saw a road sign and called someone to come get her. This dirtbag needs to be put on blast so every girl in Raleigh will know to stay far far away or you will regret it, not only because he will treat you like sh*t, but also because if you sleep with him, he’ll leave you with a little gift that keeps on giving (Hint: it starts with a HER and ends with a PEE). You’ve been warned!

We call it DRD… there is no HER or PEE in our world.- nik

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They Love The Attention

December 21, 2013 Raleigh-Durham, The Dirty 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Colleen McGinniss from Fayetteville, NC. She has two different facebook pages and is best friends with Stefanee Jessee also from Fayetteville. The girls are known in Fayetteville for partying especially at dubstep concerts. Both are well known sl*ts that love the Greg although Stefanee has a boyfriend now. But once a sl*t always a sl*t right? They’re both obnoxious as f*ck and think they’re hot sh*t.

Why do I feel like those boobs are real? Yeah they are definitely real… what a bummer.- nik

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Raleigh’s Biggest Loser

December 17, 2013 Raleigh-Durham 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Dirty Dan…. Known for how many dirty skanks he has hooked up with in Raleigh and he’s proud of it. Even has his own mug at a bar with Dirty Dan engraved on it… Can we say loser! He works as a waiter at Outback and has been there for only 9 years lol! He sleeps till 11 and oh, hes 31 and lives with his mommy. What a bitch! She does his laundry and waits for him to get home every night from work so she can serve him his dinner. He likes to hit on anything with a vagina. Oh did I mention he’s racist, yep the clown hates blacks, it’s horrible!! Thinks hes better than everyone. Cant keep a girlfriend cause word on the street is he can’t get it up, ha dude went to the doc for viagra… Sounds like a personal prob. No wonder why when he does have a girl she cheats, wouldn’t u! Kid is the definition of a LOSERRR!!! What a clown! Go get a real job Danny Boy and grow up!

He’ll never become a kept man living under his parents or until he de-pedo’s those t*ts.- nik

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Jacksonville Slore

December 16, 2013 Raleigh-Durham 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chicks name is Caitlyn Mildenberger, she is originally from hampstead NC but has moved all over NC screwing different guys along the way.
This poor girls life is nothing but sex, she is a nympho. She used to have a good body but has gotten fatter over time just like her mother who is literally a whale. She started her adult life working at hardees and having 3 relationships at the same time. When she was finally caught she moved in with her drunk EX step dad in smithfield NC and had 6 confirmed relationships within the span of a year and cheated on every one of them with multiple people. She has screwed so many people in that small town that some of her EX girlfriend and boyfriends are actually couples now! Its so pathetic it sounds like this is made up but its true, I am not even angry or dislike this chick who I dated once for three months.. Im just astonished and wanted to post about her here. She seems sweet and nice, she has dreams and ideas of becoming a professional photographer. However if you date this chick you will find odd things going on, like she will break up with you for a week and then beg to come back to you. She will openly admit to cheating on you when she dumps you but then say she was lying when she comes crawling back. She has done it all, from a foursome with 3 guys to 3 relationships at the same time and every sexual act but beastiality(im not aware of her doing this anyways). Its sad because she had potential to be someone. But shes turning into a fat slut just like her mother. We dated for 7 months until I caught on to the cheating. I HATE to admit it but when we were together she told me she had an **. Thank GOD I went and had myself checked and I was clean. She is 20 years old now, and engaged to be married to some poor asian american marine down in jacksonville. She has even changed her last name to get away from her “history”. It may be because she never met her dad and her mothers interests include sucking men dry of food and money, and not paying for their trailer which they were evicted from in hampstead NC. Reading this back now it sounds like an amazing tale that someone typed up to make her look bad, but again I have nothing against her. I largely learned about the cheating and “black guy orgies” after we broke up. I am posting this because I have never met such a screwed up whore in my life. I have to wonder does the poor guy she seems seriously engaged to know her history and that shes likely cheated on him many times in the marine base town they live in..

My what bright features you have..- nik

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