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Shianne Cabral

December 16, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Shianne Cabral. Many of you may know her. She is a scum to the streets of red deer. Used to be a crack dealer but got caught slipping and ratted out the squad. She witnessed a murder and pointed the finger but the officer she speaks to (mathes) always gets her off the hook. Everybody sit and think everytime she comes around the cops are soon to follow. I have videos and texts of her telling me how much she gets for Glendale or calgary folk or anyone she knows about. Most recent was some girl pot dealer. If it’s not all making sense it keeps going. She rolls with mad cows but anytime there around mathes and his friends get an arrest. All remember New Years murder. Her friends and she witnessed. Her boy she helped on the run was arrested and guess what?? She was there. Even crazier is the cop she speaks to here in Rd was the arresting officer! Out of province but such a coincident. Not to mention the bitch was starved out from being a worker girl. She fucking smelled and everyone hated the money wasted on her. When she isn’t trying to trick on her own she’s waiting on her welfare cheques or throwing any dealers under the bus for 1500 here and there. She’s a gross ugly schemin bitch who needs to be put down. Has had child services called so many times they know her all to well. So many baby sitters looking for her for money. She pawns her boy off to anyone who is stupid enough to believe her lies. You have all herd it before. The bank messed up my internet doesn’t work im western union it to you. This bitch is the definition of ratchet. Ruins peoples stuff threatens to smash window or bear mace you. Shes a fuking big gummed sideshow bob looking bitch. All be careful she plays to be friends but if you’re working she’s using you or setting you up.

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Ronda Draeger Brodin

December 15, 2014 Edmonton, Red Deer 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rhonda Draeger AKA RHONDA BRODIN of Sylvan Lake Alberta is one fcked in the head bitch! she is delusional and thinks everyone is out to fck her dead husband ..this bitch is crazy needs psychiatric help!!!!! she lies and seeks attention and pity from anyone that will listen to her she is mentally ill mean person who needs medication ..she has no problem fcking anyone who will have her fat stretched out used up cunt! and has no issues giving anyone’s she meets on POF or any other hook up sites her drd and gentle ***ts she is a lying sack of shit the ugly ditch pig cunt! stay clear of this physco!! she will make stories about you !! just ask the last John! she met of POF!! CRAZY CNT IS THE ONE WITH THE BROWN HAIR AND PSYCO EYES!

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Horse Face Bessey

December 14, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Bobbie Bessey. She is a two faced liar. She preaches peace and love to everyone, meanwhile she is off cheating on her boyfriend. Bobbie is the kind of girl that will claim to be so sweet and innocent, make friends with you and your boyfriend… and then try to sleep with him. Ever sinse this two faced Pepsi slut became a “kilt girl”, she thinks she is the hottest shit to walk the streets of Red Deer. But le’s get real, Bobbie is just a horse faced bitch who’s head is way to big for their body. I work with Bobbie and I speak for everyone when I say that NO ONE likes this slut. She thinks she is hot shit because she sells drugs and fcks random dudes that she meets at work. Bobbie sweetheart you’re nothing but a used up slut. STOP TRYING TO FUKING EVERYONE’S BOYFRIENDS. You’re not as hot as you think you are and you just make yourself look pathetic.

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Anne-marie Ouellette

December 2, 2014 Edmonton, Red Deer 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: anne-marie ouellette, does blow with her kids, and even pawns her kids stuff for dope. Does drugs with her friends who have kids, like michelle and brandy, both of red deer. Brandy was last seentry in living in the bower area. This girl won’t let any one see her stomach cuz it’s gross and full of scars. She never even let me see, but I always pictured it looking like the pouches the Jaffe have on stargate sg-1 with the ugly snake things living inside. Ann-Marie Ouellette tried to oft herself in front of her kid while camping. Only reason she’s alive is cuz of me, wishing I left her on a dirt road now. She does m**th with her friend brandy in front of a kid less than 2 years old. I don’t recommend this check to anyone. She was claiming she was drugged and raped by some guy, but I believe now it was all lies to get sick attention, why else would she keep going back to that lower michase holt? She even said he drugged her kid and she just let’s it happen, so I guess if your a sick f*** and into that kinda stuff, she’s the right kind of crazy for you! She’s dirty enough to have been on this site before, but I think it’s time for an update. She’s been a dirty little sloot and screwed a lot of people over in the last couple years since she last graced this website. I’m sure her mom, Leona Page, is just thrilled with what her tramp little girls become!

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Daniel Devon Holmes Deveau

December 1, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well they say a picture is worth a 1000 words… This lovely peice of work is Daniel Devon Holmes Deveau but goes by Devo Deveau on facebook, he is one of the biggest losers you will ever meet. He thinks hes a big mad because he can make threats and beat of women smaller than him. Watch out ladies hes known to be a rapist and a pedo. To add the cherry to the cake hes also a dead beat who likes to have as many kids as he can yet can’t take care of them. So red deer watch out you have a predator in your midst.

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Devil Named Kevin

November 21, 2014 Red Deer 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik and the Dirty Army may I present to you; this walking piece of shit who goes by the name of Kevin Russ. He is the scum that is attached to the bottom of my shoe. Kevin abuses the women he dates,is very mean to them,calls them down and just treats them like the shit that he truly is!!! He went as far as cheating on his pregnant girlfriend (who is now deceased) and infecting her with a DRD while she was pregnant with his child!!!! Kevin is a piss poor excuse for a man and a father! He smokes weed in front of his 5 year old daughter,drinks and even snorts Pepsi when she is in his care. His daughter has also made sexual references to things that 5 year olds should have no clue about and it makes me sick to my fcking stomach!!!! This guy needs to be buried alive because he is nothing but pure evil with a rotten mind. I hate you Kevin but if the truth were told there are probably a lot of people who actually feel the same way I do. Can you please do us all a favour and go back to Ontario and btw I hope your plane crashes on the way there you slimy goof ball piece of shit!!! And the tattoo of that guardian angel you got saying that it\’s Jenna guarding over you well you should be ashamed of yourself Kevin because we all know how you treated her! You need to be shortened down a few feet and I know a couple boys who would gladly volunteer for the part so keep your antics up you squid skid and my dream will become your reality

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Dirty Diamondz

November 20, 2014 Red Deer 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies & Gents & The Dirty Army may I present to you this dirty fcking slug who has dubbed herself as Dirty Diamondz. Whoever nicknames themselves something with dirty in it,well that should tell you enough right there. This cum guzzling dumpster store thinks she is the hottest shit in the city. Like no word of a lie she is so fcking conceited,she posts pictures of herself on Facebook with the captions such as sexy dirty bitch & her statuses say I’m the hottest thing to ever walk the streets of Red Deer like come on Marissa (her real name) maybe the hottest thing to roam the slimy back alleys but even that’s being to nice. This gutter slut even goes as far as sharing her backpage ad onto her own Facebook page like wtf chick seriously stop being so fcking thirsty. Dirty Marissa thinks it’s cool to sell and do drugs with pint being her pick of poison and she thinks she’s the best cuz she’s an escort…..Bitch u ain’t no escort u is just a grimy hooker loser. Everybody on her Facebook makes fun of her when she posts new pics. I look at her profile from time to time just to get a chuckle like she even keeps all the rude comments on there and doesn’t delete them so she must love being treated so shitty. Girl give up! You are worth nothing,will never amount to anything in life just go to the doctors and get tested and take care of your AIDS riddled self and stop contributing to Red Deers drug problem and dirty whore problems. Marissa,you are a joke

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Krystal Rose

November 19, 2014 Red Deer 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok let me tell you about this panties dropping cheating whore who will sleep with your man and is herself a cheater. She is an alcoholic who loves booze just a little too much. She cant keep her house clean and fails to clean out her cat box leaving a stink that you can smell down the halls… if the men she brought home were not drunk I’m sure the’d run out of the pig pen she calls a home. She prides herself on being better then everyone but honey shes doing the same thing as everyone else!! she is in the bathroom waiting for that next line. A little sniff here and there..Trying to scope out the next lay and she has no class at all. Her self pride is only what she shows to her so called friends but she’s as loose as a goose and wont care about the family she’s breaking up or cheating on the man that she had claimed as her boyfriend. When she’s horny just about any one will do and lets face it this girl is worse then a cat in heat. Ladies when Krystal Rose is around do not feed this slut booze cause next thing you know shell be trying to take your man to the bathroom for a quick booty call. Lock up your man when this cat is on the prowl cause the only person she will ever be thinking of is herself. This self righteous slut needs a wake up call…

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