Shaelene Desgroseilliers

October 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the biggest cheat! This 20 year old whore has already slept with your man guarnteed!If not yet shes about to! She thrives off attention and thinks she is the hottest player out there.Go back to BC and try out for your dream girl calendar.Excuse me but dream girls are supposed to stay loyal to their boyfriends who support your cottage cheese ass. QUIT THINKING YOUR SO HOT AND BRAGGING ABOUT YOUR BODY!!! #fckmeover#fckuover# Watch your men women this one is out for the money out to just get fcked for more attention with TIPS!!!Once a wild bills LOW TRASH uprgraded to Tilted Kilt where she blows men in the car out back. All while stealing your blow just so she can stay UP to get more attention. She lays it on so thick that shes this nice girl who wants only you. Except while shes sleeping with your man her boyfriend is at home paying her rent. Poor guy doesn’t even know! I used to be her boss till I found out she was texting MY EX to meet up with her. Her boyfriend cant make her cum she tells him so she has to have others. Always in need gold digging SLUT.She will give your Dick warts. SHAE fuked my ex this weekend and he just fucked a lotus whore. You stupid CnT!!!!!!!!!!!!Take out your FAKE hair, YOUR FAKE eye color, YOUR FAKE personality,and maybe you will do something with your life other than being a LINGERIE WAITRESS!! HAHAHAHAH! Fantastic goals! By the way your fan page? PATHETIC, you’re not a model. Your a SKANK who has warts NOW!!! LMFAO

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Paul Freeman

October 17, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paul Freeman is the biggest Guetto around that’s for sure. He thinks je hot shit till someone come’s along and picks a fight with him then he act’s out of his roid rage like daddy’s boy and gets all crazy infront of his friends like a guetto bitch ive seen him alone he isnt very scary at all without his bar hopping big roid friends i know this becuase me amd my boyfriend have seen him coward lots or just play nice so he doesn’t get imbarassed like the pretty boy he is and decides he just selld coke too like rest of his crew they call themselfs is so gross nikki he is just a boy who watched to many movies and those tattoos were never erned he has never even been to jail for more then a night in the drunk tank stupid twitt paul your such a Red Deer Jersey Shore wannabe i think you should stop posing your silver spoon fed sweetheart we all around here that know you know it all to well this is why your such a Guetto….

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Lez Be Honest

October 15, 2014 Red Deer, The Dirty 62


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this girl Kirsten is pretty much a fake just because she thinks she comes off better lying to everyone? We used to be close and she says she’s known she’s a lesbian for as long as she can remember but would rather live a lie. SHE EVEN HAS A CHILD with a guy she never wanted to be with and always had women on the side. Her GF of two years dumped her ass because she wouldn’t come out of the closet!! Sorry but your secret isn’t safe with me anymore (even though everyone in Red Deer probably knows you’re a dyke by now). Grow some balls and quit lying to make yourself look “better”.

Kirsten you need to improve your banana purchasing skills. Those don’t look ready.- nik

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Tanis the Hole

October 13, 2014 Red Deer 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Tanis aka smelly pig produce manager at Red deer saveon foods. She is well known by the delivery guys from cocacola or dempsters to tk her break in their trucks to suck Greg for attention she slept with the father of my child until I busted her ugly ass and sent her running like the hoe coward she is. She will sleep with anything that’s drunk enough to not smell the rot below her belt. I hate whores who r broke fat and four eyed who can’t find their own man due to unfortunate looks. Go eat some veggies where u work and wash your used up ass. Maybe just maybe a loser will fck u sober lol! Read up Tanis u fackin butt slut. Xo

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Red Deer Lamb

October 9, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this little bitches name is keanan denis lamb. He likes to have sex with little girls and he hands out the clap to them like its a game. He sells the fentanyl patches his mom lori lamb gets from the government to highschoolers so he can supply his habits. He thinks h’s cool and gets tough when his friends are around. He hangs around the collicut and just keeps getting closer with all the 15 year old, because most of them are easy. His ex girlfriend put up with his shit for way to long in my opinion! The first time he pushed her down the stairs when he knew she was pregnant was when he should’ve been punched in the teeth! the 13 teeth he has ‘) he lives in a truck and hasn’t showered in months! and when he’s around you can defiantly smell! he smells like something that has been decomposing for months! He got a girl pregnant, and pretends hes done all of this stuff. He hasn’t done one thing! the pigs to busy trying to find his next hit of cocaine! If you come into contact with this nasty little thing, RUN!!! as fast as you can. For as long as he hasn’t showered, you’ll probably end up getting something much worse then the c**p!

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Slime Ball Sales Boy

September 26, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brennon Heit is the ugliest mother fucking slim ball sales guy ever. He thinks he’s a boss and all ganster, he is a fcking joke, Crack dealing homo. Can’t wait till you are jail you piece of fucking shit. you and your whore Jessica. That or one of the boys gets ahold of ya either or will make you suffer. Suffer like the crack feens you supply you waste of life. What a goof.

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Here’s Johnny

September 24, 2014 Red Deer 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jhonny Savage lives on social outcasts … off women’aish checks is a mental abuser…anna his x has a bad sickness because of the years of abuse Kelly L”Hirondelle has mental abuse problems from him…He is a bad dad lives off his sons family allowsnce when his kid is going to be a dad and gives him nothing…what kind of man does this..he is not a man just a loser goof…has put a disabled man out in a tent with nothing sells him drugs so and taked is aish check every month…PEEPERS YOU BE THE JUDGE AND JURY..

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Cheater Brad Magee

September 23, 2014 Red Deer 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this cheating asshole at Moxies one night and we went back to my place. after sex he told me he had a girlfriend and two kids with her. the cheating piece of shit then told me he would fck my life up if I ever tried to contact him. This kind off asshole would pick up a stranger while his girlfriend is taking care of their kids back home. I can’t believe how big of a lowlife he is!

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