Red Deer’s Hottest

October 31, 2014 Red Deer, The Dirty 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has been posted many times but let’s face it she’s still pretending to model and still thinks she’s good looking so let’s re post her! Ashley, did someone perform surgery to remove your ass cheeks and glue them to your hips? Your muffin top is out of control!

Clothing is definitely not optional.- nik

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Best Father

October 30, 2014 Red Deer 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik  this guy name Jason Meechance his 35yearsold calls himself a good father, but not everyone knew just deny his kids and say its not his, and has different woman around his kids every week.. How he get his girls friends is buy them crack or alcohol! uses them for money and sex. He did have a girlfriend before but deny it..He clams that he sober which he drinks.. he cant even help all his baby mams out because he ha over 16 kids running around. This guy is scam!!! The woman in the picture is a crack hoe and sell herself for self for her bad habit , she has a lot kids to support her bad habits…she has drd’s

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Ashley Maki

October 29, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: I know this chick that likes a lot of posts on here. She lived in Sylvan Lake but now lives in Eckville. This epitome of trailer trash is Ashley Maki. Also known as the town bicycle. This chick makes it out like she’s a great mom but is out almost every weekend doing coke getting messed up while her family or friends watches her kids. Same gold digging attitude that half the women in this town have. Living off the child support that her multiple baby daddies supply. She does nothing but sleep around and collect child support and put on a show she’s an “independent woman. Hugest the hugest user and freeloader and will do anything for that pepsi. She owes me close to $1600 dollars for food, rent of hers I paid, pepsi and booze plus close to 400 dollars she stole.

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Club Hopping Mom

October 29, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch is the biggest drd infested cheating skank in red deer she claims to be with her babys dad but fcks around on him when ever she gets the chance to she has never had a job since her kids were born she neglects them and they are very unclean they sleep in there own piss kayla time to stop acting like a fat whore & stop sponging off mike and get off your lazy ass and take proper care of your kids no one liles you in red deer and every one knows how much of a loose drd slut you are keep your legs closed quit partying every weekend and start being a role model to your kid’s

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Pay your Debts Bramley

October 28, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of trash is named Lance Bramley. First off he owns a shabby concrete company called Lances Concrete. Hell hire you and not pay you. I did many jobs with this guy and he stiffed me. He owes me 7000 to date. When I inquired into his business they said they cant do anything for me because he owes the government 80000 in backed taxes. While working with him he was high on pepsi the entire time. Smelled of booze too. I asked him once why we don’t work weekends and he told me he had to do his weekend jail time then. Found out he beat his ex gf so bad he got thrown in the clink. Real stand up guy. Also found out he has 5 restraining orders against him from other women and 2 from guys who he has assaulted. Hes a real creep and has 4 or 5 women on the go at all times. Claims hes rich and drives a miled out truck and crappy old Cadillac. Don\’t know why women would bother with him when he looks like a lizard. Also found out from his ex Sherry that he has herpes and gave her them. How many other women have contracted this from this scum of society? PAY YOUR DEBTS, STOP BEATING WOMEN AND DO US ALL A FAVOUR AND DISSAPEAR.

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Shaelene Desgroseilliers

October 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the biggest cheat! This 20 year old whore has already slept with your man guarnteed!If not yet shes about to! She thrives off attention and thinks she is the hottest player out there.Go back to BC and try out for your dream girl calendar.Excuse me but dream girls are supposed to stay loyal to their boyfriends who support your cottage cheese ass. QUIT THINKING YOUR SO HOT AND BRAGGING ABOUT YOUR BODY!!! #fckmeover#fckuover# Watch your men women this one is out for the money out to just get fcked for more attention with TIPS!!!Once a wild bills LOW TRASH uprgraded to Tilted Kilt where she blows men in the car out back. All while stealing your blow just so she can stay UP to get more attention. She lays it on so thick that shes this nice girl who wants only you. Except while shes sleeping with your man her boyfriend is at home paying her rent. Poor guy doesn’t even know! I used to be her boss till I found out she was texting MY EX to meet up with her. Her boyfriend cant make her cum she tells him so she has to have others. Always in need gold digging SLUT.She will give your Dick warts. SHAE fuked my ex this weekend and he just fucked a lotus whore. You stupid CnT!!!!!!!!!!!!Take out your FAKE hair, YOUR FAKE eye color, YOUR FAKE personality,and maybe you will do something with your life other than being a LINGERIE WAITRESS!! HAHAHAHAH! Fantastic goals! By the way your fan page? PATHETIC, you’re not a model. Your a SKANK who has warts NOW!!! LMFAO

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Paul Freeman

October 17, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paul Freeman is the biggest Guetto around that’s for sure. He thinks je hot shit till someone come’s along and picks a fight with him then he act’s out of his roid rage like daddy’s boy and gets all crazy infront of his friends like a guetto bitch ive seen him alone he isnt very scary at all without his bar hopping big roid friends i know this becuase me amd my boyfriend have seen him coward lots or just play nice so he doesn’t get imbarassed like the pretty boy he is and decides he just selld coke too like rest of his crew they call themselfs is so gross nikki he is just a boy who watched to many movies and those tattoos were never erned he has never even been to jail for more then a night in the drunk tank stupid twitt paul your such a Red Deer Jersey Shore wannabe i think you should stop posing your silver spoon fed sweetheart we all around here that know you know it all to well this is why your such a Guetto….

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Lez Be Honest

October 15, 2014 Red Deer, The Dirty 63


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this girl Kirsten is pretty much a fake just because she thinks she comes off better lying to everyone? We used to be close and she says she’s known she’s a lesbian for as long as she can remember but would rather live a lie. SHE EVEN HAS A CHILD with a guy she never wanted to be with and always had women on the side. Her GF of two years dumped her ass because she wouldn’t come out of the closet!! Sorry but your secret isn’t safe with me anymore (even though everyone in Red Deer probably knows you’re a dyke by now). Grow some balls and quit lying to make yourself look “better”.

Kirsten you need to improve your banana purchasing skills. Those don’t look ready.- nik

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