Dirty Crackhead

April 16, 2014 Red Deer 2 7,657 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty slut dates and sleeps with multiple partners. There is no requirements needed to get in her pants. But if you have money and coke she will be your best friend. Her dirty dealer boyfriend is not any better. Careful RedDeer they are spreading their drugs and legs here now.

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Douchbag Rauol, Creeps Videos

April 11, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 8 7,555 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy claims to be ricos cousin. So rico if he’s your cousin. Please give him the disrepect he deserves. Me and my gf were working at Xstatic when we walked by this guy Rauol and asked what he’s doing. He said texting my bro. Were not stupid so we grabbed his phone to find likw 10-15 videos on his phone of dancers on stage, walking around, and bent over. Including me and my friend! He grabbed his phone back and quickly ran to the bathroom and “deleted” the videos. By the time the doorman got to him to check his sh!t he gladly showed him all the videos he didn’t have. Yah right, we allll know you moved them to a seprate folder rauol. He apprently is in the club all the time so he’s probably got a ton of videos for himself to watch. Probably cause he’s to cheap to buy dances, or bang a b!itch as hot as any of us, so he just records us for his spank bank. He’s so dirty he even posed for his own dirty profile. Told you rauol. Go FCUK yourself. Don’t mind the chick lol she had no clue.

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Johnny Marko

April 9, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 19 7,920 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Why isn’t Johnny marko on the dirty????????? This guy is the filthiest slime to walk the streets of red deer. He thinks he is the hottest guy around. Tells girls he’s a driller and makes ” mad cash ” when really he’s a free loader off any 18 year old chick with black hair. Gotta have black hair or you ain’t good enough for the king marko. His baby momma Tamara desjardiais is as worse as him but that’s a all different post that will come soon. They deserve each other. Heard there related. But with beer and some weed who cares right. Gross !!!! This goof ball rat stole money from my brothers to support his habbits! Which is everything under the sun. I wouldn’t be surprised if this dude has aids yet he will seriously put his soft ugly dick in any hole. But girls you’ll need Viagra for this dude unless you want a minute man. Haha. He’s a dead beat 33 year old dad. No one in the world gives a flying fuck about this disease piece of trash. Just wanted to warn all girls of red deer stay away from this one he is greasy as hell Copy that Johnny marko ????? Over and OUT

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Chase Morin

April 8, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 31 9,923 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay nik… If you want to know who in red deer would stab this kid for fun and probably beat the shit out of him just to make an entire city proud to not have a scum bag liar, cheater criminal and so on so on…. It will be him, Chase morin, or like on his Facebook name: ‘Chase Fricken Morin’ where could I start?? Well let’s just say that he has cheated to most of his girlfriends including me. We dated for like a month and he played with not only me but about 3 other. Her high school pregno Ex-girlfriend, her friend that came back from BC, and this other one who was not older than 15. And the list goes on, he has been in jail for about 3 or 4 times? Stealing trucks, suspect involved in destruction of a house, and such. He does meth, cocaine and other big drugs. He has girlfriend name Sierra, but poor her doesn’t know his past very well, he got one girl pregnant, went to jail, cheated on every relationship, stab a guy in a fight, drinking and driving. She doesn’t even suspects of him cheating with this 15 Yr old who My friend discovred. He knows who I am… sweet talks and lies to you, then Fcks you (terrible terrible sex…’super skinny penis’) and then leaves you or uses you.he will always pull out the card that he hasn’t slept with many women. He even lies that he lost his virginity to a girlfriend. He didn’t. He lost it to my fiend of mine back in middle school.. He also got another chick pregnant in Edmonton the same year he left to jail the first time. All he does is sends you nudes (please I have fucked bigger) and he will lie saying he is breaking up with his current girlfriends just so you can go for him. His mom is a religious person (very sweet woman) but not even her can do anything about it. He is worthless and doesn’t do any good in this town. I hope one day he pays for everything he has done to soo many people. Including me. This… Red deer…. Is a person we can say is dirty. Slept with 12 girls. Cheated in every relationship. Got two chicks pregnant. He may even have a kid… He been to jail several times, stabbed a kid. Molested other women, Drunk Driving many times, does every drug. Lies a lot, thinks he is the best fuck he gave to every girl, he even takes videos of all the girls he has fcked without them knowing he is doing this, Including me…. And then shows it to all his friends. And when he breaks up with them, he shows it to his buddy and tells him all about their sex life. No respect, half the town knows everything about the girls he made them ‘cm’ because he is the ‘god in bed’ Scum bag piece of shit.

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Jade Babiidoll Rourke

April 3, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 13 5,583 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this girl right here is a real s**t her name Jade Rourke she makes her way threw life sleeping with everyone until she has used them for everything they have, she smells like year old fish. she is 19 years old a full blown coke head.she will suck anyone off for a quick buck. she makes her way between red deer blackfalds and lacombe she will do anything for a line or small hit people should watch out for her she is bad news.

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Dwyane Schott likes LG’s

March 24, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 134 10,246 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: What to say about this jackoff ! First off If you move to RED DEER Alberta you better call dwyane and make sure its okay too ! i was told.lol . If your a trouble maker he will remove you from “HIS CITY” with the help of his father since Dwyane has no friends. Dwyane has a nasty obsession with his ex girl friend Stacey who he cannot go a single mintue of his life without thinking about ,He still feels it quit okay and normal to threaten his ex and be abusive,besides the fact he beats woman cause thats all he has ,Dwyane wont fight men just beats woman behind closed doors. .No wounder she dont want you ! Dwyanes bother passed away and mike was kinda hard with a motor bike lol but not really but i give more to respect to his dead bro then the rest of his loser drama filled family . Dwyane was accused of raping a girl in BC who was only 14 flucking sick !They ran him outta town so he come back to the deer. He was run out of bonniville too cause he got cought touching a young boy.Dwyane trys his best to be the tuffest man in red deer so if anyone wants to find dwyane look for his ugly dodge !ill leave sum pictures of his wannabe thug life style, dwyanes bothers life insurance bought that truck cause dwyane dont work lmfao .Dwyane lives free off his mom and dad and lives with his mom and dad too even though hes in his late 20s early 30s. His daddy puts his penis in dwyanes mouth so dwyane will be a good boy dwyane loves the taste of his own blood , Thats how Schotts do it incest. Dwyanes brother must have been the milk mans kid cause the rest of the family is hurting. So dwyane lives off lancaster drive in rd on ??? ill post it later lol .Hes really hard to find since he hides out from all the people after him. Oh his Bi polor roid ass trip he is all skinney now since he got heart broken all them fake mussels are gone and he looks like a turtle. Dwyane also admits he is a “HELLS ANGEL” dwyane thinks hes a 1%er but could not be so far from the truth Karma will get him for using the clubs name if they have not already. This guy Nik is a real head case so much DRAMA he cant live a normal life, plays video games and is a HOW did Johnny Boi say that ?’ FACEBOOK GANGSTER ‘with a bed in the basement of mommys house ,no money ,no life, no friends . Dwyane whats real funny is im on your facebook buddy ive known u for years and the people who now get blamed for this is too funny and your a clown thats why your on my facebook i never heard so much shit in my life. I hope u like the pictures i jacked douchebag . Now go get who you think it is cause i now who your thinking about should i put a name of a phyco lmfao and it will be funny to watch him rip you apart take ur hole life away cause u now he will. omg this is so funny ur both going to freak! Ive been waiting a long time to watch him burn and u lol go get him SCHOTT .HAHAHA where all bros right ? lol OMG YOU have no idea what i just flucking did omg your all finished he will destory you all with his phyco stupid idiot ass ,im now gunna relax and watch the facebook posts lmfao.

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Krystal Gamble is a Slore

March 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 51 10,515 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this thing named Krystal Gamble is a definite definition of a worthless,cock suckin’ crack SLORE. She can be seen slummin’ it out and about in dirty back alleys and mostly in people’s garages around Red Deer and anywhere that crack and cock can be found. Krystal is pretty notorious for when she was about 15-16 years old for spreading eagle and fuked this grease ball for a bag of chips! She was hungry and he was horny so they made the deal!!!! Hahaha lol what a pig she is! Word has it that Krystal has a DRD and yet she still fcks these unknown men and infects them with her love. Krystal is a compulsive LIAR and a THIEF!!! She will steal anything and I mean ANYTHING from anyone and anybody! She went as low as to stealing some pregnant girls necklace once! She also someone’s actual dildo one time!!!! Like who the fck steals a used dildo??? That’s creepy as hell if you ask me! Krystal has got to be the biggest cry for attention that I have ever seen,she just bounces from cock to cock and has no idea what she even wants. She always acts like slutty,cracked out self to get men of any age to notice her,truth is that everyone notices her but we just don’t pay her thirsty,desperate ass any attention. She has the grossest boobs and her ass is flat as fck and I was told by one of her regular fcks that her twat smells of shame,herpes and crack so he never goes down on her and her cunt is so loose it’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway!! She’s always in a relationship with some loser,she will be fresh out of a relationship and then right back into a new one. Krystal its time to put down the crack pipe and the meth pipe!! Get a grip on reality and oh ya before you hop onto a new dick,why don’t you DOUCHE first you little slut and go to the doctors to get your DRD cured. Tell your “pimp” to stop posting ads for your trashy ass on Craigslist and Backpages…..$20 blow jobs to whoever let’s that little scum guzzling SLORE anywhere near their cock. Nobody likes you….. Nobody wants you…… Your used up,and have a sweaty little meat pocket for a cnt. It’s so punched up and used that it doesn’t serve it’s purpose any more!!!! Your a disgrace to be able to even think of calling you a female….. Yes I and many others actually think that you are worse than Raquel Amber and that’s pretty damn filthy. I’m surprised no one else has put you in here so I felt it was my duty. Bahahahaah now go what you do best and go wreck more lives and families you dirrrrttty slung slut

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Get a clue Corpe

March 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 27 6,425 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Amy Corpe who currently slums around in Red Deer,Alberta and let me tell you and everyone else that she is a pathetic excuse of a human being. She is one of the city’s biggest gutter sluts out there!!! And as you may know already Red Deer has noooo shortage at all of these kind of girls. Even Amy’s own brother calls her a cum guzzling dumpster PEPSI slore!!! You can find this piece of whorish trash where she works at the Red Deer SPCA. Myself and a few others think this bitch needs to be fired! She is known to be an animal abuser and ha given pets away to abusive families. I also know personally that when she adopts an animal out that she has kept some of the profits to herself by over-charging the customer,like WTF’S that!!!!! Some of Amy’s hobbies include beastiality and fuckin anything or anyone for a measly buck!! She has tried to sleep with most of my married or attached male friends but most have turned down her transvestite looking mug! Hahaha this cnt surely does look like a man! Put this twat on blast!!!Karma’s such a bitch,isn’t she Amy?

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