Avoid Jennifer Zaprawa

July 24, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’d love to be able to say something nice about this one, but it’s impossible. Where to start……oh I know. How about the way she tries to fool innocent guys into dating and sexual relationships after convincing them she’s single. Only for them to later find out that she’s had a boyfriend for the last 3 years and hides all the guys from each other. Or maybe her 3 million sided personality and ability to lie like a rug? I’ll give her that. She’s a very good liar. If you want the most manipulative female on the planet, then this is your girl!! All you have to do is look at her the wrong way or disagree with her to send her flying off the handle to the point she calls the cops and lies to them with false accusations of threats. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS GIRL AS POSSIBLE. She is nothing but a headache.

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Old Attention Slore

July 21, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 159

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the fake ass attention grabbing Ashley Deck. puts on a big old Facebook act! I am so perfect, I am so beautiful no one can be like me. She is so harsh it’s not even funny. She uses hard drugs, prescription drugs, she cheated all the time on her first husband and is about to get married to a new guy. If he is smart he would kick this dirty sausage licking whore to the curb. She belongs in Ponoka. She is totally wacked. Some of her Facebook posts are way to much info. She lies and doesn’t value people for them she only values the pretty faces. She has to cake on a ton of make up to look good. Have fake everything on her face. She is a fake. She may be pretty, however her fake I’m so perfect dancing around her workplace personality is getting old. She doesn’t have a filter for her mouth. She insults people on their looks or clothing. The Cherry Bomb people should kick her to the curb! Maybe her future husband will wake up before it’s to late. Do not marry this attention whore. She only loves your money not you. She hates kids. She says it so herself. She fake cuddles children and posts facebook pics on how cute they are to put on a show. Do Red Deer a favor attention whore and get it right the next time. We are all sick of your fake Pepsi using whore ass.

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Badass of Red Deer

July 20, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ive been following your site for years and love it. First time posting because I never found anyone who I thought truly deserved it. This is one of Red Deers skeeziest. Ryan Shewchuck has been posted before and needs to be again. He really thinks hes the top shit but is in dire need of getting pushed off his fcking high horse. Guy has been dating his chick for years but still constantly fucks around on her but I guess she doesnt really give a shit. You’ll most likely find himat underage parties getting drunk and high off blow while constantly starting drama with ANYONE AND EVERYONE. Just the other night I watched him harrass a 16 year old girl because she wouldnt put out with him. You are one shallow motherfucker if you can live the way you do, guess what Ryan, youre not as badass as you think you are. Youre just a skinny punk who needs a fucking reality check. Youre so stuck up you probably wontgive a fuck about this post, but heres some advice anyways, GROW THE FUCK UP AND STOP BASHING RANDOM LITTLE GIRLS AT PARTIES. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU COOL AND PRETTY SURE YOU CAN FIND MORE PRODUCTFUL THINGS TO DO IN YOUR LIFE THEN BE ONE OF RED DEERS SKEEZIEST PEDOPHILES. I truly hope you get help. And to all the young girls who think hes so ‘cool and funny’ you need to revise and revisit because this is one of the dirtiest self centered assholes around.

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Deschamps Trap

July 8, 2014 Red Deer 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, once again we have Aaron Deschamps, this dirty little boy is going around spreading the clap. I unfortunately had the displeasure of sleeping with this skeez and getting a reminder of it. He’s never been tested in his life, has sex with so many women without protection and just passes along his infections and diseases. So I just wanted to let the women and men out there know for future or current reference. So ladies he won’t wrap it and wont check it so my suggestion is to just not go there. He’s still on again off again with Stephanie Poor anyways so chances are if he’s looking to score, they’re a couple again considering when they are together he cheats on her almost daily but when broken up he goes home to cry. So please, for your protection and the protection of others around Red Deer, STOP THE SPREAD, GET TESTED AND ABOVE ALL DO NOT TEST FATE BY SLEEPING WITH THIS WALKING INFECTION. This boy is one 14 second pump away from claiming another victim.

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Escorts and Friends

June 19, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 95

THE DIRTY ARMY: My names larry i just found out my girfriend is a escort in Red Deer calls herself Candace Taylor I foumd she spends alot of time on the internet or on her phone i just started dating her about a month ago and on maylong weekend i took her out to westward hoe do a little camping and she needed a spa she did take a very long time in town and i wondered what took so long till about a week later i was told by a friend she was posting on escort sites and still trying to pick up other boyfriends why nik ? He also has a very bad obsession for her ex i just dont know about her is it true love or should i put her out on the street at this point .

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John Page

June 18, 2014 Edmonton, Red Deer 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: This “man” claims to be heart broken, wounded, depressed, & hurt from his ex girlfriend that left him for one of his best friends. He will say the sweetest things and once he reels you in, he will sleep with you and never talk to you again. I am one of six that I know of and he has done the same to all of us. He is a self proclaimed “asshole” and ” tattoo apprentice”…. He doesn\’t actually work. You will find him still living with his parents and getting girls drunk so he can actually have a chance at sleeping with them.

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Reserve Durt skwa cuzin

June 17, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 98

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick is disgusting ughh this fckin ditch pig needs to get a reality check since when was it ok to fck someones old man in his garage and then runs away like a shook little bitch when she gets straight busted red handed… .I’ve realized that the intelligence of this dink pit is in a state of well there never was any… fck she might as well just tie the mattress to her back.. did someone kick this Gunther in the teeth?? in my opinion ….least someone did . this chick has seen more cockends then weekends. no wonder she is rank like a toxic septic tank…. fck dont u have ur own old man.. shows who u r as a person…… bitches like u stay the same you cant make a hoe a house wife “

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Tessa Mason

June 13, 2014 Calgary, Red Deer 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tessa Lee Mason is a huge whore in this city. As well as being a bad mother. she has a beautiful little girl and she would rather go out to the bars every weekend and hook up with guys who weren’t her boyfriend at the time. she thinks she is some hot shit but in reality she is a whale who wears to tight of clothing. mostly cheetah. when she puts make up on to try and loom better she looks worse cause she over does it. she left her boyfriend who cared about her and her daughter more than anything for the babies daddy who just got out of prison and had wished they both would die while she was in labor. this girl right here is one of the Lotus Sluts when she goes out.

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