Regina’s Pepsi Fiend

July 23, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shyanna lee pfeifer-Longman She fcks for money or coke. And she can quiff on command she claims its her talent she even claims her pus pus can blow bubbles she had to go to the hospital to get a rotten tampon out,Shes a compulsive liar. She has a bunch of used moldy sex toys. Shes a freak of human nature the semen her mother should have swallowed. She is nothing but a write off of a person. Who only cares about herself She gives the guys from gmc blowjobs for workout pills and protein shakes she got fired from golds gym for being to f*ckd up on pre-workout all the time, and got caught fucking old men while working. Shes been to every school in the city because everyone knows about her baby carrot story “miss vegetarian” got a baby carrot stuck in her pus at lunch showing off!HA Shes literally had 6 abortions! plan parenthood is whre she be AT! The bitch gave me cla**a twice! Nik shes the definition of DIRTY! She likes 2 roll with fugly’s to make her self look better, she talks SOO hood and raunchy Hood-rat mouth clean chinin..classy Oh no far from!She knows shes trash!She rolls with huge broads so she dont get cot slippin,Cause she try’s throwing herself at any man who’s got a chick. NOW Don’t get me started on her coc**ne addiction, CokeWhore is dis chicks Deffinition. hollywoods=Freerezbitch!We caught her getting drilled by five black dudes in the back Of the hooka smokin CRAK!EWmade her lick the her shit off my dick, Sour smellin puss and its permanent! I puked on it!

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Ebony Taypotat

July 9, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: welll my name is big bitch Ebony Taypotat/Rockthunder but i go by the name jade blazinn i dont know why i go by that name when i am a poor broke bitch who sell’s her big fat stretch out pussy to feed her family well her mother smokes crack cocaine holding her baby brother crying cause her older daughter work’s on 5th ave everynight with her young lesbian sister ‘Avery Siryah she will eat out any young girl she can get her hand’s on little rug muncher these little girl’s are fcked up in the head never really had a mother,father in their lives the mother was always sucking dick didn’t give a fck about her gir’s when they were in child care getting touch up by their family ebony had a baby from her father but say’s it’s from Draco Watetch but big bitch’s like to lie P let’s her baby eat her own shit well she is slamming up in the bathroom thiss big fat bitch looking nasty ass bitchh need’s jesus lik’s to talk shit about young beautiful successful women cause she is mad casue she is ugly and god fucked up on her face looking like the penguin man from batman ahahahaa her mother n sister just some ugly women aahaha god bless them always hateing on skinny, beautiful,lovely women , well just put it like this women who have look’s <3 women who can get any guy they want with their beautiful looks … this ugly beast just need’s to d** one last ugly fat bitchh off this earth

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Front Bum Kinistino

June 18, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, meet Julie Kinistino Aka “jewelz Kinistino”. This woman is the WORST of all, she lives in Regina, and shes fat af. Jewels has a front bum lol becuz her stomach is so big it looks like her a*s is on the front of her. Not only is she obese and lovin it, this dumb c*nt can be found partying it up like shes 19 in the club meanwhile shes an old nasty B*tch and shes like 50. She trys to preach her bible bulls*it like shes an angelic catholic saint , yet she does drugs and partys worse than sum young people i no, shes pathetic. Shes also a lil rat Ska*k B*tch if u see her beware becuz she will call the police on u. aside from that this hurtin bucket keeps reproducing children to this day, she has wat like 8 or 9 kids and still going, not to mention with a man shes happily married to… JK her “husband” whom shes not even with has another g/f and several other children but can keep knocking her up on the regular, UR PATHETIC JULIE. This sack of sh*t didnt even go to her own moms feast becuz she was too busy, straight up fkn LOSER, becareful around her she will steal ur men to have babies and then preach like the dumb a*s SQu*a she is. If u see her ull no its her by the cold sores around her lips, yes even those lips, B*tch has drdand still reproducing so fkn sick. If u read this i feel sorry for u maybe its due to the fact u got diddled wen u were a child n thats y ur so fkd up today and have NO self worth. So go spread the fruit of ur seed and ur herpes elsewhere,B*tch

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Raunchy Hoodrat

June 18, 2014 Regina 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so heres this slammer chick named paitence bruce! she goes around beating on drunk hopeless people! hits on guys that are probably old enough to be her kids! Talks shit not even face face! she cuts up everyone up here! claims to be down but she aint! Watch out for her shes walking drd! yep i said it she’ll spread it and bitch if you this this it aint done yet lol

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Amanda Lilliman

June 17, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 172

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch is absolutely disgusting!!! If anyones looking for a good time, shes always waiting on a corner on 20th on saturday nights. This chick is so fckin easy to get with but theres a reason for that. Everytime he gets in a relationship and lets the guy know about the drd he leaves immediately. Shes had so many abortions that she cant even keep track of them. Throw her a complement or a bag of blow and she’ll be a puppy at your heels.

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Iphone Theif

June 13, 2014 Regina, Winnipeg 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Sharon Allen. She is a backpage slore from Winnipeg, turning trix in Regina. She tells a sob story about her cousin so she can couch surf. She steals iphones, goes thru them, and posts pics from the stolen phones. If she can post pix, hers belongs up, also.she is a pepsihead sucking an old guy named Garry out of his lifesavings. Thief whore who posts stolen pix. Sharon Allen aka Black Mamba akachocolate cream pie. Find her on the backpages

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Baabiie Mama

June 3, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 39


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik and theDirty Audience this little Rachet Skank is Senora Anaquod/This dirty slut can be found posted up in her” hood of meadowgreen. Lol this hood rat thinks shes something Special when shes just a used up dessy Hole. Shes been passed around from every wannabe thug” there is/Shes so stretched from being fisted shes just a dess mutt who throws herself at you/And if you deny her she’ll keep bugging till you pity fck this cm bucket. Shes soo dess for a new Babydaddy since neither one of hers wants anything todo with her//She thinks shes a BAD bitch Independent Wiifey or some shit when really this Bitch needs School. She talks like shes straight from Brooklyn or Queens actin like some Hard Solid gangsta .. when this twig weighs about 90 pounds lol. Shes a disgusting peice of skin a waste of life sleeps with womens men and doesnt give a fck , Shes the definition of ” SHADY now shes with some dude who looks like he has aids just like her This Bitch needs to get the fck out of saskatoon with her Nasty wart and herpes that pussy is rotten! And give up her poor sons who have to witness her sickening behavior she even sells and smokes drugs around them. She needed to be put on blast shes a Hoe Fa Sho hahaha

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Santana Rae Cote Whale Woman

June 2, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 165

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik… Meet Santana Rae Cote, Kamsack Slooot. This girl is so desprate & pathetic She hooked up with her own cuzin lol. She and her baby dad are sick with DRD C thats y they are perfect for each other. They are constantly doin pills(uppers & downers) and cocaine around thier daughter everyday, its sickening! She steals from her work and and robs them blind like a rubby B*itch. shes huge, fat, a whale even.. it wuld make sence if she cut out thier fast food diet and actually fed her family something healthy but noooope big macs & poutine for the beach whale. She even boned the Chiefs son of her reserve then went home and let her man eat her out,, SICK B*ITCH. Her sister terry cote is just as pathetic lol b*tch needs to steal high heels from peoples house becuz shes so broke on welfare. Santana IF u really were a great mother u wuld get off the drugs for ur daughters sake and quit doin drugs around her u FAKE FAT B*itch. Go spread ur hep c in Kamsack & Cotes like the ugly wh*re u r, girl u got issues and u need help… Get help & a gym pass u BLOB, toooooodles for now sweetPea .

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