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The Side Tail You’ve been looking for

December 19, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Will fck your man knowing that he has a gf or wife .. Will do anything for you includes going to visit you at your home you share with your partner and watching the kids he has with his gf … The real side hoe … Just don’t fck her without a condom because she try’s to get pregnant to keep you… Easily confused thinking what your man does for you he would do the same for her!! She still lives at home with her mom .. Shes always looking for someone to take care of her .. Opens her legs to nearly anyone she gets it from her mama as they say like mom like daughter .. Lindsie jordanne Celine is what she goes by on facebook … Don’t try confront her because her whole family writes statements to the cops

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Side Tail Bettina Stevenson

December 18, 2014 Regina 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the popular miss Bettina Stevenson she needs to be put on her agin for the sluty things she’s been up to sleeping with a guy who was still in a relationship knowing the problems and all she still chose to slut it up with him now she may be knocked with another ugly kid and blaming him for it smh this bitch needs to put on blast and publicly shamed for her sluty mess she has made she also needs to be made aware she’s nothing but a side hoe and not the only one knocked up by Mr. Nolan Delorme lol guess who else he knocked up he’s a whore and you’re a nobody but a side hoe caught up in this little game so be gone already hope you feel special little lady  you ain’t shit Bettina just old looking bi polar whore

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Not a Princess

December 8, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik look at this bimbo she is so fake and a huge lier she has been doing a 4 year nursing program but still to stupid to pass after 6 years she lives off her child suport and welfare she is the biggest Crack whore in regina she loves to go to the bar and think she can dance but looks more like a duck trying to quack she thinks her friends like her but half of them try and sleep with her baby daddy she pulled out her birth controle to get prego by her ex to keep him around after he left her I feal sory for that son of a bitch she does not clean her house she abandoned her cat out side makes her dog sleep in a kennel full of shit her house is a complete mess. She left her house with her kids sleeping and the one kid ran out side when a random found her she had her kids taken away already she is not fit to be a human Crack whore, miss 8 year school program, dead beat parent. No idea where her kids dad is or how he is dealing with this.nik I think this is one of the biggest dirtiest out there completely bipolar and unfit for life WAStE OF SKIN!!!

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Husband Stealer

December 3, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tara brittain / kimberly Dawn. I’ve been with the same man since I was a teenager we have 3 beautiful children. This woman who uses many different names because she is so hated for stealing husbands boyfriends even with family members husbands. She goes to the club often searching for someone to buy her drugs or alcohol. She comes to a place I work in Regina and every time she comes in she’s either trying to start a fight or someone is trying to fight her because she sleeps with everyone’s man. She has children that she doesn’t look because she’s too busy looking for a man. She still fights over her ugly baby daddy who is ugly and left her for other women also had other kids so hes a whore to. A customer made a complaint about her and she was kicked out of the bar I work at because she was begging him to buy her drinks. She also pursued and continued to harass my husband and eventually he gave in. Now he had to put a restraining order on he because she is still harassing him at work. Watch out ladies this man stealer maybe sneaking Round with your husband.

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Jodeci Spencer

November 27, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little tramp needs her share of the dirty. She fcked 3 of my best friends boyfriends and always brags about taking home a different guy. Who are 10x her age She’s given my ex boyfriend(boyfriend at the time) the clap. She’s unclassy tramp that likes sending nudes out to anyone who asks. She’s been pregnant with a guy who had a wife and two kids. She likes to hang around cloud 9 in regina sask, in case ya want some of her cl*p don’t worry she’s easyyyy

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Bella Moolla in Regina

November 27, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bella Moolla, a series of unfortunate events have led her to become a prostitute, stripper, thief and no good piece of trailer trash. She says she`s a student and she strips on weekends and provides all the extras as long as you pay. Blow jobs, hand jobs, gang bangs, in the ass, double/triple penetration she`ll do it all as long as there is $$$. Don`t give this bitch a fcking dime though, the only thing she`ll give you is the c**p or some other drd. She`s cking multiple guys a day every fcking day of the week. She has them all lined up and ready to fuck. It`s a shame as she`s a looker, but those looks are fading from too much blow, liquor and getting her brains fcked out by multiple guys a day, every fucking day of the week. It`s really sad, she left her daughter to live this pathetic lifestyle, really atrocious ho. How does one leave her daughter to go fuck for money and blow. She`ll serious fck anything that offers her $$$ or blow. I`m glad I threw her out before I got sucked in by her bullshit. Regina`s a small town, they`re coming for you, you better get the fuck out before it`s too late

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Cody Varley

November 24, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: well first and for most, i would love to introduce everyone to Cody STANK SACK varley. This native syndicate wannabe is one hell of a dirty drd infected piece of native poop. He tends to hook up with young girls he prefers them to be 12-17. He recently got a new rd from Sandra Sanderson, and he trys to lead her on but mean while has a GF and a couple side chicks, so im sorry sandra your being led on but you dont care do you? How i know this NS wannabe well i use to be with him sadly.. and ladies he uses his gang status to compensate for his 4incher, just enough to tickle the lips. While we were together he would always try eat out my bum, but he got really interested in my bum after his stretch in jail, he even asked me to finger him. His brother was a snitch and he is a snitch i have evidence that he called crime stoppers on his own bro JP. nik i hope you post this pervert/gangster women need to know how he is and the STIs he has, and yes Cody i still have some of your papers from the infectious desiese unit at the general, hows the HEP-C? P.S if you have noticed he has booogers in his nose poor child man cant blow his nose ohh one more thing he always has poop stains on his undies JS

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Bipolar Stevenson

November 20, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 99

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Bettina Stevenson This is Regina rankest bi polar lol she has three kids all with different dads and she doesn’t even know who any of them are she clams Jay Bear is her ugly first born and doesn’t know who the second even is and the last she doesn’t even know who the dad is some raunchy PA Indian that kid has FAS because she drank her whole pregnancy so sad she has tried to **ll herself lots even with the kids in the house she supposed to be on meds but never takes them she is welfares biggest bum she can’t support herself needs to live off that and child tax even lives off the family’s of the kids poor. desperate loser . Her spun out daughter is on the same path as her mom also so sad she will amount to nothing just bipolar like her mother those kids need to be taken away ASAP they have been molested by her last bf and she still has them shows how fucked up the system is. Bettina get paternity for all ur kids get a job when was the last time u had one and stop mooching off ppl your nothing but a cum cave stretched out bitch who’s chink eyed and should not have kids there all ugly ass fuck get ur tubes tied ASAP do everyone a favour nobody wants to support them in the future. Now run away just like u do every time lol

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