Loriee Huntinghawk

September 30, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, this dirty scum bag of a person is none other then loriee huntinghawk. this low life has nothing better to do with her time then try to ruin good relationships! she tried to sleep with my husband while he was asleep and blame it on her ‘friends’ after he caught her what kind of stupid desperate little kid does that. her poor pathetic fat ass cant even look after her kid right always blaming other men for fathering her kids when in reality her first cousin is their father. little coward bitch tries to talk the talk but cant walk the walk always getting her ass handed to her after trying to call people on only time she can actually fight is when someones so wasted they cant stand or little 15 year old kids and for anyone who knows her or has met her knows exactly what i’m talking about. good for nothing homewrecker will always be the nothing she is now living in her shitty little ghetto houses collecting social assistance and living off of her kids. poor excuse of a mother.

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Player Alert

September 25, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy’s name is Pat Knox mafit he goes by Pat Knox but he is well known in Regina all the ladies in return I should know this guy he most likely has either slept with you or one of your friends cuz that’s just the way he is he acts like he’s single and he acts like he wants a committed relationship in this and that but he will do anything to get in the sack with any lady doesn’t matter if you’re fat skinny or just butt ugly he’ll sleep with you anyway he’s really not even that good and the bad that’s the sad part. He’s known to lie cheat and steal so please ladies keep your legs closed around this guy. …. p.s he’s had chl**dia and a bunch of other drd’s I don’t know exactly which ones and I honestly don’t care but I do know that he was trying to pick up my friend even though he’s got I don’t know how many women on the go… women need to stop falling for the whole I want a committed relationship bullsht he hasn’t changed he never will its just the way he is hes born to play…

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Jenn Dedecker

September 24, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this home wrecking bitch is so gross and dirty she sleeps with any one to get a beer, she is a cheating hoe who cheats on all her boyfriends and doesn’t use condoms, she had 10 abortions from 10 different guys and broke up my friends family. she is so ugly she dresses like a slut to pick up guys. she needs to be on here so all the girls know she is a drunk mother who never watches her kid

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Bonnie Tudor

September 23, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 35


THE DIRTY ARMY: bonnie tudor, or what most call her is cousin fucker! this girl fucked her own cousin at his wedding. when the cousins wife eventually found out she dumped him and the cousin committed suicide. bonnie takes no responsibility of this. then she manipulates a guy into buying her a house then cheats on him. he obviously left her. she runs a daycare out of her home. YIKES!!!! parents, this is not the type of person you want looking after your kids. she is a manipulater, cheater and liar. she was going the bars and giving blowjobs in the parking lots. she lets her mother run the daycare to go out during the day to sleep around with married guys. she slept with her daughters friends dad who was married. this chick is a real piece of work.. anyone who knows this bitch should stay away from her. she comes off as the stay at home mom who doesnt do any wrong but she is a drunk who will sleep with anyone.

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Kreedance Pass Around

September 23, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty hood rat is kreedance loose-hole (bitternose) reginas dirtiest gay bitch he likes to go around drinking himself into a stuperr hes an alcoholic and a coke and pill fiend. caught this fucker trying to suck me boyfriends dick while he was passed. out i hear he sells himself on craigslist for booze and drugs watch out ladies this little creep will try get your boyfriend when hes drunk or even when hes passed out this wanna be fail tranny looking piece of shit need to be known he needs to crawl back into that fucking hole he was concieved in fucker probably has a diseased up dirty loose asshole you can also see stretch marks around his mouth from sucking off those big black dicks he sells himself too

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Skye Scales

September 17, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty hooker is Skye Scales from Regina, Sk.. she is so gross she goes out with her mom and they sleep with old random men.just so they can get drunk and do coke, she sleepswith married men, has 3 different babydaddies who dont even acknowledge her kids, she leaves those poor kids home alone and theyre all lice infested nd pissy, her mom watches her get poked by random men, she cheats on her jailbird man, has bumps on her ass and lives on welfare claiming shes a top notch chick, shes always.in the regina clubs lookin for a new dick, not to mention she steals from any.store she goes in, she stalks the women of the.men she sleeps with, sleepswwith herfriends boyfriends, shes jusy down right nasty, she has drd too so beware fellas

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Naomi Pass Around

September 9, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: This 29 yr old broad likes to talk shit about other hoodrats meanwhile shes the biggest, oldest hoodrat of them all. She robs guys for coke and even her own friends, she acts like she doesnt sleep around but she goes home with a different nigger every wknd! Even fucks around with her friends men and gets knocked up by her baby daddys cousins.. shes lived on welfare for more than ten yrs … se lives in a dirty run down 2 bdrm 4plex with her 4 kids and bunch of her family members. They are coked up, drunk or slamming 24-7 . She claims shes ballin outta control but accually shes always stealing from malls for grocery money for her starving kids Because she spent all her welly check for drugs. Shes a coke whore she will do anything for coke .. and on top of all that she has drd !!!! The reason shes been single for so long and has to fck with randoms

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Undercover Slut

August 28, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this THING here is Shantelle Toto…she’s one of those chicks who is FOREVER pregnant. She made herself FAT just so she can play it off. She lies so much and always had pretend boyfriends that no ones heard of. She would say she’s getting married all the time meanwhile no one wants this pass around…except for her now “fiancé” Billy Laswisse lol I feel bad for him. He thinks he has himself a great wife. Meanwhile she’s a Facebook whore. She’s always messaging guys who already have women and I know because she messages my man all the time trying to spill her relationship problems to him. I have other friends with the same problems with her. She thinks us ladies get jealous of her because we call her out on her slutty ways but this conceited little home wrecker has it all wrong. Pretty sure if some woman went to your man with the same sleezy shit you pull on our men you wouldn’t like it either. Better watch out ladies, don’t trust your man around this whore. She acts like she’s the perfect housewife on Facebook meanwhile she’s a snake. Poor Billy lmao

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