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Lying Whore of Reno and Lodi

November 19, 2014 Reno 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: I dont know what gets more action, this girls vag or the 7 eleven doors, and boy does it stink 3 states over! This girl has quite a collection of trashy facebook pictures, can we talk about a FIVEHEAD, and nudes floating through the web and peoples conversations. She is way too confident for being a stick, only accomplished by meth and an anxiety pill addiction. But thats not all, oh no, she has to be one od the most terrible mothers known to man. She never has proper clothing on her children and theyre always in the hands of other people. Including druggies. 8 out of 10 times her kids are with someone else, but that doesnt stop her from posting as many pictures of her kids as she can during the short visitation time. When she is visiting there is sure to be bongs and paraphernalia in the desert form in reach of her girls. She would rather just go out and drink and do drugs. This girl is a pathological liar who is scared of any sort of confrontation to the point of sending her bitches on to the people shes upset with. She is so fake because she will act like everyone is great in person then will have people spam you with random nonsense to the point of harassment. The funny thing about that is that she can blame it on others while continuously acting like a victim. She is the quickest to accuse you of all these crimes right after she committed them. Guilty conscious? Because she sits on her ass all day spending her mans money and having sex with her “best friend” she has time to attempt to turn everyone against each other. It really just makes her look dumb. She tries to get a reaction out of everyone , and to a point she does, but nothing more than a laugh. She pretends her marriage is all grand, whilw going out letting other men mess with her ass. She can flash her mans money everywhere and needs to think about vaginal reconstruction surgery. That pussy claps with every step. But that pussy I guess aint that bad, sence shes gettin it on with her sister in law while on molly an a xanax cocktail. Long nipple no titty havin as bitch! Shave your cooch next time you wear yogas.

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Chantelle the Snake

November 18, 2014 Reno, Winnipeg 140

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chantelle aka “brunette bombshell” she honestly thinks she’s better than anyone she is the most Rachet chick in winnipeg. Ive never heard of someone having so many different diseases,which she passed around to every guy she sleeps with! (which is a lot let me add in) The way she goes around the bars how are you guys she will suck their Greg for blow. And she claims she’s classy. When she was working at Nevada’s she would let everybody know so they can find her for let me “good time” . She will give you her Sappy story on how she was beat up just so you feel bad for her and get sucked in. Meanwhile she’s always willing to bang anything. We want to hear what you think now? Would you hit it? Or do you think she’s a dog like the most of us do.

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Timothy Swope

November 18, 2014 Reno 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: hello I would just like to point out that this boy named timothy swope is a loser. I was sleeping with him when he told me he had not 1 but 2 baby mommas and he never met his middle daughter. yet he sat in front of me texting his baby mammas and saying its funny to piss them off. not only that but this guy gave more then 6 girls drds and thinks that there dumb because they never knew about each other. the sad part is that his son is 6 months old and his daughter is 7 months. he treats women like objects and uses them to see how much sex he can get. he told me that in one day he fcked 5 girls. he smokes pot like a chimmy and drinks like a fish. hes been in jail multiple times for dui and isnt real at all. all he cares about is himself and what a women can do for him. I feel sorry for the girls that have his kids because he is a low pos and needs to be put on blast. He was drunk once an amitted that he fcked over 60 girls and that he just cant keep up. I didnt believe how dirty he was until I had got checked and sure enough he was dirty. He plays a cute game but when u get to really know him hes a tool and fake. Please just stay away from him and his bs. No other girl needs his kid or needs his drama. Hes a cheater lier doper and user. His true colors show hard and all he wants is to get his willy wet. He wont take u out or buy u anything. Im suprised if he even pays child suport which he says he does but on how cheep he is I dought it. And he will call you every name in the book after hes done with you then a week later be like I love you and miss you. And forget he just called you all that crap. Do your self a favor and just dont waste your time.

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Watch out for Cory Killgallen

November 11, 2014 Reno 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is cory killgallen. Hes 26 and likes to fck 17 year olds without condoms and use them for money and sex. He treats girls like total shit and thinks hes the most amazing person alive. He spends his free time trying to talk to girls 10 years younger than him on fb. Hes an alcoholic and pill addict, he cant go one night without drinking. He also likes to drink and drive and got in a car accident with my little sister in the passenger seat because he was driving like an asshole and didnt care that he was putting her life in danger. He dated her for a few months, im not sure how long but in those months he got her pregnant and when she lost it he didnt talk to or see her at all and then after it was over he slept with her one more time only to tell her the next morning it was a mistake and he just wanted to be friends. he never treated her right, he even made her pay on the first date saying \”i don\’t want to go broke paying for your shit”. And she still dated him, why i do not know. I dont know what my sister sees or saw in this guy, he needs to be put on blast for the horrible person he is…

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Who Do You Love

November 10, 2014 Reno 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me start by saying that this is Reno’s #1 HOE! ALYSSA HOLMES AKA NAUGHTY NATALIE. She is so nasty! She fcks anyone and everyone! Especially the people with a sack! This thing is nothing more than a low life, bottom feeding, good for nothing hommie hoppin puddle slut! She thinks she is a BALLER! Ha Ha are you kidding me? Miss Thing you are a nobody ass bitch that needs to close her nasty ass disease infested cellulite thighs. Only thing your doing is giving the gift that keeps giving! KEEP PRETENDING YOUR A MOM AND KEEP SPITTING ALL OVER YOURSELF WHILE DISECTING THE PHLEM! HOE WHO DO YOU LOVE? IF YOU DIDNT KNOW, NOW YOU KNOW!

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The sloot who cried wolf

November 6, 2014 Reno 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Shonna Rush! The bi sexual slut of Reno Nv, Spanish Springs Whore! This botch likes to get wasted at parties and likes to fck other girls men. Sometimes multiple guys at a time! Then when morning comes she cried rape! Shes 21 and has been with 100′s of guys and girls. Her p*ssy smells like dead fish. She likes to play the innocent role to good guys and takes complete advantage of them. Stay far away from this slut! This nasty bitch also likes to fk in the back of her day cares bus after hours. Keep her out of your house because shes a their too. Real piece of work here. Keep your husband’s dad’s sons daughters mom’s dog fat away!!

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Biggest Fake in Reno

November 5, 2014 Reno 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is James. He has to be around 30 but acts like a 21 year old. He posts the biggest/fakes bs on his Instagram in an attempt to make people believe he is something that he isn’t, he even post pictures of girls that he randomly found on the gram and acts like he us dating them. He is the biggest sap/looser in all of reno, I feel sorry for any girl who had fell for his fakery, it just shows how shallow and stupid girls are these days, I mean come on the guy is 30 and has nothing to show for himself. Not a car, degree, a house, not even a stable relationship. All he has to show for himself are his pictures of himself on the weekend. What a fcking joke!

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Married and Engaged to Another Man

November 5, 2014 Las Vegas, Reno 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girls name is Tiffany Holter! She likes to sleep with guys to get money, drugs, & anything she wants! She is married to a child molester & engaged to every other guy she comes into contact with! It’s funny watching her post stuff on Facebook stating she’s been sober 2 days & so on! Lmao…… She’s nothing but a dirty ass whore that probably has every drd possible! JS…….. But if anyone is wanting their lollipop licked hit this nasty bitch up! All you will need is a pocket full of dope!!

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