Amanda McIntyre

July 8, 2014 Carson City, Reno 256

THE DIRTY ARMY: DEAD BEAT MOTHER Amanda Rodgers McIntyre: This crack whore is the worst Offenders in Carson City/Dayton/Reno. You have to be pretty shitty to lose custody of your own kids as a mother IN ANY STATE! Lets see? She has cheated on Both Husbands multiple times, is a chronic Cocaine user, Pill popper, Heroin user. She drives around in a Vehicle she can\’t afford, that is not in her name, In order to fix anything on her vehicle she needs to rehash old flames and get them to pay. She does not work, lives of UNITED STATES GOV Grants. And worst of all she lies about each and every single detail of her life! THIS CHICK IS ACTUALLY WORKING ON BECOMING A DOUALA TO HELP OTHER POTENTIAL MOTHERS LMAO. PLEASE LET EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT AMANDA, AND PLEASE SAVE ALL THOSE MOTHERS AND EMPLOYERS from this fake person. She will pawn off her kids during the short time she has them to any willing taker!! There is nobody in her life that will Defend Amanda as she burns every bridge behind her. This post will be copied and Sent to every single prenatal medical facility in northern NV to stop this Women from doing any harm to anyone!! AMANDA YOUR LIES ARE NEARING AND END

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Homie Hopper

July 7, 2014 Reno 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erica Dougan.. homie hopper with out a doubt and just gross all around with her nasty fake ass tan. I’m just chillin and I see her hook up with one of my homies. Then she goes and fucks with his homie. This bitch get around. Easy AF to sleep with and she like a dead fish is what I hear. Ratchet.

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Tweaker Mom

June 25, 2014 Reno 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey guys, this is Nikki Trujillo. Beware of this bitch because shes usually on some tweak while her baby is unfed, with a dirty diaper. I used to be her friend but I couldn’t stand how much of a piece of shit she is. I can’t stand to see her do this to her kid. Sadly enough she can’t afford anything for her daughter and is constantly begging people to help her with diapers etc. The father of her baby is at least double her age, disgusting! This cunt needs to go to rehab and put her child first. Shes always looking for drugs and she will do anything for them. Gentleman please stay away, or at the very least wrap it up. This bitch is FOWL. GROSS!

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Fake Photographer

June 24, 2014 Reno 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Darren Hale. He uses Model Mayhem as a source of getting young girls to take “professional” photos to extend their modeling career. Little do they know, he keeps the photos for his personal use. He walks around showing off photos of these 18-20 year old girls(maybe younger to be honest) saying oh yeah this is my girlfriend. When the only reason he is interested in taking these photos is to try and sleep with every girl who comes to his house to take photos. He will try and get you to drink a little, convince you to take some nude photos, and then try and seal the deal. Now yes to some people this sounds like a good idea, but in all honesty its disgusting and he is a sexual predator who has found a way to get away with the things that he does. He has no friends, all he has is a cat and a empty house with a closet full on girls underwear bras and sex toys. Doesn\’t help that hes a complete mommas boy who cries to his mom about everything and hes 47 years old…. Just wanted to put this up so maybe some of these girls will see it and realize maybe if someone on model mayhem named Big D messages you for a photo shoot you should think twice.

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Melissa Sul

June 23, 2014 Reno 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Melissa Sul lives in Reno, NV and will latch onto a man, live off of him, cheat on him, take his money, and LIE. She is currently dating Andres “Dre” Morales so if you know him…..WARN HIM! This is not a joke. This woman has done this to two men that I know personally. She also does not have custody of her 3 children because she abused them. There is too much to write in this little space. Just beware and don’t let her fool you!

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Biggest Little Douche

June 23, 2014 Reno 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erik Glenn Gibson is a broke whiney lil girly boy. He is 35 years old, recently got fired from some dog care place he worked at. Not to mention his drug problem! Thinks other people are the issue when the dude cant even stay outta jail. He loves to act like his shit dont stink while he drives around a shitty ass car that his father had to give to him because he kept begging for money. This guy is the definition of a joke!!! Watch out though, he may try to gouge out your eye when you’re not looking because he’s a pusy ass lil bitch. I think he might be gay too…caught him hoarding some gay porno magazines lol He not only snorts drugs and pops pain killers on the daily, he also smokes this nasty shit called dabs, hes just a disgusting little pedafile, who doesnt deserve shit from anyone because he treats people like shit.

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Angie Sedillo- Sperm Highjacker

June 20, 2014 Reno 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this meth-head who will do ANYTHING to get her drugs. Girls, she will sleep with your man, become obsessed with him, and stalk him if he leaves her. Men, she will highjack your sperm by telling you she can’t get pregnant, so that she can get on welfare and eventually collect child support to pay for her meth habit, which is also her drug of choice during pregnancy. She has been jailed twice in the last year for check fraud against her own family members–also for drug trafficking. I seriously can’t believe that child services hasn’t placed her two year old son in a better home.

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Megan Meadows

June 16, 2014 Reno 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everything you’ve read or heard about Megan meadows is true. She is a lying cheating slut that anyone at anytime can F. She has Fd over everyone she has ever been with and cares about nothing but herself and what’s between her legs. Go get her fellas she will F no questions asked all she wants it SHOTS. Sober she will give it up too. She is the normal Reno slut trash that everyone talks about. Her fantasy is 2 guys at once so grab a friend and go to town and show her how much of a slut she really is

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