Reno | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Greg Largent Is A Loser

October 6, 2014 Reno 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is real white trash. He has two kids, one boy is a drug dealer, very tall and ugly, the other is a heroin addict and has a heroine addict gf who gave up her kid for it. Dad has been known to shoot up with them, and said gf , Rachel LaPrairie, even ‘comforted’ dad thru a tough time and stole 800 bucks from his wallet after she ‘helped him feel better’.   She gave him DRD, which dad spreads where ever he goes.  He is narcissistic and psychopathic, and does not care who he hurts or how, so long as he gets his way.  He does handyman work, fixed my patio, but then seduces you into thinking he is something good while he is scamming you to get all he can, money, drugs, sex, but he will meditate with you too.

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Jess Areyano

October 6, 2014 Reno 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this girl Jessica Areyano is amongst the dirtiest Reno has to offer Nic. For months she continued to f*ck my buddy over by f*cking her ex Tim Smith, one of the prior candidate’s picked to be on this website. Well anyways my buddy Jonny never did her wrong. He took her to prom, couple days later she went and f*cked Tim. Then she has the balls to tell my boi she is only doing it because they aren’t dating. mind you another incident happened a couple months after prom. Well my boi asked her out and two weeks later she was caught by him at her moms house trying to f*ck Tim.. Still stayed, why I do not f*cking know cause she only gets worse. She gets pregnant.. Well personally Jonny never told me his thoughts and I couldn’t even give you a best guess on whos child she had inside her… Then they end up breaking up yaddayadda. cause he wasn’t good enough and didn’t give her stuff I guess. But honestly ive seen how many times they went out. Ichibans,Hella sushi(like 15) olive Garden, Claim jumpers, good restaurants. and she even came home to over $400 in clothes and a purse when she got back from her vacation in Mexico. He bought her a tint job for Christmas and had herbuy him a gun with his own money. well she took the gun back as well. but got to keep her shit. he has spent well over a couple grand on her and that was in a 4 month period. Then the finale is she goes and f*cks his best friend Cody Douglas. actually Jessica Arellano.look on fb.Also have paperwork on her. snitch

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Drugs and Older Men

September 30, 2014 Las Vegas, Reno 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dude, This slut Ashley will come on to older men, make them think they are in a relationship. She will have sex within 30 minutes of meeting these guys, as long as there are hardcore drugs such as coke and speedballs. She fuked her ex in the morning and fcked a dude she just met that night. Then continued to fuck the new guy till one day he stopped hearing from her. According to her Ex , she is fcking 4 or 5 guys around the Bay area, and needs to stop. This ex says she has the worst herpes outbreaks that she looks like a zombie. And refused to use condoms. She Has no problem fcking and sleeping with these men while her 3 year old son is there. Please somebody needs to stop this pain pill , crak head slut before more people get hurt and drd.

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Playboy now has ZERO Standards

September 18, 2014 Los Angeles, Reno, Sacramento 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Playboy has become a joke. I came across this girl Gabrielle “Gabby” Mathers and she is probably one of the least attractive girls I have ever seen. Well, according to her she got invited to the Playboy Mansion for Halloween and is, in her mind, and Playboy model. I can’t help but roll on the floor because this girl is no where NEAR what the standards I was used to seeing in Playboy. They have really gone down hill. I mean come on just look at Gabby. WTF? Is this girl really THAT delusional? I would rate her a 3.21 on her best day. Playboy is so doomed if this is what they consider hot. What do you think Nik?

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Nasty Charlee

September 8, 2014 Reno 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Charlee. I’m pretty sure she has been on here before but I think someone this nasty deserves to be up again. Charlee has to be one of the dirtiest girls in Reno, which says a lot. She is the biggest homie hopper I have ever seen. She goes from one friend to another, one brother to another, one best friends man to the next friends man. She walks around with her huge love handles flopping out like it’s sexy, and obviously wears clothes WAY too small for her. Not only is her body disgusting but look at that face! Her forehead is unnaturally big along with her nose, and man when she smiles… Yuck. She is the biggest backstabber I know. She will pretend to be your best friend then hop on your mans dick the second your not looking. She will also steal all your things, to support her drug habit. Charlee will fall in love with any guy that looks her way, and becomes weirdly obsessed with him. B*tch is insane. She will take any d*ck that will go near that nasty tw*t. Ladies, never trust this gross backstabbing lowlife. And guys unless you want your junk to get infected, don’t go near her.

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Mario aka Marito Chiguichon

September 8, 2014 Reno 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this guy Mario or Marito as he goes by on faceboook is a so called player that has been caught by his girl or baby momma a couple times. He sends pictures of himself to married women and has destroyed a couple of marriages already and even made on guy end up in jail because he’s to much of a punk to man up. If he was half the man he is when he is sending pictures to married women it would be a whole different ball game. He has pictures of his girl and baby on facebook and he like to play it off like if he was a family man. If he only new that his girl has also fcked him over A number of times he would really think twice about messing with other women. I am one of his close friends we actually play soccer togethre and I bet he will never know who i am.I know this for a fact, not so sorry to say but his girl got at me a few times. The first couple of times I would push her away because thats not the kind of friend I am but seeing him being ok with ruing relationships made me want to give him a little taste of what everyone else goes through. Your girl is a better player than you are, cause if it wasnt for this you would have never found out, keep playing player cause you already lost. Think of this as a good thing, Im pretty sure that if your Pastor dad found out about you he would disown you, but htats noe of my business. How does that saying go ” keep your enemies close, but keep your friends closer ” something like that. lol

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Tori Duke and Nicole De Nigro

September 3, 2014 Reno 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two are two of the FAKEST people that walk the streets of Reno. Tori has nothing going for her and she drags everybody down with her. If you have something that she wants, she’ll take it but you’ll never suspect it was her. She’s very sly with what she does. Neither of them know what a committed relationship is even if it were to slap them in the face. Tori knows how to manipulate every girl she has been with. She will take full control of your life once she knows she has you, she will cheat. Once a cheater, always a cheater. She will completely embarrass you by bringing you around all the other girls she’s trying to get with, not only that, but blaintintly flirt as well. She doesn’t give a fuck about anybody else, but expects everybody to care for her. A compulsive liar and cheater is all she’ll ever be. You’re going to be 21, and you act like youre 15. Grow the fck up and realize what the fck you’re doing. On to Nicole. Nicole is her most recent pick. Nicole is a mother to a beautiful baby boy who will be 2 soon. Nicole was a great mother before she got with Tori. Now that the both of them have just about burned every bridge with family and friends that they have nothing together. And since they have nothing, they use and steal from people their “close” to. They’re shady ass people. No good. If they come around, id be careful. Nicole has never been in a fight, but sets people up, and is a little bitch and usues bear mace. Fucking pathetic. If you’re going to talk shit, at least be the fck about it when you get called out. You don’t know what the fuk you’re doing with yoir life besides throwing it away along with yoir family. Wise up, and take on a RESPONSIBILITY for once. Be the ADULT that you claim you are and get your family back. Don’t be a dumbass

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Angelica Lopez

August 27, 2014 Reno 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Angelica Lopez. AKA Helica or Anhelica is the fastest easiest cume bucket in town she will give you hell if you let her get close she has the herp. wish i used a condom but she will insist on you not to she has no respect for any body she has two kids and says she loves them but dose lines of blow wile she says it she would rather be a coke hore. and gold digger. she will reck your life if you let her close to you and she will lie lie lie to get her way into your pants. and according to her she fucked up her babies daddies 2 audi’s because she didnt like seeing him do good. i live out here in reno she has been out here for two months and has already fcked 5 people i know and have herd she has at leased 1 new guy a week supper slut i dont even think she knows she has drd’s she is the devil and watch out she can be found in sun valley. and is at the sun valley smoke shop she is troubled person and she will reck your life if you let her get close. turst me she will reck thing like her babies daddy tired to warn me but i was thinking of my dick. p.s. she has a thing for guys with the name tyler.

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