She Didn’t Mention She Was Married

February 7, 2014 Reno, The Dirty 64 93,806 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, met this lady… she happened to leave out the part that she is married.   Life in Reno sucks… you are lucky you don’t live here.

Why would anyone live in Reno? All the women have no teeth.- nik

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Gross Pig

February 6, 2014 Reno 64 6,023 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This crusty troll here on the right is Debbie platt (Justin platt aka elmos mom) She is a gross dirty whore who sucks dick for her tattoos and hangs out with a local twice convicted pedophile named David Lee Dallo!! She has been to prison for meth and likes to pop pills at her job in a sparks paper factory where her fingers where cut off cuz she put them in the machine, she was trying to get a law suit so she would never have to work again, but that failed!!! she likes to go to the nude beach in Tahoe and she is always defending her pedo friend saying that its not his fault he likes little girls , he should be able to make love to 9 year olds with out being in trouble!! she is one sick and twisted bitch!! her ex husband justins dad likes to have sex with black men!! She is nothing but a cancerous moll on societies face!! she likes to talk shit behind your back and then be nice to your face! she is a coward and she likes to go to orgies and then to church the next day!!!

The second you start to feel sorry for someone they give you a reason not to be..- nik

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Original Reno Scumbag

February 6, 2014 Reno 2 9,529 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty piece of fuck right here is David Sitton. He goes around Reno picking up girls, the sweetest girls because he knows he can take advantage of them, takes them home but makes the girls drive him to his house, makes the girl pay for his food when they stop to eat and treats these girls as if they are nothing but an easy ride. He is a class A mooch who will do and say anything just to get what he wants then becomes an evasive dick to these poor girls. He has admitted to never getting tested even though he said to have slept with hundreds of women in the Reno area, he also is a known swinger who goes to local swinger clubs and orgies. Once he has sex with the girls he takes home he won’t talk to them for months until he runs out of options for free rides and an easy lay. I wouldn’t doubt that he has kid running around because he refuses to use condoms. He is a dirty, nasty, lazy mooch who only cares out going out and getting drunk every week and taking advantage of nice girls. Look out for this creep!

What are we in HIghschool…send in the real dirt.- nik

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Jasmine Clark

February 3, 2014 Reno 23 8,490 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this chick decided that marrying one of mybest friends was fantastic. Lied to him. They bought a house together. After being married for almost a year she decided it was time to kick him to the curb and go for the couple guys she had been talking to behind his back. She is a dirty slut. So now after making him figure out where he is going to sleep every night cause she wanted the house she changed her mind. Now he has to take the house. But she gets off Scotch free. She has the room mate take.of.the her dogs cause she can’t come home. Let me rephrase that. Cause she doesnt come home. Stay away!

She also thought cropping out her head would disguise her sexts…- nik

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Reno Sloots

January 27, 2014 Reno 103 10,703 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: this whore on the right is Rachel arazosa. The bigget family hopper in reno, nv. One brother just isn’t enough for her, she goes from brother to brother. Disgusting. She is claiming some guy raped her to cover up the fact she cheated on her boyfriend, saying she was drunk. She clearly knows drunk or not, you still know what your doing. She cheats on every single guy she is with then dates their brother. She has had sex with everyone in reno, and says she loves a new guy every other month. She has been to a health clinic here in reno where she found out she has gonorrhea but she is to stupid to admit it before she sleeps around. She says this picture isn’t her but she had her hair this color her sophomore year and it is her. She begged me not to post the picture saying she would do anything because she doesn’t want it to affect her future. What do you think ? Is this girl disgusting or what???

What future?- nik

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Scumbag of Reno

January 24, 2014 Reno 20 6,975 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Devan Gould, he isn’t new to this website. Reason I am putting him on her is because a on jan7 he raped this girl. He is going around claiming it wasn’t and made the girls engagement get cancelled. He told me all about that night and sadly this wasn’t his first rape victim. He is a dead beat dad as well. He doesn’t pay child support or pay anything for his TWO daughters! He puts all his money to parties and drugs. He is a total drug addict. I can’t stand to be a foot next to him smells like he never showers. Get off the drugs and shower and get your head out of your a**. I stopped talking to you so you wouldn’t do anything to my child or get my child taken from me. You talk mad sh** on your babymama. You talk sh** about everyone explains why you’ve been jumped so many times. I feel bad for the girls you rapes Devan cause they feel horrible and disgusted. I asked him how many girls he has slept with and he said he forgot how many after 25. Ewww! Walking std over here, if you ask me. He is pathetic and a total scum! He is going to think its one if the rape victims that’s putting him up here but its not its one of his homies that was there that night. Nik what do you think of this scum bag rapist?

The self hug…doesn’t come more forgy then that.- nik

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Pill Smoking Witch

January 23, 2014 Reno 27 10,183 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katy Molzen is the most disgusting gurl in reno, she smokes pills infront of her 1 year old son. Fucked a bunch of other gurls baby daddys while hers was in jail. she lets her son choke on dog food while shes home too high too pay attenion, she is ugly and has the most fucked up grill. any guy thats been with her is just as nasty. She also makes up storys so guys will give her attenion. She is the most worthless piece of shit in reno.

Which one pebbled the floor?- nik

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Fake Girl of Carson City Update

January 22, 2014 Dirty DUI, Reno 36 7,377 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So I’ve seen this girl out a few times, be it the pub crawls or most recently the PBR and every single time she is hammered drunk and flitting with every guy. I see all of this girls friends coming to her aid and defending her saying how good of a person she is and how she never goes out and parties. Here is some proof that she is always out parting and being a slut. And yes she is the one in the middle of the road getting fingered by a guy at the Santa Crawl. Stay classy Shelby.

To a desperate dude, she a saint…- nik

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