Biggest Little Douche

June 23, 2014 Reno 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erik Glenn Gibson is a broke whiney lil girly boy. He is 35 years old, recently got fired from some dog care place he worked at. Not to mention his drug problem! Thinks other people are the issue when the dude cant even stay outta jail. He loves to act like his shit dont stink while he drives around a shitty ass car that his father had to give to him because he kept begging for money. This guy is the definition of a joke!!! Watch out though, he may try to gouge out your eye when you’re not looking because he’s a pusy ass lil bitch. I think he might be gay too…caught him hoarding some gay porno magazines lol He not only snorts drugs and pops pain killers on the daily, he also smokes this nasty shit called dabs, hes just a disgusting little pedafile, who doesnt deserve shit from anyone because he treats people like shit.

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Angie Sedillo- Sperm Highjacker

June 20, 2014 Reno 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this meth-head who will do ANYTHING to get her drugs. Girls, she will sleep with your man, become obsessed with him, and stalk him if he leaves her. Men, she will highjack your sperm by telling you she can’t get pregnant, so that she can get on welfare and eventually collect child support to pay for her meth habit, which is also her drug of choice during pregnancy. She has been jailed twice in the last year for check fraud against her own family members–also for drug trafficking. I seriously can’t believe that child services hasn’t placed her two year old son in a better home.

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Megan Meadows

June 16, 2014 Reno 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everything you’ve read or heard about Megan meadows is true. She is a lying cheating slut that anyone at anytime can F. She has Fd over everyone she has ever been with and cares about nothing but herself and what’s between her legs. Go get her fellas she will F no questions asked all she wants it SHOTS. Sober she will give it up too. She is the normal Reno slut trash that everyone talks about. Her fantasy is 2 guys at once so grab a friend and go to town and show her how much of a slut she really is

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Reno Slot

June 9, 2014 Reno 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This right here is Emily Hobbs, She fcks every guy. and then if the guys dick isnt big enough she will fck his best friend. She was in a relationship with a guy for a few years, and she was still fcking other dudes. She fuked a dude and then went home to fck him the same night. It doesn’t matter because he was fcking other girls too, guess they were made for eachother until he left her for his side chick probably because her P be loose. This girl can give head, I give her that. She “likes” a guy but really she just wants to know if he got cash and some good D. She wouldn’t want to be in a real relationship. She is one broken little girl looking to spread her drds. So Reno! watch out for this one. It’s free pssy at the cost of Life time of pain.

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Jennifer Crenshaw

June 9, 2014 Reno 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jennifer Crenshaw also known as Red is one to stay away from. She presents herself as a lesbian but sleeps with anyone. She is one that likes her meth from smoking to shooting. She will lie and do whatever is necessary to get what she wants. She will deny any thing bad she does including making excuses why it wasn’t her fault. As of May 22nd She is facing domestic battery charges because she started hitting on her “wife” at one point busting her nose wide open. She tried blaming that on her wife saying it was her fault for cornering her. Jen almost 6ft and about 19975 vs. Wife 5’5 and about 100lbs. Jen is not one you want as a friend. She will be the first to shove you under the bus as soon as your back is turned to save her own skin. She keep accusing others of deceit because everything about her is deceitful. She’s a screamer so watch out. One minute she’s all sweet and the next she’ll come at you like she wants to kill you. Because she’s a big girl (almost 6ft) the only thing she can do to make people feel sorry for her is cry and bitch how she judged by het size. Don’t fall for it. She’s burned so many people I’m surprised she has anyone to talk to. When confronted with the truth she runs and whines leave me alone. Big baby… Grow up already. Mth is making you a total bitch.

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The Epitome of Reno low-lives

June 3, 2014 Reno 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies, watch out. This is Christopher Bryant. He’s been here before, but I feel like his filth deserves an extra special update. This wannabe hot shot thinks he can claim any female in his proximity, and he succeeds! Minding that the girls are under age of course. Thoes are the only ones naive enough to climb into bed (or rather the back seat of his car which he has lived in most of his life) with him. And its not just girls he’ll fool, oh no. He’ll give you the sob story of the century if you have money, food, or anything for him to sniff or smoke. He’ll be your best buddy untill he finds the next poor sap to leach off of and then it will be like you never knew each other. He crys and whines about how he has no girlfriend and no real friends, but thats just how he lures you in. Once he has what he needs, see ya! He needs to get a life and put his big boy pants on!

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Dangerous Body Piercer

June 3, 2014 Reno, Sacramento 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman Brandy Jean runs a tattoo studio “ORTEGA TATTOO in Lake land Village California. She is a self proclaimed witch but doesn’t know that the Curse has been upon her since May. We extremely upset with her because this sinister and evil woman has been spreading he**is to her customers and people that she makes cupcakes for. There is a Pending police investigation on her as we speak as they’re trying to gather evidence, but she is a very slick and evil soul to have done this. She has a couple diseases and she vowed to spread them to as many men as she can, I used to be her friend until she let me know about her plan when she was drunk. I called her the next day and told her how wrong that was, & All she had to say was that she is part of a society of devil worshipers, and that was the job she was given and she has to complete it. This is a very sinister girl, I cannot begin to tell you how evil she is, there have been seven people so far that have been pierced or have ate some of her cupcakes, that have all tested positive and have collectively gathered to press charges. She also is a prostitute that sells her body on craigslist and the erotic review, she has a set of false teeth and she has her fetish in which she charges for what she calls a no “teeth blowjob.”This girl needs to be stopped, I cant believe a soul like this would be allowed to exist on earth, she is ruining peoples health and hurting people, since the investigation, she has been very mellow, but please do not mistake this woman, she still claims to have an agenda to fulfill and at any cost. Beware

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Reno’s Ultimate Pedostache: Taylor Gillis

May 30, 2014 Reno 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s Taylor Gillis, Reno’s ultimate pedostache as seen in the 2 pictures above! This pre-med wannabe has quite the reputation from Galena High School, and now at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). He cheated on his girlfriend in high school by making out with a girl at some party when he was drunk. His favorite hobby is shit-talking everyone behind their back because he gets off on the attention and is too cowardly to say anything to people’s faces. Renown Health, why the fuck did you hire him as an ER scribe? Dont give him false hope that he’ll actually be accepted to medical school because he’s nowhere close to being competent enough to handle patients’ lives. He considers himself a future doctor. Haha! Also, he likes to create lies since he’ll say and do anything to feel “popular.” In fact, he’s so “cool” that youll hear him constantly calling girls “sluts” and “party girls” when these same girls have never even so much as kissed him nor partied with him before. Even his guy “friends” are bad-mouthed when they’re not around. He might seem normal on the surface if you meet him at AMSA (American Medical Student Association) meetings or in a biochemistry class (his major), but I guarantee you your best bet is to run away as fast as possible. He’s the fakest, most two-faced douchebag I’ve ever met, and many others agree with me. I’m surprised he didn’t rush freshman year and join some lame ass fraternity. He’d fit right in with his crappy personality!

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