Reno | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Crazy Katie Irvine

August 22, 2014 Reno 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t normally dumb myself Down to the levels of trying to publically humiliate others but after seeing this post labeling me as a “woman beater” I figured is do myself some justice and let you all see both sides of the spectrum. These are my texts conversations from this mentally unstable being known as katie irvine She’s no stranger to this site which is prbly why she feels the need to lie about others to make herself feel better. She goes on these psychotic tangents and I just ignore her so she will say whatever she can to get a response. Here is just a few screen shots of her mocking my mother who passed away due to cancer

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Wannabe Hustler Woman Beater

August 20, 2014 Dirty Mugshots, Reno 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Tyler Ferris. He recently got caught trying to pay someone with drd to have sex with him just so he could infect his girlfriend. This scumbag has been charged with domestic battery for trying to blow out all his girlfriends teeth. He has also been charged with felony drug sales in California. This piece of shit walks around Reno likes he’s untouchable but so many people have confronted him for the way he treats women. Tyler claims to be a close friend to many black people but he makes racist videos and posts them on various racist websites. Personally Tyler has threatened to rape my 12 year old sister, but it’s the people closest to him that need to be warned. This guy is seriously scum of Reno.

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That Witch That Put You On The Dirty

August 13, 2014 Reno 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! My name is Sally Wilson and im from Reno. Im putting myself up here so no ho can have the pleasure of doing so! So lets start, lol I dont even know how to make me sound bad but here it goes! I have slept with three guys my whole life each one lasting longer than 5 months in a relationship. I am an underage drinker and I love to smoke weed. I use the f way too much because well im fckin honest n I do say what comes to mind. I do not care if I hurt your feelings bc im not gonna lit to u to make you feel bad (or about you to make u feel worse). I always try to go back to the source when I hear shit talkin about me or anybody. Im putting myself up here because I put Kristy May OK n here so I wanted to make sure that the crazy bitch doesnt try n lie about me like she does herself! When I get mad I react in the worst possible way haha so excuse my temper! I realy wish I had more stuff to make this post more interesting but im not a skank or a twofaced cnt like everyone on this site! Have fun in the comments, I wont be reading them since well I have a job and bills to pay and a life to live while people back home in reno talk shit and make a hayday of this! Haha

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Christine LeDrew Adicott

August 8, 2014 Kansas City, Reno 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! What do you and the guys think of this cougar? I met her on vacation and was pissed when she flirted with me for almost a week only to tell me she wouldn’t hook up with me because she is friends with my mom! Why do chicks dress up like theyre gonna give it up then lead you on only to say no? Women get more pleasure from sex then men and I was willing to use a condom so why did she say no?

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Sarah Frye

August 7, 2014 Reno 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl is the definition of white trash. She is a terrible excuse for a women and mother. She is an unfit parent with 3 kids & 3 baby daddies. She continues to get pregnant & pop them out to abuse the system & produce a welfare check. She abuses pills constantly, she’s missing teeth & clearly looks like a crackhead, she doesn’t work, go to school, have a car, or do anything to try & better herself or her life. She uses men & depends on them to help take care of herself & her children because she’s incapable of doing it on her own. She can’t even watch all 3 of her kids without having a melt down. She has serious mental problems. She\’s infested with lice, mrsa, & bed bugs. She neglects her kids, they’ve had lice for yrs, she let’s them run wild, & she depends on everyone else to take care of them. She’s so insecure she posts half naked pics on social media on the daily. She use to whore herself out & prostitute in order to get money & she left her children with a baby sitter multiple times & disappeared for days without word to get some dick & get it in. Her pssy hangs to her knees & looks like it’s rotting. It literally sags & shes had 3 csections so that should tell you something! She\s a terrible, disgusting, dirty person, a disgrace to humanity, a complete waste of life, & biggest gutter smut I’ve ever known.

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Lindsey Chalmers

August 7, 2014 Reno 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl will never know what it’s like to have responsibility. She’s 22 and has been a dish washer at the same plane since highschool. But who cares if she is broke? When in doubt just call mommy to save you from having to miss a night out at the bar. She posts selfies literally every 5 minutes everyday. It’s the same people, the same bar and usually the same clothes every single day… There is no need to continue posting pictures. I mean seriously, invest in new clothes!! Stop spending your dish washing money on liqour and go buy clothes.. At least attempt to look clean, and yes she is dirty… She always brags about how she hasn’t washed her hair in days. Find a hobby… Or do something productive with your life.

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Ana Padua

August 6, 2014 Reno 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik Here is the biggest whore in Reno Ana Padua. She is married to a guy that was there for her when she was in prison for the last three years. As soon as she got out she started prostituting and hanging out with drug dealers. She screws over every guy she meets. She will take all there money and then move to the next guy. This girl is the biggest whore in Reno.

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Andrew the supposedly Single Father

August 5, 2014 Kansas City, Reno 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ladies is “Andrew” he says he’s single and has custody of his daughter, gives this whole sad BS story about how he’s doing it all on his own…I had the misfortune of meeting him and not only did he forget to mention the fact that he’s not single, he just so happens to be married…why do men do this? I didn’t deserve this prick! Ladies beware!!!

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