Scumbag of Reno

January 24, 2014 Reno 20 6,987 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Devan Gould, he isn’t new to this website. Reason I am putting him on her is because a on jan7 he raped this girl. He is going around claiming it wasn’t and made the girls engagement get cancelled. He told me all about that night and sadly this wasn’t his first rape victim. He is a dead beat dad as well. He doesn’t pay child support or pay anything for his TWO daughters! He puts all his money to parties and drugs. He is a total drug addict. I can’t stand to be a foot next to him smells like he never showers. Get off the drugs and shower and get your head out of your a**. I stopped talking to you so you wouldn’t do anything to my child or get my child taken from me. You talk mad sh** on your babymama. You talk sh** about everyone explains why you’ve been jumped so many times. I feel bad for the girls you rapes Devan cause they feel horrible and disgusted. I asked him how many girls he has slept with and he said he forgot how many after 25. Ewww! Walking std over here, if you ask me. He is pathetic and a total scum! He is going to think its one if the rape victims that’s putting him up here but its not its one of his homies that was there that night. Nik what do you think of this scum bag rapist?

The self hug…doesn’t come more forgy then that.- nik

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Pill Smoking Witch

January 23, 2014 Reno 27 10,192 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katy Molzen is the most disgusting gurl in reno, she smokes pills infront of her 1 year old son. Fucked a bunch of other gurls baby daddys while hers was in jail. she lets her son choke on dog food while shes home too high too pay attenion, she is ugly and has the most fucked up grill. any guy thats been with her is just as nasty. She also makes up storys so guys will give her attenion. She is the most worthless piece of shit in reno.

Which one pebbled the floor?- nik

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Fake Girl of Carson City Update

January 22, 2014 Dirty DUI, Reno 36 7,384 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So I’ve seen this girl out a few times, be it the pub crawls or most recently the PBR and every single time she is hammered drunk and flitting with every guy. I see all of this girls friends coming to her aid and defending her saying how good of a person she is and how she never goes out and parties. Here is some proof that she is always out parting and being a slut. And yes she is the one in the middle of the road getting fingered by a guy at the Santa Crawl. Stay classy Shelby.

To a desperate dude, she a saint…- nik

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UNR Knows It’s Ripping Off Its Students

January 20, 2014 Reno, The Dirty 53 98,431 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, the University of Nevada, Reno residential life, housing, and food service department has not been fair in its practices.  I told the office over the phone that I had a family emergency where my sister had a roommate suddenly leave and she couldn’t afford to live there without me moving in since the aforementioned roommate was paying for half of everything.  The office informed me that I would not be refunded my $125 deposit and that I would owe 25% of the $2635 charge for the semester in the dorm, which means I’ll lose $783.75 even though the move-in date wasn’t until this Sunday, January 19th. They offered to transfer my license agreement to the 2014-2015 academic year; however, I explained to them that this option wouldn’t work since I begin pharmacy school in Colorado in August. Also, I spoke with the student I was assigned to live with, and she decided she no longer wanted a roommate. In other words, she chose to have the room all to herself, which means UNR won’t be losing money because she’ll be paying much more to be alone. Despite her filling this vacancy, UNR still expects me to pay the above-mentioned amount. I have no choice in paying because any financial aid covers UNR charges before I’m issued a refund check to use for food, gas, and other living expenses. Even if the student I was assigned to live with had still wanted a roommate, I believe this policy is unfair for students and the cancellation fee is ridiculously high. Moreover, this policy is not written on the housing application, but referenced in one sentence on the bottom of the last page in conveniently smaller font. Interestingly, I couldn’t find this information anywhere on their website, but succeeded with an Internet search. Additionally, the Parking Services department informed me that there was a waiting list for the dorm garage because the faculty garage was full and some faculty were parking in the dorm garage now. This garage, meant for Sierra Hall dorm students, has 6 people on its wait list thanks to this situation. Finally, I’d like to provide a link that discusses issues students have had with meal plans, which are supervised by the same department that controls the dorms. Thank you Nik, I appreciate everyone you do for us and allowing us to have a voice that can be heard on such a large scale.

Why would anyone want to attend the University of Nevada RENO?- nik

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Woman Beating Psychopath

January 17, 2014 Reno 9 8,391 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ladies and gentlemen is Devin Lee Avalos, I unfortunately had the pleasure of living in the wake of this Asshole for two year. I met him and he toremy world apart he devided and conqured me from my family and fruends. I had moved to reno and knew no one. I had a good security job was making decent moneny. Got a nuce little studio and was srartiong to have a, very nice home due to all the hard work. The traid pf was being very lonely and then in walked Devin with his charm and smile and everything was perfect. He wanted to be there but wanted to be there became always there to not wanting me to have make friends to not wanting me to have aphone or talk on on when he wasn’t there then the shoving started then the grabbing then the smacking, smacking to punching chokeing one time till I lost consciousness, he beat me black and blue for catching me with two quarters claiming to believe I was calling another man, then the guns multiple times pulling guns on me to force me to admit things. Then I got him a puppy to take hunting he beat the puppy to death with a caine that had a cobra head to death not eight months after I got him the puppy. Then the constant cheating even with close friends. When we finally boke up he took everything I owned and literally left me at the grey hound bus station with nothing but a bag of clothes he took every thing watch out for him he is a lier he likes to act like a good Christian but really he is just a loser drug dealer yes I said drug dealer who beats women to make himself feel better from a family who supports his shity life style his Mom Laurie Turner his Brother Cory Avalos and his wife Hanna were aware of his behavior after I pleaded them to help me get him in counciling and on meds they simply acted like he was the victim because I was so mean supporting him wile he smoked his supply and tracked up a debt trying to be some wana be Tony, Montana the while time I supported him for almost, two whole years and could help me for two when he cost me my job calling me at work saying he was over doseing on shrooms and that I needed to leave then or we were over because that meet I didn’t love him, he was fine just just tripping his balls off he destroyed my life I truly hate him. I hope this will protect other women from going through what I went through even his faster.Steve Avalos is a price of shit scouting out girls for him to cheat in me with at the Hilton a whore named Krista that works in the Mustang Bar in what used to be the Hilton in front of me Fruck him and his white trash druggie family!

At least you made it out.  Sounds dangerous.- nik

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Fake Girl of Carson City

January 14, 2014 Dirty DUI, Reno 46 7,514 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Shelby Chamberlin. Having grown up in Carson my whole life I can say that she is the type of girl that makes the Reno area look trashy. She claims to be this innocent and prude little girl but can be found slutting it up at the local clubs in Reno getting drunk and grinding and making out with every muscle head douche bag she can find. She posts all her drunk videos and photos on instagram and then quickly takes them down the next day to hide from the world what a whore she is. You aren’t so innocent Shelby. Please, go back to California. You give girls like me a bad reputation by living in the same area code.

Screen shot those next time, post in with dirt, not word of mouth.  Just saying.- nik

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Fake Marine

January 13, 2014 Reno 65 8,313 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so this guy right here is Scott Humphrey. Why he isn’t on here already is beyond me. Let’s start off with the fact that he has 3 children none of which he supports nor cares to see. He has a little boy & a little girl with the first girl & a little girl with the second. The only way he pulls girls is by lying to them, & telling them he is a United States Marine, which is complete bullshit. He went as far as to have fake dog tags made, bought the gear all from the Army Surplus store he also has “Semper Fi” blasted acrossed his back. He is a compulsive liar, every week it’s something new. From being a Marine, to a cop, to a UFC fighter etc How pathetic can someone be. Honestly. This guy didn’t even make it to 11th grade. He lives off mommy & daddy, smokes pot all day, plays cod & lives in complete filth. His parents bought him a beautiful home which he has destroyed! He is abusive both mentally & physically to girls, gave his first baby mama  & tells everyone he is adopted for sympathy. He is mentally un stable & is not afraid to put his hands on girls. Doesn’t give two shits about his children, locked his baby boy in a bedroom while he had a party down stairs. I could go on & on but this douche has already taken up too much of my time. Ladies don’t let him fool you.

#Gamerlife.- nik

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Old Scumbag

January 7, 2014 Reno 102 8,944 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy, “Brandon Reno” is a complete loser and needs to be told his 90′s NU METAL look is over. Not only does he lie about who he’s screwing, but he spends all his time on social media posting “selfies” and “fornicate fridays”. You’d think for being in his mid 30s he’d find a fcking job at this point instead of stealing money from other people. He’s one of those losers who can’t get over the fact that his ex cheated on him with a more successful, attractive, and more deserving guy. He loves to blow off girls all the time after fucking him and claims that his next girlfriend would be “treated like a princess” but he’s a loser like the rest of them. He will have unprotected sex with any girl, then say he’ll get the morning after pill for them and be a “gentlemen” but after that refuses to buy the pill and stops returning the girls phonecalls! Nik, you need to put “Brandon Reno” on blast so he can check his pompous attitude and his less than average, crooked member.

Black eyes happen for a reason.  Not something to show off.- nik

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