Victoria Vickers

May 27, 2014 Reno 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I know she’s on here already, but because she’s by far the nastiest c*nt in reno I had to put her on here again. This is AmyLu Victoria Vickers. Her main goal is to infect everyone in Reno with Cla**ia and so far sh’s doing a good job at it. I’ve known this girl for seven years and I can not tell you a time when she was ever single or not f**king around with multiple guys at a time. When she feels like she hasn’t had enough d**k shoved up her a** she’ll go beg some guy to say he had sex with you to break you up with your boyfriend and if that doesn’t work she’ll hop on over to your family. She goes around on Facebook blasting every one calling them sl**ts just so she can cover up every thing or shall I say everyone that she’s been doing. Every single one of my guy friends have gotten Cl**ia after f**king this h*e and when she’s not taking it through her infested p**sy she\’ll take it in the butt. She also got her a** beat by a little 15 year old girl that has never fought a day in her life but Amy still goes around running her big ass mouth saying that she’s the toughest b**ch in Reno! And if that still doesn’t cut it she\’ll call you and tell you she’s going to hit you in the face with a sledge hammer or a baseball bat, but when you tell her to meet you somewhere to fight she wont go and will make a million excuses to get herself out of it. And as if that doesn\’t bring her enough attention she goes around showing off her hearing aid. The best part of this is that she\’s really not deaf but because she wants everyone to like her she claims to be so she can get pity from others. Trust me I was best friends with this girl for many years, a lot of people may think she’s a sweet heart but I see right through it because I know her angle. She’s a pathological liar, a coward, and an egotistical, evil, manipulitive seductive b**ch that is after everyone’s d**k and she won’t stop until she gets it. So watch out for her because she’ll open her legs up to anyone in a heart beat and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if she had teeth down there.

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Two Peas in a Pod

May 22, 2014 Reno 182

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two scumbags belong together. Ashley Lange & Braden Fintel have been screwing around behind his girlfriend\’s back for over a year. They each have a different drd, his an incurable one & he\’ll lie to any girl willing to have sex with him & give it to her. She has slept with just about every guy at her work & has such low self esteem that she especially likes to go after the ones already in a relationship. He has a son with his girlfriend of six years & lied to her & beat her every time she would accuse him of sleeping with her. I don\’t know if Ashley is just a tweeker or if, from the way she looks, she has H**. His girlfriend is a beautiful woman who doesn\’t drink or do drugs & has extremely high morals & standards, much too good for this man! The best thing that could happen would be for these two to end up together. Two lying, cheating, underhanded skanks. That’s true karma, see which one screws the other one over the most. We just call her the Rash, because of her drd & her pick marks.

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Douche in the Purest Sense

May 9, 2014 Reno 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This scum failed out of college, got hooked on drugs, and got a girl pregnant all in 1 year. Reno is a worse place with this douche around. Lets send him away reno

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Yesse Villa, Fakest in Reno

May 2, 2014 Reno 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Claims to be real BUT THE FAKEST HOE IN RENO. Yesse Villa is one of the fakest hoes in town. She’ll hop on your boys dick to take him away from you. all you see her posting is real the real that when shes the biggest back stabber ever. she’s the shadiest. thinks shes the finest but no booty looks like a man with her horse llooking face. only pretty shit about her is her makeup lmao. i simply feel bad for her boyfrined. hopefully she dont do the boy dirty.

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Jazmine Tally

April 30, 2014 Reno 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jazmine Tally is one of our Reno Sluts who started at a young age. This dick drooling, ball sack grubbin transvestite will suck you off anywhere… Seriously like eat yo cum anywhere. By the trash bins on the corner of the apartment complex, behind your car, or in a closet of the party. She likes getting gang banged plugging all three of her holes. A sloppy drunk that gets pissy and emotional if a guy doesnt want to fck her. Now is being fat whore really a bad thing? Maybe not… maybe it would be a little more tolerable if you weren’t such a cnt Jazmine. NO ONE CARES about your flappy vagina wings or the number of guys you fck and suck dick. But you are an annoying dumb b*tch who acts like you’re a queen because you can fck a lot of people. You can never shut that fat fck’in ugly mouth of yours. ON TOP OF THAT… you talk mad shit about everyone. NO ONE CARES about you and your dirty ways, but to talk shit about other people when you have a filthy Fckin vagina. You just need to shut the fck up and get over yourself. “The Blacker the Berry The Sweeter The Juice”- No b*tch… you got 52 dirty different dicks in you and that shit aint sweet. Talk shit about this girl. xoxo

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Brandon Lee Balls

April 30, 2014 Reno 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nikki tell me what you think about this guy Brandon he is a dirty piece of shit he manipulates girls minds and he just recently had a gf (no names spoken) but this lying asshole has cheated numerous times on this girl and still has the nerve to lie to her and lie to other girls and say hes single when he was still in a relationship dont let this kid fool you with his fibs and lies cause remember hes got them for days if you have slept with this nasty ass nigga make sure you get checked cause hes slept with half of reno and will continue to play every girl he can and also lets remember he had sex with a 15 year old girl when he was 18 hows that for some apples Nikki

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Gabe Lucero, Player of Elk Grove

April 25, 2014 Reno, Sacramento 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, char here. This is Gabe Lucero. By far the trashiest boy out there. Was talking to him a while back until he started dating this girl in Reno. I can’t believe I had a little crush on him till I found out how he was. What’s funny is while he was with this girl in Reno he was with another girl too haha. I got ahold of both of them and both of them were too stupid to believe me that he was f$&@!?# both of them and dating them both at the same time!!! Granted he was with the girl in Reno first for a while then the white girl came into the picture not to long ago. Either way both sloots. Stupid b’s, what’s funny is the Latina girl in Reno didn’t know about the white girl but the white girl knew about her, hahaha funny how trashy some white girls can be. Haha either way both are stupid b’s and sloots lol. I mean look at the white girl she looks like a dam owl haha nothing to be proud of and the Latina girl has these big puffy lips hahaha. Gabe played both these dumb girls, after some digging apparently he dumped the Latina girl because she wasn’t giving him and this other unknown white gf money. How sleezy haha I remember how he was always bragging how he was in mma and shit, well where are you now?! No where!! Both girls were too dumb to listen to me haha and look, Latina girl he broke up with and I’m sure she found out about the side girl lol and side girl knew she was the second choice lol and white girl still is with him haha sloots man. Haha dumb girls!! He is scum and thinks he’s hot shit, he’s so short compared to everybody he looks like an Oompa Loompa with f*g tatts haha put him in check Nik

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Carsons Whitney Nicole Louie

April 24, 2014 Carson City, Reno 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Whitney Louie / Josh Say J Berry – AKA The most ridiculous fake ass people in North Nevada! CARSON + RENO! All they do is make HORRIBLE MUSIC and think theyre going to be famous. Sell tons of weed cause “Say J” Doesn’t know how to hold down a job and his little weird slut gf Whitney Louie works to pay for him. All they do is spend their money on clothes and she has FAKE hair, Fake nails, Fake eyelashes, FAKE tan.. shes all 100% fake with — 32AA cup breasts. She is so selfcentered and thinks shes famous cause she has 12000 followers on twitter. YA IF ANY SLUTTY GIRL POSTS SLUT PICTURES OF THEMSLEVES AND IS ONLINE 24/7 Obsessed with the internet world, youre going to have followers waiting for the next slutty pic. She edits the fck out of her pictures. All I can say is these 2 make a great couple. Conceded, self centered, fake, lazy stoners who both make HORRIBLE music. Josh Say J, Sounds like a rapest/fg when he trys to put lyrics together. Poor young druggie losers. That’s all.

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