Richmond Sloot

August 15, 2014 Richmond-BC 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is a filthy prostitute, goes out to old mens houses and sucking dick for 20$. She has 2 kids by 2 diffrent men neither one of these men she even knows if there the father, she is 33 years old and making a career out of prostitution, but she looks like she is 40! Idk how she will keep it up much longer cause she is aging pretty rapidly! She is the biggest slut in the Richmond area! She thinks she is a model because she pays people to take her picture in only underware! She needs to grow up act her age and quit prostituting, she claims just got married in vegas to the biggest dead beat dad of all time! She has no morals this stupid old hag goes around spreding her legs for a line of pepsi and if your looking for a loose vagina to fuck for a night look up. I have it on good authority that those beef curtians just flap in the wind when this ratchet slut spreads her legs. The cottage cheese on those thunder thighs jiggle like jello too.

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Camille Yeltatzie

August 14, 2014 Richmond-BC 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m Not A Fan Of Camille Yeltatzie. Hey Nik, I would love you to meet Camille Yeltatzie the joke of Richmond. She is the biggest two faced bitch you will ever meet. Camille will be nice to your face and than talk so much shit behind your back, she is so insecure she will put anyone down. Most of her so-called friends” already broke ties with her because they don’t want to be associated with her. Camille loves to post pictures of herself on Facebook and Instagram in order to get attention. Camille takes at least 10 selfies a day and writes comments to her “haters” on Facebook. You do’t have haters people just can’t stand you. Girl sure is annoying not to mention dumb ass fuk.

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Soheil Biniaz – Iranian Mansloot

July 30, 2014 Richmond, Richmond-BC 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this 32 year old Iranian man slut Soheil Biniaz has a black cock obsession. He has monster cock black dildos that he likes to use. He loves black gang bang porn. He thinks he is gods gift to women and has no problem fucking everyone, making them think they are dating. When confronted he makes you feel guilty saying “why are you mad we are friends”. He uses girls for $, to run errands, to drive him around and to plan his trips while he is vacationing w/o them and fucking anything to get what he wants. His mom befriends the girls, adds them on FB, chats on the phone and is even meet the girls parents but meanwhile is in on the whole thing and is willing to cover his ass when girls start to figure it out. His mom will make one girl breakfast and another girl dinner in one day. He makes girls think that he is wealthy and flaunts it by saying he own his own business but he just works for his mom. He’s in debt but don’t worry mommy is there. He also brags that he had a business with a partner that fell apart, but actually he just got fired. Maybe cuase of his huge criminal past (dealing, stealing …) He will act like the smartest guy on earth but couldn’t finish high school. He tried to take English classes at Langara but when none of his girls helped he dropped out. He finds girls on FB, insta and tinder and targets the LG’s. He is a sociopath and says anything to get everything from you. Once girls figure it out he blocks them and that’s it, on to the next.

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Marilou Fortin

June 16, 2014 Richmond-BC, Surrey 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: Marilou S Fortin is going around having unprotected sex spreading her drd . Cheating with other peoples boyfriends having sex with multiple guy’s a day, people stay away from her she has drd . She has been infecting men since she was like 15 . Do not date this girl she will cheat on you if you wanna fck her just give her drugs she trades sex for drugs . She is basically a prostitute that get’s paid in drugs. We need to put a stop to her spreading her std\’s so many guys have been affected by her she is a user.

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Dirtbag Sandhu

April 21, 2014 Richmond-BC, Surrey 151

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Raj Sandhu, the biggest dirtbag in metro-vancouver. He lied to and cheated on my friend. He acts like a sweet guy but is really a gangster wannabee clown. He doesn’t run anything, His parents bought him a BMW, with that and his face tattoo he thinks hes hardcore. Him and his richmond – vancity friends are nothing but small time peddlers. Warning to all the little girls out here who fall for this type to stay away, rumor is he has a drd too, my friend is waiting to get tested.

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Richmonds Finest

April 16, 2014 Richmond-BC 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik These whores Nandini Narayan, Angalene Prasad & Sandhya Naicker are just outta control…they all have teenage kinds and are constantly partying with young guys DT…the cocaine whores need to go home and take care of thier children, Nandini married her first cousin and had 4 kids, Angalene is constantly trying to commit suicide when a guy tries to leave her, these cougars are almost 50 and need to start acting their age. Instead of whoring around at dinner and dances or in bars DT they should really pay attention to their kids before they turn out like their mothers. Put em on blast Nik

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Jonathan Fay

March 31, 2014 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this womanizing scumbags name is Jonathan Fay. He sleeps with multiple women at the same time. If you have slept with this man GET TESTED!!! He has unprotected sex, and tells all the women he is with that he wants to be exclusive. He is a liar, a disgusting PIG and should never be trusted! His current live in girlfriend Diem is in total denial and he is living with her in Surrey. Get tested, girl!! He emotionally fucks women and gets off on that. The last count was 19 girls at once. Disgusting! Many women have come forward to discussed this assholes behavior. Just google “Jonathan Fay Vancouver”, and many websites pop up!! This narcissistic pig needs to be called out on his shit. He works at the Richmond Sandman Hotel… Which explains the hundreds of white towels in his apartment. Loser. Nik, please school this fool and slap his pathetic ass back to reality.

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Dinwiddie Sloot

March 31, 2014 Richmond, Richmond-BC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slimey fugly freetard is Magon Dear(Thats right here first name is really almost maggot.)This white trash troff feeder has 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies offers the bouncers at local bars to suck their greg if they let her in for free.Cheated on her ex husband like it was her job.Which is apparently they only way she would be able to keep one.Heard she was fired from her last job when she got caught sucking greg at work.And theres supposedly at least 2 different videos of her on the web of her being a pearlcatcher for the guy she got caught on the job with and another of her getting spitroasted like the pig she is

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