Richmond-BC | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Falyn Caddy

March 6, 2014 Richmond-BC 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: shes gotten beaten kidnapped and even raped by her boyfriend countless times yet shes still with him she will rat out any drug line to the police she is even having sex with an officer in the mission RCMP and i know that firsthand because the officer is a close friend of mine, shes the biggest rat in mission all you Dboys better watch who youre talking too. her mom has dr and is a crackhead prostitute from the looks of it shes on the same path, she hangs out with junkie whores like her sister mackenziecaddy cecehickson carissaselby paigemullin and all those nasty whorez who have all been posted up her too. shes fucked countless losers like dustin henry ryan harris jayson albert john trowel darcy the her*in junkie michael johnson even sheldon lowney and erick hernandes, who knows who else. her and her little sister whos fourteen have threesomes and theyre videos… great example isnt she? nik put this ratchet rabbit tooth bitch on blast

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Pook Mongrel

December 30, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik! you may recognize this guy! someone recently posted him on the dirty, and I have more to add. I saw people trying to defend him and it disgusted me. LOOK AT HIM!! hes a bloody mess. everything said in the other post is true beyond belief! He uses people till they have nothing left. He even made up a huge story saying he went to jail for 3 months. he NEVER went to jail! who lies about that shit?!?! he wouldn’t have made it in jail anyways because if any of the inmates found out he was in there for choking a tiny girl, he would be DONE. he was in a HOLDING CELL for 4 days. WAH WAH WAH. cry me a river… build me a bridge.. and get your sick disgusting dirty smelly shit stain ass over it drew. anywho. I felt the need to add on to what the other person posted, meant to do it a long time ago, but had not had the time till now. he deserves to be on the very top of the dirty anyways… and he even knows it.

Guys who have trouble getting laid, that’s who.- nik

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Fetnol Junkie

December 23, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik wanna know how selfish this bitch is? she goes by the name jessica demyen and is the biggest whore when she claims to be dannys wife and shit when she bangs other guys while pregnant with another drug dealers kid on the way that she is giving up for adoption because she has been smoking fetnol and her ion through the whole pregnancy and now this poor baby is going to be put up for adoption and same time gonna have to cope with out its mother and going through the withdrawals of a fetnol user. if that thought alone does not make you sick to your stomach then your happy with supporting her as a mother. she beats the kid she already has and calls the 5 year old names like (Lisen here you little goof) and says things to him like fck off and does not know how to speak to a child. every guy she has dated she has lied, cheated, and stole from them. not to mention her trying to keep it hush hush about the 5 months she escorted for before becoming pregnant. she has no life skills or self morals and puts her kids home life at risk since she is a user of fentnol at home with the kid there and has already lost him twice and now she still has not shown that she cares enough to keep him as her child and would prefer to risk him going up for adoption with the new baby on the way cause thats what is gonna happen. and to support her habit if she is not using her danny she is escorting or doing online internet porn. so here is a warning to all ppl that live in kelowna that if you don’t want anything of yours going missing including your man then stay far away.

Her eyebrows look very permy (with an ‘S’).- nik

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Chris Bakgaard

December 18, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik This guy is name Chris Bakgaard he is on POF his name is backy7777. This guy likes to date girls fall inlove with them immediately talk about getting married having a big house and taking them ring shopping. He will act innocent and make you feel like your not good enough for him. Later he will start to be control, mind manipulate and mentally and physically abusive you. One min hell be the nicest guy, the next he will be threatening you your family friends or even animals. If you ever see this guy with an animal please report him because he will be abusing the animal punching and throwing it across the room. Please girls do not date this guy I am warning you he will also stalk you after you break up with him. Stay away if you can

Holding up the machines for selfies should lead to suspensions.- nik

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Jaynelle Larah Harasses Canadians

December 17, 2013 Richmond-BC 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this insanely abusive native chick (and her little gang of pigs) thinks her race gives her the right to go around the Internet abusing white people, degrading them sexually. She’s the biggest racist in Canada, whos stalking and harassment of another woman, has amounted to a sexual obsession with her. This person is FAS, with a mother who helps her abuse people online, and who has the most DISEASED mind. The sickest verbal/sexual abuse…this person is clearly a victim of sexual abuse herself. No one talks the filthy ways she and her gang talks, unless they have been perverted as children.

More like Naynelle…- nik

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Drew Moxin

October 3, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is the scummiest most nasty piece of trash on planet earth, Drew Moxin aka cow fcker. The nickname came from one night where he literally jumped over a fence to try and fck a cow. Yes.. disturbing. Hes a raging alcoholic, and a c*kehead, who also occasionally smokes cr*ck. I had a friend who used to live with him, who said that it was funny to hang out with him because he would fck ANYTHING if someone told him to. He has knocked up multiple girls, and given stds to a lot of girls also. He cant ever keep a good girl because he cant keep his cock in his pants, not to mention he is bipolar and wont take meds to keep himself normal. He sells drugs just to keep his own drug habit going. He thinks he is crazy and big time just because of who he works for, not true at all they wouldn’t have your back for nothin. He is legit TOO STUPID to get a real job, couldn’t even get his grade 12. His teeth are all rotting out of his mouth (which is why he doesn’t smile in his pictures, and hes got a flabby white gut to go along with his gnarly face. He thinks hes got swag but he dressed like a goof right out of clown school. hes a user and abuser. He of anyone is most deserving to be put on the dirty, and im quite confused as to how he isn’t on here yet! along with his sister.

No Master pieces come in the form of a stick-on.- nik

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Fakes Pregnancies

September 26, 2013 Richmond-BC, Toronto 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl has faked at least 10 pregnancies with different guys, has faked having cervical cancer to get attention … claims shes some kind of “bad bitch” but lives in her slut mothers 2 bedroom house and pays rent with her welfare cheques! uses her girl friends money who actually HAVE kids to get drunk at the bars every night…. she thinks she is the hottest shit because everyone in the dirty ol Oshawa knows who she is .. but they only know you because you fuck all the guys and the girls know you because its their boy friends shes fcking!!!! her fat hangs over her vagina aka GUNT stomach !! she beats on her little brother and sister…and takes pictures with them holding up gun signs and shit……HORRIBLE PERSON! over all shes just just a ratchet ass wanna be red head with  galore. would you hit it?

See-thru was a mistake.- nik

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IHOP Manager Pervert

August 26, 2013 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 184

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is the sleeziest pig I’ve ever come across and he needs to be put on blast. This guy Ernest (omg right?) Litwinski runs the Richmond IHOP near Vancouver BC and hits on everything that has a pulse. He uses his manager status (his daddy owns the franchise location) to try and fck and coerce the girls to have sex… the sad part is he is successful. I know four girls personally that have dreaded sucking this douche bags sack. Not going to comment on them but I turned him down and he screamed and threw shit at me. He’s an abusive asshole and the part I’m most shocked about is that somehow his wife (picture sent) doesn’t seem to know. Married (check out the ring) WITH 2 KIDS (edited out b/c they are kids). This is as skeezy as it gets…. (I hope).

I could go for some pancakes…- nik

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