Drew Moxin

October 3, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is the scummiest most nasty piece of trash on planet earth, Drew Moxin aka cow fcker. The nickname came from one night where he literally jumped over a fence to try and fck a cow. Yes.. disturbing. Hes a raging alcoholic, and a c*kehead, who also occasionally smokes cr*ck. I had a friend who used to live with him, who said that it was funny to hang out with him because he would fck ANYTHING if someone told him to. He has knocked up multiple girls, and given stds to a lot of girls also. He cant ever keep a good girl because he cant keep his cock in his pants, not to mention he is bipolar and wont take meds to keep himself normal. He sells drugs just to keep his own drug habit going. He thinks he is crazy and big time just because of who he works for, not true at all they wouldn’t have your back for nothin. He is legit TOO STUPID to get a real job, couldn’t even get his grade 12. His teeth are all rotting out of his mouth (which is why he doesn’t smile in his pictures, and hes got a flabby white gut to go along with his gnarly face. He thinks hes got swag but he dressed like a goof right out of clown school. hes a user and abuser. He of anyone is most deserving to be put on the dirty, and im quite confused as to how he isn’t on here yet! along with his sister.

No Master pieces come in the form of a stick-on.- nik

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Fakes Pregnancies

September 26, 2013 Richmond-BC, Toronto 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl has faked at least 10 pregnancies with different guys, has faked having cervical cancer to get attention … claims shes some kind of “bad bitch” but lives in her slut mothers 2 bedroom house and pays rent with her welfare cheques! uses her girl friends money who actually HAVE kids to get drunk at the bars every night…. she thinks she is the hottest shit because everyone in the dirty ol Oshawa knows who she is .. but they only know you because you fuck all the guys and the girls know you because its their boy friends shes fcking!!!! her fat hangs over her vagina aka GUNT stomach !! she beats on her little brother and sister…and takes pictures with them holding up gun signs and shit……HORRIBLE PERSON! over all shes just just a ratchet ass wanna be red head with  galore. would you hit it?

See-thru was a mistake.- nik

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IHOP Manager Pervert

August 26, 2013 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 181

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is the sleeziest pig I’ve ever come across and he needs to be put on blast. This guy Ernest (omg right?) Litwinski runs the Richmond IHOP near Vancouver BC and hits on everything that has a pulse. He uses his manager status (his daddy owns the franchise location) to try and fck and coerce the girls to have sex… the sad part is he is successful. I know four girls personally that have dreaded sucking this douche bags sack. Not going to comment on them but I turned him down and he screamed and threw shit at me. He’s an abusive asshole and the part I’m most shocked about is that somehow his wife (picture sent) doesn’t seem to know. Married (check out the ring) WITH 2 KIDS (edited out b/c they are kids). This is as skeezy as it gets…. (I hope).

I could go for some pancakes…- nik

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Stop The Liar

May 29, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC 333

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow, the campaign to shine the light on our own local liar, Denise J. Schulte of Alexandria and Clifton, VA. Recently hired by an Accounting Firm, she has yet to own up to the damages she has caused by her ongoing deceit. The “Stop the Liar” Campaign started just over a month ago and we have over 1600 individuals joining in our cause to hold Ms Schulte and others, accountable for their actions.If you see this woman, make her aware, that you know, she is a liar and needs to make things right with those she has hurt. Watch out for Denise J. Schulte.

May I ask why you’re levitating your leg in the air?- nik

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Slora Hala

May 28, 2013 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this sloot right here hails from Richmond BC. She seems to be all innocent from the outside n all but the pictures prove otherwise.shes one horny paki ……….. check it out she has over a 100 pics n a video …………….. it is about time a hardcore muslim wanna b becomes a pornstar

Shave!- nik

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Would You With This Raven

April 26, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC, Would You? 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat ass thinks she runs Richmond. Dude, I know why you only stop in Richmond once every couple of years. We have chicks like this who are considered hot. In every other picture on her Facebook she’s doing the retarded looking duck face. I know I’m wasting my time asking you, but would you? By the way bad ass book

Answer: No, she has no knees and he shorts appear to be stuck on.

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The Mystical Gertz

April 16, 2013 Richmond-BC 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shrouded in pure darkness is an exiled barbarian warlord they call Brandyn Gertz. Feared in many Okanagan kingdoms, this savage warrior resides in the Rutland fortress of the Kelowna kingdom. His path of destruction has devastated many neighbouring kingdoms. He spares no mortal men and rapes their beloved elven wives and daughters. He takes a beautiful innocent woman from every village that he burns to the ground as a sex slave trophy. He is no stranger to the ale and even goes to battle piss drunk as a dirty orc. He is such a powerful leader that he charges all of the businesses in his homeland a protection tax. Undefeated in battle he is a slayer of vikings, spartans, orcs, frost-trolls, pterydactals, wizards, leprechauns, ogres, and even minotaurs. Some even say that his power comes from the mythical Ogopogo’s blood which he drank after he raped and slayed it, and raped it’s corpse. If you stumble upon this barbarion, run or feel the cold steel of his battle-axe.

Black n milds, the poor mans weapon.- nik

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Married Lying Greasy Douchebag

March 8, 2013 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik his name Is Jeff Heaslip. He goes onto dating sites or Facebook claiming to be separated from his wife when hes not. Jeff pretends to be looking for someone to start a new life with and promises women the world but NEVER delivers just one heartbreaking lie and excuse after another. He has a good job but is a broke cheap ass fck that even borrows money off the women hes cheating with. Gets them to bend over backwards for him always using a new line even going as far as giving rings renting houses and spending Christmas together to show hes trustworthy and honest.The guy even lied about his grama for fck sakes to cover up his bullshit how low can you get. The kicker is he’s an ugly little asshole with really nothing to offer anyone but his ugly bitter wife. Regardless Jeff thinks hes such a big tough man and something special for sure(you should see his truck clearly overcompensating for something )He convinces women to change there life so they can be together and them leaves them high and dry at the first sign his wife catching on and getting involved. Jeff even uses children and family to suck you in further into his make believe fantasy land. Jeff swears up and down he hates his wife can t stand her and there done so that you ll stick around just a little bit longer cause according to him your the women of his dreams. Jeff has two little girls at home and a wife that knows hes a cheater. How dirty is that. She takes it so she can sit on her fat ass and have him pay for everything. A seriously nasty women who has no respect for herself or others her name is Jen. Thats prob why he chooses the sweetest most trusting pretty women for his victims cause he wants someone nothing like her. SO BEWARE THIS IS ONE GREESY LYING HURTFUL UGLY LITTLE RIG PIG OF A MAN. If you can even call him a man.

Noone seems to care for their children these days.  Bunch of cable box kids.- nik

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