Jamar’s A Creep

October 15, 2012 Richmond, Richmond-BC, Vancouver 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik In case you don’t know, this piece of shit’s name is Jamar Dunham a.k.a ‘Jay’. I probably don’t even need to explain why I am blasting this fool, just look at his pictures! He is one of the grimiest people I have ever met in my life! He spends 99.9% of his time mooching off of everyone he knows to maintain his drunk. He can be found at any trashy bar in Chesterfield, ‘club’ in Richmond, or house party filled with girls between the ages of 13 and 19. He has several ‘main girlfriends’ that support his drinking habit since he has never had a job for more than a week (probably because they receive his criminal background check). If he cannot get one of his pathetic girlfriends to buy him alcohol, he steals from his friends, family, and even strangers that he manipulates when he goes out. The saddest part about this douche bag is that he has an infant daughter who he rarely ever sees (unless he’s begged), supports financially, or takes care of. The only time he has thought about his daughter is when he was getting her name tattooed on his ugly ass face! Jamar’s daily routine consists of him getting obnoxiously drunk and going around trying to find someone to ‘rap battle’ him. He thinks he can ‘flow’, but the only reason people are laughing at what he says, is because it is garbage! He’s such an ugly piece of shit, and the only way he can ever get laid is by taking advantage of drunk-underage girls (and boys, he doesn’t discriminate). I am truly surprised he is not already on the Dirty. I feel it is my duty as a citizen to warn all girls and guys in Richmond of this drd-infested bum that is constantly lurking the streets looking for any orifice to shove his blistered dick into.

I love how he’s trying to ‘floss’ with an empty bottle of crown…- nik

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Taking It To A New Level In Richmond

October 10, 2012 Richmond, Richmond-BC 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik About a year ago this girl left her boyfriend for one of his best friends. She has hooked up with over 20 guys. Most times she hooks up before knowing there names! She lives in Richmond she uses guys to get things, purses phones etc Not to mention her boyfriend is the fugliest kid there is he smokes crck is on house arrest. You just say her name in Richmond and you get the word slut as her definition. How she isn’t on here is remarkable. She’s the worst cause she has the nerve to Call all the other girls sluts! Which makes it the funniest. She hooked up with her sisters ex for Christ sakes She doesn’t leave one guy till another is on the other line. She had sex with 2 guys in one night before. And she is the biggest liar there is. The type that even though you have her red handed will try to act like your crazy! She deserves to be a permanent member of this website.

This post is gunna weigh down her photoshop finger (if ya know what I mean).- nik

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Disgusting Richmond Slore

March 22, 2012 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 26

Disgusting Richmond WHORE

Disgusting Richmond WHORE

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this chick. Do you even think she’s a chick? This dirt who*e Aisha Burns used to go out with a guy who has every DRD you can think of. And of course, when she turned 19 she decided to be in an open relationship with him, because why have one when you can have many so she can spread his nastiness around? Aisha is a f*cking wh*re who will kiss anybody and she has already been beat up many a times for her promiscuous whore like behaviour. Richmond/Vancouver people, BEWARE OF THIS WH*RE! Please, check out the picture and then stay away!

She?? I think you’re mistaken.- nik

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Jessica Johnston, Biggest Sloot In Richmond

February 14, 2012 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 10

Jessica Johnston, biggest slut in Richmond

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jessica Johnston, she lives in Vancouver British Columbia, anyways don’t waste your time with this lying and manipulative girl. Before hooking up she told me “I had an drd test after I had the one night stand with that Biker I met at the flying beaver..” “My test came back clean… But it will still be two months before my A** test and sy**ilis test come back.” I love how Jessica will claim to be clean when half her drd tests haven’t even come back. This girl is a notorious liar and two faced, guys stay FAR AWAY.

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Ashley Thinks She Is So Classy

December 16, 2011 Richmond-BC, The Dirty, Vancouver 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Ashely Przywolski a VanDirty Sloot that just loves the Greg all day and all night. Ok Nik I met this girl sometime ago at a club in Vancouver and she told me how good and “nice” she is (she uses that word alot) and how she doensn’t date more then one guy at a time. Anyways well did I have a friend that picked her up a few nights after me, and showed me her picture. I found out after asking a few buddies that she is one BIG sloot in Vandirty and she clubs out a lot and has the same stoopid job at Metrotown, selling perfumes and sh*t. Her best friend Suman in the pic above (Brown sloot) picked up my buddy two times, and doesn’t even remember sleeping with him. What kinda wh*res do I come by, but this one is not to forget. Careful Vancouver, this sl*t probably has something so beware of her sick headed mind.

Reading this makes me depressed. I wanted her to be special. She is 10 pounds and two procedures away from greatness.- nik

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Help Save Little Harley From His Mother

August 9, 2011 Richmond-BC, The Dirty 148

Help Save Little Harley

Help Save Little Harley

Help Save Little Harley

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this AGAIN, is Carly Pollen.  She is from Richmond, BC. She was posted before regarding pictures that were similar to these. She is a 25 year old girl who has been on welfare for 5 years. She has a 5 year old son whom she uses to collect free money from the government to drink and smoke (even in the same room as him). She has never had a job before or worked a day in her life. Her 5 year old son believes that you don’t have to work to live and calls the “guy who sits outside the liquor store” his friend. This has got to stop. Help this poor boy.

Hopefully the same government officials in Canada that waste their time trying to figure out ways to shut me down can help this child.- nik

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Richmond BC Scammer Alert

May 18, 2011 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 58

Richmond BC Scammer Alert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this disgusting Phillipino scumbag named LANCE HAROLD SY is ripping people off all across Richmond BC and Vancouver selling counterfeit Beats By Dre headphones on Craigslist. As if that isn’t enough, get this: A decent, hard-working guy I know went all the way out to the ends of Richmond to buy a pair, having been convinced they were real by Lance Sy (he said he’d verified the serial on the website and “guaranteed” they weren’t fakes). He got there, saw they were fake, and called out Lance on it. Scammer Lance starts giggling and asking my friend how he knew. My friend stomps the fake headphones to pieces so Lance Sy can’t rip anyone off. Lance calls the cops, and my friend is arrested and charged with mischief and is stuck with $10k lawyer fee. Nik seriously, WTF is wrong with people? You got busted scammer, you don’t go crying to the cops when you caught being a scamming scumbag. Put this Pino greaseball on blast Nik so nobody else falls prey to his little scam operation. Or ends up in jail unjustly like my bud did.

Someone smells fishy, not just him.- nik

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Shes A Mom But Still A Sloot

April 20, 2011 Richmond-BC 5

Horrible mom and complete slut.

Horrible mom and complete slut.

Horrible mom and complete slut.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl is pure trash and is probably one of the worst mothers I’ve ever met. She fcks anything that moves, guys or girls, single or not. She will fck your boyfriend and do a line of blow with you the next night (ya, you know she did this to you.) Don’t ask me why, but this bitch thinks she’s hot! She’s an ugly little midget and she pawns her kid off on other people to go do ecstasy all night with her pathetic “DJ” friends. She uploaded this picture to her facebook of her kid. She actually drew on him with permanent marker! Can someone please rip her a new one and take her kid away?

You can tell its a frightening sight below that tattoo.- nik

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