Whoredan Siebert

June 16, 2014 Richmond 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slore is Mary Jordan Siebert, of Richmond VA. I like to call her Whoredan. She’s married, but spends her time shacking up with he*oin junkies (pictured). Someone should tell her hubby to get tested ASAP.

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Payphone Mike

May 5, 2014 Richmond 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is a special one for the dirty army. Here is one that goes by the name Payphone Mike. Here is a guy that has tried to be a half assed club promoter, club kid, and druggie. He has been homeless in Richmond for a while now. Still he goes to parties and lives it up. He has been out of work for some time and seems to go nowhere with his life. From what I hear he has taken up d.j.ing playing hardstyle and is apparently pretty aweful at it. He put his ex girlfriend on here and talked a bunch of shit about her when he is no angel himself. He is the one that had a bad meth addiction and addicted to all types of other drugs. He wears the same clothes all the time and can’t afford to buy more. He is a low dirty person.

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Teen Arrested With Loaded Gun In Vagina

April 29, 2014 Richmond, The Dirty 179


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a little weird. Cops say a Tennessee teen who got arrested for driving with a suspended license last week had an “unknown object” lodged in her crotch, when a female corrections officer at the jail performed a search she found a loaded, five-shot, four-inch .22 caliber mini-revolver concealed in Archer’s vagina. It turns out that the gun was stolen last year.  Now how does such a young girl fit a gun into her self?

She must be into black guys.- nik

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Clean Up Crew Is In Effect – Mike Dickinson

April 12, 2014 Las Vegas, Richmond, The Dirty 22

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, looking 2 flame the undistinguished gentlemen Mr. Mike Dickinson (D-Va) on the the grounds that he is a morally corrupt and delusional pimp, tax evader, and purveyor of all things illicit and dark. His campaign platform is based upon the promise of illegal assaults and attacks upon law abiding citizens who do not conform to his personal ideology. Congressional District 7 of the great state of Virginia and the United States of America can no longer withstand these attacks from within.  This man is associated as either an owner, manager, or both, of a group of strip clubs known as Mid-Atlantic Show Clubs.  Ladies and/or Gentlemen with any pertinent information in regards to @VoteMike2014 aka Mike Dickinson are strongly advised to report directly to Nik Richie IMMEDIATELY.  It would be my honor and pleasure to see Nik let the juice loose on this cretan. GOD bless America and each and every one of YOU!

He does have Strip Club owner type hair.- nik

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Richmonds Finest Nadini

April 9, 2014 Richmond 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nandini aka Viysnim is the biggest whore u can ever meet…this 45 yr ild acts like shes 19 with all her other whore bag friends like Angalene Prasad and Sandyha Naicker…this cunt married her first cousin had 4 kids then left his ass to fck around with every guy on the planet…word around the street is she also screwed her husbands brother Vinny who is also her first cousin. You can find these skanks at any dinner and dance in Surrey ir blowing her child tax Downtown. THIS bitch needs to calm down and be a mother. She was also friends with the well known prostitute Dorothy Pillay so I wouldn’t be surprised if thats how all these skanks make their dough…lol….put these whores on blast..she fcken lost 5lbs and thinks shes a supermodel…goooo back too Fiji…u and ur whole fobbed out crew

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Call This Girl Out

April 8, 2014 Richmond 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: She did not meet This man!

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Dinwiddie Sloot

March 31, 2014 Richmond, Richmond-BC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slimey fugly freetard is Magon Dear(Thats right here first name is really almost maggot.)This white trash troff feeder has 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies offers the bouncers at local bars to suck their greg if they let her in for free.Cheated on her ex husband like it was her job.Which is apparently they only way she would be able to keep one.Heard she was fired from her last job when she got caught sucking greg at work.And theres supposedly at least 2 different videos of her on the web of her being a pearlcatcher for the guy she got caught on the job with and another of her getting spitroasted like the pig she is

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Back Off

March 28, 2014 Richmond 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: All y’all mf don’t know shit about me…..y’all say I got a*ds so I guess u know me better then I do….I have let this shit go on for 2 long……all these yrs I said well I know I don’t have it so fck it..but these last couples of yrs mf still hating on me so I went n got tested 2 weeks ago so here it is mfs…..I’m mf clean so if u believe a fckin rumor how about believe wat johnston health dpptment says…..so that show how fckin stupid y’all mf r…..n y’all leave my mf kids out. Of this….if I got 10 kids or a fckin 1000 they r mines….if I wanna make 50 more I can……the rumors have put a damper on my life y’all mf don’t even know……I have came a long way from where I use to be n far as for the bitches on here talkin shit if I fcked u n left u alone that means u wasn’t about shit so don’t hate me hate the game….now anything else a mf got something to say on here feel free to call me don’t post shit….

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