Richmond | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Richmonds Finest Nadini

April 9, 2014 Richmond 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nandini aka Viysnim is the biggest whore u can ever meet…this 45 yr ild acts like shes 19 with all her other whore bag friends like Angalene Prasad and Sandyha Naicker…this cunt married her first cousin had 4 kids then left his ass to fck around with every guy on the planet…word around the street is she also screwed her husbands brother Vinny who is also her first cousin. You can find these skanks at any dinner and dance in Surrey ir blowing her child tax Downtown. THIS bitch needs to calm down and be a mother. She was also friends with the well known prostitute Dorothy Pillay so I wouldn’t be surprised if thats how all these skanks make their dough…lol….put these whores on blast..she fcken lost 5lbs and thinks shes a supermodel…goooo back too Fiji…u and ur whole fobbed out crew

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Call This Girl Out

April 8, 2014 Richmond 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: She did not meet This man!

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Dinwiddie Sloot

March 31, 2014 Richmond, Richmond-BC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slimey fugly freetard is Magon Dear(Thats right here first name is really almost maggot.)This white trash troff feeder has 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies offers the bouncers at local bars to suck their greg if they let her in for free.Cheated on her ex husband like it was her job.Which is apparently they only way she would be able to keep one.Heard she was fired from her last job when she got caught sucking greg at work.And theres supposedly at least 2 different videos of her on the web of her being a pearlcatcher for the guy she got caught on the job with and another of her getting spitroasted like the pig she is

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Back Off

March 28, 2014 Richmond 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: All y’all mf don’t know shit about me…..y’all say I got a*ds so I guess u know me better then I do….I have let this shit go on for 2 long……all these yrs I said well I know I don’t have it so fck it..but these last couples of yrs mf still hating on me so I went n got tested 2 weeks ago so here it is mfs…..I’m mf clean so if u believe a fckin rumor how about believe wat johnston health dpptment says… that show how fckin stupid y’all mf r…..n y’all leave my mf kids out. Of this….if I got 10 kids or a fckin 1000 they r mines….if I wanna make 50 more I can……the rumors have put a damper on my life y’all mf don’t even know……I have came a long way from where I use to be n far as for the bitches on here talkin shit if I fcked u n left u alone that means u wasn’t about shit so don’t hate me hate the game….now anything else a mf got something to say on here feel free to call me don’t post shit….

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Sticky Fingered Isabelle

March 21, 2014 BYU, Richmond 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch Isabelle went stealing my best friends stepmom’s makeup. She stole $150 worth of Este Lauder, Tarte, and Kat Von Dee face makeup and boy does her stepmom want it back. Her stepmom has already called the police and got her house searched, but word on the street says that Isabelle sold it for money to buy drugs. What the fuck is wrong with her, then she goes sucking some old ass guys dick for more drug money, talk about an addict. If i were anyone in richmond, i would stay the fuck away from this bitch. She is ugly as fuck and needs filters to hide her ugliness. And her forehead is fucking huge, no surgery can fix that shit.

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Would You

March 5, 2014 Richmond 10

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THE DIRTY ARMY: A slut named sharika stokes from Farmville Va.She sleeps with any and everyone in our area.

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Pink Panty Man

February 11, 2014 Richmond, Washington 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: So, I was on the internet and I found these photos of a guy named Bryan Jepsen and he happens to be the “pink pantie man.” I also saw that he uses women to get what he wants, but it looks like he’s just your average, yet regular Joe who likes to post up pics in his little sister’s pink panties.

You’d think he’d at least be able to fill them out…no homo.- nik

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Dirty Sharma

February 5, 2014 Richmond 169

THE DIRTY ARMY: DIRTY Alisha Sharma – a dirty dark bitch who spoiled my life.she was my gf for almost couple years nd She was pregnant but this whore never want that and abort my child just coz she dont want to spoil her fluffy dark ugly body that she expose every where she think she is a model but its all makeup, shes dark as shit. she’s dark cunt flasher who brightens nd lightens picture of hers cuz she know she nasty. Her actual pics without editing are on FB on MissWorldcanada. Unsure how she got on the pageant…oh wait, maybe she sucked dicked or allowed her pussy to get fucked! She got multiple drd’s she spread it to everyone she slept with. Hopefully she has infested each guy with all her drds…who fucked her.Put this gal on blast she’s nasty.

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