Catfish Sloot

August 21, 2013 Richmond, Seattle 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is so called “Ally Alexander” When i say “so called” i mean she makes fake profiles…another one as well under the name “kate maclemera” How do i know this? well so do about 20 other people who have never met her, either girl (their the same girl) They play with guys heads call them date them and send them gifts through the mail. This person clearly has no life and has personally called me for over a year now everyday for hours on end. Don’t know why i stand for this and why i keep putting up with it. She is a manipulator and a con artist…she has threatened to ruin my life…already has…lost my job, my friends. MY Mind…. She has an app that changes her number everytime so you can never tell if its her calling. She is OBSESSED with getting into peoples heads and “dating” at least 12 guys at once. She makes up stories that her family is all dead and everytime she says she is going to fly to come see me something always comes up.Someones got daddy issues and im not about to be her daddy! Even if this was her, she’s not even that cute….well i know for sure its not her, its some 400 pound fat chick!!! damnit!!! put this bitch on blast so she doesn’t waste anymore guys time!!!

You’re probably talking to a dude…just saying.- nik

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Lisa Gockel/Nasty School Teacher

July 15, 2013 Marine Corps, Richmond 123

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lisa Gockel,is a dirty staulker, that seeks out married men for personal gain. She did this to my husband, sending nude pictures of herself along with perverted texts. My husband fell for her bag of tricks, actually meeting up with her for sex. After she charms victims, her schemes begin, she begs money claims she can’t make it off her teachers salary. These pathetic men end up emptying their wallets,then she moves on to her next victim. She tries to get the fathers of her students to meet with her without the mothers, so she can continue her scheming.Watch out for this one, she has no business being around children.

Ah oh, looks like I’m gunna lose another half mil.- nik

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The Tanned Trio

June 23, 2013 Cougars, Richmond 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I really need your help here. This is Heather Dowbiggin. You may find that name familiar. Megan Dowbiggin(the oldest daughter) is on TheDirty already. Twice. This nasty cougar just livess off her ex husbands money and does absolutely nothing. I feel bad for her next victim. Everyone is tired of their dramatic bullsh*t, leathery tanned looks, dead bleach blonde hair and whining and complaining to get everything they want. Heather hasn’t worked a day in her life. I believe she worked at one time but quit the day she started because shes lazy as hell. Her youngest daughter Robyn is no better than the other two. In fact they are 3 similar crappy dollar store barbies. Everyone hates them, they only pretend to like them because we all feel bad about them. Oh yeah and the moment you get on their bad sides they have to call the cops asap because they cant have normal drama. Every time I hear the name Dowbiggin I want to puke. I hope they read this and get a reality check, and a mirror.

Richmond is so white trash.- nik

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Koch Awareness

June 6, 2013 Richmond 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch does not deserve to wear the uniform! Her name is Tiffany Koch, a supposed officer in our nation’s great Army, and looks like she just moved to RICHMOND. So Richmond – watch out – you have a real special kind of whore on your hands. This girl took my friend’s fiance under her “helpful wing” when he was down and depressed during his year long deployment…and boy did she really “help him out”. Screwed his brains out in a back alley behind his work to make him feel better about being away from home. Word on the street is that she’s actually quite familiar with preying on married and otherwise taken men in uniform during their deployments. Shame on these men (and don’t you worry Nik, I’ll be sending in a special kind of warning on those cheating rat bastards), but how dare a fellow woman, with NO class at all disgrace the REAL women at home holding down their households, taking care of their families, and waiting patiently and FAITHFULLY for their men in service to return. That Nik, is a nasty kind of whore who in my opinion, aside from her huge tits, doesn’t have much to offer and can only get her kicks by rocking desperate men while away. Watch out women of Richmond, this bitch is out to destroy your lives!

If you insist on flashing your cleavage at least invest in the proper support so they don’t flap in the wind.- nik

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Stop The Liar

May 29, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC 359

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow, the campaign to shine the light on our own local liar, Denise J. Schulte of Alexandria and Clifton, VA. Recently hired by an Accounting Firm, she has yet to own up to the damages she has caused by her ongoing deceit. The “Stop the Liar” Campaign started just over a month ago and we have over 1600 individuals joining in our cause to hold Ms Schulte and others, accountable for their actions.If you see this woman, make her aware, that you know, she is a liar and needs to make things right with those she has hurt. Watch out for Denise J. Schulte.

May I ask why you’re levitating your leg in the air?- nik

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Remember Night Rider

May 19, 2013 Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I  think you remember this girl Kara Rochester aka Night Rider.  She has been doing really well in the modeling world but I don’t know if its me but I feel like she is not aging well.   I don’t like her body too much but I’ve always thought she has the most beautiful face. I’m really interested in what you have to say about her aging.

She needs +2′s BAD! And that North Star mole needs removal asap.- nik

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Would You With This Raven

April 26, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC, Would You? 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat ass thinks she runs Richmond. Dude, I know why you only stop in Richmond once every couple of years. We have chicks like this who are considered hot. In every other picture on her Facebook she’s doing the retarded looking duck face. I know I’m wasting my time asking you, but would you? By the way bad ass book

Answer: No, she has no knees and he shorts appear to be stuck on.

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Chris Brown’s Side Girl

March 20, 2013 Richmond, The Dirty 125


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was at Hat Factory over the Winter. Chris Brown was pouring patron on people and the dude could barely walk. The girls name is Megan, but the girl that is cut out of the picture is his local f*ck. This was college night with a bunch of 18 year olds. Also, there is an investigation going on with him about the police covering up his community service. Basically, when he was supposed to be doing his service, he was out of the country, but the time sheets say that he was there. They are investigating because the days he was doing service, they had itineraries of him flying. But, Wednesday was college night and he would always make appearances.

Why would any girl in Richmond, VA want to get close to this guy knowing he was in town doing community service for beating up a woman. Everyone knows Chris Brown is mentally unstable… I’m surprised his local VA f*ck is still alive.- nik

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