Richmond | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Bout To Get This Abortion Done Doe

December 9, 2013 Richmond, The Dirty 585

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, thanks to social media this is the world we live in… absolutely pathetic.

That chick shouldn’t be a mother anyway.- nik

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Betty Dumpster

November 11, 2013 Richmond 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chloe Schaffer, the true meaning of a cum dumpster. Boys of Richmond better watch out! She’ll party with you, sleep with you, and trap you with a child. She’s already had two kids and tried to do the same thing and when the boys want no part of it she just gives up the kid. This is a PSA for all tattooed, bearded men of Richmond. Stay away from this psycho. Just ask her ex, he had to sleep with a gun next to his bed for awhile. The girl is insane and in need of being exposed.

I know she’s going for that old school maid look but she’s anything but clean.- nik

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Crit Johnson

November 11, 2013 Maryland, Richmond 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cristie Johnson, cofd whore…45 never married, busy with online men fcking her in the ass and making her blow him after the act, Classy..flirty with my man, oh yes, they ended up getting, he has the gift that keeps on giving! Both of them can go suck it! They did not remain together, sneaky she is and will fck anyone unprotected..a few conversation on facebook and oh hey lets meet up..I have the house to myself…lets fck!! That asshole tried so hard to come back to thanks fckers eat shit! Hypocritical bitch preaches all this healthy crap as if she is “all” healthy and in remission from diseases that have no fucken cure! Looks like a cancer patient, under weight-boob job looks way out of place on a skeleton!!!!

Hair tricks are for people who don’t know how to photoshop.- nik

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Drew Moxin

October 3, 2013 Richmond, Richmond-BC 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is the scummiest most nasty piece of trash on planet earth, Drew Moxin aka cow fcker. The nickname came from one night where he literally jumped over a fence to try and fck a cow. Yes.. disturbing. Hes a raging alcoholic, and a c*kehead, who also occasionally smokes cr*ck. I had a friend who used to live with him, who said that it was funny to hang out with him because he would fck ANYTHING if someone told him to. He has knocked up multiple girls, and given stds to a lot of girls also. He cant ever keep a good girl because he cant keep his cock in his pants, not to mention he is bipolar and wont take meds to keep himself normal. He sells drugs just to keep his own drug habit going. He thinks he is crazy and big time just because of who he works for, not true at all they wouldn’t have your back for nothin. He is legit TOO STUPID to get a real job, couldn’t even get his grade 12. His teeth are all rotting out of his mouth (which is why he doesn’t smile in his pictures, and hes got a flabby white gut to go along with his gnarly face. He thinks hes got swag but he dressed like a goof right out of clown school. hes a user and abuser. He of anyone is most deserving to be put on the dirty, and im quite confused as to how he isn’t on here yet! along with his sister.

No Master pieces come in the form of a stick-on.- nik

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These Two Kids Are Lucky I Wasn’t The One They Tried To Rob

September 7, 2013 Richmond, The Dirty 30


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, two armed men looking to rob two unsuspecting victims were met with two black eyes.  Johnny Calderon Jr., 19, and Gerald Allen, 18, allegedly held two men at gunpoint in Charlottesville, Va. last Tuesday before the victims turned the tables on the men and badly beat them.  The two victims are reported to be doing just fine, but Calderon and Allen were badly injured. Allen’s right eye was swollen shut, and both men’s faces were badly cut and bruised. The victims detained both suspects until police arrived on the scene.  These two kids were lucky I was not the one they tried to rob, because I would have literally killed them, I would have stomp’d their heads in until I could see some brains coming out of it, and no not cause of race, but because of the harm they tried to bring upon my life. Lucky kids.

What was the point of bringing the guns?- nik

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The Greggiest Greg Of All Mr. Greg Hale

September 3, 2013 Richmond 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I think Lake Ridge Virginia’s Greg Hale owner and ceo of Sassports has been under the radar long enough. This 46 year old loser is sugar daddy to many popular facebook models like Jen Wilke, Khloe Terae, Ashley Alexis and Jessica Vaugn. He has to use his money and take these girls on “modeling” trips so he can get his rocks off. He likes to help out girls who are poor and offer them a chance at their dreams and says its all business until he gets them drunk and makes a move on them. What is shady is when he goes on these trips you never see him in the photos with the girls posted online. It is rare that one was posted of him and Jen Wilke which got taken down very quickly. Recently he took Jen to Cabo for her “portfolio” The girls always stay in the same suite with him. He is also taking Khloe to Jamaica soon for the Black Tape Project. This is the only way he can get laid. Poor guy coughing up all that money just to sleep with girls who sleep with everyone. Pretty gross. The girls are not dumb though. They are using him to get what they need then they kick him to the curb and for him its on to the next girl so its a win win for everyone. Anyways my question is. What do you think about this guys teeth?

Dudes a bargain hunter, 600-800 for a weekend is better then a couple hours of fun…- nik

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Catfish Sloot

August 21, 2013 Richmond, Seattle 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is so called “Ally Alexander” When i say “so called” i mean she makes fake profiles…another one as well under the name “kate maclemera” How do i know this? well so do about 20 other people who have never met her, either girl (their the same girl) They play with guys heads call them date them and send them gifts through the mail. This person clearly has no life and has personally called me for over a year now everyday for hours on end. Don’t know why i stand for this and why i keep putting up with it. She is a manipulator and a con artist…she has threatened to ruin my life…already has…lost my job, my friends. MY Mind…. She has an app that changes her number everytime so you can never tell if its her calling. She is OBSESSED with getting into peoples heads and “dating” at least 12 guys at once. She makes up stories that her family is all dead and everytime she says she is going to fly to come see me something always comes up.Someones got daddy issues and im not about to be her daddy! Even if this was her, she’s not even that cute….well i know for sure its not her, its some 400 pound fat chick!!! damnit!!! put this bitch on blast so she doesn’t waste anymore guys time!!!

You’re probably talking to a dude…just saying.- nik

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Lisa Gockel/Nasty School Teacher

July 15, 2013 Marine Corps, Richmond 124

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lisa Gockel,is a dirty staulker, that seeks out married men for personal gain. She did this to my husband, sending nude pictures of herself along with perverted texts. My husband fell for her bag of tricks, actually meeting up with her for sex. After she charms victims, her schemes begin, she begs money claims she can’t make it off her teachers salary. These pathetic men end up emptying their wallets,then she moves on to her next victim. She tries to get the fathers of her students to meet with her without the mothers, so she can continue her scheming.Watch out for this one, she has no business being around children.

Ah oh, looks like I’m gunna lose another half mil.- nik

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