The Mole With No Morals

November 7, 2012 Richmond, Richmond- CA, Richmond-BC, VCU 51 10,034 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Melina Keranovic is the dirtiest, most ratched skank whore youll ever meet. Bitch jumps on eveything with a kurac (dick). Shes got no morals, and then trys to act like shes your friend. No bitch, no one likes you. She sucks more then a fcking hover. Avoid at all costs, this drd infested shit rag.

Remove the wig and she’d look identical to that dude in Lord of The Rings, the ranger dude.- nik

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Fat Skeezer Vanessa

October 25, 2012 Richmond, Virginia Tech 0 6,861 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is a whore named Vanessa Cashmere Newman (facebook name) we use to be bestfriends UNTIL she backstabbed me. She faked like she was pregnant not once but TWICE she made a fake sonogram and she said she got an abortion both times then admitted to me it was a lie! Our friend died and while he was in the casket she was saying how she wish could have fucked him one last time and how sexy he looked in a casket and she wishes she could have cut his dick off and saved it. Sick right? She has herpes and she lost her virginity to her cousin and fcked TWO more of her cousins. She’s fully black but claims shes mixed. She’s a crazy bitch ADD her on fb and talk sooo much shit!!

I guess when you don’t know how to photoshop rubbing your mirror in water is the next best thing.- nik

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Jamar’s A Creep

October 15, 2012 Richmond, Richmond-BC, Vancouver 47 5,237 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik In case you don’t know, this piece of shit’s name is Jamar Dunham a.k.a ‘Jay’. I probably don’t even need to explain why I am blasting this fool, just look at his pictures! He is one of the grimiest people I have ever met in my life! He spends 99.9% of his time mooching off of everyone he knows to maintain his drunk. He can be found at any trashy bar in Chesterfield, ‘club’ in Richmond, or house party filled with girls between the ages of 13 and 19. He has several ‘main girlfriends’ that support his drinking habit since he has never had a job for more than a week (probably because they receive his criminal background check). If he cannot get one of his pathetic girlfriends to buy him alcohol, he steals from his friends, family, and even strangers that he manipulates when he goes out. The saddest part about this douche bag is that he has an infant daughter who he rarely ever sees (unless he’s begged), supports financially, or takes care of. The only time he has thought about his daughter is when he was getting her name tattooed on his ugly ass face! Jamar’s daily routine consists of him getting obnoxiously drunk and going around trying to find someone to ‘rap battle’ him. He thinks he can ‘flow’, but the only reason people are laughing at what he says, is because it is garbage! He’s such an ugly piece of shit, and the only way he can ever get laid is by taking advantage of drunk-underage girls (and boys, he doesn’t discriminate). I am truly surprised he is not already on the Dirty. I feel it is my duty as a citizen to warn all girls and guys in Richmond of this drd-infested bum that is constantly lurking the streets looking for any orifice to shove his blistered dick into.

I love how he’s trying to ‘floss’ with an empty bottle of crown…- nik

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Taking It To A New Level In Richmond

October 10, 2012 Richmond, Richmond-BC 46 8,869 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik About a year ago this girl left her boyfriend for one of his best friends. She has hooked up with over 20 guys. Most times she hooks up before knowing there names! She lives in Richmond she uses guys to get things, purses phones etc Not to mention her boyfriend is the fugliest kid there is he smokes crck is on house arrest. You just say her name in Richmond and you get the word slut as her definition. How she isn’t on here is remarkable. She’s the worst cause she has the nerve to Call all the other girls sluts! Which makes it the funniest. She hooked up with her sisters ex for Christ sakes She doesn’t leave one guy till another is on the other line. She had sex with 2 guys in one night before. And she is the biggest liar there is. The type that even though you have her red handed will try to act like your crazy! She deserves to be a permanent member of this website.

This post is gunna weigh down her photoshop finger (if ya know what I mean).- nik

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Quite Literally Dora The Explorer

September 28, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Richmond 11 10,402 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch is the dirtiest of the dirty. Having been around more than 3/4 of Vancouver, many people of the ages 26 and under will know the name Dora Chiu. This girl gets around more than a crack pipe on Hastings and thing is she is proud of it. Having a vocabulary consisting of a maximum of 5 words (mainly swag and ghetto), she couldn’t even tell a guy to f*ck off if she wanted. This girl is the epitome of a dumb sloot. After about 5 minutes of hanging out with her, she would have over 25 pictures of you on her phone and would have tried to hit up 90% of your friends with the 10% coming in the next 5 minutes. She is the type of girl that would rather take a shit ton of pictures looking like a dumb sloot than rather just have a decent time acting like a respectable member of society. People of Vancouver, I am doing you a public service by getting the name Dora Chiu in the black books, because if you play your cards right, you probably would knock this b*tch up and she wouldn’t even notice ’till 9 months later.

I think those guys were more into exploring each other.- nik

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Model Megan

September 21, 2012 Richmond, Would You? 0 5,278 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl, “Megan Mayhem”. has her own facebook “modeling page”, and has the most entitled attitude. first of all, she’s “modeling” in Roanoke, Virginia. she’s too skinny, has terrible poses, and uses the same face in EVERY picture! not to mention, she’s a fcking psycho who smokes meth. she goes from Roanoke, to Myrtle Beach, to VA Beach, partying doing “modeling shoots”. so, i’ve got to ask, this girl thinks she is such hot shit-would you?

Answer: No, other then her arms she’s built like a man, her ankles also look like wrists.

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Watch Out Richmond, Amber Rose Is Back

August 6, 2012 Calgary, Richmond, The Dirty 5 5,437 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty girl is Amber Rose (at least that’s what she goes by on facebook) She is the biggest sloot I have ever known. She has had sex with so many people, girls and boys, that it even SHE has lost count. This girl is extremely dirty. She has cheated on every guy she has ever dated and cant keep a boyfriend longer then 3 months. People hated her so much in Richmond and Vancouver that she had to move away to Calgary. Since she has been in Calgary she was in these “lingerie contests” and brags about them non-stop. She lived in a trailer park with her boyfriends parents in Calgary and had to move back in with her own parents because she got fired from her job. This girl is so f*cked up, she claims to see unicorns every time she orgasms. When this girl is drunk she becomes a super slut. She tries to f*ck everything that moves! Even girls! Ive seen her multiple times try to f*ck girls in front of all the guys for attention! Everyone in Canada BEWARE!

And I thought I was the only one who saw Unicorns.- nik

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Going Down A VERY Dark Path

July 21, 2012 Delaware, East Carolina University, Richmond, The Dirty 26 6,521 Views

Sn00ki wanna be

Sn00ki wanna be

Sn00ki wanna be

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is nasty, she’s a backstabbing b*tch, she drinks, smokes, and sleeps with the majority of the guys in her school, and she likes to steal peoples boyfriends, she moved to Delaware because everyone ganged up on her and she got scared and dropped out of school for her seventh grade year.. pathetic right?! She attempts to look like snooki on a daily basis, and did I forget to mention SHE’S ONLY THIRTEEN. Nik, what do you think about this girl?

I think she will try to get pregnant on purpose for MTV auditions. I hope her parents (if she has any) sees this. She NEEDS TO BE GROUNDED until the age of 16 or at least wear heavy sweaters.- nik

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