Richmond Virginia Cops Saying Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 18, 2013 Richmond, The Dirty 332

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think the cops in Richmond, VA were extremely over aggressive during this St. Patty’s day altercation at Shamrock The Block. You need to post this video so it gets national attention. Thanks Nik.

The video gets UFC mode around the 2:39 mark.- nik

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Berry West Wicked Six Creep

February 28, 2013 Richmond, VCU, Virginia Beach 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: ahhh  nikthe good old berry west photographer for wicked six creeps around hat factory and canal club. He is in his late fortys or early fiftys. he creeps on young girls at the club that are 18 and 19 year olds. girls younger then his own daughter…. he also does private photo shoots of these girls and they are the most tasteless cheesy photos you could see.. when trying a private photo shoot he will do what ever he can to get you to do dirty things and get naked but also will show off your pictures to guys hes friends with at the club… people should really stay away from this creep show who likes to act 21 and make a living off humiliating these young girls!! I hope there all over 18! check him out on facebook he is the biggest joke

Raves are all ages, which makes it worse…- nik

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Do You Think Night Rider Is Aging Well

February 28, 2013 Hollywood, Night Rider, Richmond, The Dirty 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Night Rider aka Kara Rochester.  I wanted to ask you what you think about her aging?  I know you have always admired this one, until you found out she likes black guys.  Now at the age of 22, she is a print model and has done some TV stuff.  I love where she is heading and hope that she makes it big in Hollywood.

Has she moved out to Hollywood? I would love to have Night Rider on the radio show… also, Kara work on the arms a little bit more.- nik

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Pill Popping Degenerate

January 17, 2013 Richmond, Richmond- CA 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet BRAD KIRK DEAN (left). Richmod’s biggest pill popping degenerate. Brad is richmonds biggest loser. He prides himself on being a gangster…..nice try buddy. this broke ass monkey cant hold a job longer than 2 weeks. he jumps from job to job just long enough for him to steal enough customer credit card information. he is a cke sniffing, oxy popping junkie. he put himself in to a methodone clinic to get help but it was only an excuse for him to double dose on oxys and methodone at the same time. all his money is spent on coke and pills. this guy has so many haters, that even his own friends and ex girlfriend robbed him. he had to sell his car to pay for his drug habbits. he runs his mouth like he owns a set of balls, but the only thing he owns is a hugo boss track suit he bought 5 years ago and rocks it on a daily basis like its running out of style. i dont think he got the memo. boss called, they said stop wearing the suit brad, your making then look bad.

Is he wearing his jacket like a cape…what a d-bag.- nik

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Christa Hucal

January 14, 2013 Richmond, Virginia Tech 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This goof right here is the number one jail hoe! She’ll be “dating” one guy in jail while dating another guy on the outs only for the soul purpose to live off them. She does crystal mth and ghb and thinks she’s is the shit and so secretive about her manipulative personality to get what she wants. She will say what ever sounds goods so you fall in love with her and support her while her number one man sits in jail. She is constantly getting jail calls from all these different inmates flirting and hoeing it up. She had this one guy so in love and when her other man gets out of jail kicked him to the curb like trash for her jail boyfriend to move in then when this guy went back to jail she was watching his house and was fcking at least 12 different guys on the daily, got pregnate and had a miscarriage cause of the amount of drugs she uses. She’s fake, loose, and used up!

I’d imagine she wears a lot of spandex lined pants with a belly like that.- nik

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Look What I Found In West Virginia

December 28, 2012 Richmond 3



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik!! Look what I found in WEST VIRGINIA it’s a Sarah Scheller wannabe! Somebody is aiming to be someone other than Kina’s skank ass. It’s a very striking resemblance. Pro-bleach hair, orange alien tan, fat chin level tits, scrunched up face, horrible outfits and I’m assuming very short snooki like Oompa Loompa stature. WV wants a blondetourage too! Tell this girl to head to Vegas. I’m sure she could fit right in. I don’t know what confuses me more, the fact that she thinks these outfits match or the fact she think she looks good in these pictures.

Her smile is very ratty.- nik

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Dumb and Dumber

December 11, 2012 Richmond 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dumbass will spray your face with saliva at any given moment. Bring an umbrella when you plan on having a conversation with him. He’s fallen in love with some black slut who doesn’t know what the fck she’s doing with her life. He claims to love her but in reality, he loves the idea of actually getting laid. This is the only guy who will actually do duck lips while taking a picture with another man. He will try having a romantic moment when he’s with you, regardless of your gender. I’m sure he’s a bisexual or some shit. Oh, and he also wears magnetic earrings from Daiso. If you ever go clubbing in downtown, he’s the fcker wearing full white. We want the news, not the weather, Jamal!

Is one of his car rules ‘no shirts’.- nik

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I Can’t Wait To Read Your Book

December 7, 2012 Richmond 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong for about 4 years all the way from Virginia!  Just wanted to say I just pre ordered your book Sex, Lies and TheDirty off amazon and even tho I have to wait awhile to get it its worth the wait!  Loved you on Couples Therapy.  I was so excited when I heard you’d be on there and we definitely saw a whole different side of you, you made me cry on the season finale.  Shayne has an amazing body! Can’t wait to read your book and hear about old dirty celebs and get to know the other side of you more!!!

The book took a lot of hard work… I had to let go of everyones personal feelings to make it as authentic as possible.- nik

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