Her Pix Were a Hit, Here’s the Rest

March 26, 2014 Glendale-CA, Riverside 2 8,513 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: everyone seemed to like her pix so here are some more

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Help Stop This Counterfeiter

March 18, 2014 Anaheim, Riverside 0 5,605 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty Army Strong & I recently moved out here to the Suburbs of Menifee. The weather & Community is great, but once in a while, since its close to Hemet & San Jacinto you get some characters like this lady here. The locals have been asking for some help in trying to nab this chick. She buys Girl Scouts Cookies with fake 20$ bills and turns around and opens up her own stand to push of her inventory. Please read the comments as they have spotted her numerous times but can’t nab her. Barney Fife would of caught this sad POS by now! I’m a hustler NIk and been blessed in my life with my hustle skills, but I’m not down with this type of shit. They need some help out here in trying to catch her and shed some light on this story, so please help the children and this community.

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Crystal R

March 16, 2014 Los Angeles, Riverside 1 6,937 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is crystal Rodriguez of highland, ca (inland empire). This skank is out there picking up all kinds of guys from the clubs. She gets drunk and gets guys to bring her home an then fcks them spreading her DRD’s. Worst of all she has a child who she doesn’t even take care of cause she’s a nympho so that’s why she’s always out there finding more dicks to suck on spreading her DRD’s. Everyone needs to be warned about this disease ridden Sloot. All you guys who feel like getting your fck on don’t worry about protection cause with all the DRDs she’s got a condom won’t protect you.

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What The Hell

March 11, 2014 Los Angeles, Riverside 1 6,316 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Unfortunately just ran across this horrific sight on Instagram. Lol. Honestly, what possesses some females to post stuff like this? I’m all about having confidence and loving yourself, but freaking come on. Can someone really be that thirsty for attention?

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ICK Can Dance

March 5, 2014 Riverside, The Dirty 376 132,259 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, haters out there saying my girl can’t dance. Well, check her out, she does have the body and especially the dance moves. She drives me crazy at any club. Haters keep on hatin’. Stay up and girl and keep doing you.

I thought that was Sideshow Bob.- nik

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Charleston Sloot

March 4, 2014 Anaheim, Riverside 0 7,720 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, so this post is in regards to Addy Evans. She thinks she is hot and turned me down at the club, also constantly is out seeking out negative attention through her dramatic attitude, always partying. And I hear she is a super slut. What do you think??? Does she fit the mold? Would you get with her, or does it appear I got lucky and her turn down a good thing in disguise?

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Inland Empire Sloot

February 28, 2014 Los Angeles, Riverside 5 6,116 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this dirty skank from the Inland Empire. She love’s to pick up random guys in the clubs and spread her DRD and what ever else she’s got to whoever she fcks. This girl might as well be a prostitute as she picks up guys at the club almost every night. The worst thing about it is this girls got a kid that she introduces to almost all her one night stands. If your desperate and decide to fck this hoe better have a doctor lined up for an drd TEST.

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You Do Not Want To Date Hope

February 26, 2014 Riverside, The Dirty 84 100,516 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need to vent about my cousins sneaky Ex-GF Hope!  This girl is nothing but a liar and a cheater.  She would go as far as changing all of the guys names in her phone to girls so that my cousin wouldn’t suspect anything.  It wasn’t till a week ago that she got caught in all of her lies. This is warning to people who may want to date her in the future, that this girl is not to be trusted!

I see Riverside around her ankle area.- nik

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