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Bill Kielty- Wolfie

November 24, 2014 Los Angeles, Riverside 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy here my friends is Bill Kielty or better known as Wolfie. This guy is the dirtiest player known to this world. He once said he had to move out of Riverside to Long Beach because he slept with a lot of women in Riverside and the women were finding each other out. So as you may know it, he’s still up to his same old ways here in Long Beach. Bill is in his early 40′s and still roaming the streets as if he’s in his 20′s. His body isn’t toned, his skin is starting to sag. He has no muscles and has tattoos all over. All the women seem to be his groupies that he rotates on a weekly basis. He’s a wannabe rock star whose band didn’t make it main stream. So he’s living it up like one. I’m fed up with this loser. All the women need to know about Bill. He’s on all the dating websites known as thatscat or thatscatbk. He fcks every girl that comes in contact with him and even get on ladies on his friendlist on facebook. You pretty much know when you see the same women becoming friends with him more than once. Ladies need to know about Bill because he recently gave a mutual friend a drd, one where it isn’t curable and he’s still fcking the ladies. Married ones too.

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BoobSquatch Is Alive And Well

November 20, 2014 BoobSquatch, Riverside, The Dirty 47


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think BoobSquatch is coming out of hiding. DA please submit her. She is the hottest DC on the planet. Team BoobSquatch!!!!!

That top is too big for her.- nik

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ICK Is Looking Phenomenal

November 15, 2014 Riverside, The Dirty 126

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m sure you and the dirty army missed ICK… so here she is. She hasn’t been posted in forever and thats cause she has silenced the haters, including you Nik. Check her out now, you sooooo totally would, don’t lie.

Insane Clown Kissy has her own calendar?- nik

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ICK And Her Sister Will Date You For Charity

November 12, 2014 Riverside, The Dirty 53


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ICK is feeling charitable. She and her sister are currently accepting bids for a date with the two of them. She claims the highest bid is $5K, so you’ll need to come in with at least $5000.01 if you want that date. Good luck!

Shouldn’t ICK pay the guys ahead of time for the pillow cases she will ruin.- nik

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Stef Lova And Her Weed Selling Boyfriend

October 9, 2014 Riverside, The Dirty 49


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s time to expose these 2 twerps. Stef Lova and her weed selling boyfriend Tony Valenz. These 2 are scam artists to the max. Stef Lova charges about 300.00 a person to teach her unlicensed make up classes at hotels, while Tony Valenz writes horrible music. These two officially tried to open a clothing store MSTKN on Melrose in H-wood. They were promoting a guest appearance meet and greet with Chris Brown. What a joke! It turns Cbrown never agreed to it and these two desperate for the spot light tried to reach for anything. Please warn everyone! Boycott their store. Never go full retard. They are such phonies and their clothes are terrible.

Why do people jock Chris Brown? I think it’s because 1 out 4 women in America get beat up by a man (such a sad stat). What a warped world we live in.- nik

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Is Jen Marie BoobSquatch Single

October 1, 2014 BoobSquatch, Riverside, The Dirty 72


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I haven’t seen Jen aka BoobSquatch post any pics on Instagram in forever and that makes me wonder if she broke up with her dude.  I hope they have because a girl with her looks should only be with a rich man from Newport Beach that can spoil her and make sure she never has to work a day in her life.  Can anyone confirm if she is broken up with the tattoo guy who still thinks Famous is a cool clothing brand to wear.

Wow! Where did you get this picture? BoobSquatch never shares full body like this. Her face does look single.- nik

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ICK Really Does Live With Mom

September 29, 2014 Riverside, The Dirty 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so everytime ICK gets posted here, people call her out for claiming to be someone she is not, like claiming to be a model, owning multiple businesses, owning 3 homes, and creating an anti-bullying campaign (which she claims was ruined by The Dirty). So check out this recent FB post, where she posts a picture of a nicely designed kitchen with a caption to her mother (Brenda) stating that “this is the route we should go”. We? Busted. Of additional interest were the comments below. Apparently, ICK went to her daughter’s school because she was fighting. What’s hilarious (and pathetic) is that the girl who hit ICK’s kid proceeded to PUNCH ICK IN THE FOREHEAD, then grabbed ICK’s phone, threw it and BROKE IT! I thought ICK said she was tough? Ha! Anyway, because they obviously don’t respect her, the school won’t do anything about it. Now she wants to “deal” the other girl’s mother. ICK, if the daughter knocked you out, I doubt you could take on her mother. Lifestyles of Fat, Broke, and Trashy. Always entertaining.

Riverside’s finest. God bless the 951/909.- nik

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Worst Mom

August 20, 2014 Orange County, Riverside, Westside-AZ 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve had enough of this tweeker. she sits online and bullies everyone, she’s old, like 30 but looks 40. She’s mad at the world because she has 4 kids by 4 different dads and they are all losers! she constantly uses her kids to get money out of people. She always posts that she’s getting drunk or that her kids are annoying her. She goes on rants about how much she hastes america because they wont give her disability. She lives off welfare but she has multiple cars and one is new. She’s slept with everyone and homie hops. they make fun of her and say she just lays there. To get guys she buys them booze and drugs. Even claims that they drug her. when they don’t want her used up vagina she threatens them and says her kids need somewhere to go. you know youre a whore when you have 2 kids by different dads on the same culdesac. She had 1 DRD for sure but who knows what else she has. She wont even let the dad’s see the kids unless they agree to take them all. She’s been investigated by CPS but keeps moving counties so they drop the case. If you see her stay far away, its for your own good.

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