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Vrndavana Hines aka V

December 19, 2014 Berkeley, Sacramento 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vrndavana Tulsi Hines (otherwise known as V) is not to be trusted. He is super sweet and charming, but underneath all that is a dark cruel side. He is an excellent liar and cheater. If you date him you will fall in love as many females have, but it will end up in heartbreak. He is also abusive yet he never thinks he does anything wrong. All the mistakes he makes will some how be your fault. He never admits he is wrong or apologizes until right before he thinks he will loose you forever. He will call you nicknames like: baby, pumpkin, pookie, honey, etc. but then later call you names like bitch or cunt. he acts like he is spiritual, but he’s really trying to get in your pants and tends to use people for their money and drugs. During sex he loves if he can “hit your tummy” and thn he’ll maybe try to superman you (cum on your body). When he wants attention or tries to distract you from something or get you to do something he makes up false problems such as unexpected ulcer pains, panic attacks, dizziness, tummy pains, etc. WATCH OUT FOR HIM LADIES, MANY HAVE EXPERIENCED HIS HURT!

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No tool wrapped Brad

December 12, 2014 Sacramento 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this piece of work, currently has two pregnant girlfriends. I am the ex, after informing me that I need to get an abortion because he can’t be the father of more than four kids. I fed into his lies that he would be there, just a warning out there for all the other ladies. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. all of us are about a week or two a part and it seems like more and more keep coming out.

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Melissa Riddle

December 11, 2014 Sacramento 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Melissa Valdez or Riddle whatever she chooses that day and Joey Rivera! He was my husband and while he was in jail he cheated on me with her. Now her story is that she is hella older than him a *eth user and no joke has 15 fcking kids. He is now with her and they do and sell meth her kids got taken away from her and he is in and out of jail all the time for dirty test and i can’t forget to tell you that he contacts me on fb on an account she doesn’t know about. She contacts me telling me im a fat bitch and i need to fck off and so on really what she says isn’t anything original. Just gets boring after awhile! She is a dirty ass white trash hoe that can’t even pay her own rent and has her family pay it for her the money that she does get her hands on goes to dope. Joey’s issue besides dope is that he hits and abuses women! Winner I don’t know what i was thinking tbh! Hes never had a job in his life ever and he acts like a player! OH can’t forget that they both are “gang members”

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April Spreader

December 9, 2014 Sacramento, San Francisco 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out April has been spreeding cl**ea and drd around the discovery bay and Brentwood area. There are multiple confirmed cases. She likes to sleep with her friends men, married or Radom guys online beware. She works at Brentwood boarding and grooming and lives discovery bay. She has no regard for other people’s health beware

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Miss Jimmie Jo McClain

December 4, 2014 Sacramento 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen of The Dirty the following is a public health service announcement… Miss Jay, Jay, Jo Jo, Jimmie, Jimmie Jo Mcclain is one seriously nasty piece of work that the name itself pretty much says it all for itself…Inbred county bumpkin… But for those like even myself unfortunately that try to think the best of people this is a heads up on what this self proclaimed “Classy Lady” is all about… I opted to share this info because no its not “just a cold sore” as she claims in constant and total disbelief of the truth that she has a raging bad case of drd. She says it is something she has had her whole life which isn’t a shocker considering her totally horrifying background. This West Virginia born girl I had the pleasure of dating for a brief bit of time until the list of after the fact BTW’s became so unthinkably foul that I couldn’t help but think she had just made stuff up just to have something to say or make jokes. WRONG! This retired army Sgt thinks she is the hottest little thing ever despite the fact that her mom is her sister and her dad is her grandpa. Yes, you read that correctly. Her grandpa fcked his own daughter and Jimmie Jo was born, and if that wasn’t twisted enough… She has her grandmothers name (“In loving memory of”) that let all that incest happen tattooed on her arm. To add to this already tragically horrifying piece of work she tests positive for TB and has some type of hepatitis… I guess it cant be to shocking since I can palm a basketball and when I banged her she didn’t even notice when whole hand got sucked into her big loose pussy… This is just a warning for anyone that she may try and fool, so people can have a choice and know what they are getting into by hooking up with Miss Jay. She has no issue with screwing her way to success, but all that hard work she put in lying on her back she doesn’t want anyone to know about. She even fucked some old black dude so she could get into the Army because she was to dumb to pass the written exams for entry on her own. The list of shamefulness goes on and on for this girl much of it unthinkably horrifying in so many ways. To top it all off her pussy looks like a mix between a bulldog and Predator\’s face. Even medical professional friends of mine were puzzled and worried after seeming pics of her dirty blown out pussy.

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Nor-Cal Scum

December 1, 2014 Sacramento 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Ashley (yes he is the guy). I recently found out that he’s cheating on his girlfriend with one of his exes so I though I put him on here in hopes she sees this and realizes what is going on before its too late

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Cynthia Macias Elk Grove Sloot

December 1, 2014 Sacramento 17




THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik. So this whore had no choice to be honest. Her mama grew up in Nor Cal, known as a nasty ass bitch. Ended up getting tied down once everyone in the city knew about her. Her first daughter Vanessa was an even bigger slut known throughout Sac as a cheerleader but mostly through her stint at Laguna Creek High School. Not surprising that Cynthia Mafias would come next in line. Cynthia was about 12 when she first started having relations with her 17 year old neighbor. By 14 she was kicked out of Franklin High School for being on Excstasy all the time. Her sophomore year she was ditching class and inviting guys to her house to fck while her parents were at work. 18 she had her first abortion. On her 21st birthday she literally fucked a complete stranger at her party in front of everyone because she was ‘too drunk’. Cynthia is known for cheating on her boyfriends and more known for never using a condom in her life. Her addiction to popping Plan B pills and having abortions thinks it will save her from any problem/drd that comes her way. In the spring or summer catch her at any cheap club or bar in Sac fucking guys in the bathroom or backseat of a car. Just by looks her pussy is extremely loose and even hangs like she needs a circumcision. Beware of this ho cause she is known for sleeping with any and everybody. Straight alcoholic, loves doing drugs and spending the night with complete strangers. Even fcks guys she meets ofthe internet. Hit her up on Instagram orFacebook

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Kyt Verbowski

November 27, 2014 Sacramento 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kyt Verbowski, or however this cheap Canadian calls herself, is self centered, broke, jealous meth head who cant own up to her resposibilities. She claims to be top bitch because she knows profane words. Her boyfriend beats her and shoves her down stairs and whenever someone reaches out to her she does everything in her power to screw them over. Shes attempted to come between two lovers by gossip. Let’s be adults here now. She claims to be bisexual but went on and harassed another being for the same thing. This meth head cant seem to forgive herself for her past actions and fwels the need to drag everyone around her down to her level. This poor little girl doesnt know the difference between a woman and a girl. She pretends to be a grown woman but cant afford to fix a drunken accident that occured in someone elses home.

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