Junkie Giraffe

April 9, 2014 Sacramento 1 5,810 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do I have a treat for you man! This is jasmin, a local of granite bay and a known attention whore throughout Sacramento. I made the big mistake of dating this chick a little while back, and I’m hoping guys who wanna tap it read this first. This bug eyed tramp will not only use you, but will be on the constant prowl for gregs while you are still inside of her. When we were dating she must have been fcking at least 4 other dudes, some of which knew friends of mine, so it got back to me pretty quickly. She got in some legal trouble a little while ago and feels like a total bad ass, meanwhile screwing other people over in order to save her own non existent ass. She’s so desperate for attention that she puts up posts about her “using” her**n just so people feel bad and try to talk to her. She will steal your cash right from under your nose, so f*ck her and run dudes! She always tries to act so deep and mysterious on Facebook, when in reality she is nothing but a user and a drug abuser. Not to mention her freaky outtie belly button! Having sex with her on top and looking at her stomach is like watching her belly button try and push out a mouses skull! For a while i thought she was pretty cute, until she started acting like a bitch, then i noticed how long her face was and how she looks like she has p*ssy lips under her eyes. Her body is pretty slim, but its boring when you have nothing to grab on. track marks are sexy though, right Nik? Expose this broad for the slore she is

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Ashley Vonbrant

April 8, 2014 Sacramento 27 6,300 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This whore is so dirty and wants to suck anyone off. Poor girl cant figure out how to keep her hands off married men. Watch out ladies she will suck your man off for $5 even to degrade herself. She even told my man she gets pregnant to k*ll them just because. Stop whoring around with everyone’s kid in your stomach and be a mom. Her name is Ashley Vonbrandt so beware. Nik what do you think?

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I’m The Hottest Girl Ever

April 7, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 465 93,949 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I just wanna put it out there that I’ve seen the posts all you jealous b!tches have been writing about me. I wanna say that you all can hate all you want, but the truth is, I’m hotter then all you skanks out there! I can get all your men without even blinking an eye. Let’s be honest, I’m Gods Gift to men. They all want me! I’m so good, I get older men buying me anything I want and all I gotta do is whatever they want in the sheets for 5 minutes, and they’ll give me everything I want. I don’t know why, it’s just that easy. So be warned ladys, Briana Camp’s got it good.  I may make things up and use my mom to get people to feel bad for me, but it works right?! I think I look amazing. I’m just curious what you think. Nik, is there anything you would change about me, or would you slide it in me the first chance you got?

I can tell by your eyebrows you didn’t write this. Sounds more like your Wikipedia page (if you had one).- nik

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TJ Coon

April 3, 2014 Redding, Sacramento 15 5,818 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s time someone threw this old man under the bus. This is Tj Coon. The biggest man whore ever. He likes little girls and spreading his nasty drds all over the country. He has different profiles on just about every dating website possible. Username aliases are Karupt30 or Karupt38. On adultfriendfinder his alias is throatboxer. Classy. Keeping it real, like a G. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention. He knows how pathetic his own life is, that he even goes to extents of making his home look like he has a girl. Girl clothes in the closet, shower stuff, toothbrush. None of it ever gets used it just keeps him from feeling so lonely and lame. Keep spreading that junk all over Redding. One. Girl. At a time.

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Ran Through Christian

April 3, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 13 9,241 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Latasha Marzolla. This fuking bitch is like 35 years old and slept with my ex boyfriend who is not even of age. And on top of that while I was out of town for a month she told him to keep them a secret. Shes an ex playboy and currently a kickboxer that use to train me. She will act like your best friend than do you hella dirty behind your back. After I confronted her she denied it and said she didnt mess with little boys. And literally two hours later she got in a relationship with a 19 year old on facebook and said shes been reading the bible with him for a long time and she only dates men of god not people she trains. bull fuking shit you trained me and my boyfriend at the same time than tried getting with his bestfriend but got denied. who is also under age. She a fuking hoe! She now goes to church and thinks nobody knows her secret. I wonder what God be thinking of her. She will make you think shes so innocent and that she does so much for people but really people do so much for her! Just Look her up on google images her tits are everywhere. Thats all I gotta say about this ran through christian bop. Just keep her away from your underaged boyfriends!

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Lisa Meledez

April 3, 2014 Sacramento 11 8,255 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lisa Meledez …so this broad is very thirsty for thugs.. she cheats on her baby daddy Henry with guys from the hood..lil does. ge know she does with people he knows… she talks shit about all het friends and allways in peeps business..shes fat and gross.. she’s very sneaky and drama filled gossip queen..just tired of her treating her man like she cares..Henry if you were smart you’d do your homework on that bitch..look how you met her… you think she’s not doing it to.you.!! id go.get checked if I were you…shes had plenty abortions ..just stay clear of this typical broderick hood rat…Old crusty bitch..watch out for your men ladues she will attack if your man has been in prison she likes that hood shit…

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HXC Vocalist

April 2, 2014 Sacramento 20 7,487 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I saw this guys band a few years ago and it was just him telling his friends to punch everyone including me. I got his phone number after the show and actually hungout with him a few times before we actually hooked up. His dickhead as so big that it stretched me out so bad. When I told him he just laughed and told everyone how lame I was in bed. I honestly hate him so so much. What hurts the most is that I was really starting to fall for him even if his dickhead was so damn big

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Julia Dobiesz / Verdugo Sactown Slore

April 2, 2014 Sacramento 7 8,590 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: We always see this Sloor around town at bars like Alley Katz trying to give away her nasty seal-burping vag to anyone dumb enough to take it. Smells like cat pee and rotten tuna. Pretty positive she’s positive for a couple drds. Our dude got some nastiness after a night with her and he doesn’t sleep around (she banged him in the bathroom, lol). She’s always getting wasted and riding her dumbass bike drunk down the street, we saw her bust her ass a few times. She carries on about being evil and dead babies. If you look online you can find all the dumb shit she posts plus her flabby pale ass. Tries to look slim by wearing all black but don’t be fooled this bitch is she-walrus. Stay away bros, she’s just another former goth with daddy issues and a stink hole you can scuba dive in. You can find her on Yelp, Instagram, and Twitter as Julia “has food standards” D. (Julia “never eat anything she touched” D.) godwascreated or juliaxe if you’re in the mood for a good laugh at a dumb bitch.

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