Sacramento | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Fake Wannabe Photographer Fashionista

November 26, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 74


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she needs to be taught a lesson. This bitch tried to ruin a five year relationship of my sisters by claiming my sister cheated and trying to get my sisters man to sleep with her fake Asian ass. My sister is a redhead pinup model! Like her man would ever go for that nasty looks like every other Asian bitch. This hoe is known for coning men in the Bay Area into buying her expensive gifts, taking her on expensive trips and out to fancy dinners. Then she won’t even blow them. She likes to play the “I’m such a nerd” card when she don’t know shit about Star Wars. Stay the f*ck away from this whore if your ever in the Bay Area!

The toes creep me out.- nik

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Cross Dressing Douchebag

November 25, 2014 Modesto, Sacramento 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Modesto Californias biggest cross dressing bi sexual. He likes to have set with his dog and let’s his buddy’s watch. He once had a choo choo train with his four buddy’s. He likes to pretend he’s the girl in the team. Don’t trust him with your pets /boyfriend or brother.. Justthe ddirtiest guy in cali! Stay away if you are smart.. Smells like a can of rotten tuna fish.. Always looking in mirror taking gay selfies. Dude hope your mom dies!!!! Little Bitch fck! Gonna get you Mike!! Beware waste of skin!

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Cristi Island

November 25, 2014 Sacramento 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Cristi Island, she played me big time! She starts off all nice and proper then overtime becomes a raging crazy sloot! I won’t lie she played me good along with all my money. She pretends to be some upcoming interior decorator but she is just living off her parents and whatever poor sap she has money. She will hurt herself at your house if it is nice enough, then try and sue you or who’s house it is. She also enjoys cheating on you! So if you want a money grubbing fail interior decorator that will fck on the first date, here she is!

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Bradley Smith

November 25, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone this douchebags name is Bradley w. Smith he lives in Chico ca. he is a dead beat baby daddy and a poor excuse of a human being. He has beat every woman he has been with to the point where he has put them in the hospital. His first baby’s mom he hit with a stool in the head. She soaked up a hand towel with blood and she needed over 20 stitches. His second baby’s mom he almost killed by fracturing her neck, pulled her hair threatened to cut her head off with hand shears, threw rocks and hit her. Battered her face black and blue. He will lie to you just to get with you and then the truth starts pouring out and then he starts with his abusive ways please be aware of him because he has a demestic violent history . You can go to Butte County Superior Court and type in smith Bradley or here are his case numbers scr93957, scr69533, scr100462, fl046637, fl040974, cm037727,cm029703, df028213, fl042807.He has now three kids, He does not take care of .Two separate families that he has left behind. He is now with Vanessa Herrera that he met at the Tores shelter were he was staying and she was working. He also does meth with the park rats at the park down town.

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Joselynn Meedel A Smart Sloot

November 24, 2014 Sacramento 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what we have here is a girlfriend that belongs to fraaz nagori(idiot). Her name is Joselynn Meedel. First before you guys guess anything, take a look pictures. If you think she’s a good girl, then your clearly thinking like her boyfriend.

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Dj DirtyBeatz

November 24, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: DirtyBeats, also known as Aaron Schwartz is the biggest pedo i know. Hes 33 years old, fcking 18yr old girls and dating them when hes old enough to be thier dad. Not to mention if the girl isnt into him he throws the biggest hissy fit of all time. A manwhore at best, hes been in Gay porn multiple times. He brags to everyone how amazing of a dj he is and about all this stuff hes done in the past. YOUR STILL PLAYING LITTLE SHOWS AT 33 DUDE. Can i just add that my friend fucked him and was seeing him for a while And told me he was the worst pussy eater of all time. I mean, do you even know what a clitoris looks like?

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Get Over It

November 20, 2014 Sacramento 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everytime I see her face I gag…I wonder what the hell HE was thinking?? This girl can put a brick up her nose. She sends slutty pics to married men. Looks for love in the Wrong places, we all want something we cant have. Worry about your self and YOUR family.

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Emily Caraway

November 19, 2014 Sacramento 31

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well summer of 2013 there was this girl from Orangevale. Seemed fun and goofy at first… Until I found out she was a fat slut muffin. This girl not only gets around it multiple man gang bangs, but cheats on the guy she “loves” with the boyfriend of her friend! So this selfish cock sucker has no problem fcking anyone over (or fcking anyone for that matter) to meet her own agenda. Say hello to one serious cum guzzling dumpster slut!

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