Wannabe Rockstar

September 15, 2014 Sacramento, Wichita 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this dirty creep needs put on blast. He told me he loved me, only to find out he gave me DRD and is messing with a bunch of other girls. Nasty ones too. This guy has no shame. He thinks he’s great, really he’s a big joke w a small punch line. Worst 3 minutes of my life if you get what I mean. Girls stay away. You don’t want what he’s giving out. Thank god it’s treatable. Quit sleeping around and get checked Damien!!!

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Grimey Sarah Brant

September 15, 2014 Sacramento 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is purposely on meetme to meet random guys and act hard to get, then fck you on the first date and never talk to you again because of the fact she will give you herpes. This bitch’s nickname is Chewy because she’s got a hairy ass, her real name is Sarah Brandt she is literally a living chewbacca. She is 6’3 and has black ass feet.

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Save My Friend

September 15, 2014 Sacramento 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a guy, I’ve been friends with Tayler a long time now. She’s sweet cute pretty and all of those things. But she has diabetes and anxiety But she still smokes pot and pops vicodin and molly and she has a fake ID so she gets in all the bars and clubs in sac and she street races.

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Infamous Sadie May

September 5, 2014 Sacramento 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, look who it is! The infamous Sadie May and Michael Conners. Well, Sadie just can’t keep her mouth shut. She’s going around talking crap about others, when others are the last people she needs to worry about. This pathetic b**** has successfully procreated. I feel truly bad for their child. She is looking like a meth whore more than ever. She goes around accusing people of having sex with tweakers with their children around, but last time I checked, she was turning tricks and busting dates for a baggie of weed… ALL WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT! This b**** has a lot of issues she needs to work on. She needs to spend her time and energy on her baby instead of others!

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Johnny Ramirez

September 3, 2014 Sacramento 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this pos is john or johnny Ramirez. He says he’s from cali but hes lived in sa or canyon lake his whole life his parents moved to austin and cali to get away from his ass. They know how he really is. He finds girls to date so he can get a place to live and a free ride cause hes homeless. Always has been he always has a women taking care of his ass. He can’t make money he works but doesn’t pay his child support for his kid. . He is too busy buying drugs.. Claims to be sober but he has never been sober in his life.. hr has no diploma or ged so he’s goin no where in life. He’s bipolar and 1step away from being a women beater like his dad and step dad ive seen him get in a womens face and push her to the ground. Just a warning to any ladies running into this garbage he will lie use his kid and take anything he can from anyone. He is trash and can’t afford anything on his own. I knew him years ago and he atole 400 dollars from me and his bosses at work. He is a liar and user

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Nancy Bustami

September 3, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl is another Arab hooker. She has fcked the whole south side. She has married this sissy they call Sam. Only fool to be foolish enough to marry the hoe. She treats him like a pssy. She be Checkin him and putting him in place all of the time. She’s fcking all NBA and NFL stars that come to Tjust SinBad hooka bar. What a whore. Her sister suck fat Dick as well. Her cousins the alias and the other bustami’s are also whores. Her sister Diana is another white married to that pilot who is fckin that lawyer reem odeh. They talk shit about all these people when they are the number 1 whores. This is one evil bitch.. She need to be put out there Nic. She can’t get away clean like this.

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Middle Aged Man In Search of Jailbait

August 26, 2014 Sacramento 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo nik, this dude is straight whack. My 15 year old cousin has been kickin it with him, i dont know if they slept together but i know for sure they did some nasty shit. I don’t know if her knows her age and according to her he’s like 32 or something, she ain’t spoke to me since i went off on her for this. this is truly disgusting, but aye Joe, consider this the official message for you to watch your back, you dont know me but She got fam and man if I ever see you myself, I’m goin to put more craters in your face than that acne left you with. btw he’s a drummer of a local sac band. I wish were robots, ya’ll need better type of people for real. not this child chasin, crater faced, fcked up tatted, nasty fool.

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Caelah Joelle Parsons

August 26, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: This one’s for you bro! My buddy told me about Caelah Joelle Parsons D.O.B. 11/4/82. Caelah has lived in Chico Ca. most of her life. She has 3 kids form 2 dads & she has HSV 1&2. Caelah has a large tattoo of black circles that represent “Scoirpio”. She was working at a Pizza place in the Chico mall last I saw her. My buddy had been in love with her since 7th Grade (almost 20 years). He knew about her super robo Slut past she convinced him that she had changed. To make a long story short, it all started out when my buddy had “hung out” with her a few times when she was house-sitting at a friend’s apartment. Then my Buddy helped her move into a new apartment on the second floor with her mom little brother & her 2 kids. She started making moves on my buddy & even convinced him to have unprotected sex with her even though she has  drd  She also told him to cum inside her, that she always loved him, wanted to get married & have kids with him. The whole time my super nice buddy was treating this girl that he knew was a total slut like a princess It turns out she was fcking a guy named Chase Chachi Moreau at the same time. She uses guys for financial gain. The last guy she was with promised to pay for an apartment for her and her kids. When he didn’t Caelah dumped him & moved in with Chase. Chase was traded for my buddy who is pretty wealthy. Last I heard she was still with Chase. However she was spotted on Tinder on 8-11-14 looking for more big dicks to infect.

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