Painting Tweaker, Ron Reeves

April 10, 2014 Sacramento 4 5,870 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hello, my name is Ron reeves. I have my own painting business here in paradise CA. I would like you to know that I actively use meth on and off the job, while consuming massive amounts of alcohol. I do extremely shitty work. and I am guaranteed to bring the value of your home down. also do not leave any windows open around me as I am notorious for being a peeping pervert.. when I am done fucking up your house and taking your hard earned money, I ussualy like to end my day by getting drunk, smoking my meth pipe, and dragging my wife through the yard by her hair. all while my two innocent daughters watch and cry. then I go try to fck the neighbors daughter Natalie. whom also happens TO BE MY NANNY. if you see me around town, or on facebook, be sure to let me know what I am doing wrong in life. an. oh also hire me @ “a touch of color” for all your home ruining needs! have a nice day!! and if you happen to be a filthy nanny, please call because I would love to try and “hire” you.

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Briana Camp And Her Sister Both Need Help

April 9, 2014 Las Vegas, Sacramento, The Dirty 360 105,073 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I recently saw the post about Briana, which she obviously didn’t write. Briana and her sister Stephanie have been lost since their mother passed in 2006 from breast cancer. I grew up with them and they were very lost souls with no real guidance on how to grow up with class but had the potential. Stephanie Jaylee Camp moved to Vegas and is now a bottle girl and seems to always be escaping abusive relationships. Briana looks up to Stephanie as she is 5 years older and is where she gets her influence from. Hopefully they will both read your site and turn their lives around. They both are beautiful girls who just need to be set on the right path. Stephanie is in the black, and Briana is in the white. Both are truly beautiful, but need to change their ways!

The just need the right father figure with deep pockets to share.- nik

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Ally Beall

April 9, 2014 Sacramento 49 9,552 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alyssa Mary Beall… She’s a money grubbing whore. She cheats, she steals, and spreads her nasty cottage cheese legs for anyone! She got an abortion without even telling the guy until after it was all done! Her whole family is nothing but alcoholics and psychotic sluty ass whores that care about nothing but how much money your going to spend on them! CRAZY FcKING STRIPPERS at that to! Her sister is belladonna at centerfolds in Sacramento!

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Shahin Afagh

April 9, 2014 Sacramento 1 8,106 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This here is Shahin Afagh (left). Age 25 & is the most biggest homewrecker in Sacramento, CA. Not only did he date his best friend’s wife, but he also got her pregnant. Which forced the her to have an abortion. He was also the best man for his best friend’s wedding. Talk about f*cked up! Not only he’s in denial from what he did, but he doesn’t have the balls to face what he did. Talk about a real man? Ha! More like a b*tch who can’t get laid and is desperate to doing whatever it takes to get a piece of meat. Whether it involves all his social friends hating him or losing all his friends. He’s been know to have high anger problems and he’s been known to be a complete a**hole scumbag with his past relationships. So girls, watch out for this guy! His high levels of anxiety causes him stutter which frustrates him to dress as a woman to help deal with his anger issues. There are also times where he has gone to gay bars to pretend faking his sexual orientation just so he could fit in & get laid. Really? How lower can you get! He is a complete fake in every way & should be avoided at all costs. He will ruin your life! We know he did with others. Nik, what do you think of him?

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Junkie Giraffe

April 9, 2014 Sacramento 6 5,855 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do I have a treat for you man! This is jasmin, a local of granite bay and a known attention whore throughout Sacramento. I made the big mistake of dating this chick a little while back, and I’m hoping guys who wanna tap it read this first. This bug eyed tramp will not only use you, but will be on the constant prowl for gregs while you are still inside of her. When we were dating she must have been fcking at least 4 other dudes, some of which knew friends of mine, so it got back to me pretty quickly. She got in some legal trouble a little while ago and feels like a total bad ass, meanwhile screwing other people over in order to save her own non existent ass. She’s so desperate for attention that she puts up posts about her “using” her**n just so people feel bad and try to talk to her. She will steal your cash right from under your nose, so f*ck her and run dudes! She always tries to act so deep and mysterious on Facebook, when in reality she is nothing but a user and a drug abuser. Not to mention her freaky outtie belly button! Having sex with her on top and looking at her stomach is like watching her belly button try and push out a mouses skull! For a while i thought she was pretty cute, until she started acting like a bitch, then i noticed how long her face was and how she looks like she has p*ssy lips under her eyes. Her body is pretty slim, but its boring when you have nothing to grab on. track marks are sexy though, right Nik? Expose this broad for the slore she is

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Ashley Vonbrant

April 8, 2014 Sacramento 28 6,370 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This whore is so dirty and wants to suck anyone off. Poor girl cant figure out how to keep her hands off married men. Watch out ladies she will suck your man off for $5 even to degrade herself. She even told my man she gets pregnant to k*ll them just because. Stop whoring around with everyone’s kid in your stomach and be a mom. Her name is Ashley Vonbrandt so beware. Nik what do you think?

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I’m The Hottest Girl Ever

April 7, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 476 94,043 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I just wanna put it out there that I’ve seen the posts all you jealous b!tches have been writing about me. I wanna say that you all can hate all you want, but the truth is, I’m hotter then all you skanks out there! I can get all your men without even blinking an eye. Let’s be honest, I’m Gods Gift to men. They all want me! I’m so good, I get older men buying me anything I want and all I gotta do is whatever they want in the sheets for 5 minutes, and they’ll give me everything I want. I don’t know why, it’s just that easy. So be warned ladys, Briana Camp’s got it good.  I may make things up and use my mom to get people to feel bad for me, but it works right?! I think I look amazing. I’m just curious what you think. Nik, is there anything you would change about me, or would you slide it in me the first chance you got?

I can tell by your eyebrows you didn’t write this. Sounds more like your Wikipedia page (if you had one).- nik

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TJ Coon

April 3, 2014 Redding, Sacramento 17 5,841 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s time someone threw this old man under the bus. This is Tj Coon. The biggest man whore ever. He likes little girls and spreading his nasty drds all over the country. He has different profiles on just about every dating website possible. Username aliases are Karupt30 or Karupt38. On adultfriendfinder his alias is throatboxer. Classy. Keeping it real, like a G. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention. He knows how pathetic his own life is, that he even goes to extents of making his home look like he has a girl. Girl clothes in the closet, shower stuff, toothbrush. None of it ever gets used it just keeps him from feeling so lonely and lame. Keep spreading that junk all over Redding. One. Girl. At a time.

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