Men Watch Out For Natashja Eheler

August 24, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a warning to any man out there. Natashja Eheler is a very deceitful person. This girl has accused several men of raping her and proceeded to report them after her affair has been threatened. She has even gone to the extent of convincing people that she was living in fear just to be able to get a restraining order against some of the men that she was worried would tell her husband. The man that has been providing for her and loving her. He has no idea that she has never once been faithful to him. Not even while he was serving our country in the USMC. Her Name Is Natashja Eheler and she has ruined mens lives and moves on to the next. If anything this is a shout out to everyone and hopefully you can avoid Natashja Eheler and some how avoid having your life ruined. She may look nice and innocent But dont let that fool you. She has ruined many of mens lives.

Told you Sacramento is the armpit of California.- nik

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Persian Trash

August 22, 2014 Sacramento 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kiarash Yadyasar:This little piece of shit is a wife beating, lying, thief who should go back to Iran before he gets beat down again. This boy broke his wifes nose, then skipped out on his probation because he was too busy using meth. He lives every day to do drugs. When he doesnt get his way, he hits his wife. He starts fights with his wife just so he can go fck this girl named Lena, who he has known since she was barely 15. He got caught at folsom lake with this bitch sucking him off and caught a sexual offender case for it 5 years ago. Then off and on for the last 5 years, hes been using this girl Lena as a sex slave, and he treats her like shit. But she’s a piece of shit too because she cheats on her current fiance with this dude all the time! This guy has no regard for anything or anybody but himself. He lives with his Mommy in Fair Oaks, unless he finds a vulnerable woman to leech off of. He hooked his wife when she was grieving the death of her child from a year prior. Now shes facing an eviction because of this guys dangerous behavior and drug use. A REAL CLASSY GUY. Not even! He is dangerous, and should be avoided by any woman with children.

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Shylah Bailey

August 21, 2014 Sacramento 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Shylah Bailey. Her**ne addict extraordinaire! If you have a cock and heroine, she will suck you off to get high. She falls asleep at random places, she is always so high. Can’t keep her head up because she’s always gone. Watch out for her on the streets while she’s driving, she likes to fall asleep at the wheel. She’s basically a worthless human being, not contributing to society what so ever. Sh’s 22 years old but so haggard. Poor thing thinks she can get by on her looks (which aren’t that amazing) but the way things are headed she’s going to look 50 at 30 (if she lives that long) Looks fade and she has zero personality. Only air and drugs in that head of hers. I kinda feel bad for her mom, to have such a ratchet for a daughter. She’ll sleep with anything that has a cock and drugs. It’s sad. Wake up Shylah, before you OD and are a distant memory. Her poor mom has, had to call people to take her to the hospital on numerous occasions- because she gets so high she becomes unresponsive. She shoots up so much that it takes her hours to find a vein to shoot up some more. She thinks she is Gods gift to men….Girl your a skinny drug addict that needs a lot of makeup- your not that special. Make room for people who are actually worth something. Do your mom a favor before you OD and are gone. Oh and don’t get me started on her annoying voice… She is immature. She thinks that just because she fucks older men she is mature… Fck her now before she’s gone!!!! She’s cheap, and smells like tuna crotch.

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I Don’t Know What To Do

August 19, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 464

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl here Kylie Cole was taken advantage of at a house party by a guy, but she doesn’t want to go to the police because she has known this guy for a long time as her friend. What should I do go to the police for her or tell her parents about it.

Thoughts?- nik

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NorCal Sloot

August 19, 2014 Sacramento 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: : Nik, this is Hailey king. She’s a slooty scum that pretends to be the greatest mom in the world but ain’t.She didn’t even know who her baby daddy was fit her first kid until she was born and tried to start a family with him and he kicked her to the curb no surprise. She talks hela shit on her baby daddys and there new gfs and posts dumb home wrecker shit on facebook everyday. She cheats on dudes all the time and wonders why it happens to her. KARMAS A BITCH !She talks shit on her “best friend” all the time saying she’s fat and 300lbs she’s rude and hopeless .she bitches on facebook being a whiny bitch about hparents even though they help her out with her children unlike some of us and how she hates when people show they’re love for they’re bf/gfs when she does it. Oh Her pssy stinks and has been ran through more than a football field probably by the football field.she says every guy she’s been with has a small dick will maybe it’s just youre pssy like throwing a hotdog down a hallway or something

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Sarah Goodrow

August 19, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets just take a moment to appreciate this girls courage and self confidence. See ladies ? Doesn’t matter if you got a bulging stomach and no ass with some chicken legs! Wear that bathing suit! Why save up for a nose job? Let that honker shine on fact wear an out dated ” rockabilly” look so it pops out even more. Hahaha oh man. Making goodhoe famous I think this is number 4/5? Thanks brit for starting the haters club of this tall can drinking nasty snatchhoodrat . Lets all keep it going! Cera goodhoe , sara goodrow , sarah goodrow aka cera goodhoe .. love it

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Alisha of Yuba City-CA

August 18, 2014 Sacramento 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik I met Alisha on POF back in March of 2014. She poses at Fit_QT. Claims that she’s divorced, and has four kids. We messages a few times, and got to know each other on Instagram and via text message. She is such a manipulative bitch, claims her husband was in jail, etc. We hooked up a few times, and I started liking her and feeling bad for her. She was a little suspect though, every night she couldnt talk/text after like 8:30/9:00 pm. I started doubting some of her story and walla! This bitch, Alisha Edwards-Burton is MARRIED. Her poor husband…I honestly had NO clue at all! So when I confront this crazy bitch, she calls my commanding officer (I’m military), and tries to get me in trouble for having an affair with a married woman! Nik, she’s still lying to men in the 530, and they need to know! She targets military men on purpose, to extort them! This dirty slut needs to be exposed! Please do what you do! Our affair ended in June, and I’m still paying for it! Not only did she lie about being married, her husband was deployed in Afghanistan when we met online! What a raunchy bitch!

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Irene Motta

August 18, 2014 Sacramento 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: On Tuesday August 12 this chick robbed me blind. She took 2 tv’s blu ray and DVD player stereo all my clothes and worst of all sentimental things from my late father. Her #1 goal in life is finding her next bag of shit. Her name is Irene Motta on Facebook she is reenie beenie. She is 5’3 dyed red hair. Small titties she has tattoos rosery beads on her foot,rip dad on her forearm stars on her shoulder and back. Originally she is from Seattle but has been in the Roseville, north highlands antelope area. She is trying to get custody of her 2 year old son Ryder. Thats not going to happen. Her goals in life are to sleep with dealers for drugs, give dieseases, use people for what ever she can get and she is a lying cop caller. Bewear she will smile to your face and rob u behind your back. She gave her own son up for her dope habit and will do what ever it takes to stay high. She targets guys with her naked pictures to steal what they have, to get her drugs and then calls the cops and lies to make herself look not at fault. She is nasty, a horrible mother who druged her own son to get him asleep especially in the hotel rooms when shes meeting her dealers and pimps to sleep with them and make them their money.

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