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Gerado Aceves and Lizbeth Bravo are frauds

November 17, 2014 Sacramento 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Gerado Aceves and his girl Lizbeth Bravo. Seriously Gerado your’re only 23 (with two kids) and your driving a lambo thinking your the shit in yuba shitty. You and your girlfriend Liz are the JOKE of the town. Liz has a kid with him and sits on her ass collecting welfare while Gerado drug deals around Nor Cal. We all see right through your bullshit. Liz has been posted on the dirty before btw! Somebody needs to tell this girl that she looks like a fucking man, seriously she has very handsome features. Quit buying your followers and likes on Instgram too Liz. I feel so bad for their daughter. Liz and Gerado you have NO class running around leasing cars and homes posting shit online like you’ve made it and you have the life. No ONE wants your ghetto ass yuba city life. You\’re both nobodies and fakes! It’s time somebody exposed these two loser roaches.

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Emily Smith

November 14, 2014 Calgary, Sacramento, San Jose 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Emily Smith is a nineteen year old scene slut that works at the Lieutenants Pump. On week days when she isn’t cheating on her boyfriend Graham Finnigan after work, she’s at Mavericks watching what ever shitty local band is playing and taking selfies with all the dudes she’s slept with. This girl plays the pity card by whinning about how her parents died and how badly she wants to move back to Alberta because she leads such a hard life. It must be so having unprotected sex with every guy you meet and having two abortions in one year. This girl is stage five clinger material and if you attempt to even get her drunk, she’ll even go on a little rant about how pop punk she is and what her next hair color is going to be. This little girl is the epitome of self pity and everything attention seeking. Oh, don’t forget her two bffs, Nathan Farren and Ryan Wilson who sleep with anything as young as 14 and spread chlamydia among the city. Gosh, she has such a hard life, dont you think.

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The Joke of Sac

November 10, 2014 Sacramento 15

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Jenifer Rundle and she is not just another whore from sac. She is also as crazy as a shit house rat and just as dirty. Dont let the cute innocent smile fool you. She will fck any guy as long as they have drugs, cash, or a place for her to stay. Even tho she has a boyfriend she still was fckin her homeboy on the regular. But even that wasnt enough because she got caught fckin her homeboys friend also. An she wonders why she has no more friends. Instead she has hella people that just laugh at how much she continues to fuck up her life.

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Money Shot Kate

November 10, 2014 Sacramento 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I saw a post about this girl named Hilary Sanger and had to follow up. She likes to post these semi-x rated pics of her and her man on Instagram with captions like, “heees miiine bitches.” Not sure how she hasnt been reported I guess it’s the norm for these nasty Stockton hoes.

Also See: Sanger the Swanger

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Gothic Witch

November 10, 2014 Redding, Sacramento 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: She sleeps with anyone who gives her a place to stay. Steals your boyfriends, and always posts stuff like these pictures. She enjoys pissing people off for her own fun, and likes to take it by the ass. her appearance may seem dark and mysterious, but it’s just straight up slutty. She would send pics to you if you had a bottle or money she can scam. She moves from town to town because if she stays in the same town for long, she’d already slept with pretty much everyone. Every girl grows to hate her. No woman would want to be her friend because of how dirty she is. She mostly hangs with guys for her own self a steam and enjoys giving them head. If you come by her she will probably become a one night stand.

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Kayla Clay Duff

November 10, 2014 Sacramento 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this little nasty thing is all over social media in the Sacramento area. She complains about being broke and not eating or having a place to live, so she baits guys into hanging out with her in exchange for money and hen robs them. She says she needs money for rent, to get high, for food, etc. IF YOU COME ACROSS HER ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE PLEASE REPORT HER AND DO NOT HANG OUT WITH HER UNLESS YOU WANT TO BECOME A VICTIM LIKE ME. Please put this girl on blast!

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How Stupid Is Carli McInle’s Boyfriend

November 6, 2014 Sacramento 7



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so…here’s the deal. A friend pointed out this girl on IG. “Hardcorepartygirl” seems like a horrible waste of air. Carli gets on and brags about cheating on her BF publicly. I’m hoping he sees this to shut her down or at the very least, to go get tested. Shame what the world has come to. Little girls tryjng desperately for attention. Somebody wasn’t raised right.

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Worst Tattoo Ever

November 6, 2014 Hollywood, Sacramento, The Dirty 15


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out Ellie, no stranger to Thedirty. She was hot back in her Sac days, but ever since she moved to LA to be a old time bottle server at Supper Club, her stock has fallen off big time. Ellie why are you trying to show off your uniboob implant scars? That tattoo is armpit trash like Sacramento, guys buying drinks off her need to know what’s under those fakes.

Are you sure she doesn’t work at MAC?- nik

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