Julia Dobiesz / Verdugo Sactown Slore

April 2, 2014 Sacramento 8 8,596 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: We always see this Sloor around town at bars like Alley Katz trying to give away her nasty seal-burping vag to anyone dumb enough to take it. Smells like cat pee and rotten tuna. Pretty positive she’s positive for a couple drds. Our dude got some nastiness after a night with her and he doesn’t sleep around (she banged him in the bathroom, lol). She’s always getting wasted and riding her dumbass bike drunk down the street, we saw her bust her ass a few times. She carries on about being evil and dead babies. If you look online you can find all the dumb shit she posts plus her flabby pale ass. Tries to look slim by wearing all black but don’t be fooled this bitch is she-walrus. Stay away bros, she’s just another former goth with daddy issues and a stink hole you can scuba dive in. You can find her on Yelp, Instagram, and Twitter as Julia “has food standards” D. (Julia “never eat anything she touched” D.) godwascreated or juliaxe if you’re in the mood for a good laugh at a dumb bitch.

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TJ Coon

April 2, 2014 Redding, Sacramento 12 5,377 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is a snake. His name is TJ Coon. He’s on every single dating website possible. Including adultfriendfinder and f**kbook.com His famous usernames are karupt30 or karupt38. He will leave you thinking that your the one but your not. He’s screwed almost every girl from new York to California. This guy has some serious issues going on. Every room in his house is set up to look like he has a girlfriend so doesn’t feel so pathetic and alone everyday. He loves young girls with no morals. Oh did I mention he’s 39? He claims to want a girlfriend but has no intentions. It’s just to get what he wants. This guy is just spreading his sleeze all over the US, but currently in redding, ca. Ladies beware! He’s into 3 somes more than anything.

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Jonathan and Camran so Called Players

April 1, 2014 Sacramento 36 8,574 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jonathan Smith, him and his brother Camran Allman like to play girls. Both have Girlfriends and hit on any girl who gives it up. Both are on Dating sites. What’s funny is the fact that Jonathan is engaged to a girl in Arizona but hes not aloud to leave California. She is blinded by his scams that he plays and refuses to listen.Camran Allman has a girlfriend and has cheated on her many times. Beware of these two guys who are players!, bith of them think they are gods greatest gifts. I dont think so!

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Roseville Tweaker

April 1, 2014 Sacramento 24 9,660 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Want to meet a single tweaker mom who never has her child shes to busy opening who legs who has a sac of dope hit this bitch up ! She’s easy and always down to do some dope you can even shoot it in her ass. Shes down with whatever katie peterson of roseville ca is the definition of an easy lay and drugs.

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April 1, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 9 7,191 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik  This man (if you can even call him a man) has cheated on every girl he has ever been with claiming that it is there fault for “pushing him away”. Yet the only true meaning in his life is to par take in the use of marijuana and cocane. He pretends to be a good father, posting pictures on his facebook that other people take when he is not even around. With captains such as “my little man” and “my whole world” hahaha! what a joke. He is abusive both physically and emotionally. To everyone that is supposed to have meaning to someone. He screams at his family, threatening to beat them up, and steals from them on a regular schedule. He has slapped and kicked the shit out of his sons mother to the point where the cops were called several times and they were evicted. He has harmed his year and half old son numorous times. Not to mention got the clap from his bestfriends pregnant girlfriend while his babymama was pregnant. He has a tiiiny dick. And when i say tiny i mean maybe 5 inches if that. he picks up girls on plenty of fish and to top it off he is now being accused of child molestation. he is a disgusting creature that doesnt deserve the privilage of life. he should be behind bars getting gang raped.

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Nikki @ Chico Centerfolds Revision

April 1, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 26 7,684 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, I hope you can block out her nipples!

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March 31, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 6 8,444 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This dirty hoe’s name is Jen she lives in gridley and comes to Chico just to find some dick. She has fucked 3 of my co workers. I hooked up with her the night I met her. That was before I found out she has the drd. Good thing I wrapped up! Anyways she aint bad looking but she is legitimately dirty. Just wanted to give everyone in Chico the heads up on this broad. Don’t be a fool triple wrap your tool!!

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Kiley the Slore

March 28, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 30 6,033 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: girl is and put a ring om her finger. But that doesnt stop her from fcking all of butte county. Hit her up on facebook send her a picturr of your dick and youll get laid, but iys not worth it. This girls pusy smells like a bad can of tuna and you can stick your huge fist in this floppy loose bitch and you cam still fit more.. her pussy is the ugliest pussy anyone will ever see. She will fuck your man to so ladies be careful. She will literally harrass your man until he fcks her. Ive heard shes even fcked her brother!! Nik im surprised this whore hasnt been put on blast sooner. People are finally starting to figure this girl out and she hasnt been able to score any dick so she is trying to get back together with her husband. She also has ** so better wrap that stick.Im just a guy trying to warn other guys and finally put this nasty whore on blast. Cant wait to hear what others have to say about her. Shes fcked over 60 guys so im sure we’ll hear from them too hahahaaa. Bitxh thinks she is little miss perfect. She is a drugged out whore who lives off her momny and daddy

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