I Guess it runs in the Family

May 28, 2014 Sacramento 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is one cracked out family but I guess I could understand where Melissa and Rebecka learned it from. Their whore of a mother she is one cracked out whore who is hung out high to dry. Wanna be Mexican who is complete garbage. Melissa is nothing but a loser doesnt work makes her husband support her has no friends because she is fake as fck. Rebecka is just the usual fat ass wanna be Mexican Walmart trash. If she gains anymore weight she’s gonna be pushing 600lbs she can’t take care of her daughter and is still living at home with mama sucking off the tit. All three of these girls and nasty hoes who you could use their vagina as doors. Watch out the could be carrying a disease … Get your shots before coming within 100 ft

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Allen Ward in Virginia

May 28, 2014 Sacramento 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Scam artist on match.com. Trying to get women in Lake Tahoe. Claims he’s living in Virginia, but moving to Lake Tahoe. Full of lies, trying to get money from women. Uses lines from 1980′s songs. Says he’s falling in love and doesn’t know how this could be happening, etc. etc. Claims he’s a home restoration expert in the process of remodeling his own home. Birthdate is 3/30/65.

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Natasha Tutelya

May 28, 2014 Sacramento 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please help this girl!! Her name is Natasha Tutelya and she is pushing 29 this year! This whore jumps from guy to guy claiming they are “the one” and she is soooo in love when in reality she be hitting up all her old lovers to see who will take her back. She is always trying to find someone better. Well at almost 30 years old she finally locked down a pathetic excuse for a man. this nigga buying her everything and spoiling her ass when she is still talking to every guy she can behind his back. He even moved her to the bay but she is still acting shady. She brings him around her exs without the poor guying even knowing, she always complains about how short he is and how is stopped taking care of himself since they got together. She lost so many good guys because nothing was ever good enough for her. Now that is she so old she is clinging on for dear life to her 5 foot nothing man. Poor guy!!! She will never stop cheating on her bfs and will never stop looking for something better. Get out while you still can little man!!!!

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Chazlyn The Natural Beauty

May 28, 2014 Sacramento 172

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, my best bitch / attention whore aka Chazlyn The Drug Dealer wants to know if the world wants to do her ;-) I’ve attached her before /after make up pics from her Instagram. You see her natural beauty and make up skill. She is truly the Lodi finest lady LOL LOL LOL. Don’t forget to add ‘CHAZLYN’ tag! XOXOXO

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Deadbeat Parent

May 27, 2014 Sacramento 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello nik I would like to introduce you to meme and mainy they are dead beat parents who lost their children to CPS due to child abuse they use to live in my apartment on Mack Road Manny used to try to have sex with all of the female that stayed in our apartments he had even convince his girlfriend meme to have a 3some a couple of times, he also sells marijuana to underage children. he is such a loser and Mimi is in denial he physically abuses her and talks really bad to her in public in front of everyone I strongly believe that they are both on drugs they cannot afford their light bill.they have went without lights for months I overheard them talking a couple of times looking for a place to stay because they couldn’t afford $700 in rent everyone in our apartments was talking about how they’re doing fake income taxes and I went over there house one day and they had no food, it\’s sad because they receive government assistance such as food stamps and cash aid somebody please give this couple a reality check meme is almost 30 years old and mainy is only 22 years old god please help this couple..

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She Will Do Anything For People To Say She Looks Like Kim Kardashian

May 26, 2014 Sacramento 26

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Alissa Leary the self proclaimed Kim Kardashian look a like. Ha! Not! Even down to making sex tapes and submitting them to numerous porn distributors. No one wants to see you having sex. Lay off the lip fillers and use that money for your daughters education. Another bit of advice, keep your legs closed to married men and stop trying to blackmail these men for money. Just FYI, you recently slept with my husband. Unfortunately for you, he was diagnosed with DRD 1 year ago.

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Elk Groves Trash Hits the Street

May 23, 2014 Sacramento 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik tell me why this girl has only made it to the dirty twice? She is a nasty piece of cellulite ass. She states that she is the best in bed, sucks great c*ck and can have any man or woman she wants. She hides her looks by taking picture at an angle. Only allowing the viewers to see her face, no body shots at all. POF was her go to sleep with dates. But when you see her in person, I am sorry I love thick woman, but DAMN she is not thick, she is FAT. Who cares, but still do not lie about it b*tch!

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True Trailer Trash in Oroville

May 22, 2014 Sacramento 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Me and my husband were down on our luck n ended up in the trailer park. But being in love we made the best of it….. Next thing u know Im pregnant with our third children. Everything is great until he starts hanging out at the neighbors. We’ll I introduce myself and assume stupid would get a clue. We did birthdays together, she drove me to have my baby, I mean we got close. We’ll I have the baby, go back to work, life is good….. Wrong. My husband starts acting weird n this bitch wants to know why we\’re not getting along. Shit happens, he beats me up, I go to jail…… N this bitch moves my whole family in, kids n husband n all…. She went from nerdy trailer trash to literally trying to look like me. He still calls me n says he luvs me n she deals with it. Never on her best day will she be half the woman I was, I made him wanna come home, She’s got him running for it. She doesn’t have her children, lost her home, he has herpes so I’m sure she does too…. She lost her husband who adored her n traded him in for the gang Banger that feeds her lies. She has No self respect, n the whole time I get to laugh Cuz she sure thought she won that one. Bitch did me a favor, No I’m just watching karma play her part. Go crawl back under the trailer u crawled out under honey, That’s the only place ull ever be able to show ur face again when I’m thru with you.

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