Christopher Smithling Vacaville’s Manslore

March 27, 2014 Sacramento 100 7,547 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Vacaville Air Force creep is Chris Smithling. This douchetard thinks he’s hot shit. Mr. Fcking Rico Suave, texting me and other random girls his awesome little bathroom selfies. He’s quite fond of his cheap beer and decent wine. Scratcher tattoos and skateboards like a twelve year old boy who still hates the world. This guy started emailing me on Facebook last spring. Always asking me to hang out. We exchanged numbers, met up a few times and hooked up in the back of his Audi a few times (drunkingly) and in his quaint little bachelor pad when his kid isn’t visiting. By the way, fix the broken window cheap ass! We slept together a few times last month when he’s gotten off of work. This whole time I’m under the impression he’s single because he’s never mentioned a gf. I started thinking something was up because he only wants me to come over at certain times. So I did a little research and come to find out he’s got a girlfriend that he’s been lying to me about, as well as the other hussies who blow him up quite regularly. He’s been blowing my phone up with cock shots and videos of him stroking it out, all to try and get me to hook up with him some more. Bro, you got a girl! Why the F are you hitting me up still when I called you out on your game?! Your girl is cute too, why screw around on her?! You don’t deserve her or any other woman for that fact! This loser needs to be put on blast so that maybe someone can warn his poor gf and so they can stay far away from this piece of trash who only proves that society’s men are all alike, unfaithful lying losers!

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March 27, 2014 Sacramento 9 8,052 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik dis bitch is the most tha most ratchet hoodrat a cr*ckheads I kno she sleeps around with everyone & does anyone for cr*ck c*ke booze or sex she treats her son like shit if anyone rele know s her they can admit that & she has the most dinkiesst nose ever fuk check out that nose like we fuk if you can sleep around for $$$ u can save up for a nose job save yourself the humiliation you dumb bitch she’s sick she’s gross & needs to be put on blast she’s obsessed with blk guys too cause their more ballin lol silly hoe

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Jairo Will Never Learn

March 25, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 14 7,826 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t have to mention this name anymore since this crooked ass face has been on here for the past few months. If you see this Jairo you know exactly who posted this one. Please get over yourself, you are NOT gods gift to women nor are you perfect. If beating up your ex is what you call being a man than you really deserve to get fcked up. I still can’t believe your county has you hired as a correctional officer. You really should be fired. Fired a long ass time ago. And you are never going to get your way by going back to all you past “hit it and quit it’s”. You are the REAL definition of a DOUCHEBAG and I feel sorry for you. This is just all entertaining because you thought I was joking when I said I was going to post something about you. Might not get me my way but it sure feels good to expose you….again.

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ARC Sloot

March 25, 2014 Sacramento 15 8,361 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is the most disgusting, whore at ARC. She fcks anything that walks. She has hooked up with countless friends of mine, who have said her p*ssy smells like a thousand dead bodies and looks like chewed up black licorice. The girl is absolutely gross, she even has a boyfriend that “she loves sosoososo much and adores” but she constantly cheats on the poor kid. For clarification, she always calls, texts and sends nude pictures to people trying to get them to come over and fck. She instagram every single one of her pictures just to make her pizza face look normal. Instagram will not help. but proactiv will. Oh and she is an anal queen btw. She’s got a lot of noodle in her genes, she can’t help it. Removing clothing is her only chance at a cover up.

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Drunken Sloot

March 21, 2014 Sacramento 83 9,121 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is kaylee Harrison. She loves going from bar to bar and guy to guy. She covinces every guys shes in love with them but always has another guy or guys on the side. She is a horrible drunk, she has no limit. She thinks it cool to fall all over the place. She claims to be independent, but this girl is broke as fck, lives with mommy and daddy. This girl wears so much make up. She pretends to be a health coach. But just uses it to find guys to fck.

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Crysal Hart

March 20, 2014 Cougars, Sacramento 44 8,441 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is a dirty hoe, literally so thirsty she is trying to pick guys up off the Doesn’t take care of her children she is to busy for her man hunt. About time this trash ended up here

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Pinche Puto

March 20, 2014 Sacramento 9 6,642 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jairo Chavez is nothing but a worthless piece of meat. God wasted making a completely good looking person with a shitty personality. One day you will learn to stop coming back to me whenever you want. I may be your ex but the bullshit needs to stop, so since you don’t have the balls or penis to, I guess I’ll do the honors and cut you off myself. Please feed your whores the bullshit and LEAVE ME THE FCK ALONE, I don’t want any part of your shady life. And everyone plus you Jairo know I am way too pretty for you and this ridiculous situation. Have a good life, and get someone else that finds it okay to be your sex toy. I am far above you and I plan on staying up there.

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Save this Girl

March 19, 2014 Sacramento 6 7,599 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m a girl, I’ve been friends with her on Instagram a long time now. She’s sweet cute pretty and all of those things. She’s been thinking about getting tats in her beaut body nik! Please save this girl from getting one. She’s just influenced by those dirty cam girl with them attitude and skanky tats. SAVE HER NIK! Her Instagram: thatjogirll

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