Deja Vu Showgirls ATM/DEBT Card Scam

July 10, 2014 Dirty Business, Sacramento, The Dirty 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Deja Vu Showgirls in Stockton, CA.  Someone there is running a ATM/DEBT CARD SCAM.. Used my ATM/DEBT card, to buy 2 dances one for $40 and and the other for $80 and then was charged $440 and $880… This is a VERY common SCAM at these types of places.  This is how the Scam is in most case’s is played out.  (I was told this by a bartender at a strip club in San Francisco, which I used to work for).  First they make sure you are VERY distracted in a darkened area, the host (who makes his or her money on tips and in an end of the night “cash tip out” from the girls) will take your Card and ID and go to another part of the Lounge area to run your card. Then they come back with card receipt for the amount you wanted to spend or a $1 hold, this receipt is placed on top of the receipt for the higher charge. Normally with 4 or 5 other receipts. You’re told various stories about billing this; charge that, the point is to keep you confused and distracted about what you’re signing for.  Most people are too embarrassed to emit that they were even at a strip club, let alone file a report, and the club know this…

I’m embarrassed when I emit too.- nik

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Carissa Leone

July 9, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Carissa Leone, if you don’t know her – consider yourself lucky. She’s one of those people that can’t seem to get out of the high school lifestyle – she rips off her”friends” and blames everything that goes wrong in her life on whoever is closest to her. She ran away from home and her parents didn’t even care. Her boyfriend Matt is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met and he knew what he was getting into when he met her. They’ve been together a little over a year and she’s cheated on him twice with two different guys, one of which is up on this site also – perfect match right? This girl seriously needs help, but she’ll never get it because her heads to far up everyone’s ass around her for her to work on herself. She brings others down so she can feel good about herself, and when she doesn’t get what she wants from you she shuts you out of her life I know from first hand experience. If you ever meet her don’t let her manipulative ways get into your head because she will turn on you the second you do or say something she doesn’t like. But hey, isn’t that how everyone in Reno is nowadays? So what do you think Nik?

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Child Molesting Ape

July 9, 2014 Sacramento 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this fuck right here is on Megan’s law for being a child molester,, to a child young enough to be unaware of wtf is going on..being as I’ve been on the receiving end of this disgusting act,, this shit rocks me to my core…I had this dude in my car,, around my son (before I knew about all this),, I’m literally shaking so bad right now because I’m so angry & dealing with a flurry of emotions..if you don’t wanna take my word for it hmu on Facebook,, I’ll email you the link,, I’ve already blasted it on my Facebook page,, my Instagram & now that I know about this lovely sight,, it’s on here too…

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Nataliie Jokes on you

July 9, 2014 Sacramento 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this stupid bitch needs to get over herself. Her name is Nataliie and she is nothing more then a stupid fat side chick to this guy Stephen that my girl just ended it with. They were talking before my girl got with him and after he used her for her car and money he is going back to this fat gross hog. It’s sad and funny really, she had nothing to offer to society. Nataliie get a clue and realize that the joke is on you he’s still texting Alex and tell her that your just am obsessed friend and that him and her are soup mates and your just the side chick. Lmao but no you got it stuck in your head that he actually cares about you and wants you. Why don’t you just go away and leave everyone alone, lose some weight and maybe then someone will want you. You have nothing on my friend and never will, you\’re being used for your car and money but you don’t care cuz you really don’t have anyone so you will take what you can get. lol also stop posting shit on your ig about him, it makes you look pathetic and stupid especially when everyone knows he don’t want you.

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Leah Neves

July 3, 2014 Sacramento 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Leah Neves is such a dirty filthy skank! She tries so hard to sleep with one of her coworkers but he doesn’t want that nasty used up pussy!!! She’ll sleep with anyone and doesn’t care about the consequences. She’s fake as fck and pretends to be your friend to your face but will stab you in the back the second that she can! She thinks she’s so cool and gorgeous but she’s butt fucking ugly!!! Look at that bird nose and pizza face! She thinks everyone wants to fck her when in reality no one wants to come near this cum dumpster! She’s worthless and no one likes her! Everyone uses her for everything she has just like she does to everyone else! I suggest staying the fuck away from this bitch!!! You might catch something by looking at her!

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Candice Scalabrino

July 1, 2014 Sacramento 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is a slut I use to be her best friend she sends nudes to anyone and everyone sh’s a terrible friend she can’t have a job for more then 5 mind she tells everyone she’s been dropped of at a door step or her parents aren’t her real parents or she has a brother in the UK but has no pic of him can’t Find him on Fb and doesn’t have his number even word that comes out of her mouth is a lie she also says she’s a bused and puts girls to shame she been pregnant several times and had abortions with them and lies to people about it she will never be a fit mother the only reason why she’s “Internet famous” is because she has no friends in the real world and she dates guys online I aware to you that girl has every sad known to man kind and then some she used to live in Davis and recently moved to vacaville shes a terrible person

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Drake Roque leaves 9 month preggo wife for a trashy teen

June 30, 2014 Modesto, Sacramento 2348



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this lowlife Drake Roque of Modesto, CA thinks he’s the shit he’s so conceited and full of himself. He cheated on his wife throughout their marriage. He has 3 kids with his wife (she has filed for divorce now). When she was preggo with the 3rd kid Drake Roque sent his wife a text message saying he is leaving her and never coming back. He left and took off on her and his other 2 kids when she was 9 months pregnant with the 3rd. He left her for the fat beast he’s kissing in the picture (brunette). Her name is Macie Payne. Bitch has no shame making out with him in public and posting pictures of their makeout sesh on instagram knowing he just left his 9 month pregnant wife high and dry. So as Drake’s wife was in the hospital giving birth to his 3rd son his punk ass was out getting drunk and bumping uglies with Macie Payne who is also a mother herself. That was short lived and he got rid of her fat ass a couple months later when he was able to smooth talk a high school teenager named Natalie Brown. Natalie just turned 18 years old and just graduated highschool. She has a sister who has a baby so you would think she would know better then to get involved with a deadbeat dad like Drake Roque but I guess not. Modesto is known as a trash town full of trash as you can see here. Drake Roque has allegedly not paid one nickel of child support to his wife/mother of his 3 children and has no interest in seeing his 3 young children either. LOWLIFE

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Paul Clark

June 27, 2014 Sacramento 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Paul Clark, he is the most pathetic, low life, piece of shit, lying, cheating ass who is nothing but selfish. He is a spoiled folsom boy whose mommy and daddy has wiped his ass for him in every situation. He thinks he is big and bad cus he owns his own house at age 22, but yet can’t afford it on his own and always has to have a roommate who will pay for everything. He talks shit about everyone but when it comes back at his face he is a dramatic scared little boy. He is a child molester and pervert who talks to 15 yr olds and saves inappropriate pictures of them to jake off to. And let\’s just say he likes pocket pussy over the real things. He absolutely sucks in bed and last all of 3 Minutes. Ca’t tell the difference between a clit and butthole let alone know how to use his 2 inch dick. He does steroids to make him look bigger but don\’t let that fool you. And no, steroids did not make his penis that small. He has a big ego, but nothing to prove for it. He is a cheater and liar and will go behind your back in every way. He will use you for all you have cus he is so selfish and self centered. And he is more high maintenance than any girl I have ever met. He is all about attention and is a drama boy. Some say he is a \”bro\” but bros actually have balls between their legs. Which girls I recommend you to stay away from, his balls smell worse then a homeless person, no matter how many times he washes them. He has warts on his dick and has nothing but a bush even when you dig through it you still can\’t find it. This man is a women abuser and gets away with it. Let\’s not get it wrong, he is not a man and far from it. All he cares about is materials. He is a pathological liar who believes his own lies even when you can prove him wrong. Not only is he mentally ill, but has depression and drinks his problems away. He treats females like shit after suckering them into falling for him. He never goes down on a girl but expects the girl to go down on him. His breath smells like he licked his own ass hole. He never brushes his teeth. So girls, watch out for this pathetic low life. He might just put you in jail for breaking his phone, cus that\’s what he does. And when he talks the big talk and it comes back at him he does nothing but call the cops. He is a cop caller with smelly ass balls. He is a pathetic low life that thinks he is hot shit. Trust me what he has to offer is far from what you want. Cus in the end it will be nothing but a regret. Don’t forget to mention, how disrespectful he is to his Females. Not only does he abuse them but talks down on them to all his buddies. Oh and let\’s just say his so called “friends” have all hooked up with his ex and he doesn’t even know it. But that’s what he deserves for talking all the shit he does about everyone in his life. This wanna be “bro” needs it handed to him cus he’s nothing but fake.

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