Two Buck Chuck

March 18, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 65 7,489 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik and California. This washed up founding frat bro of chico state couldn’t get it all in during his college years. He now rents out a house three blocks from the university to young college girls. As he does have a beautiful home, he only lets women submit applications and tosses all male ones in the trash. He even had an under age woman living in his house and brags about it at the bars. He got a Civil Harassment Order filed against him last September for forcing sex upon her and still didn’t learn his lesson and continues to find a new prey every night. He claims to be a work-out-aholic but we all know at 45 there isn’t much you can do to slow down time or that gut! He continues to rent out his house to young women. With no job and a pedophile background chico needs to know whats up. He sits in his house all day while interrogating these young women. following them around and when you write a check for rent he will stalk the address on the check so don’t be surprised if you see him around home base. He hangs out at Crush Bar a lot. One of his frat bro brothers said he saw roofies in his pocket when we was pulling out cash for the bill one time. Ladies this unemployed washed up frat pedophile you NEED to be on the lookout for in Chico, California. He is not joking around. He will do anything to get laid. He owns un-registered guns and isn’t afraid to carry them on him when none of his friends want to pick him up from the bar and he has to walk home. Limits ? none. Another source says that he pushed a lady at a different bar because she wouldn’t give back his seat back. Issues that need addressing friends? At Nash’s Restaurant he known as the “local restaurant creep” as he is continually touches and harasses the workers of Nash’s Breakfast Join in downtown Chico. Chico you’ve just met 2buckchuck

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Jairo’s Wannabe Wife

March 18, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 10 6,398 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this woman is Linda Esquivel. She probably has to be one of the dumbest bitches alive. She keeps claiming she’s married to Jairo Chavez (who is also featured on this site). Yet Jairo seems to be acting like a single ass little boy. He runs back and forth to his exes and new bitches that are down for anything. Preferably his exes friends. Linda brags about her “big” ass but in reality it’s nothing and she’s just over weight. Linda claims she’s powerful and so smart but still works in a f*cking mall…how many years now linda? Like 20? People have told her countless times over the past decade that Jairo cheats on her but she doesn’t listen and listens to Jairo. Even when there’s proof right in front of her. It’s kind of sad and entertaining all at the same time. Either way linda esquivel is just another dumb bitch and I got plenty more to expose about her and the whole Chavez family. And oh by the way bitch you look dumb as hell putting your last name as Chavez. When 1) u aren’t married & 2) he don\’t even claim ur ass!!! Please don’t f*ck around with telling people you have cancer when your fatass don’t and there are far way more people who give a sh*t about their life that are dying right now. That’s f*cked up.

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Briana Camp – Sac Town Slore

March 17, 2014 Sacramento 257 10,029 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out Roseville and Sac. This right here is Scary Spice. Whoops, I meant Briana Camp. This trick was featured on The Dirty not too long ago because she posted some fake story about her ex Matt Scutella allegedly physically abusing her, doing drugs and cheating. She also claimed he gave her an drd. Well, this nasty b!tch is back at it again. Posting people on The Dirty because she’s jealous of what others have. Let me point out that this nasty twat here is on sex sites advertising for sex. Busted out hoe! Gotcha now. Again, who gave you the drd?! You’re trying to bang random dudes on sex sites, yet Matt gave you a creepy crawly?! Why is her face so orange?! She looks like she dove right into a bag of Doritos! And her eyebrows are still wack! This ugly b!tch looks like her dead mom stabbed her eyebrows with a sharpie. Wtf?! She always looks so pissed off. It’s okay Bri, calm down. A little soap and warm water should clear that mess you call makeup right up! She’s known for sleeping around with multiple men at the same time. She gets passed around like the neighborhood rag doll. She’ll fck anything that walks. That includes the kitty cat. Yup, that’s right, this skank likes to eat pussy! She’ll dive right into your hairy muff. Just be careful though, cause she’s also known for having a stanky, jankey, cheesy pussy. She needs some antibiotics ASAP! She’ll sleep with your man regardless if he’s single, involved or married. She’s a little wannabe home wrecker, about to get promoted with a full time status. Can we say ‘Daddy Issues’?! She’s been busted snorting lines of fine white powder off Broville dick quite regularly. Oh, and I find it amusing that this chubby broad will sit there and talk shit about a mall job, like she’s Gods gift to careers. But the bitch works at Starbucks!!!! Hahahaha. B!tch, be real! You’re just like the next b!tch. Only difference is you sleep around and wear your body weight in makeup. A straight ton! Please put this disgusting vile b!tch on blast. And for the love of “God” Bri, wash your face, fix your old lady witch hair, go to the free clinic, and tie your wide open legs shut! Thanks!

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Her Gifts You Don’t Want

March 16, 2014 Sacramento 8 9,032 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick is still running around Sacramento and Folsom spreading DRD and other diseases. Her name is Amy Alvarado an she is a total bar slut spreading the ooze all over the downtown Sacramento area. She loves to frequent the downtown bars, feel bad for some of the bartenders who prob got DRD from her, and will sleep with any guy she wants. She cheats on every guy she sees and loves to act like it was the liquor that made her a whore. I know a few guys that have been sorry that they hooked up with her and caught the gift that keeps on giving!! If your in the Sacramento area watch out for this haggard boy body man stealing wh*re!

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Come And Go Tanishia Danielle Moore

March 16, 2014 Dirty Army Strong, Sacramento 5 8,309 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tanishia Danielle Moore is dirty, she’s the definition of bitch. She goes around acting like a saint when she is the biggest slut around, she just turned 21 and acts like she knows how the world works but has never survived a day on her own. She likes to preach and act like she knows more than you and is better than you. Watch out for this slut and hypocrite. She’s only known for 6 months loves her oh btw he’s 10 years older than her. Everyone tells her he’s only with her because he knows he can manipulate her feeble little mind but no tell her that she’ll call you a bitch and that your jealous of her. That’s why he chose weed over her ass and left her in the dust. She still thinks she’s a princess, and seriously you had to be fucking ever 5 mins of everyday and let him splat in you every time? That sounds like a slut to me and she claims she’s not. They didn’t plan this baby obviously because he left. If she were a convenient store she would be come n go.

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Sacramento Snitch Stefan Cordiva

March 16, 2014 Sacramento 4 7,520 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This poor excuse of a man is named Stefan Cordiva from Sacramento Ca and recently has migrated to Grass Valley California. Not only is he a shot out tweeker but he is also a woman beater. He can usually be found around the high schools where he picks up his prey using drugs as bait to lure these young girls into having unprotected sex with him spreading drd. He has no job (although he fancies himself a drug dealer) and bullies his own mother to pay for his lifestyle. I mean what kind of loser lets his mom lose her home for his drug habit? Hes been arrested in several counties and even has a couple warrants out but sitches to keep himself out of jail. He has oozed himself over to Grass Valley because too many people out of Sacramento he owes money to or has knowingly spread his drds to. If you see this man dont walk away, RUN AWAY. He will try and come off intellegent and smooth talking and he is nlonly trying to get your wallet or teenage daughter!

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Scumbag And Liar

March 15, 2014 Sacramento 26 6,603 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dude this guy right here is Stephen. He is nothing but a scumbag and liar. First off he is 28 still living in at his parents house, he doesn’t work and doesn’t want to work. I met this dude throw his bro Wes and don’t get me wrong he’s a cool dude but he is a total ass. For starters he has been seeing and talking to this chick for over a year, and Wants her loyalty.but He is fucking a local porn star Alex while she found out she has cancer. How f*cked up is that! To top it off she is a single mom and her kids already attached to him (but then again he’s been constantly around for a year) and instead of manning up and either being there for her or just bouncing her just strings them both along. Man come on! Act your age, it’s sad that by now you have gone no where in life and would rather f*ck someone else then be there for someone who has done more for you then anyone. Only reason I even know is because I’m the only one who she has to talk to. Not only that he is nothing but a liar and a fake. He can be a cool dude unless he is in a situation he isn’t happy with then he will lie and play games until he gets his way. All he does is get high and pretend to work on his company which in reality is never going to take off. Sorry man but your really nothing but a liar, dirt bag and are not as cool as you think you are. I hope she realizes what a waste of time you really are and move in before it’s to late.

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Clepto David Herold Jr.

March 15, 2014 Sacramento 46 9,793 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy likes to meet up girls and than rob them for bank cards, cash and phones. He is in and out of prison. A wanna be rapper fake thru and thru watch out for David Herold Jr.

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