I Don’t Know What To Do

August 19, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 464

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl here Kylie Cole was taken advantage of at a house party by a guy, but she doesn’t want to go to the police because she has known this guy for a long time as her friend. What should I do go to the police for her or tell her parents about it.

Thoughts?- nik

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NorCal Sloot

August 19, 2014 Sacramento 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: : Nik, this is Hailey king. She’s a slooty scum that pretends to be the greatest mom in the world but ain’t.She didn’t even know who her baby daddy was fit her first kid until she was born and tried to start a family with him and he kicked her to the curb no surprise. She talks hela shit on her baby daddys and there new gfs and posts dumb home wrecker shit on facebook everyday. She cheats on dudes all the time and wonders why it happens to her. KARMAS A BITCH !She talks shit on her “best friend” all the time saying she’s fat and 300lbs she’s rude and hopeless .she bitches on facebook being a whiny bitch about hparents even though they help her out with her children unlike some of us and how she hates when people show they’re love for they’re bf/gfs when she does it. Oh Her pssy stinks and has been ran through more than a football field probably by the football field.she says every guy she’s been with has a small dick will maybe it’s just youre pssy like throwing a hotdog down a hallway or something

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Sarah Goodrow

August 19, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets just take a moment to appreciate this girls courage and self confidence. See ladies ? Doesn’t matter if you got a bulging stomach and no ass with some chicken legs! Wear that bathing suit! Why save up for a nose job? Let that honker shine on fact wear an out dated ” rockabilly” look so it pops out even more. Hahaha oh man. Making goodhoe famous I think this is number 4/5? Thanks brit for starting the haters club of this tall can drinking nasty snatchhoodrat . Lets all keep it going! Cera goodhoe , sara goodrow , sarah goodrow aka cera goodhoe .. love it

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Alisha of Yuba City-CA

August 18, 2014 Sacramento 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik I met Alisha on POF back in March of 2014. She poses at Fit_QT. Claims that she’s divorced, and has four kids. We messages a few times, and got to know each other on Instagram and via text message. She is such a manipulative bitch, claims her husband was in jail, etc. We hooked up a few times, and I started liking her and feeling bad for her. She was a little suspect though, every night she couldnt talk/text after like 8:30/9:00 pm. I started doubting some of her story and walla! This bitch, Alisha Edwards-Burton is MARRIED. Her poor husband…I honestly had NO clue at all! So when I confront this crazy bitch, she calls my commanding officer (I’m military), and tries to get me in trouble for having an affair with a married woman! Nik, she’s still lying to men in the 530, and they need to know! She targets military men on purpose, to extort them! This dirty slut needs to be exposed! Please do what you do! Our affair ended in June, and I’m still paying for it! Not only did she lie about being married, her husband was deployed in Afghanistan when we met online! What a raunchy bitch!

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Irene Motta

August 18, 2014 Sacramento 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: On Tuesday August 12 this chick robbed me blind. She took 2 tv’s blu ray and DVD player stereo all my clothes and worst of all sentimental things from my late father. Her #1 goal in life is finding her next bag of shit. Her name is Irene Motta on Facebook she is reenie beenie. She is 5’3 dyed red hair. Small titties she has tattoos rosery beads on her foot,rip dad on her forearm stars on her shoulder and back. Originally she is from Seattle but has been in the Roseville, north highlands antelope area. She is trying to get custody of her 2 year old son Ryder. Thats not going to happen. Her goals in life are to sleep with dealers for drugs, give dieseases, use people for what ever she can get and she is a lying cop caller. Bewear she will smile to your face and rob u behind your back. She gave her own son up for her dope habit and will do what ever it takes to stay high. She targets guys with her naked pictures to steal what they have, to get her drugs and then calls the cops and lies to make herself look not at fault. She is nasty, a horrible mother who druged her own son to get him asleep especially in the hotel rooms when shes meeting her dealers and pimps to sleep with them and make them their money.

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Sarah Goodrow aka Cera Goohoe

August 13, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is crazy. I am warning you. Nastieststalker i have ever seen. This girl hasstalked my friend brittany for 4 years. She will lie and say brittany stalks her but that is not true. I have seen it myself. Sarah made at least 50 fake profiles writing herself to make it seem like brittany stalks her. She sucks so much dick and will not leave brittanys man alone when they only dated for like a week. She is desperate for attention. I will say she is a sloot, has all the time in the world to stalk but cant get a life. I am amused by her. Lets get the real story. Call me a rat. Idc she made a fake profile talking shit on brittany. Here i have screen shots.

Also See: Sarah Goodrow

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Aly Jo

August 12, 2014 Sacramento 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aly Puccetti works at the california state capitol and is one of the biggest and most insecure sluts in the whole world!!! she loves to fck any guy that carries a gun or badge. She got married to a marine so she could have the glory of her wedding having men dressed in there blues, along with using her wedding money to make her small DOUBLE A mosquito bites that cant even be scratched to grow to become a lopsided D CUP. She then got a divorce from her ex husband because she was already fcking another California highway patrol in the capitol, who rides a horse. But obviously she sucks in bed because he left her sooner rather then later. Her vagina is so acidic that she has to have the guy wash his genitals after they fck or what she calls fcking because there penis will burn and feel like it is burning off (can u say drd’s GALORE). Along with her vagina ac*d she also can only have sex while having her vibrator on her clit, on top of her vagina having extreme roast beef which also tells us her vagina is so stretched her vagina inside lips have to fall out the front. She thinks she is hot but her face looks like a wrinkly 50 year old decrepit women, she needs BOTOX ASAP!!! not only is she wrinkly but she is extremely extremely cater faced. she is a 50 year old with a pimples from head to toe!! YUKKK She rips every single girls style and what they do because she is so boring and lame nobody wants to hang with the REAL ALY JO THE HOE!!!

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Susanville Slootbucket

August 11, 2014 Sacramento 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Angela, or “Buffy” as she likes to call herself. She is the biggest waste of skin in the State of California. She can be found on any given day lounging around watching Buffy the vampire slayer re-runs over and over again whilst neglecting her children. She is so damn lazy she never bothers to clean a dish or sweep and mop the floor, her house reeks like cat piss and she’s a pathological liar. She’s a fcking slut, contracted an drd while pregnant with her second child and she sure as hell didn’t get it from her husband!! She has decided it would be cool to throw her soon to be Ex husband out into the street and refuses to allow him to see his children, which speaking of she has decided to tell the kids their dad doesn’t love them. What kind of mother does this? She doesn’t work, doesn’t cook (relys on mcdonalds and cereal to feed her kids, still feeding her 3 year old jarred baby food), doesn’t clean but sure as heck doesn’t waste any time burning up hundreds of dollars she didn’t earn. She has a cosmetology license… Really? Because her appearance could’ve fooled me, I don’t know about you. She looks like a fcken Oompa Loompa with that shitty ass attempt at applying foundation. She says she looks exactly like Sarah Michelle Gellar, what an insult to poor Sarah. She is DISGUSTING, stay far FAR away from her, she’s toxic.

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