She Will Do Anything For People To Say She Looks Like Kim Kardashian

May 26, 2014 Sacramento 26

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Alissa Leary the self proclaimed Kim Kardashian look a like. Ha! Not! Even down to making sex tapes and submitting them to numerous porn distributors. No one wants to see you having sex. Lay off the lip fillers and use that money for your daughters education. Another bit of advice, keep your legs closed to married men and stop trying to blackmail these men for money. Just FYI, you recently slept with my husband. Unfortunately for you, he was diagnosed with DRD 1 year ago.

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Elk Groves Trash Hits the Street

May 23, 2014 Sacramento 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik tell me why this girl has only made it to the dirty twice? She is a nasty piece of cellulite ass. She states that she is the best in bed, sucks great c*ck and can have any man or woman she wants. She hides her looks by taking picture at an angle. Only allowing the viewers to see her face, no body shots at all. POF was her go to sleep with dates. But when you see her in person, I am sorry I love thick woman, but DAMN she is not thick, she is FAT. Who cares, but still do not lie about it b*tch!

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True Trailer Trash in Oroville

May 22, 2014 Sacramento 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Me and my husband were down on our luck n ended up in the trailer park. But being in love we made the best of it….. Next thing u know Im pregnant with our third children. Everything is great until he starts hanging out at the neighbors. We’ll I introduce myself and assume stupid would get a clue. We did birthdays together, she drove me to have my baby, I mean we got close. We’ll I have the baby, go back to work, life is good….. Wrong. My husband starts acting weird n this bitch wants to know why we\’re not getting along. Shit happens, he beats me up, I go to jail…… N this bitch moves my whole family in, kids n husband n all…. She went from nerdy trailer trash to literally trying to look like me. He still calls me n says he luvs me n she deals with it. Never on her best day will she be half the woman I was, I made him wanna come home, She’s got him running for it. She doesn’t have her children, lost her home, he has herpes so I’m sure she does too…. She lost her husband who adored her n traded him in for the gang Banger that feeds her lies. She has No self respect, n the whole time I get to laugh Cuz she sure thought she won that one. Bitch did me a favor, No I’m just watching karma play her part. Go crawl back under the trailer u crawled out under honey, That’s the only place ull ever be able to show ur face again when I’m thru with you.

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Nina Selph the Slore

May 22, 2014 Sacramento 32

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nina is a whore. Shell fuck anyone and send nasty pictures to every guy in sac

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Karyssa Snipes is a lost cause

May 21, 2014 Sacramento, Scottsdale 158


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Karyssa “Reese” Snipes is the biggest loser. apart from working as a waitress and being a drunken mess she is now selling juice pill supplements. lmao seriously? she thinks she’s going to get rich on a pyramid scheme company! so sad. I wouldn’t want to buy anything from a fat, unhealthy and unhappy person with no goals in life. good thing is she’s is moving back to trashy Sacramento where she belongs because the smell of her rotten vag stinks up every bar she goes to. karyssa you make an embarrassment out of yourself.

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Charlene Barbie Lujan aka Home Wrecker Barbie

May 20, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 54



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch is one homewrecker. She has self proclaimed that she looks like Barbie because of all her plastic surgery. She sleeps with anyone that will show her an kind of attention. Talks negative about good people who have never done a thing to her. She’s way older than you think and likes to steal any girls husband that she can. She has no morals or values and claims she’s a Christian. Does more cocaine than a movie star. Some day she will get what is coming to her. Karma is not your friend Charlene Barbie Lujan.

Remember the Tramp Stamp era during the 90′s (means a woman with a tramp stamp is 35 years-old and up).- nik

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Mya Stiletto is SICK

May 19, 2014 Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here is a young lady that goes by the name of mya stiletto she is also a prostitute and is carrying the package and spreading it from city to city she is also a thief she will rob other prostitutes, and have guys set up she plays a good girl role only to win your trust then she will rob you blind she is also spreading the package to everyone men and women her hang out spots are Las Vegas Los Angeles Sacramento and Arizona be very careful when you run across to her she has had a lot of pimps in and out of her life and they will make her do anything for a dollar

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Briana Camp Is A Hypocrite

May 18, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 192

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thought I was done with her but boy was she wrong. I’ve just been waiting for her to show her evil bitch side once again and herreee it is! This girl spreads her DRD all over from Folsom to Roseville to San Francisco. She dates only older guys, can you say daddy issues? She’s a gold digger, manipulator and black mailer don’t tell her any of your secrets because she will use then against you first chance she gets. She posted a guy on here with lies about how he abused her and now they are engaged? What is wrong with this girl. She calls people fat to feel better about herself even though she is already anorexic skinny but dam look at that head! people need to stop telling her she looks good because her head is literally blowing up lmao. She constantly rags on other girls about there make up yet has a tang colored face with a white neck, her eyebrows are jacked and that eye liner and those spider leg fake eyelashes, yuck! Her hair is sooo fried and also fake just like her. Also she’s only 18 but looks 35. This girl needs too stop being so stuck up. Mom would be proud, oh wait…

I feel like there needs to be an educational course offered in High School to teach women how to apply make-up. This whole learn as you go thing is not working for the world.- nik

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