Briana Camp Is A Hypocrite

May 18, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 192

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thought I was done with her but boy was she wrong. I’ve just been waiting for her to show her evil bitch side once again and herreee it is! This girl spreads her DRD all over from Folsom to Roseville to San Francisco. She dates only older guys, can you say daddy issues? She’s a gold digger, manipulator and black mailer don’t tell her any of your secrets because she will use then against you first chance she gets. She posted a guy on here with lies about how he abused her and now they are engaged? What is wrong with this girl. She calls people fat to feel better about herself even though she is already anorexic skinny but dam look at that head! people need to stop telling her she looks good because her head is literally blowing up lmao. She constantly rags on other girls about there make up yet has a tang colored face with a white neck, her eyebrows are jacked and that eye liner and those spider leg fake eyelashes, yuck! Her hair is sooo fried and also fake just like her. Also she’s only 18 but looks 35. This girl needs too stop being so stuck up. Mom would be proud, oh wait…

I feel like there needs to be an educational course offered in High School to teach women how to apply make-up. This whole learn as you go thing is not working for the world.- nik

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Chazlyn Is A Proud Drug Dealer

May 16, 2014 Sacramento 282

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I\’ve uploaded additional photos of Chazlyn. They are all public and posted by herself for her escort service!! The first pic was posted in her IG by herself. Expose this hoe before she wrecks another home!!

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Greasy Amber Kelly

May 16, 2014 Sacramento 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce Ratface Greasy Mall Amber Kelly . This girl is beyond ratchet let me tell you. She trys to put on this innocent act like she this preschool teacher /model/horror by day or whatever at the time makes her look good. I never saw a model with quite so greasy hair. This bit@h ani’t no model she still lives off her old crippled grandparents and is supported by 2nd ex-husband military alimony checks. She so cray, cray that she even killed her first born son. That ratface claims he died of SIDS bit@h please save it, well all know that you & your 1st husband m*th habit ki**ed your son. Now don’t feed into her pity of that crap. She uses that and trys to make you feel sorry for her to become one of her close friend, but just wait this conniving bit@h isn’t done there. Now here is the kicker she can’t wait until you’re not around to feed this pity story to your man and have him feeling sorry for her just to turn around and try to sleep with him. This Ratface Greasy Mall Amber Kelly even told me she feeds off the attention of married men. Too bad my husband seen that shit from a mile away and I had you all fu@ked up believing you was my friend. The bit@h right here is going to be the next Sarah June Douglas the way she be fucking around with married men.

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Sending to fiancé’s friends

May 15, 2014 Sacramento 3

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This lovely lady is engaged and has a daughter with her “fiancé” but yet she is sending photos like this to his friends which happen to be guys she has known for years. She lives in the antioch/Sacramento area. Apparently you really cannot turn a hoe into a house wife. Her fiancé would be better off without this white trash.

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Says She’s one of the Guys

May 15, 2014 Sacramento 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Megan Nicol lives in the Oakley/Sacramento area. She says she is one if the guys and even though she is ugly as fck, she still gets around constantly. She might have a good job, her own things, but needs to respect herself and stop sleeping with every guy she meets drunk at the bar. She is an alcoholic who just looks for guys to take her home. The guys don’t last in her life too long because she lays there like a dead fish. She isn’t picky about who she sleeps with.

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Would you want this girl cleaning your teeth

May 14, 2014 Sacramento 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Do not befriend this sleazy Rio Linda raised ratchet ass cnt, she will take you for all you’ve got. She’s notorious for sleeping with her friend’s boyfriends and husbands. Watch out gentlemen…. this cunt has holes so wide in her nose from all the coke she sniffs up all day I wouldn’t be surprised if someone fcked her there too. She locked her five year old in a room at a house party with no food or anything to drink for hours while she drank and sucked up whip-its until her lips were turning blue. We know she is only engaged right now because she is probably running from the latest eviction notice nailed to her door. One time while we were drinking she told me how guilty she felt when her son walked in and saw her getting fucked by two guys. You’re such an attention whore you had someone come pick you up because you were threatening to jump in front of vehicles, I’m pretty sure she was guilty about her son seeing her. If you want a quick blowjob this bitch blows dogs for quarters. Hit her up! Just give her some drank and she’ll open up.

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Sactown’s all Gut No Butt GoGo Dancer

May 14, 2014 Sacramento 241

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Here is Holly-hood Gunn’s chance for fame now! congrat’s she has made it to the! Perfect addition to add to the trio of her other skanky ass hoe friends on here already! Holly is a prime example of how Fugly most Sactown Go-Go dancer’s really are, All gut, no butt, flat chested trailer trash with a douche-bag boyfriend with cheap crappy ass tattoo’s , these two are the cheesiest son of a bitch\’s i have ever seen. Holly is the definition of sactown white trash that think’s her shit don’t stink well let us on the dirty let you know that you look like you rolled out of a trailer park of meth smoker’s and your ass is flatter than a pancake, please stop posting pic’s of your flat ass it’s disgusting! Put down the pipe and eat some of those sandwich’s you make for a living you wannabe stripper sac trash tweeker.

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Dr. Cheater

May 14, 2014 Sacramento 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Introducing the biggest D-Bag you will ever lay eyes on, this is Dr. Zachary Taylor of Sutter Hospital of Sacramento. Stated on his hospital profile: he enjoys soccer, tennis, violin playing, etc. But what it should state is that he enjoys cheating on his wife on a regular basis with his fellow hospital staff. He especially enjoys his time with all the “sexretaries” that give him the time of day. This jerk practices unsafe sex with all these girls and brings home whatever DRD he gets to his wife, and he’s a doctor!? How could you trust this doctor to advise patients all day when he lives his life like a pervert predator walking the halls of the Hospital trying to pick up on chicks all the time. I guess all those years of studying never came with a lesson in common sense. He was caught recently by one of his sexretary’s boyfriends, and as a result, he received a black eye (not from a door knob) but from getting nailed repeatedly in the face while he was still in the shower with this broad. Talk about getting caught red handed. He thought he was smooth with the girls at the hospital, hopefully this will put the nail on the coffin for his career and his marriage. His wife deserves to be treated better and so do his patients. Hopefully his wife takes him to the cleaners and strips her scamming husband of all asset. She deserves to keep it all. Good luck preying on girls now, EVERYBODY knows about this website, and now they know all about you. Nik put this idiot on blast please!

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