Military Sexual Predator

June 2, 2014 Fresno, Sacramento 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik put Rick Iannuzzo on here the guy is 25 & still hits on minors He meets girls through his meet me account he obviously lied about his age 2 be able 2 add them He fucked this Fresno slut Morgan bishop She just turned 17 him 24 they talked 4 few days met she spent night had one nighter fuk then didnt talk 2 her I wouldn’t care to put any1 on blast but HIS IN THE MILITARY! man u r suppose 2 be a role model. thanks 2 him for his service if he did tours but fcking A MINOR IS ILLEGAL SHE WAS UNDER AGE! his grown man 5yeas from 30 he should meet girls round his age not little kids after 1nighter he didn’t talk 2 her 4 few months & now his wants seconds he added her on fb recently now HE IS PREDATOR should be a sex offender! I would have reported him 2 but didn’t kno where 2 I have a pic of them together jus have 2 restore it from my laptop if no 1 believes me I will post it! But Now he hits on girls on fb just trying 2 get laid & is hitting on the finally legal morgan bishop easy pussy thats why she a little girl still so let the world know what this sexual predator did im sure not just with her & is probably still doin with other minors!! OH NOT TO MENTION AFTER THEY FCKED SHE ENDED UP WITH drd CALLED CH***A IM SURE EITHER HE GAVE IT OT HER OR SHE TO HIM SO CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE FCKED HIM OR HER GO GET TESTED! AND YES THATS THE MINOR HE FCKED USING CONDOMS AS BALLOONS, CAN YOU SAY MINOR, LITTLE KID AND ILLEGAL? everyone should know so they can be careful with him

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Sacramento Craigslist Most Wanted

June 2, 2014 Sacramento 95


THE DIRTY ARMY: Vanessa messberger is the worst sac has to offer. She will jump from guy to to guy spreading drds with no concern whatsoever. Total train wreck. But u can screw her within the hour of meeting her. She lives on craigslist with a wish list for the perfect guy. But she is a 5th grade drop out with no job or anything expecting for superman to save her. Cali beware. She is not worth it

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Jackass of all Trades

May 29, 2014 Sacramento 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Christopher Quintanilla, another smoldering, moldy, stinking rotting huge douche-bag in Sacramento, Ca, he thinks his game is top notch and is delusional! convinced that he is some kind of pimp and can pull any girl he wants, while juggling random website hook-ups, and a main bitch, he goes on several dating sites with a fake name, age, and sends women nasty disgusting messages hoping desperately to get his tiny pencil prick laid. Warning do not hit this, unless you are really desperate in that case wrap his mini dick with 4 rubbers, this sloppy douche will stick his tiny prick in any bitch with a hole that walks even if she just had a 15 man train ran through he will give you his pathetic pencil prick love with no glove.

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Nurse Haley

May 28, 2014 Sacramento 136


THE DIRTY ARMY: This 21 year old, Currently attending “job corp” to be a NURSE haha, just kidding, shes been there for 3 months in CNA (certified ass wiper) classes, she claims to be a nurse though its hilarious haha. Anyways to the good stuff, she is 21 has never had a job, she doesnt pay for any of her stuff, clothes,food. cell phone bill. As you can see as the posted pictures above, her makeup skills is horrible, more like sad. pasty white lipstick, CMON! She claims to save lifes?? 21 years old and in job corp how sad, and gets some ghetto mexican boyfriend while shes there ( and he got kicked out) shes definitely NOT going places hahaha! her grammar is horrible, she thinks shes a ghetto queen. ” naaa uhh girl\” “check yo self before you wreck yo self” it gets worse, she used her sister ( well me im posting this ) I take 100% credit! she tracked me down actually, and came over all the time, she whined about not having clothes, so i gave her like half of my closet, I fed her bought her first tattoo did like everything for her. and she just fcked me over like the little cnt she is, she is hateful towards our dead mothers family, and claims to be a christian and a good person. shes dumb. get ran over by a retard bus bitch! her name on instagram is caution209, fb is sweetie shy, take a peep fokes, and laugh away.

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I Guess it runs in the Family

May 28, 2014 Sacramento 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is one cracked out family but I guess I could understand where Melissa and Rebecka learned it from. Their whore of a mother she is one cracked out whore who is hung out high to dry. Wanna be Mexican who is complete garbage. Melissa is nothing but a loser doesnt work makes her husband support her has no friends because she is fake as fck. Rebecka is just the usual fat ass wanna be Mexican Walmart trash. If she gains anymore weight she’s gonna be pushing 600lbs she can’t take care of her daughter and is still living at home with mama sucking off the tit. All three of these girls and nasty hoes who you could use their vagina as doors. Watch out the could be carrying a disease … Get your shots before coming within 100 ft

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Allen Ward in Virginia

May 28, 2014 Sacramento 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Scam artist on Trying to get women in Lake Tahoe. Claims he’s living in Virginia, but moving to Lake Tahoe. Full of lies, trying to get money from women. Uses lines from 1980′s songs. Says he’s falling in love and doesn’t know how this could be happening, etc. etc. Claims he’s a home restoration expert in the process of remodeling his own home. Birthdate is 3/30/65.

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Natasha Tutelya

May 28, 2014 Sacramento 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please help this girl!! Her name is Natasha Tutelya and she is pushing 29 this year! This whore jumps from guy to guy claiming they are “the one” and she is soooo in love when in reality she be hitting up all her old lovers to see who will take her back. She is always trying to find someone better. Well at almost 30 years old she finally locked down a pathetic excuse for a man. this nigga buying her everything and spoiling her ass when she is still talking to every guy she can behind his back. He even moved her to the bay but she is still acting shady. She brings him around her exs without the poor guying even knowing, she always complains about how short he is and how is stopped taking care of himself since they got together. She lost so many good guys because nothing was ever good enough for her. Now that is she so old she is clinging on for dear life to her 5 foot nothing man. Poor guy!!! She will never stop cheating on her bfs and will never stop looking for something better. Get out while you still can little man!!!!

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Chazlyn The Natural Beauty

May 28, 2014 Sacramento 235

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, my best bitch / attention whore aka Chazlyn The Drug Dealer wants to know if the world wants to do her ;-) I’ve attached her before /after make up pics from her Instagram. You see her natural beauty and make up skill. She is truly the Lodi finest lady LOL LOL LOL. Don’t forget to add ‘CHAZLYN’ tag! XOXOXO

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