Donald Harvey – Bathroom Boy

August 5, 2014 Sacramento, Santa Rosa 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Donald Harvey is a self proclaimed gangster now a days. I know some of the homeboys that grew up with this homie remember his history. Sophmore year of high school this clown was caught giving Jeremy Evans head in the bathroom stall during class. Gangster Dick Blower has been denying it for the past 20 years. I think the homies would respect him more if he just admitted what 3 of us saw happen. He has a kid and gf now, so maybe it was just a phase of his gayness, but nevertheless, he’s carried the name cum lips for two decades.

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Cam Girl Ali

July 31, 2014 Sacramento 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl ali will fck anyone she is a cam girl that never takes care of her kid. She fcks forgift cards and her pssy smells like fish. Tell me what you think nik.

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Needle Nazi

July 29, 2014 Sacramento 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Paige, shes a little hoodrat who runs around Orangevale trying to get guys to give her drugs. She has no friends cuz she’s screwed everybody’s man and burnt all her bridges. You can find her wearing the white boots and bongo jeans probably talking on somebody else’s phone ( BTW Rachael is gonna put the boots to you for stealing her phone) You wanna hang around married men and text them while their asleep in bed with their wife talking about “baby im sick (out of drugs) can I have $20″ Really? You nasty dirty junkie!! Get up off that flat lazy ass and make your backpage ad!! I’m sure some baller pimp will recruit you to their stable where u can get all the smack ya want!! Have a nice day!!

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Heather D Baker Caught Red Handed

July 28, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 26



THE DIRTY ARMY: Heather Baker is a 38 year women from merced CA. I met her one day while i was visiting my families house. she was their neighbor. next thing you know we were dating then i moved in with her. She said hauled cattle for a living but I was once married to A girl who grew up on a dairy, so i knew she was lying when she would be gone for a week and yet come home without a scent of cow on her. not possible. this continued for a year until i called her out on it. we had a blowout but she stopped \”hauling cattle\” she told me she was layed off and i asked why she doesnt draw unemployment. we argued again. then that was it. until recently we broke up and i set up a video camera in the upstairs window of my parents house. i pointed it at her front door for 3 nights and due to her kids not living with her anymore because she drinks too much, she was able to bring the johns to her home. i confronted her about that and she said she had a couple one night stands. smhhhh! you tell me what you think. on the 4th day of our breakup she was already in another relationship. this guy is 25 years old. i am 30 and when i met her she was in a relationship at the time as well, yet i was unaware. shes been fucking everyone over that loves her and she needs to be exposed. she has 4 restraining orders for 4 guys. me and the three before me that has gotten close to the truth. she will be stopped. help me out if you know anything. i believe she used to meet johns on yahoo dating site and communicate through yahoo messenger. thanks

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Cheater with Feelings

July 24, 2014 Sacramento 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is tasha hiler I just found out she had had a bf but we have had many conversations and she sent me these pictures and many more I went over to her house amd drank and she sucked me off yea it’s been a few months but for some reason I have feelings for her obviously her guy never pleased her

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Queen of the Night

July 24, 2014 Los Angeles, Sacramento 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik. Hoe of the night is more like it. She has one night stands with different guys & is given gifts, she states she has no idea who it’s from. Well, she fcks many on the daily, so how can one possibly remember? We used to be close, but she ruined it by sleeping with a close friend of mine’s boyfriend of 3 years multiple times and gave him drd. In high school, she cut class to go fck in the bathroom /back of the school. She even fcked the girls’ boyfriends whom she didn’t like. Which she proudly told us and even got carried away by telling others. When word got around that she was the school hoe, a ton of girls were always beating her up for fcking with their man (sweet Karma lol). See she does’t know how to fight, but knows how to use her mouth to suck dick and talk shit. As a result, she dropped out. Also, the reason why her face is puffy looking, from all the beatings. She never had a real job, except for doing bus stop quickies. She steals from her parents and contributes nothing to help them in any way. She betrays everyone who had her back through every mess she got herself into. She’s by herself now except the sleazy men she cks. She likes to call everyone fake when they realize what a two timing fake bitch she really is then leave. Family, trust, loyalty mean nothing to her. She’s selfish and puts herself first before her friends or family. She thinks she’s better than everyone else and deserves to be called a Queen” when she’s nowhere near that title.

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Mother of the Year

July 21, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, should you? Look at the mother of the year in Roseville. The one & only her**n addict mother of three. Three baby daddy’s. first kid wants nothing to do with her and lives with the dad. Second kid lives with her brother and father is in prison.the third has alcohol fetus syndrome and she had in rehab and tried to trap the father. Thank god for the grand parents. She has OD’d numerous times and screws her drug dealer.. Who does her**n? White trash ? She is in her 30′s. no college education and lays on her back for a living. In this pic I got. She is wearing stolen bathing suis and has bruises from her drug dealer who beat her. One piece of work and the biggest shit talker. She has H** C from shooting up so wear condoms. Her files are public record. Look at all the 911 calls. Nik would you bang a woman that is lower than crawling under an ant?

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Rio Linda Sloot

July 18, 2014 Sacramento 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl Britney Mann cheats on here husband and always be crying that he beats her. She has two kids from two different baby daddy\’s and both kids are really close in age. She doesn’t know when to close her legs. Her husbands stays with her even knowing she sleeps around I guess that what happens in rio Linda. Well warning guys she might get you caught up by getting pregnant with your kid so u can be stuck with this slore. She loves to post pic of her self and make sure you can see her boobs with a push up bra cause she has saggy boobs. Well just a warning to all you guys out there.

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