Kailey Fisicaro

June 17, 2014 Modesto, Sacramento 50


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this slut went to oakdale high school and graded in 2011 she fcked and sucked every dick from turlock to fremont to SD from 9 to 12 grade. 2 of my buddies got drd from her in 11th grade . she fucked her professor for a better “understanding” of public relations.she studies at stan state and works at turlockcitynews this backwater redneck gutterslut has no respect for people and there relationships, she’s pops pills and smokes weed constantly . she cheated on her boyfriend with his bestfriend and brother . i think this sums up how horrible and nasty the women really is nick

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Linda the Blemda

June 16, 2014 Fresno, Sacramento 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: LINDA SILVA .You ll often see her on corners on ventura .hunnington or at the connect .leaves the baby by himself@3 in the morning tm walk the streets using the same line throwin in sexual favor gestures while tellin sad woe is me shit. Oh but what about the baby? Hes safe now.care full shesgot herpies so she luvs oral sex @ the park or in dark alleys on 6Thst.and loves to swallow so she doesnt make amess all that and carring on converpation for free! Now shes tryn to take her disgurting carrer on redbook.what gets me is starting an argument so I have to leave so she can feed the11month baby by himself with the door wide open. Always clearing her throat from months of backed foot fancy street work.shes Serve all the east so shel a head to fig garden.

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June 13, 2014 Sacramento 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Joe Iuele. So my sister started bringing this guy around awhile ago and he seemed cool, He had a band and a job and seemed legit. But, then he played her. He told her he was clean and all this shit and that he had a past but he was done with the stuff he use to do but she found a bag of cocaine and a ton of mollys in her room one day after he spend the night and the AFTER that she caught him up talking to other girls. WTF?! right? So, she left his lying ass and kicked him out. I think hes homeless now or either couch hopping between all the naive bitches that actually find his crater face attractive. He did my sister dirty, so now hes on the dirty. PEACE!

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EBT Baller

June 5, 2014 Sacramento 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to start. This girl im sure has been on here before.Her name is Stephanie Tresca aka EBT baller.This girl will leave her kids with whoever is willing to watch them. I was suckered into watching them for a week. She brags about how “wealth” she is. I guess it is easy to be wealthy when you get $800 a month in food stamps and cash aid smh it must be nice to be able to be a ho and get free money smh. She loves the purple crayons and will do anything for $5. Smh she is loaded with drd’s and her kids heads were full of lice each time she dropped them off at my house.smh

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Can Filters Really Change You This Much

June 5, 2014 Sacramento, The Dirty 72


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have seen these girls on instagram, and they all seem crazy beautiful. Minus Ellie’s obnoxious star wars makeup. Then, I saw these pictures that obviously have no filters or editing. Can filters really change the way a person looks this much? They don’t even look like the same people.

No way that is the same person.- nik

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Dangerous Body Piercer

June 3, 2014 Reno, Sacramento 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman Brandy Jean runs a tattoo studio “ORTEGA TATTOO in Lake land Village California. She is a self proclaimed witch but doesn’t know that the Curse has been upon her since May. We extremely upset with her because this sinister and evil woman has been spreading he**is to her customers and people that she makes cupcakes for. There is a Pending police investigation on her as we speak as they’re trying to gather evidence, but she is a very slick and evil soul to have done this. She has a couple diseases and she vowed to spread them to as many men as she can, I used to be her friend until she let me know about her plan when she was drunk. I called her the next day and told her how wrong that was, & All she had to say was that she is part of a society of devil worshipers, and that was the job she was given and she has to complete it. This is a very sinister girl, I cannot begin to tell you how evil she is, there have been seven people so far that have been pierced or have ate some of her cupcakes, that have all tested positive and have collectively gathered to press charges. She also is a prostitute that sells her body on craigslist and the erotic review, she has a set of false teeth and she has her fetish in which she charges for what she calls a no “teeth blowjob.”This girl needs to be stopped, I cant believe a soul like this would be allowed to exist on earth, she is ruining peoples health and hurting people, since the investigation, she has been very mellow, but please do not mistake this woman, she still claims to have an agenda to fulfill and at any cost. Beware

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Military Sexual Predator

June 2, 2014 Fresno, Sacramento 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik put Rick Iannuzzo on here the guy is 25 & still hits on minors He meets girls through his meet me account he obviously lied about his age 2 be able 2 add them He fucked this Fresno slut Morgan bishop She just turned 17 him 24 they talked 4 few days met she spent night had one nighter fuk then didnt talk 2 her I wouldn’t care to put any1 on blast but HIS IN THE MILITARY! man u r suppose 2 be a role model. thanks 2 him for his service if he did tours but fcking A MINOR IS ILLEGAL SHE WAS UNDER AGE! his grown man 5yeas from 30 he should meet girls round his age not little kids after 1nighter he didn’t talk 2 her 4 few months & now his wants seconds he added her on fb recently now HE IS PREDATOR should be a sex offender! I would have reported him 2 but didn’t kno where 2 I have a pic of them together jus have 2 restore it from my laptop if no 1 believes me I will post it! But Now he hits on girls on fb just trying 2 get laid & is hitting on the finally legal morgan bishop easy pussy thats why she a little girl still so let the world know what this sexual predator did im sure not just with her & is probably still doin with other minors!! OH NOT TO MENTION AFTER THEY FCKED SHE ENDED UP WITH drd CALLED CH***A IM SURE EITHER HE GAVE IT OT HER OR SHE TO HIM SO CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE FCKED HIM OR HER GO GET TESTED! AND YES THATS THE MINOR HE FCKED USING CONDOMS AS BALLOONS, CAN YOU SAY MINOR, LITTLE KID AND ILLEGAL? everyone should know so they can be careful with him

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Sacramento Craigslist Most Wanted

June 2, 2014 Sacramento 97


THE DIRTY ARMY: Vanessa messberger is the worst sac has to offer. She will jump from guy to to guy spreading drds with no concern whatsoever. Total train wreck. But u can screw her within the hour of meeting her. She lives on craigslist with a wish list for the perfect guy. But she is a 5th grade drop out with no job or anything expecting for superman to save her. Cali beware. She is not worth it

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