Played by Corey Speck

April 18, 2014 Atlanta, Salt Lake City 2 6,008 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I guess I’m wishing I would have googled the name Corey Speck (from Atlanta) before now, you have a previous story on him. Well now he’s he’s here in Cedar city Utah doing the same thing. Now he drives a red corvette and still uses the fact that he’s served to will woman in. I started dating him Christmas of 13 and called him on bs right from the start. He has a profile on plenty of fish, Mrblueeyez84…. He wouldn’t answer calls says he’s always busy blah blah blah then I see this post on your page and I tonight hopefully informed everyone on his Facebook or at least til he wakes up and sees it haha. The reason I’m mad he persuaded me to keep seeing him and I told him multiple times if your playing games I have a child don’t involve me. He obviously has no remorse to get what he wants !

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Mom Admits To Killing 6 Babies Found In Utah Home

April 16, 2014 Salt Lake City, The Dirty 121 100,744 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is pretty insane. Megan Huntsman is a lunatic. She has had 6 pregnancies in the last 10 years and each baby died the same way. She either strangled or suffocated them immediately after they were born. She wrapped their bodies in a towel or a shirt, put them in plastic bags and then packed them inside boxes in the garage of her home south of Salt Lake City. What’s not clear is why. I don’t get how anyone could do this to their children.

The eyes say everything. Is there a father to these children?- nik

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Women Abuser

April 2, 2014 Denver, Salt Lake City 11 10,321 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is my ex husband. I have put a sticker over the baby’s face as he is innocent. My ex husband beat me and cheated in me after I had a miscarriage with my daughter. He was even arrested for Domestic Violence a week before our 1 year wedding anniversary. Unfortunately he is now engaged to another women. I fear for her safety since I know what this man is capable of. Please repost this and hope it makes it to her. I don’t want any other women to go through what I have

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There Is Hot Girls In Utah

March 5, 2014 Salt Lake City, The Dirty 86 101,755 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mercedie High, she may be pretty but don’t let her pretty face fool you. She is the biggest sl*t in Utah, and has slept with everyone.  Its so funny how everyone thinks we are prudes out here, but I promise we are not.

What a waste of amazing eye balls.- nik

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Another Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Her 17 Year Old Student

December 20, 2013 Salt Lake City, The Dirty 53 93,079 Views

article-2479595-19121B1200000578-307_634x340 copy

article-2525509-1A2AED7200000578-231_634x436 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a high school teacher in Utah has been charged with rape for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student who was able to accurately describe tattoos on her body and the layout of her home.  Brianne Altice, 34, an English teacher at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah, was charged in Farmington’s 2nd District Court with three counts of rape, a first-degree felony.  The 17-year-old boy admitted to investigators in November that he had had sex with Altice on three occasions between January of 2012 and October of 2013.  I to this day have no idea how every teachers is getting arrested for this besides the one that is suing you.

Because rape is legal in Kentucky.- nik

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Trash in Wyo

November 27, 2013 Salt Lake City 0 7,866 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I love that people can remain anon on your site and spread the truth, it’s like posting public service announcements about low life people. Anyway, this girl’s name is Maddy Monpas (girl on far left in each pic). She’s a fat, sleazy whore and I figured she deserved a little karma for how she acts. From what I know she screws people at every place she has worked before. She used to work for an aviation corporation here in Wyoming and quit because her flirting with her supervisor got well out of hand. She’d bend over for him at work and let him slap her ass with fly swatters, text him sleazy shit, etc. (The dude has 9 kids). She got with an employee there also and had him written up for her own whorish mistakes. She also tried to get with another supervisor for a company at the airport who is almost 40 and has children also. I don’t get why there’s a double standard with girls, they play an innocent card in the work place and everyone points fingers at a man first. When in reality, it’s the woman’s fault also for spreading her legs. She claims that she doesn’t drink, while she hangs out with the nastiest girls in Wyoming (obviously) every weekend at any local bar. She’ll take any guy that says hi to her. Someone I know hooked up with her and said right before her drunken ass hopped on top of him, she fell out of the car to pee spread eagle. Maddy- have fun letting future employers read this, you get what you deserve.

Doesn’t drink eh.  Hows she explain that drink in her hand?- nik

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Utah Boy Scout Troop Leaders Destroy 200 Million Year Old Rock Formation In Mere Seconds

October 22, 2013 Salt Lake City, The Dirty 45 90,516 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think that these two obese fools need to be put on blast on The Dirty. Boy Scout Troop Leaders Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall from Salt Lake City, Utah were on an official Boy Scout outing with their troops to Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park. The rare rock formations in this park took millions of years to create. These two fools decided it would be funny to topple one, record it and post online. In mere seconds Glen Taylor toppled the 200+ million year old formation (on video) and laughed about it. Once exposed, these fat fools go on TV and claim they did it to save a child from being squashed by the boulder! I’m not buying it. What next, cut down every tree in the forest so they don’t fall on someone? Even better: just weeks earlier rock pusher Glenn Taylor filed a suit against a family claiming he was injured and unable to work due to an auto accident involving their 16 year old daughter. He looks fine to me! Please put these idiots on blast and give them the proper kick in their fat asses they deserve.

They should be fined for this… they just ruined someones potential Instagram picture.- nik

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Utah’s Douchiest Meat Head

October 16, 2013 Dirty News, Salt Lake City, Utah 3 6,915 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, allow me to introduce you to Salt Lake City’s biggest conceited meat head, Michael Benson. Mike’s interests include: working out at Gold’s Gym, taking selfies in the mirror, thinking he’s the shit, and saying the word “bro”. He also enjoys dating women but after a while remembers that he loves himself WAY more than any chick. With a pick up line like, “I’ve been told I look like Vin Diesel…” what’s not to love?! Look out Salt Lake City, he goes through women faster than he can say “Bro, where’s my fitted Affliction tee?”

Vin Diesel? I thought it was the Rock.- nik

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