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PSA: Homewrecker

November 14, 2014 Salt Lake City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This no life has a steak for going out with MARRIED MEN! Cum slut got caught giving head to a married man she met in church. Also persisted on getting married men to leave their wives for her. She is thirsty and DIRTY! Insecure hoe can’t find her own man so she tries to get TAKEN ones. She lives in utah and his the corners, churches and work places. Hide yo kids, hide yo husband cuz she suckin and fuc**in everbody up in here!

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Proud F-Buddy and Side Chick

November 14, 2014 Salt Lake City, San Antonio 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this trick here is 19 and uses her age as an excuse to be a cum bucket to TAKEN men! She does it raw and uses them DSLs to yap ally how she can take any dude from any woman. She lives and Utah and things she owns the state with her drd having self. She is beyond DIRTY and looks like shiet without makeup

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Rebecca Peacock

November 6, 2014 Salt Lake City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, Id like to introduce to you Becky Peacock. Her sugar daddy she’s married to goes out of town a ton and when he does leave town she truly gets around. Just recently on what is known as deer widows weekend her husband went on his annual golf trip and this was the last time we were together. I only tell you this as i developed a rash in a certain area only to find out recently it was genital drd. Im not the only one it seems she has infected as i also became acquainted to a bar tender at a frequent dining location near her husbands, I mean her home that informed me dirty becca also gave him the gift that keeps on giving. I hope to get this info out and though she is very pushy and flirty and seductive for an older cougar, avoid her like a plague. Im half tempted to sent her husband an anonymous note about her extra curricular activities.

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Dan Love Needs To Be Fired From Bureau of Land Management

September 22, 2014 Dirty Business, Salt Lake City 1


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Dan Love, special agent for the BLM who led the failed raid on the Bundy ranch in Nevada this year represents the typical arrogant, rogue abuse of power that is inherent within the feceral bureaucracy. Goons like Love have gotten away with behavior like this in the past, waving their big, scary FED clubs, but the American people are FED UP with the rogue Gestapo/Stasi tactics of unaccountable carrion like Dan Love. The lawlessnes of the current DOJ, IRS, EPA and other alphabet soup agencies like the BLM has finally awakened the sleeping giant of the public who are tired of surrendering ther rights to lowlife goons like Dan Love who have no respect for small business, commerce, productive tax paying citizens who fund a swelling bureaucracy of unproductive parasites like Dan Love and his BLM ilk. It’s time for Dan Love to be fired for the blood-sucking parasite that he is. If the BLM wants to repair its reputation and get back in line with the boundaries of authority it really has, then give this lowlife goon the boot! Let Dan Love go out in the real world and see what it’s like to be an asset to society and actually produce something for once in his low life.

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Gabby Parsons

August 7, 2014 Salt Lake City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was married too this bitch, until she had me arrested for Domestic Violence. I caught her fcking all my military buddies when my back was turned. She claims to be this nice girl from Utah, but just smokes dope all day where we live. She is selling all of our items to get high. I couldn’t believe it when she fcked two of my military buddies at the same time. She is the military base ho. Unfortunately, we have a kid… Now I have to sit bye will she bangs my buddies, so I can just see my kid. I had to sit at home last night, while some dude came bye to bang my ex-wife… fcken whore… Utah know what type of whore she is.

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Uses Guys for Money

June 20, 2014 Salt Lake City, San Antonio 40


THE DIRTY ARMY: Still not sure how…

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Utah’s Twitter Troll

May 23, 2014 Salt Lake City, The Dirty, Utah 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this trick claims to be all about Weber State’s Tre’von Johnson, but I doubt this guy knows how sneaky this internet troll is. Here are some pictures she’ll send to anyone who’ll ask. Click here to see the pictures she sends!!!

I feel like this is what Kylie Jenner is going to look like in a couple months.- nik

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Don’t Trust this Fool

May 20, 2014 Salt Lake City 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: HI nik, dont trust this fool, hes a dumass not smart at all, dirty ediot the biggest snitch who claimes he something but in reality he\’s nothing at all this dumass name is Marko Dzebo. he a Major pill popper & smokes lot of black (heroin) he hides it from everyone including his GF, i know for a fact… alot of people are looking for him he owe’s alot of people money, hes skinny as fu*k, not smart at all anyone can punk him any day. he\’s dating a huge fatass girl, cause thats the only thing would get with him a dispret fat b*tch who needs dick, she always smells she has a weird smell comes out of her fatness, his GF is his only friend this is her in the picture. dont trust this fool everything comes out of his mouth is a lie. he makes us the good bosnian people look bad in the community in utah.

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