The Staff At South Of Nick’s Are Complete Idiots

December 18, 2013 Dirty Food, San Clemente, The Dirty 91

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, thanks for the OC restaurant guide. Here is my addition. We are locals and have heard very good things about this place. We waited 45-minutes for a shrimp salad that had too much heat in the dressing and rubbery shrimp.  I brought it to the attention of our waiter and he defended the meal and challenged me. At that point I told him I have attended culinary school and I do know how to cook shrimp and don’t think that good food needs to be hidden behind too much heat, especially in a salad. I asked him to bring it to the attention of the chef and he proceeded to tell me he should have gone to culinary school. Please…. spare me the drama wait staff… just deliver food that is well prepared in a timely fashion and that is all I am asking for. Don’t challenge me with our opinion frankly your opinion does not count… I am the patron paying your tip I am not looking to be challenged by you. Send your manager over for that!! Nick’s train your staff better and take a lesson on how to cook shrimp chef. No one likes to eat a rubber tire when they are expecting to enjoy shrimp.

None of the locals in San Clemente like this place. It’s for the tourists.- nik

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Looks Like Tess Taylor Isn’t So Sober – Plus Ryan Sheckler Is Cool

December 9, 2013 Hollywood, Milwaukee, San Clemente, The Dirty 140


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tess Taylor tells everyone how happy and healthy she is yet her photos from Instagram seem to tell otherwise. As seen in this one uploaded last night we can see alcohol and joints.

Her and Ryan Sheckler need to make babies… it would save them money on rolling papers.- nik

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Don’t Get Catfish’d By Ashley Doyle

September 23, 2013 San Clemente, The Dirty 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this really hot chick hit me up on Facebook named Ashley Doyle. After a few messages back n’ forth I told her to text me so we could meet up. According to her Facebook and Instagram profile she lives in San Clemente. I own a small business in town and was shocked that a girl this hot was in the area and I had yet to bump into her. Long story short she always had an excuse for not actually calling or meeting up so I took a closer look at her pics and noticed that not one of them was from the area. In fact I googled a phone number on a truck that she was standing in front of came up Queensland, Australia. Obviously I had been Catfished. I called her out and did not received a response back. I was blocked. She is still posting pics daily to her thousands of thirsty followers. Please put this fake on blast. Thank you.

First of all everyone in SC knows each other and if this chick was rolling around Sonny’s Pizza and Pasta I’m sure she would be on the wire. Second, the body markings of disgusting tattoos on a fit body only happens in Australia [DIRTY ARMY 101].- nik

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Haley Kidd aka Princess Ava Is Not Her Parent’s Little Angel

October 9, 2012 Hollywood, San Clemente, The Dirty, UCSB 199

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik so this girl named Haley Kidd used to get around San Clemente when she was in high school. She thought she was some hot sh*t and slept around quite a bit. Not surprised at all to find out shes doing cheap college pornos now. Apparently a friend of hers sent the porno that she was in to her parents which enraged her into calling her friends c*nts and other things of that nature. Idk if she expected to just secretly film a porn and still be her parents “little angel”. So I think its time you put this girl on blast Nik. Not only did she call her friends c-words for exposing her behavior but apparently she spent the 10K that she got paid to fill her coochie with multiple random gregs on a week long rave adventure in Ibiza.

Please tell me she is the one with the hairy spider tattoo.- nik

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Smoking With Ryan Sheckler

August 26, 2012 Dirty Athletes, Orlando, San Clemente, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw this online. So many people in the dirty army have partied with Ryan Sheckler. I’m sure if you ask more people will come forward with drug pics.

It’s all good. Let Ryan live his life. If he wants to do drugs that’s on him… just don’t be so public about it.- nik

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**Update: Poppa Shecks Calls San Clemente Father A P*SSY

August 25, 2012 Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, San Clemente, The Dirty 60


Post: Ryan Sheckler Bud Can

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m not sure if you noticed or not. Poppa Shecks called out the San Clemente father and you. Even Ryan’s dad is brainwashed that drugs are good.

Poppa Shecks is just trying to defend his son and the Red Bull contract.- nik

**Update: Looks like FUPM must have said something in the comments that hit home with Poppa Shecks.

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Skate Park Hate Crime

August 18, 2012 Hollywood, San Clemente, The Dirty 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I read the post about Ryan Sheckler the other day and I totally disagree with that San Clemente father. If Ryan does drugs that’s on him. Parents its not the role models our kids worship in the skate world, it’s these damn Skate Parks that promote violence. Nik check out this video, this is a true Skate Park hate crime. These parks teach our children to do drugs and fight each other. As a father I see the root of the evil.

You are such an idiot. Skate parks help kids develop on so many levels. Skaters don’t take sh*t from anybody because they learn confidence from each other.- nik

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Ryan Sheckler Bud Can

August 16, 2012 Dirty Athletes, San Clemente, The Dirty 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik being a father in Orange County I hope you can relate. I’m a fan of your platform and have never submitted anything to your website. I’m a dirty army surfer. But today I’m making my first submission. My son is going to be in Junior High School at the end of summer in San Clemente. As a father I’m very excited for this next step in his adolescence. Yesterday my son and his friends were at the skate park and they got caught smoking weed. I was devastated. Instead of faulting my son with violence I asked him why? His response (crying) was Ryan Sheckler smokes and he wants to be like him. My son even showed me this image Ryan shared with his fans on Instagram. Nik I wasn’t the best kid growing up, but I want the best for my child. So if Ryan reads this please respect your young fans especially in your home town. These kids look up to you and they have futures that us parents are trying to make for them. Nik thank you for the platform to speak and Ryan Sheckler if you could be drug free it would make you more of a man. Don’t let your hometown turn on you son.

Unfortunately Ryan Sheckler cannot survive without drugs… so the drug free part is IMPOSSIBLE.- nik

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