Jasmine Rivera

April 16, 2014 San Diego 2 7,866 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hailing from Nasty city, this Cal grad thinks she’s god gift to men and shits gold. She hit up my boyfriend on Facebook luring him with sweet words and promises of filthy sex, but luckily my boyfriend knows better! I looked her up and found her blog, what a dirty disgusting slut! She regularly hooks up with guys from Craigslist to get her daily dose of cum. Who knows how many drd’s she has? She thinks no one knows it’s her but her fcking face is in her photos! Oh and she has her own sex tape too. Next Kim K in the making? Yea right! San Diego, watch out!

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East County Trash

April 16, 2014 San Diego 0 6,863 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Taylor Thomas, some of you might know her because she can’t be missed in east county. Taylor is 18 years old (oh wait, she just turned 19 lmao) anyway, she thinks she’s the hottest thing around. But really? Look at this girl. She goes around flirting with guys that have girl friends constantly and thinks these guys are actually going to leave everything for HER. LOL. She has a new boyfriend now, the guy is such a weasel. What is wrong with this picture? You’re 19 years old and still on a cheer team (some life). She’s going absolutely no where in life unless it’s to the next easiest dick she can find. All the guys around know how young and easy she is, why not go after her? But makeup can’t help this poor girl and I don’t think any more Greg will help her either.

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Ladies And Gentleman I Give You John “Gimmie Guy” Hughes

April 15, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 121 94,826 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is a warning to all the wanna be models.  Watch out for John “Gimmie Guy” Hughes, he is a sleeze bag. He will use you. He takes naked pictures of you when you are not paying attention and sells them to adult sites. He also touches you inappropriately and while on road trips tries to make you sleep with him and his friends. He works with super hot girls so he looks good but his turn over rate is over the top. I have heard so many stories about him and wanted to share what recently happened between him and a model who paid 4 months ago for posters that she never got. Stay away from him ladies. He bought likes for two girls named Caitln something and Tinisha Portillo so it looks like they are popular because they have 100,000 + likes. Don’t fall for his crap. He also works with Danny Frost who is his “scout”. All though he will promise that after a while you will make money you never will. He doesn’t allow anyone to post pictures of him online so this is exclusive for TheDirty.com. I was lucky enough to have this presented to me today. Ladies and Gentleman I give you John Gimmie Guy Hughes.

San Diego tell me more. Thanks for the heads up.- nik

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This Douche Raped my Friend

April 15, 2014 San Diego 58 10,111 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy on the left drugged my friend at coachella and then took her back to his room and he raped her. She woke up in a pool of blood because he ripped her v. She went to the cops and they are ” investigating” but I thought the world and all females should know to stay away from this loser Ronson and his friends all they do is drug girls and talk about how much drugs they consumed.

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Trailer Trash Slore Bianca Smith

April 15, 2014 Murrieta, San Diego 1 10,034 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK PLEASE EXPOSE THIS DISGUSTING RATFACED WANNABE BRO HOE !! Okay so this disgusting thing is Bianca Smith of Nuevo Ca. She is 22 and has a man, but that doesn’t stop her from sleeping with other peoples husbands and boyfriends! This skank pretends to be your friend and then sucks you dry for all you have. She acts all cool with you especially if you are treating her to get her nails or eyebrows done. Then when you aren’t around she will text your man and talk crap on you to him. Will get him to sleep with her then she will get an attitude with YOU! and thinks she is hot shit! she lives in a trailer, trys to fight girls only when she has her kid or they have theirs. But when confronted without them she acts like a little B****. This slore has NO boundries, she will sleep with whoever she pleases and doesnt care who it affects. Shes slept with husbands while they have families, and she had a man at the time as well. She also gets her mother to try to fight girls for her! She is known around town as a slore. Not to be trusted. she thinks she is the hottest thing ever because she got with my husband but she was only with him to try to get money out of him. Nik PLEASE expose this dirty rat lookin slore for the disgusting person she is!

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Katana Veski Is A Lunatic

April 15, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 20 107,952 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is Katana, a delusional uneducated girl from the 909. This biatch doesn’t give a damn that she is rolling around the high desert (Hemet) with her prolapse anus lips and prison tattoos because she thinks she is SOMETHING SPECIAL. Too bad her racist twitter posts and snarly dipsh*t attitude expose her for what the fake slut she really is. Katana likes to post pics of her Louis Vuitton shoes and Chanel wallets her “daddy” supposedly “buys” her then stick her tongue out her rim job mouth and spew racist comments on Middle Easterners like you Nik. BUT WAIT!! She wants to start a CHARITY!  That’s right, Katana is so psychotic she thinks hospitals want her ratchet ass working with their sick children! IDK Nik do you think this Katana Veski Charity is like, real?

The extra skin on her eyelids and trashy tattoos knock her down about 2.7782 points. Yup, she is a 4.00918 total.- nik

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Heather Freitas

April 14, 2014 Cougars, San Diego 6 5,511 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to the lovely Heather, known online as Phoque2 or phoquetoo. Don’t let the cute innocent look fool you, this girl is a down right slore. Shes a military brat who is so damn high on her own pedestal that it willl make you want to put a gag in her mouth… No actually she’d like that. She thinks she is gods gift to men, and she wants everyone to know just how amazing she is and how in love everyone is with her. Shes a regular freak, still obsessed with her babys daddy. So upset hes with a young pretty thing. Lmbo! Shes a troll and likes to make stories up about people just to put them down when things don’t go her way knowing she is the one who cheats and lies.. Works at DHS flooring using those knees just fine. Time to get this crazy bitch to stop the drama and move the fck on.

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Portia Mango Is Back

April 10, 2014 San Diego 1 8,308 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik … Portia is can I say first nasty! God only knows the amount of guys she has been with and who knows what nasty things she has down there! Lets get down to it she is one of the sloots in East county! She has gone from guy to guy using them all for money and then she kicks them to the curb! She has two kids (poor kids) who she does her best to keep them from her two baby dads as much as she can to get as much money as she can from them! She leaves her kids with her mom or her friends to go out and fuk as many guys as she can for all the money she can! She also sells her eggs to almost every egg donation place in san diego and in LA! I mean there is nothing she wont do for money! Its just really sad that people fall for her shit! I feel bad for all the guys she has fuked over and for sure for the two baby dad’s who seem to be good guys. Oh ya she also did CL ads for money from guys! The new guy she is with is a guy named Jarid. OMG this guy is such a tool. He first of all is an ex con 2 time felon who likes to hit and control woman! Its a match made in heaven. Cant wait to see what happens next!

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