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Audrey Anne Ellis Is Still Crazy

December 22, 2014 San Diego 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Audrey Anne Ellis was posted in 2010 for being a nut case… well she is still crazy.  Men be aware… Her last BF broke up with her, and she stalked him and moved in next door! Enjoy some semi recent pics. Any surprise here about who she has been hanging out with? Not for one second did it surprise me.


Don’t Be Fooled By Audrey Ellis, She Is Crazy!

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What’s The Deal With Alee Rose

December 18, 2014 San Diego 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, who is this girl? She hangs out with Sabrina Nellie and Kate Compton who are both known Porta Potties. From what I see shes one of those Instagram models who travels back and forth from San Diego to New York. How long till she gets her +2′s? She definitely needs them.

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Kimmie Allen Baldwin Is Another Jenna Jameson Troll

December 15, 2014 San Diego 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Nik – what is the world going to do with all of these Jenna Jameson trolls? Meet Kimmie Allen Baldwin – another trashy chick that supports these two deadbeat mothers. The best part about Kimmie is she is a “bartender”. So inquiring minds naturally would wonder what Shay and Jenna would have in common with a bartender? Could it be that Kimmie gives them free drinks? Both of these deadbeat mothers are broke and all they seem to do every day is post pictures on Twitter and Instagram and harass Amber Nichole Miller, so free drinks would help them with their struggle to stay sober or NOT. Kimmie is really stupid and she also has absolutely no morals either. It looks as though these ladies are all quite haggard and they seem to struggle with many issues including addiction. The best thing Kimmie can do is disappear, because being incorporated with a loser like Shay, and Jenna (not even worth trashing) is definitely not doing her any favors for her reputation. No one understands why a married woman with a child would want to associate with these two, let alone standby and support them. Kimmie either has motives or she is giving them all of the free booze. Let’s do some investigative work and find out what is going on with Kimmie, because she is clearly up to something. Come on DA – do your thing.

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Sabrina Nellie Has No Ass

December 15, 2014 San Diego 1


(Click on the Image to see the rest!!)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Sabrina Nellie shoving her ass in the camera, but I don’t know why.  That butt of hers is non existent.  I don’t get why people are so all about her.

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Emily Marie

December 11, 2014 San Diego 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik just wanted to inform San Diego about this girl and her little problem she has. As most I was fcking this girl for a while until I noticed something growing on her vagina. I asked her about it and she told me it was just a skin tag because she always got them. Later I got tested and sure enough this bitch gave me genital warts. I’m writing this dirty because I do not want any other man to go through what I’ve been through with this girl. Along with genital w**ts I got the c**p too. Please anybody who has had sex with this girl in the last year go get tested and if you know anybody who has fcked her let them know and te them to get tested! She’s a liar she’s a scum bag and she will give you what she has without telling you !

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Alexus Torres

December 11, 2014 San Diego 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chubby struggly baby mama Alexus Torres from National City needs to be put on blast before she spreads anymore drds!!!!! I picked this chick up from a party and she sucked my d*ck on the first night. We talked for a couple weeks then I started getting swollen symptoms. I had myself checked and this bitch gave me genital herpes!!!! She lured me in by telling stories about her being a single mom and I felt bad for her. It was an easy pussy hit but aint worth the drds so SD beware of this hoe!!!!!

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Y’all Askin for it

December 9, 2014 Cincinnati, San Diego 43

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Y’all didn’t think she sent me them lol here savages these are 2 of the 25. chelsea caminiti

Also See: Chelsea Caminiti

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Scummyiest Couple

December 8, 2014 San Diego 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK nik so this right here is the most dirtiest scummyiest couple you will by far see on here . but his girl is disgusting . she\’s a well known hoe in San Diego . her name is ronza yousif. As you can see in the pic this girl is straight up druggie . she fucks anything that will pay her money . this hoe is on backpage .her boyfriend abdullah who is scum is her supposedly pimp. But not a real pimp cause he fucks his hoes. Bahaha he hides in the closent while his hoe bitch ronza fucks men ain\’t no shame in her game right? She likes men to shit and piss on her so if your into that find her ratchedy ass on back page. they literally live in hotels . abdullah is turning into a druggie from the bitch. its just a matter of time before abdullah gets locked up again . this girl is so ratchet the real definition of ratchet lol she’s so ugly with her large ass nose . its crazy what drugs do to you cause she used to be pretty . now she doing herion is quite sad . hey ronza get a fucking life you hoe. Crusty busty crator face barf .

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