I Fell For It

December 18, 2013 San Diego 0 10,615 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: The girl is Sarah Turner. We were together, she got pregnant and broke it off after disappearing for nearly a month. The last time we hooked up I got c***mydia. This girl is a liar and a h*roin addict. Her parents pay for her rehabs and she is bouncing around the US like a mindless sloot. Watch out San Diego/ Cardiff/ Whatever place she ends up next.

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Raver Girl

December 17, 2013 Chico State, San Diego 48 7,924 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is probably one of the nastiest sluttiest girls i have ever known..she has been on this site numerous times, but in the chico section. this girl has slept with sooo many dudes she has probably lost count. she is a coke head adderral feind, and newly “engaged.” are you kidding me? this guy plans on marrying the biggest slut in san diego county. good luck with that!!! LOL she has nothing better to do than take a thousand pictures of herself and post them on instagram/facebook/snapchat. i wouldnt be surprised if she secretly send nudies to random dudes. oh also…did i mention she used to take off her clothes for money on the internet? if there was a queen of the sluts…this one would be it. she works at mission pacific in san diego if anyone wants to go ask her if shell suck your dick for c*ke…wouldnt doubt it!!

Better not lose that golden ticket.- nik

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Lina Jennings The Real East County Slutter

December 16, 2013 San Diego 56 10,055 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik : This Slutter Lina Jennings from the East County of San Diego is a real hot mess. I can’t wait to read the comments from all the guys that have bagged this train wreck. 50 years old and banging guys as old as her son in their early 20′s. The rumor is she has been giving out more cases of herpes then the government gives out ebt cards in the streets of San Diego. This old Slutter still works at Pure Platinum gentleman’s club and is a real butterball where she gives her so called customers a real treat for anything from money to anything of value. Guys if your thinking about bagging this old Slutter and don’t mind the risk of herpes be prepared to be swimming around in her and you might be better off just fisting her caused she is pretty used up. She also loves married and taken men and has been known to ruin a few relationships in her past and ladies if you visit the pourhouse the bar where she also works. Keep an eye on your purses cause she has been known to steal phones and almost anything that she can get her hands on. Good luck with this old east county Slutter !

Looks like she’s outgrown her tats.- nik

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Heidi Jo Partying While Her Man Is Deployed

December 11, 2013 San Diego, The Dirty 78 99,884 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, while her Navy husband is away on deployment serving the country this is one of the guys she has been banging. He needs to open up his eyes before he suffers any more.

All I see is inner thighs touching… makes me want to throw up.- nik

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Always Open

December 11, 2013 San Diego, SDSU 13 11,142 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Shelby Paige Goggins. No, she doesn’t go to SDSU because she is too dumb, but is always around that area. She is always looking for new customers at Fluxx and other night clubs in DTSD! Although she may be as hideous as Sarah Jessica Parker, what do you think? What would you pay, or would you?

If it wasn’t for the excess weight I believe she could fly.- nik

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Douchebag Central

December 9, 2013 San Diego 2 8,407 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Manny Zamora. He takes pleasure in taking advantage of overly-intoxicated females and infecting them with his herpes virus without their consent. He has no conscience. Maybe his mother did not give him enough attention when he was a baby, or maybe he is just a whiny ass bitch boy who is bitter because his last girlfriend fucked his brother. Who knows? One thing is for certain though, this douche-bag is a compulsive liar. One day he is a UFC fighter, the next day he is a circus performer, and then he is a paralegal. My guess is this bitch is a male prostitute who enjoys getting fcked up the ass for validation of his feminine attributes. Hence the fucked up infection he is spreading around PB. Ladies, watch your vaginas. This is the one that won’t go away. He is a leech.. God help you if you come across him. And yes, he wears that fucking white beanie everywhere. He cannot afford another hat.

He pulled those from someones trash.  i decided.- nik

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Army Solider Sarah Harris

December 4, 2013 San Diego, Tennessee 5 7,439 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik! This is Sarah Harris or Sraah Haus as she goes by on Facebook! She’s from San Diego but stationed in TN. She has slept with many married men in her short time in TN! She’s the type of girl that says “I hate hanging out with girls because they cause too much drama!” The real reason is she prefers to hangout with guys (especially) married ones because she likes to sleep around. She has already gotten in trouble with the army for sleeping with other married soldiers and she’s doing it again! Please put her ass on blast!

Solo chicks are never ‘one of the guys’.- nik

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Kerry Rose Kahn

December 4, 2013 San Diego 18 10,291 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this large creature here is named Kerry Rose Kahn. She is an unlicensed scratcher tattoo artist from San Diego who specializes in tattooing underage teenagers in her filthy apartment that is infested with fleas and reeks of cat feces. She’s in her 30s but hangs out with teenagers and tries to fuck 18 year olds to feel young again– she is even known to trade tattoos for youngster penis. She has mastered the Myspace angles to hide her gargantuan body from the men she creeps on and claims to be vegan although her weight and consumption of meat say otherwise. She clings on to the fantasy of being vegan to talk shit to skinny girls for eating meat and desperately tries to appear healthy despite being 200 pounds overweight and permanently fused to her couch from hours of taking angled selfies and lurking for someone desperate enough to fuck her online. She refuses to listen to any of her clients’ needs and only tattoos what she wants, leading to nearly all of her tattoos on clients to be covered up in the near future. She overcharges for shit awful work and believes she’s a local celebrity although all she does is spread *** and her odorous vagina. PLEASE someone get this unprofessional ogre shut down.

She could ‘place’ at a drag show.- nik

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