Is Kayla Sickinger A Hottie Or What

June 13, 2014 San Diego 102


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik…what do you think about this San Diego beauty??? She was at the maxim 100 party… look hot????

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Please Help Spread the Word

June 13, 2014 San Diego 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk, This is Tim Menard. I really need your help getting the word out that he has **V and gave it to me. When I tried to confront him about it he completely ignored me. I have to live with this for the rest of my life and I am beyond mortified and devastated because I thought he was a good guy.

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Joseph Payne

June 12, 2014 San Diego 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Joseph Payne. Joe is a child molester who molested a friend of mine when she was only thirteen years old. Joe was in his mid-twenties at the time. Joe uses the church to get children claiming he is a tutor. He would be locked up if my friend was not so scared to testify against him. He has made her life very hard. Being sexually molested and raped is not something you bounce back from easily. I seriously hope one day she has the courage to testify against Joe in court to keep this sick fuck away from children. Please keep your kids away from him and do not fall for his nice guy church trap. I hope he knows what he did is unforgivable and that no amount of praying with his mommy down at Christ Luthern Church in La Mesa will make this right. I hope this haunts you, Joe, like it haunts the little girls you took advantage of when they were so young. You are not a real man, you are a sicko. You cannot run from this anymore Joe, I will show the world who you truly are if its the last thing I do. Nik, expose this tool!

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DUI Fine Tunes Working Girls

June 12, 2014 San Diego 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, meet Cheyenne Hurley out of Mission Hills High School class of 2013. Cheyenne recently was arrested for DUI (she’s only 18) and facing massive fines. She’s been flipping burgers at Five Guys but at $9+ an hour, she will have to flip burgers for 5 straight years to cover court costs, attorney fees, and fines. So what’s plan B you ask? Advertising her 18 year old rear on a “sugar daddy” website where she will “serve up” the goods for a monthly allowance of $1600. The problem is, she doesn’t have a car and I live in Newport. Do you think those little A-B cups are worth the drive?

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Horse Faced Jeanette Hoang

June 11, 2014 San Diego 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, For the greater good, please put this info out there. This nasty bitch is Jeanette Hoang. She has 2 kids for 2 different dads and is a horrible mother to both. She is currently seperated from her husband (child 2\’s dad) and living with/fucking her original baby daddy, while also having a boyfriend. Funny story is, she is sleeping with both of them plus any other guy she meets online or at work (yes, she fucks co-workers, some of them whom are married). She currently has no other place to live except with her ex because she as pissed off all of her other friends and family and she is milking him for anything she can get out of him. Guys seriously need to watch out for this one because she is just trying to get knocked up again and get another guy to support her crazy ass. She is swimming in debt, has multiple outstanding tickets and no vehicle. WATCH OUT GUYS!

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Bogus Mom In San Diego

June 10, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lil lady likes to pretend she is a wonderful mom when in reality her mom pretty much takes care of her kid. Wonder if her “Fiancé” knows she post public pics like this just so guys will rate her…can you say self-esteem issues? So I thought I’d help her out, what you think Nik? Smash or Trash?

I rate it a generous 3.4778499.- nik

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Escondido Faker of all Fakers

June 9, 2014 Escondido, San Diego 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: OMG this bitch is crazy phsycho!!!!!! We’ll start off by her relationships!!! She is the biggest whore ever!!! I can name at least 15 guys she’s been it off she has spread drd to half of these guys!!!!!..she plays the part as a educated bitch on her social networks when in reality she has never even graduated high she is currently dating some fat cholo guy that won’t give up his gang banging ..this guys like 40!!!! She claims she has solo much money and lives such a marvelous life! Lol not I’ve seen her pull in some ghetto mexican over populAted apartments off of Washington in escondido!!! She is soo obsessed with one of my exes! She literally stock his page and his tat shop! This bitch is all talk and is faker than fake..she’s broke no education no career insecure and crazzzzzzyyyyy..stAy away from her people she’s nothing but bad news!!! Say no to Adriana Ramos

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Thania Gaskill

June 4, 2014 San Diego 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: This FAT old beak nose sloot slept with my husband and 2 of his friends and shared DRD with them all. I put her on the dirty and homewreckers then she has nerve to message my husband ask him to get me to stop. She don’t know I forgive him but have all the codes to his phone face book everything! If she message again I will screen shot and send to her pathetic husband along with nasty droopy naked pix of her. See how she like a wreck marriage. Because of her I move back home to Canada but am now in California again to save my marriage and family. Stay away from this portapotty.

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