GI Bill

March 26, 2014 San Diego 5

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THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s the apartment complex community whore. Her name Megan Hudson soon to be Megan Rogall, thats after she divorces her legal husband whose her roommate, and after her baby daddy dumps her, all while she continues to screw the neighbors husband. The whore is unemployed and uses men to bankroll her forver21 and Charlotte Russe shopping habits. She’s always wanted to be a porn star, lets give a round of applause to the whore of the year Megan Hudson. She also frequents Georgia, Hawaii, and anywhere else the Military free housing takes her.

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Seth Combs: Violent Abuser, Online Predator

March 25, 2014 San Diego 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: This coward is disgusting. He fancies himself a ladies man, but he is a sadistic abuser of women, a pathological liar, serial cheater/walking venereal disease. He used to be a local San Diego music critic in the hipster scene but his career has dwindled down to nothing. Nobody in the local market has wanted to publish or read his schticky, tired, egomaniacal music opinions in over 8 years. These days, he’s taken to using his own Facebook + Twitter pages post his boorishly inarticulate, un-evolved (yet ridiculously grandiose) music opinions. This 35 year old pervert is desperately clinging on to his “glory days” instead of developing his writing career or growing professionally he’s taken to trolling the internet for 20 year old cooz full time. A clear case of narcissistic personality disorder aging gracefully, this shallow buffoon hits on anything old enough to read amongst the selfie snapping, post high school wannabe art set. Exchanging farcical literary love quotes & music lyrics that read like an NPR meets jersey shore shore selection of of cringeworthy cliches, with about 12-13 different tarts at a time. He had a girlfriend, smart/ beautiful chick. I guess he ( and she by default) are a target for local hackers + their entire break up was leaked as well as details of horrific emotional + violent physical abuse he subjected her to regularly (with graphic pics depicting her bruised body all beat up) You\’d think a violent sociopath, who regularly gets hacked would be smart enough to break up with his girlfriend in person but this pussy transcripted a lifetime original movie about domestic violence in which he plays the text book pyschopath. Instead of breaking up with his girlfriend like a man he beat her for an entire weekend, at one point hitting her head into a door and causing her tooth to break open her lip. When it started gushing blood, his smiled like a maniac at it. . Then he walked out + left her at his house bleeding while he went on first date with his new interest. (Because a beaten & bleeding girlfriend at home is every woma’s romantic dream date) then the next morning left for a month long trip to Costa Rica + never mentioned it or even spoke to his gf again. He just fled the country, left her homeless, penniless, without any of her clothing or belongings, beaten up, thinking she was going crazy and on her own to discover not only that he lied + cheated the whole time but was a psychopath that had been rapidly degenerating into full blown malignant narcissistic personality disorder. What’s super creepy is any of her attempts to confront the violence or entire situation were responded to with very careful wording, suggesting she was going insane & making the whole thing up. What’s even creepier, is when he returned months later, he just picked up with the new girls like she never even existed except, to call her a crazy nut who was obsessed with him & couldn’t deal with the fact that he wanted to break up. This is just his last relationship. The guy has cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had. He tells himself it’s because he’s such a sought after ladies man but the truth is the guy is 35 years old and literally is incapable of being sustaining fidelity or honesty with a woman for more than 3 months.

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Anny Brady

March 24, 2014 San Diego 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this whore bag goes by the name of Anny Brady. She is nothing but a complete slut. She will sleep with anyone who gives her the time in day but then again when you look like that I guess you gotta take what you can get right??

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Fetish Pay For Play

March 24, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found Kayla Grover while looking at another Dirty regular’s FB. She have plenty of ‘professional’ modelling photos and calls herself a fashion artist. But She has posts about working as a stripper in Guam and takes many trips around the world, always with a different Asian guy or creepy older guy.  Is she filling the need for freaky fetishes over seas?  Nik, since you’re usually correct about these things, what’s her catch?

She should make music like Miley Cyrus.- nik

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Marisa McElroy Needs A Reality Check

March 22, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 200

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, all of San Diego is fed up with this delusional piece of work. Her name is Marisa McElroy and she lives the basic hoodrat delusional life. Works a bullsh*t job at a call center all while claiming to be a fitness model/bodybuilder. In her mind she is a professional But the way she inboxes me and all my friends setting thirst traps all day and night like we don’t share this information with each other it’s clear she is just a professional hoe and it just had to be addressed. She will basically allow you to f*ck as long as you have muscles and appear to be in the scene. She runs this black widow game on Meathead guys all over Pacific Beach while her lame ass boyfriend doesn’t have a clue! I feel sad for the guy.  She also like to play the “innocent” role on FB by dropping little tiny gems as if they don’t apply directly to her. I screenshot and upload one of them. It was the true inspiration for this post. So if you are ever in San Diego (Pacific Beach area) popping bottles be on the lookout for this meat storage unit by the name of Marisa McElroy. Her and her blown out squad of PB rats are sure to be close by nibbling at the cheese.

I have to agree with her FB status.- nik

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Erin “Griffin” Frawley

March 21, 2014 San Diego 6

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Erin aka “Griffin” Frawley (griffin because she believes that she was a mythical creature in a past life and can teleport herself into the griffin’s body and meet dragons…no joke) is a SLUT. She has gotten no less than 3 men to leave their wives, homes, and children to be with her, only for her to always immediately tell them that she is no longer in love with them and move on to the next guy. Two of the men were back to back! In the last 12 months she’s moved through 4 men and 2 women. 3 of those men were under the impression that they have a monogamous relationship with her. But in reality she’s still emailing dirty shots like the ones I enclosed to her various exes and lovers. She’s abusive as shit to her partners, throwing things, screaming, calling them names, then blaming it all on them for “making” her do it. She keeps a blog ( where she details some of the “offenses” people commit against her…but in reality it showcases what a PSYCHO she is!

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DJ Deadbeat Chad Hall

March 19, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 161

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Chad Hall is such a pathetic excuse of a human being. He has 2 children he refuses to take care of, see, or admit to even having. Anytime someone posts about him having a child on his social media profiles he immediately deletes it and tells people not to mention them. He works as a DJ and gets paid under the table. He had his child support for his son reduced because he claimed he only had one job and his child’s mother works six days a week to support his son that she has 100% custody of and on paper she made more than him. Yet he’s telling people that he is buying a new car, and goes on shopping sprees and owns hundreds of pairs of brand new shoes. I feel so bad for my friend that works her ass off for their child. He hasn’t paid support to either of his children’s mother’s in months, not sure how he plans on getting himself a new car. What a joke. Lowest of the low right here.

Chad Hall’s ink sure doesn’t look cheap.- nik

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Don’t Be His Next Victim

March 19, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Diego, The Dirty 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this so called man named Benny or Alvaro Benavides likes to meet women off of the internet telling them that he isn’t talking to anyone else just working on his business which is nerium that he has paid for by women to keep the business going. He finds women to use them for sex and money. He will ask you to pay all of his bills even if you have children he doesn’t mind taking away from kids to benefit himself. He claims he was in minor league baseball until he tore his ACL now he plays softball. He lives with his grandparents at 28 and works less then 20 hours a week. He uses his personal problems in life to make you feel bad for him and if you ever question anything he will tell you he doesn’t need more stress. I have spoken to another women that has done the same and she has spoken to other women that have either been cheated on as well as spent there money on him. He does this until he gets caught and then he moves on to the next victim. One con artist for sure.

I’m actually a Mizuno fan. David Platt introduced me to those cleats.- nik

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