Portia Mango Is Back

April 10, 2014 San Diego 1 8,324 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik … Portia is can I say first nasty! God only knows the amount of guys she has been with and who knows what nasty things she has down there! Lets get down to it she is one of the sloots in East county! She has gone from guy to guy using them all for money and then she kicks them to the curb! She has two kids (poor kids) who she does her best to keep them from her two baby dads as much as she can to get as much money as she can from them! She leaves her kids with her mom or her friends to go out and fuk as many guys as she can for all the money she can! She also sells her eggs to almost every egg donation place in san diego and in LA! I mean there is nothing she wont do for money! Its just really sad that people fall for her shit! I feel bad for all the guys she has fuked over and for sure for the two baby dad’s who seem to be good guys. Oh ya she also did CL ads for money from guys! The new guy she is with is a guy named Jarid. OMG this guy is such a tool. He first of all is an ex con 2 time felon who likes to hit and control woman! Its a match made in heaven. Cant wait to see what happens next!

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Robbie Milse

April 8, 2014 San Diego 3 6,939 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dont let this plastic party boy, and his ever changing group of “friends”fool you into thinking that he is the San Diego Socialite he pretends to be. )This San Diego native embodies the the persona of a wish-to-be LA somebody despite never actually being able to be one while living there. The clear reasons one sites is the trying too hard attitude, over all absence of attractiveness, and not being that interesting in the first place. He will throw job positions, name dropping, daddys money,the list goes on,just to sound like someone. He is addicted to the party, literally. My sources indicate that he initiates and participates in PNP (Party N Play- people get together, take drugs and engage in sexual acts, one on one or in groups.) on Grindr and Jack’d – Phone apps to find sex. Not to mention attempting to acquire sugar daddies. Another source cited that after having invited Robbie and ‘friends’ over after an evening, several of his expensive articles of clothing had gone missing, watches, shades, a shirt, and a bottle of vodka (way to go lohan). The reason for the ever changing group of friends is all the malicious and dirty rumors he spreads about just about anyone just to have something to talk about. The epitome of wanting to be relevant but not pretty enough to have anyone care, do yourself and you own reputation a favor and stay away from SD’s most desperate, drug whoring, sad, plastic piece of shit.

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Brandi Esparza

April 8, 2014 San Diego 22 9,533 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, the dirty army would like to introduce you to Brandi Esparza a well known prostitute/escort/ sugar baby however you want to say it &newly mother of 8 weeks lol with a guy she knew for a month and trapped. Typical broke ratchet, lazy hooker with no future or money trying to come up in life anyway she can. She’s been spotted at the club every week since she had her baby and attacked/fought my friend at a club in San Diego last week drunk and on drugs when i was there. Also prior and during her pregnancy her friend told me she lived with a 55 year old man she didnt tell anyone about. He kicked her out when he found out she was knocked up with another guy and she moved back with her parents in San ysidro. Thats why everyone found out she was pregnant at 6 months. Lol. I feel sorry for her 2 month baby she has neglected for alcohol and being a whore. Nik what do you think of this sucia?

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A Joke In San Diego

April 8, 2014 San Diego 1 6,268 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: David Jackson this dude is 29 lives with his dad and way out girlfriend. In the best area around…El Cajon. David, doesn’t have a job but always clams to either be working at a job or waiting to hear back. Oh and he is a liar like no other. At times this guy believes what he is saying isn’t a lie, he is never wrong… ABOUT ANYTHING. He’ll make what he is talking about sound so good you almost believe him. Oh he says he hates drama and he doesn’t have friends because everyone ends up f#cking him over. NO STUPID!!! They get tried and fed up with your bullshit lying sorry retarded ass. He came from Texas so that explains most of it. He didnt finish 7th grade nether. David you smell like something died…weeks ago….you make your dad do everything for you. He cleans up after you everywhere… Now your girlfriend is as well. You sleep on the floor in the living room where everyone can see you. You fart pick your nose and are descusting in public. YOU ARE 29 YEARS OLD DUDE AND YOU ACT 5. Grow up. I dont know how your dad nor girlfriend stand you. At least your sister got away.So, if you see this nasty 2 week old clothes wearing gummy dude around El Cajon stay away…. lazy lying selfish boy. two faced at that. lies to his family and his friends will his girlfriends friends. he is a bitch…

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San Diego’s Version Of Taz’s Angels

April 8, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 140 99,971 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’ve about had it with this girls in San Diego who call themselves “Team P*ssy”. These girls are the wannabe Taz’s Angels of San Diego (an escort service in Miami) and what makes it even more interesting is that their leader is Miss California 2013, Mabelynn Capeluj. I thought beauty queens were suppossed to be classy respectable ladies but this one is a MESS. Theres about 10 of them, two of the main girls names Sofia and Isabella. They are some of the trashiest girls out there. They even made there own instagram for Team P*ssy, and they post all the cities they go to and all the athletes that fly them out for “fun”.  I had always heard about these girls and then just last weekend, I witnessed them for myself. Mabelynn actually threw a glass at another VIP table, and was bragging about it on twitter. Again, I thought pageant girls were supposed to be classy, but this one is far from it. Its funny because these girls think their sh*t dont stink, but there noting but a laughing stock of San Diego and now LA. The other night Sofia one of the twins had to be carried out of the club in LA for trying to start sh*t with some girl. These girls need a big wake up call, no one wants to be associated with a group of girls named “Team P*ssy”.

They even have uniforms… how degrading.- nik

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SD Airport Manslore

April 7, 2014 San Diego 0 7,175 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Put this dude on blast Nik. This is Luke Reed. He is the biggest man slut alive and a manipulative liar. He is constantly on POF, Tinder, EHarmony, going out to pb, or downtown trying to find his next victim in San Diego. He wines and dines girls for the first week and offers them his credit card along with keys to his house. Once he gets it in he starts to treat them like shit and move on to his next victims (which can often be friends of the girl he used to talk to). After you have sex with him he then states he used to date several prostitutes, strippers, and porn stars. He claims he is “looking for a serious adult relationship.” But in reality all he is actively looking for is to get laid and be infected with drds. DON’T FALL FOR HIM LADIES!!!!!

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The Dirty Scurvy

April 7, 2014 San Diego 10 9,214 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you have ever been up to a little town in the outskirts of San Diego county called Ramona……you have probably seen this skank skeezing around! She will fck anyone who gives her the time of day! If you wanna feel these rock hard titts its not hard at all, with the purchase of one bud light, that horrible titt job can be yours. This ho might act like she’s your friend but then go fuk your man behind your back and talk about how “hes like my brother to me”. Really!? Didn’t know you fucked your brother! Beware of the burning sensation when you pee! You can smell that fish factory anytime after she’s in the bathroom, it lingers I almost threw up it is Horrible! And u aint 24…..your 40 get over your old wrinkly vagina ass! #Crusty #Dirty #Burns #FIsh #StankPuss #HardTitts #BadTittJob #drd#RamonaCA #SaltLicck #drdMouth #GrossNipples #GooglieEyedTitts #Cunt #BalllsNWeiner #VD #Aids #Genital**rts

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Gay Mexican Hobbit

April 1, 2014 San Diego 100 9,336 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Riccardo Van der Woodsen is the gayest tiny little faggot in this entire galaxy. This tiny creature somehow escaped the Lord of the Rings and made his way into the city of San Diego. Standing at almost 5 feet tall, this homosexual specimen walks around the city along with normal human beings trying to blend in with society. This little gay mexican is a disgust to society and pays men thousands of dollars to have sex with him and do other dirty sexual acts. He also pays handsome men to drive him places and go out with him to boost his self-esteem. This kid needs to go back into his Lucky Charms cereal box and stay in it. Nik, give this little faggot a word of advice and do us all a favor.

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