Most Eligible Rachet

July 3, 2014 San Diego 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this nasty cm guzzling ratchet, Daniella Monique Tucker! This girl right here goes from one friends boyfriend to the next. She has been beat up by most of her good friends and acts like she did nothing wrong. This cum dumpster goes around fucking every dick that will give her attention and most of the time its a pity fck by ex boyfriends trying to piss off their current ex girl friends. (You know the girls she use to call friends). She is a huge drug addict and a major alcoholic. She already has one DUI and if not already, she is working on her second. She will do anything to impress a guy even if its drive him and his friends around drunk as fuck. She has wrecked numerous cars. She is permanently e-traded!, just listen to her speak a few sentences. Daniella gets so fucked up she pisses herself in her drunken stupors. Daniella is all about club drugs and EDM. You can find her Downtown most likely at clubs like Bassment or FLUXX. She bounces from club to club just like her dicks. Guys, beware of this slooter, Monday thru Thursday she is at the local East County Plan Parenthood, claiming every guy she ucks gives her a”BACTERIAL INFECTION”,when in reality she is a walking drd! I’m pretty sure its called gonorrhea BITCH. This nasty cunt has drd which she has no shame in telling anyone, she spreads her legs on the daily and informs her next victim as if its a prize to be won. C’mon she even fcked Shawne Merriman. Talk about a super sloot!

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Brittany Contreras Camp Pendleton

July 1, 2014 San Diego 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittany Contreras, the dirtiest whore San Diego has to offer (or any city because she is so dirty). This fat slut right here tries to steal husbands/boyfriends or ANYTHING with a dick. She is married and is still sleeping around with 98% of the marines on Camp Pendleton. She has nearly every disease in the book. How I know this you ask? Because I was cleaning her house (which she never does, dog shit and trash every where. I only do it because I feel bad that her poor innocent daughter has to live in a shit hole like that) and there, laying on the counter was her paperwork listing like 10 diseases she currently has. She is a tweaker whore who brings random guys into her house while her husband is on restriction. Not to mention she is bringing these random guys and fucking them while her daughter is there and doing drugs with her daughter in the house. She leaves her daughter home alone at night so she can go get drunk down the street. She is the worst piece of scum you can imagine. She tries to blast innocent girls on facebook for being a “whore” or “unfaithful” but this white trash, dick sucking, cum guzzling, disease infested, fat beach whale is the true cnt and spreads her fat godzilla legs to everything with a dick that she comes in contact with. Ladies, watch your husbands. She will pretend to be your friend just to fck your husband or boyfriend. Nik, put this nasty skank ass whore on blast. Here is your fame dirty ass CT!!!

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The Perfect Couple

June 30, 2014 San Diego 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy dated a friend of mine for about two years. The whole time he was with her he cheated on her with the same girl. By the end of their relationship he was cheating on her with two girls, he is now dating one of them. He says he loves her and can’t be without her, yet he is cheating on his new girlfriend with the same girl he was cheating on my friend with. But that isn’t all, he recently turned 21 and has been going out with friends while his girlfriend stays home and he cheats on her with any girl that will hook up with him. After he is done hooking up with all of these girls and heads home, he calls his girlfriend to come over and stay the night with him so he can hook up with her as well. Now while you think this poor girl should leave him, she is no angel herself. She made her now boyfriend break up with my friend, get rid of the other girl and has manipulated all of his friends to believe she is so sweet and innocent. Not to mention the fact that she has cheated on him multiple times in the past ten months of knowing and dating each other off and on already.

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New World Order Please

June 26, 2014 San Diego 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik have you ever heard about people obsessing over our government and this new world order and thinking they’re going to do something about as if it were going to happen lol well meet Cody too cool Cooley and his nasty little girl friend Alicia ! These two are the grimmiest pair ever !! They none stop blab about our government and how were all being fucked over by it and they think by posting this nonsense on Facebook they’re going to stop them !! Cody is almost 28 still lives off his grandmother sells drugs and has never had a real job. He is straight e-tarted and burnt! He has a 8 year old daughter who he obviously does not take care of and never has but this fool has the nerve to talk about how much he hates kids and her as well! His little girlfriend is just as fucked as him she just turned 18 and doesnt know her head from her ass. I’m guessing they’ve been dating for the last 2 years or so and yes Cody can’t find a girl his own age so he has to lurk the malls and trolley stops to find a under age girl to date ! These two hang around the malls and the trolley stop like scum bag lowlife druggys . Cody and I use to be great friends in high school he went Mia for a couple of years then randomly added me on Facebook and wow just wow I don’t know what happened to this dude maybe too many drugs but he needs help !!

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Fluxx Nightclub Is A Nuisance

June 23, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 71


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is nightclub Fluxx is a nuisance to Downtown San Diego.  It’s loud as hell super late at night.  I have never had a problem with any bar/club since I moved downtown in 2004.  And I’m not some old geezer.  I’m not sure why but this club can’t keep the sound/music in the club for some reason.  You can clearly hear the music outside and it bothers most of us tenants and neighboring apartments.  Anything we can do about this Nik? I’ve already contacted city counsel.

Why don’t they sound proof the walls or just relocate?- nik

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Kristyn Dorr Has The Worst Fake Boobs

June 22, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 103

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, somebody needs to give Kristyn Dorr a reality check. Honey you have the worst fake boobs. You need to sue your doctor. Nik check out the last picture, you can see the boob wrinkles from the bag.

Those are some rocks.- nik

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Taste of his Own Medicine

June 19, 2014 San Diego 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is James Hodges. He posted nude pictures of girls online and caused them massive humiliation. One girl had to move and change colleges due to the harassment. Friends of this girl obtained nude pictures of James and posted them online so he could see what it feels like. Now he going around and claiming he is a victim of “revenge porn” and trying to get sympathy. We want people to know the truth and he needs to stop trying to play the victim card. Hardly anyone has seen his pictures compared to the amount of people who saw the girls photos he posted. All anyone has to do is google his name and the word naked or nude to find them.

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Dirty Douche Bag

June 16, 2014 San Diego 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this stinky ass trashy ass piece of sh*t Marco Andre.  The dude is so f*cking disgusting he’s an alcoholic from Ocean Beach who thinks he’s the sh*t when clearly he isn’t and talks sh*t about everyone.  At every party that he either goes to, he ends up being a sloppy drunk and gets blacked out and hooks up with anything that has a vagina.  He always brags about how he gets all of these girls when clearly he gets nothing! This scumbag acts like he’s God.

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