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Meet the Colley’s Ramona

November 7, 2014 San Diego 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, The one Bitch Kelsey Jordan has already made your page, & now this will be the second time she has been submitted. This Troll really needs to see that NO ONE LIKES HER & now she is married to a he/She named Aaron (aka her other name is Celly. These fat sluts can be found in Ramona, CA Shooting up meth. & Robbing people of whatever they can get there hands on or get high with. Be warned. These hoes will be all sweet and innocent to your face and then burn you. Kelsey has a felony for robbing my friends mom and she also F#@%;s my friends bf Justin on a regular but then lies about it to her GF. The reason of my post is to inform the community DO NOT let Kelsey watch your children she says she is a nanny but she is so high and pilled out when she watches children she has emotional break downs and freaks out. She is not good with children. Nik Please protect the children of America Please tell them they need to stop!!! have some respect for your families they must be so ashamed by you and the embarrassment you are. Thanks Nik Love Sammy xoxo

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Stacey Mae aka Lizzie Hopkins Is A Train Wreck

November 4, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 273

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, funny enough, saw a post from a month back that someone posted of a “Stacey Mae” on your site, Nik.  So I investigated, she looked familiar, but significantly aged. Couldn’t place her… until the wonders of Google. Her real name is Lizzie Hopkins. She’s 29.  My first observation (scientific of course) is, she’s a trainwreck… looks like she’s also vying to be on the “PB Millionaire”.  Painful…so painful. Saw her last week at a Playboy party (she snuck in after they denied her although she was apparently working the event…but…no one knew). My mate took her home one night from Hurricanes in OC last month (just put two and two together). He had to stop hooking up w/her because of some…odor problems…looks like she’s struggling for cash, so you can buy her naked pics online apparently at her website. I honestly, would rather pay for my DirectTV NFL package. Lezzzzbe honest…. she ain’t a model…or an actress as she self proclaims on her IG acct… next time I’m gonna post a pic of my dog and say I’m a published photographer. IG counts….right?  Thoughts Nik?

Don’t hate on Instagram Models, they generate me revenue.- nik


Stacey Mae Looks A Way Better On IG

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Helen the Gold Digger

November 4, 2014 San Diego 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Putting it out there so maybe the man she is engaged to walks away. Let’s just say she has been a Nast slur since she has been with him. I slept with her about six months ago. The only reason she’s with dude is so she can dump him later and have something to gain. God knows who else she has fucked over. The pussy wasn’t close to great. I’d say way less than mediocre. Not sure what’s going on down there with the flaps. Pretty gross actually.

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Dan Bilzerian Has No Soul

October 30, 2014 Fake Equis, Hollywood, San Diego 9


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Dan loves the fact he has had sex with a ton of hot girls but many don’t care cause he paid for all of them.  As you can tell in this picture he totally banged one of the girls and one of them actually has a BF so I hope thats not the one he slept with.  Now both of these girls reputations are scarred because we now assume they both hook.  Girls, if you don’t hook don’t take pictures with Dan because he only hangs out with hookers.

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Thinks he’s God

October 30, 2014 San Diego 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this guy is named alex he is the biggest douche bag ever i met him in a club he sweet talked me got me to drink a lot and ended up spending the night with him, next thing i know he is treating me like trash and laughing at me. as i did a little research on him i find out he has a GF and he has done this to many other girls including high school girls he is trash women out there be careful with this one

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Air Canada – Blame Canada? No, Just Air Canada

October 27, 2014 Dirty Business, San Diego, The Dirty, Vancouver 206


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Canadian airline is one of the worst airlines out there. I used them for the first and last time from San Diego to Lisbon Portugal. My flight from LA to Toronto was delayed, then when I arrived to Toronto, they cancelled my flight due to “technical Issues”…Just be honest and say there were not enough people on the flight. Had to spend the night in Toronto and they lost our luggage and made us stay at the airport for two hours for no reason. Got to our hotel at 2am (they paid for it). Woke up in the morning and the new flight was delayed again. We lost a full day of our Europe Trip and tour. I emailed them after we arrived back with copies of receipts and they stated that they would not pay for it. I asked why and they said it was not in the policy to pay back customers when it’s a technical issue. I told them I would put this story online and they said this case will be closed now.  It was only $258.16 (It’s not about the money), but now I would rather make sure other potential customers don’t use them in the future and cost them more. Businesses have to be held accountable for their own mistakes and I hope you can help me get the word out so others don’t use them anymore.

I promise you I will never fly Air Canada for the rest of my life.- nik

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Sabrina Nellie Is A Bad Influence

October 27, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 472


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, looks like Cam Dumpster (Sabrina Nellie) is officially a madam now. Seems that she befriended this other San Diego teen mom Julianne Klaren and got her into porn as well. Julianne was a normal beautiful girl who got knocked up at 18 and had managed to hold it together as a young single mom until Sabrina came into the picture with her flashy car and easy money from web camming (which we all know is PORN) now Julianne is corrupted and has masturbated online for strange men at the cost of her daughters dignity. Nik why are these beautiful young moms turning to porn? It seems to be increasing in popularity. Do you think Julianne is lost to the sex industry? And is blocking California from viewing your porn really considered “good parenting”?

I blame their Father’s for making them soulless. Right JV.- nik

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Raver Emily

October 26, 2014 San Diego 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: What’s up nik now here we have Emily Marie miss raver junkie. She has been posted countless times before so here’s an update first off what type of a mother dresses like a whore for Halloween? I’ll tell you a whore with a kid that’s who. Emily is still being an unstable mother always going out drinking and then posting pictures of it with her nasty ass druggy friends. Bouncing her kid from house to house locking her in a room just so Emily can get f ked up.Emily just got a job at target lol wow big shot now. Little do all her bosses know while Emily is slaving away cleaning out dressing rooms she let’s all her druggy ass friends steal clothes and whatever they want. Emily is always posting things about her dead beat baby daddy which is funny as hell. We all knew he would be a dead beat we all knew he was a piece of shit we all knew he would do this but she’s stupid enough to pop out his kid then cry about it over Facebook look bitch you’re the only one who was stupid enough to have rays baby and you knew what you were getting yourself into not shut up about it and stop crying about your fuck up. And maybe if you weren’t a cheating whore and cheated on him the whole time you were together and also pregnant with his daughter maybe he would still love you and be with your whore ass. Who the fck dyes their hair like a teenager anymore anyways. Your hair looks like shit that metal in your face looks like shit all that makes you look like a horrible mother and you still don’t know what the fck you’re doing in life! Big probs to em for still being a raver druggy whore mother of the year once again goes to Emily! Because I’m a cool mom right ? Lol

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