Does Heidi Jo Ruffy men

August 15, 2014 San Diego 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Once again it’s Heidi Jo, how is this acceptable in any way. Her husband is underway AGAIN and she is running the town of Tumon spreading her scent. This stripper/bartender/waitress is the grossest thing I’ve seen. Her stomach looks like a scrotum, she has a camel toe in all her clothes, the spots on her skin are from a fungus that is easily treatable but she has had it for years. That raises more questions, what else wont she cure? drd aren’t curable. Why do military men find this attractive? How can Ryan, her husband, have such tunnel vision and look past her extra curricular activities?

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Crystal East County Trash

August 14, 2014 San Diego 92


THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is crystal of trashy east county San Diego ! Swears up and down she’s not a east county whore but I beg to differ. Just want to know what the rest to San Diego thinks. She’s has classy written all over her lol !!

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Run Forest Run

August 13, 2014 San Diego 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Nik, where do I begin… Meet Forest Boyd. This little closet scrotum licker is the most ridiculous guys Ive ever met. He was a “chef” at one of my favorite bars in North Park, but was fired for being a drunken slob. He propositioned me numerous times but was always rejected. He smells of old soggy cigarettes mixed with cheap booze. I asked him a few weeks ago why his teeth were so f*cked up and he said that toothpaste was too expensive. I had to block him from everything because he sent me a really disturbing ” sexual ” photos which I guess was supposed to arouse me, but it made my friends and I have a baby barf moment. It is so pathetic that I feel the need to share so that everyone can have a good laugh.

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John Cocozza, Pervert Photog

August 11, 2014 San Diego 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: I would not advise anyone to work with photographer John Cocozza of San Diego. He is very unprofessional, a pervert, gets drunk during shoots and tries to lick the models ass when u are bent over washing ur face in the sink. He would of done just about anything to try to have sex with me. He was drunk as hell during the shoot and told me that I somehow put a darn spell over him (I wasn’t doing anything but posing) and that he usually isn’t so highly attracted to the models he shoots with but somehow he was goo goo, ga ga over me. I had to push him away from me. Now I’m not no Tyra Banks or KD Aubert but he was at me so hard you would of thought that I was. Not to add that it’s been a month and I still haven’t receieved my picture disk. (I know he will have some grand excuse and try to blame me)I called him several times,left some nice voicemails, and my webmaster emailed him a few times. Nothing is wrong with him cause he has updated his profile recently. But when people tell u to check references of photographers before you shoot with them you really should do so. I knew better and he was here at the last minute and I just relented and shot with him. mSo that part is my fault. To make it worse he is friends with another perverted photographer of NY who is also a  pervert. I had to push him away from me too when I shot with him last year. (Another last minute thing.)I shot with ECM eyecandymodeling) and they were both very professional and gave me some good pics even though I was fat as hell. TKM wasn’t a pervert either. Now had he given me my picture disk, I wouldn’t be telling on him so publicly but you can’t be a drunk ass pervert and play me outta my pictures and my time. Since writing this message I have been told by 2 other models that he did the EXACT same thing to them. And one other also stated how unprofessional he was.

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Brittney Allan Is Not Happy

August 8, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I did some research on Brittney Allan from San Diego and found out a few things… A) she is illiterate b) she is hideous and needs to do something about her face, yet thinks she is hot.. OP was right. She can be seen on webcams and she needs to wake up and realize she has been exposed.

Nothing worse than lying to yourself for ‘likes’.- nik


They Are Starting Young These Days

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Beware of this Company: Pathway Genomics

August 7, 2014 San Diego 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 40 of us received this letter last Wednesday after a long day at work! “We regret to inform you that effective Thursday, July 24th your employment with Pathway Genomics is terminated. Sincerely, Human Resources Pathway Genomics Corporation” Jim Plante and his Dirty little secret Klene Oen from Pathway Genomics in SanDiego hired an Oncology sales force to sell a genetic test for breast cancer and then fired us all less than 2 months later my email. No call, no reason, no nothing, by email! I have tried to post this on sites like Cafepharma but it gets taken down every time. They leave me no choice but to turn to the dirty! Jim, Klene and Ardy think they are some kind of celebrities in San Diego, so now its time for some exposure!

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August 7, 2014 Los Angeles, San Diego 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Plain n simple this “chafa situation”wannabe didn’t get the # nor was I intending to do so ..I seen him here before ..yadaa yadaa y’all KNO he’s a psycho slut ..idgaf this cry baby bitch should a just grew sum balls n took the rejection gracefully !

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Armie Dondoyano

July 31, 2014 San Diego 492

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Armie Dondoyano (Dipablo) this disgusting looking thing with a body of a 12 year old boy from General Santos, Philippines is after married American men for her papers and a better life in America!! She is a hooker offering prostitution servant services on a website called ***m stating “I will do everything for my man”,”I want any man”, “searching for my husband”, “I am easy”, and “I can cook & clean”. I told her to leave my husband alone and if she were woman enough she would walk away and let him make things right with his wife & young child… Her response was “he wants to fck my tight pssy!” So I am putting this classless piece of trash on the dirty for everyone to see. She claims shes a saint on Facebook with a good heart, but if she was anything decent she wouldn’t be messing with married men and being a prostitute on the internet. This peasant old lady is desperate to find herself a man to live off, married or not. She’s 30 years old and still doesn’t have a husband or children??? something’s wrong there…. I feel very sorry for this Filipino peasant slut from a third world country who will never amount to anything but being a servant to a white man!….in case anyone is wondering, I filed for divorce from the dirtbag I was married to! Talk about an international Charlie Sheen!

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