San Diego | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Raver Emily

October 26, 2014 San Diego 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: What’s up nik now here we have Emily Marie miss raver junkie. She has been posted countless times before so here’s an update first off what type of a mother dresses like a whore for Halloween? I’ll tell you a whore with a kid that’s who. Emily is still being an unstable mother always going out drinking and then posting pictures of it with her nasty ass druggy friends. Bouncing her kid from house to house locking her in a room just so Emily can get f ked up.Emily just got a job at target lol wow big shot now. Little do all her bosses know while Emily is slaving away cleaning out dressing rooms she let’s all her druggy ass friends steal clothes and whatever they want. Emily is always posting things about her dead beat baby daddy which is funny as hell. We all knew he would be a dead beat we all knew he was a piece of shit we all knew he would do this but she’s stupid enough to pop out his kid then cry about it over Facebook look bitch you’re the only one who was stupid enough to have rays baby and you knew what you were getting yourself into not shut up about it and stop crying about your fuck up. And maybe if you weren’t a cheating whore and cheated on him the whole time you were together and also pregnant with his daughter maybe he would still love you and be with your whore ass. Who the fck dyes their hair like a teenager anymore anyways. Your hair looks like shit that metal in your face looks like shit all that makes you look like a horrible mother and you still don’t know what the fck you’re doing in life! Big probs to em for still being a raver druggy whore mother of the year once again goes to Emily! Because I’m a cool mom right ? Lol

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Melissa Is A Pathetic Girl

October 25, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 165


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, this is a warning to men in San Diego. This young “lady” is “Melly baby” MELISSA. Her last name is along the lines of something involving a crotch. Chambers or something I believe. She slept with my boyfriend and begged him to leave me. He kicked her out. The reason he wanted nothing to do with her was they slept together for years. She cheated on her boyfriend with him when they first started messing around. She used him for someone to cry to about the two abortions she had (for some reason she just doesn’t understand contraception). When I confronted her I suggested she gets tested, and she let me know she was tested before and after sleeping with my boyfriend. I realized it is pretty sad how often she has to be tested, that or she is a liar. She had the nerve to sleep with my boyfriend, attempt to lie about the details, and then tried fighting me. She works at Costco, so if you see her say “Hey” for me! -Scorned bitch!!!

Those legs are perfect for Costco. A lot of heavy lifting in bulk.- nik

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Beware of the PB Creep

October 22, 2014 San Diego 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is Blaise Rovney a 46 year old fcking piece of shit who likes to get young girls drunk and attempt to take advantage of them! He lives in the Pacific Beach area where he preys on young party girls! This sorry excuse for a man (who has a daughter our age by the way which I find all the more disgusting) took me and my friend out for drinks. we get a little tipsy at the bars so we tell him we couldn’t drive home and asked if we could crash on his couch. He agrees. My friend and I cuddled together on a couch that he has in his bedroom. I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom only to find this PIG sitting up naked on his bed staring at us while he is jerking off!! I wake my friend up and we both start yelling at him, telling him what a sick fuck he is! He jumps off his bed and tries to grab us but We literally run out of his house screaming and go home. This nasty pig has the nerve to call and text her NON STOP the next day claiming we owe him an apology for causing a scene! Ladies, PLEASE be careful if you come across this psycho!

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Mai Nakajima Scams Thousands Out Of Innocent People

October 21, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, back in February, Mai Sandy Nakajima offered my friends and I Coachella VIP tickets. We paid Mai over $20K in tickets and she decided to take the money to save her parents foreclosing house that ended up being foreclosed and has yet to pay ANYONE back. She is a scam artist and cannot be trusted. She has blocked all of us on social media and now claims she is living out of a hotel and is pregnant. We cannot serve her as she is unresponsive to all emails and her current address is not known. If you know there whereabouts of Mai, please advise as my friends and I are the victim of Mai Sandy Nakajima’s lavish lifestyle and fronting her $900 car payment for her Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and lavish purses such as Chanel, Goyard and staying in 5 star hotels. This women is evil, knieving and cannot be trusted.

You need to contact the Police. Anybody else seen this Mai Sandy Nakajima chick?- nik

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New York Myke

October 17, 2014 San Diego 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: SCREW IT let’s defraud the banks that’s what it’s all about we still live in AMERICA the greatest country to see it’s financial system collapse. The stock market going down? Who cares come on in and let’s get you to buy something under your name with your credit, proof of income, social security number, and employment information so we can make money off of your aunt, cousin, brother, uncle, democrat friends, republican friends, who cares my General Sales Manager is a convicted criminal racist and I failed multiple times running for office including mayor of San Diego. Just forget about all this stuff screw it I have so much overhead & inventory I gave away my Indian dealership to the gold digger next to me Petrina Shelby who I married. Screw it she’s a “model agent.” I’m just an old man with a long pony tail been that’s been growing longer than you’ve been alive. I’m BLIND to the money it’s coming it’s going I’m about to lose my shirt on this re-location that cost me millions I had to bring in a crew from Riverside to cheat you out of money by over-charging, deceiving, and blasting the air radio waves with false advertising to make sure my investors don’t bail out on me. Kearny, Seaport village, you name it we’re about to go under and even wife’s business is up for sale. Come on guys we treat employees like shit, burn customers, and employee criminals to steal profits for the bottom line. SCREW IT!

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Serena Ellis

October 16, 2014 San Diego 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. This right here is Serena Ellis. She is the leader of all the swamp donkeys in east county. This bitch is so nasty, shes slept with everyone in lakeside, Santee, and el Cajon. Plus more! She is way down for the gang bang (she especially loves it in her ass.) even though her pussy smells like month old rotten fish everyone still gets a piece cuz they know how easy she is. All you have to do is talk to her. The homies always talk about how bad she smells and how nasty she is… She has 2 kids that she has NOTHING to do with. She dont even know who her sons baby daddy is. And her daughter, I’m pretty sure she hasn’t seen her for like 2 years. Poor little girl. She chooses meth and dudes over her kids which is really sad. She’ll suck you off for a sack. She is the definition of fckin dirty! She falls in love with these scum bags that fill ber full of drugs, fuck her, beat her. And then they leave her. I actually feel sorry for her. Maybe she would have more real friends if she didn\’t go around fcking everyone’s men. This easy sleezy m*th monster needs to be put on blast. Serena you nasty fucking cunt!

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Endangering The Elderly In San Diego

October 15, 2014 San Diego 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Check this out, Nik, This sad little pill addict’s name is Danielle Balog. She works at a senior health care center in Spring valley and siphons oxycodone and a variety of other meds from seniors while they are asleep, this is coming from her own mouth. She is a self- described “pill whore” , even though she does the lowest dosages of these meds .If she is not sending snapchats of her nodding out on opiates at work , shes trading favors for 10$ oxycodones. She cruises east county in her baby blue 2013 ford mustang searching for connects , but nobody will give her the time of day because of her obvious junkie attitude and rich whore looks . Would you trust her around your hurt/sick elderly relatives?

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Mark Handel aka Khan Tusion

October 13, 2014 Los Angeles, San Antonio, San Diego 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the most evil porn star in history khan fusion aka mark Handel. Several girls have complained about his savage abuse and sexual assaults on set. He gets away with it because his brother is a radio host and uses his money to get him off. This filthy pig needs to be exposed and its fitting that this is my last post before my heart surgery because if I die exposing this asshole them my life wasn’t a complete waste after all. Fck you mark handle hope you go to jail and play pick up the soap with some well endowed butt buddies. Support a unionized porn industry! Dirty army strong 4 life! God bless all which you do nik

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