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Stacey Mae Looks A Way Better On IG

October 11, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 40


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick popped up on my Instagram.  Funny enough looked closer and realized I met her in Vegas the other weekend when she was working a promo. Had no idea because she looks nothing like her pics which look photoshopped. Looks like she’s aiming to be a wanna be “model”/washed up promo model. Took a closer look and her porn alias is “Stacey Mae”. Looks like she sells naked pics of herself online.  Those +2′s look real, but need a lift IMO. Seems like another wanna be starf*cker who’s past her prime w/daddy issues. Kind of looks like Amanda Bynes. Hot or Not Nik? Do you know her or her deal?

She looks like a Guess model (they love beat IG chicks).- nik

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Dealing Couple in San Diego

October 9, 2014 San Diego 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello nik, so we all know Cody and his drag queen boyfriend. Here’s a little bit more in them since they don’t know how to get a clue. These two started dating in 2012 the girl 16 at the time and Cody 27. Now first if you don’t see anything wrong with a ten year age difference you’re just another pedo like Cody. Now 18 and 28 these two still don’t have a clue. Since when is it cool for adults to post public pictures all over social media of themselves doing drugs and fcked up on drugs for the world to see lol . This chicks mom obviously did nothing about her underage daughter dating some creep ten years older then her because she was too worried about doing drugs herself finding new boyfriends and having more kids. This lady is so fucked in the head as well. Druggys raising druggys . And aside  from that they’re hella fcking ugly. All of them!They live in the ghettos of lemon grove hanging out with underage kids selling them drugs. They still have no jobs and live off welfare and housing programs. Did I forget to say they hate our government but little do they know the food stamps and welfare they receive comes from our government lol. This is just a sad case of once a welfare mommy always a welfare mommy. Even their grandmother is a tweaker. Cody has gotten kidney stones and sleep apnea and obviously is starting to look like an old tweaker himself. And poor Alicia chay miss Gemini had no chance at all she looks like a drag queen had sex with a fucking ape and she is what happen plus all the drugs ruining her teeth and turning them piss yellow. Omg and that hair dirty as fuck. News flash your hair and makeup look like shit you look like a poor excuse for a drag queen baby girl ! One day they’re gonna overdose and or get pregnant. Please don’t get this poor girl pregnant that horror of that child’s face and life. Little gremlin of a child. Get a clue nobody likes you guys and the world sees how bad of druggys you people really are !

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Do You Like Sabrina Nellie’s +2s

October 7, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 348


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have got to admit that in addition to the totally cute nose Sabrina Nellie’s implants are perfect for her small frame. She has had 2 kids so her stomach is obviously not perfect but the +2′s totally make her. I believe they are an under the implant incision, how many CC’s would be your professional guess?  Click here to see her naked!!!

They actually look terrible. Nipples are totally misplaced and one implant is smaller than the other. She needs to get them redone stat. No wonder she looks good in underwear…seriously fix the +2′s.- nik


I Don’t Even Care What Sabrina Nellie Does For A Living

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Fun Facts About Sabrina Nellie

October 4, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 845


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, some fun facts about Sabrina. No, she doesn’t do porn. She is a cam girl, which is nothing like porn… 2nd, she has a man that she loves and will do anything for, so any of you douchebags trying to win her over, not happening… she doesn’t care about money, she cares about a human’s soul. And nobody trolling this site has one.

Thanks for clearing that up Sabrina Nellie.- nik

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Sabrina the Cam Model

October 3, 2014 San Diego 4



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong here. Just letting you know that Sabrina the “cam model” is all eyeliner, hair extensions, implants, and angles. She really has a fetal alcohol alien head and legs that even you would say are too skinny.

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I Don’t Even Care What Sabrina Nellie Does For A Living

October 2, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 565


THE DIRTY ARMY:   Nik, you said she smells like a pornstar. I don’t care. This woman is stunning. What’s the 411?

Not digging the inner thigh fat.- nik

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The Hottest Brunette In The Game

October 1, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 224


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I already know you are going to hate this girl because of her tattoos and breast moles. To me she is the hottest woman on the planet. Her name is Sabrina Nellie, 21 years old from San Diego. I don’t know much about her other than the fact she has amazing +2′s and a hot blonde roommate. I’m hoping the DA can make her a DC so I can see her everyday on this website. We need younger blood, these Vegas girls are too old.

Sabrina smells like a pornstar to me… all that useless ink. What a waste of a cute nose.- nik

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Tattoo Troll

September 30, 2014 San Diego 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kelsey Jordan, a FAT SLUT from Ramona, CA. This Chick will F*CK anything or anyone.. She has made her way throughout San Diego even throughout Oregon. Spreading her Diseases, She is into Partying and Drinking, she smokes Mth, and Weed. BE WARNED she may Lure you in by her over caked makeup Face and Side Shot Camera Tricks But she weighs close to 300lbs her Tits are Saggy and her P**SY smells like rotten Tuna she had sex with my Ex And gave him H**, if you give her ANY ATTENTION she will suck or F*CK you. KEEP YOUR BOYFRIENDS AWAY FROM HER! Some days she is straight some days she is gay with a Transgender. Kelsey why don’t you act right for the sake of your son and STOP BEING A WHORE NO ONE LIKES YOU. EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT YOU. YOUR A JOKE. HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR YOURSELF. She Thinks she is all That, with her nappy ass extensions and Makeup caked layers deep. YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN. NIK Please tell this b**ch she is GROSS and needs to Stop being a W**RE and Grow up.

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