Dan Bilzerian aka Fake Equis’ Lamborghini

May 20, 2014 Fake Equis, San Diego, The Dirty 59 100,910 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so as I was looking at Lambos for sale online and I came across Dan Bilzerian’s White Lambo for sale at Symbolic Motors in La Jolla. You can see is the same exact location with the pics from his instagram.

Are you trying to say he is Instagram fronting?- nik

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Sync Button Faker Nicholas Escobar

May 19, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 29 99,293 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik!!! First off your are definitely the most legit person around, that said I’m sure we all had our fair share of fake wanna be DJ’s, well this guy takes the F**king cake. His Name is Nicholas Escobar and goes by ESCOBAR. He claims to be well connected in the entertainment world and was a pretty decent DJ in Miami in 2001-2004. He is a little bitch and as fake as could be. He got some tips and pointers from some pretty well known local DJ’s in San Diego, purchased some tables and started surfing the web on how to DJ for dummies. He constantly makes appearances at some of the clubs in Downtown SD, begging for free entries to club’s, pays off bouncers and club managers with Bolivian Marching Powder and sells to whoever will buy. He tries to buy their friendship (Real DJ’s) and spot in the DJ booth. This guy is border line GoGo girl, he has to jump into every photo that gets taken as a means to promote himself, if you ask me this guy and the girl from the selfie song are litteraly one in the same. I hear he used to be a mega pussy and now walks around like he is the rock. It’s good to know as quickly he was able to slide into the scene is as fast is he going out the back door. Not all of us can scratch from an Ipod like this douche bag can lol. Sadly I overheard he secretly dates men and in public he humiliates same sex partners. What do you think Nik?  Could this possibly be San Diego’s Party Monster???

Why does it take two hands to twist a knob?- nik

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Miss Carlsbad Is Hot

May 16, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 10 107,053 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what are your thoughts on Miss Carlsbad. I’m not sure if she has been submitted before, but she seems like your type of woman. Blonde and fake boobs, sounds like Miss NR.

Upon inspection her forehead is too weathered to be Miss NR.- nik

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Amanda Nicole Stronegger Needs To Be A Dirty Celebrity

May 15, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 45 112,451 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have to make Amanda Nicole Stronegger one of your horses. Look at those teeth. You can find Amanda naked most of the week at Fluxx or Sidebar. Nik please make her a horse or at least a dirty celeb. San Diego DA Strong!

She does kind of look like a Sea Horse… any name suggestions?- nik

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Rayah Warren

May 12, 2014 San Diego 38 6,872 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce to you Rayah Warren. This piece of trash is the most disgusting human to walk the planet. She is the definition of straight disgust and is a cum dumpster to men of all races. I walked in on five vietnamese dude pulling a gang bang on this bitch. She was homeless for a while and I felt bad for the bitch so I let her suck my greg for some lunch, a pair of clean sweat pants and a shower. A few weeks later she is still wearing the same cut off sweats I gave her a month ago looking N smelling straight homeless. Then she comes up with this shit that she has **V now I gotta get myself and the homies checked. She is walking around spreading multiple DRD’s and loves sharing them with all the purple crayon she can take. She will do any drug you put in front of her and thinks she is a hustler but in reality the only person she is hustlin is dirty purple crayon over the age of 50. This dumb white trash don’t know a thing bout hustlin first off. If I ever see this hood-rat on the street she is gonna get what she deserves for making me pay for a lifetime perscription of Valtrex for the drd she gave me and for that H** test I paid for.

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The Truth about Stephanie Peterson

May 9, 2014 San Diego 60 8,402 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, I wanted to give every man and woman a serious WARNING! Stephanie is a real MAN! I know from personal experince, don’t beleive me? Well let me tell you something, I went out with stephanie a few years ago, I thought she was pretty and she seemed really cool, well nik listen to this after a bunch of shots and dancing we decided to go back to her house, so I followed her to her apartment at the time in moreno valley, well she had more liquor and a cool little spot so I drank so more and we started kissing, well I must say from personal exsperince she has really nice breast the doctor fooled me because he forgot something… I reached between her legs to feel that hot spot, and she had a bulge! YES A DICK HER SHIT WAS HARD AND WAS SLIPPING OUT OF THE TUCK POSTION!!! DONT BE FOOLED!!!! I RAN THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!! Nik I dont go that way I was pissed off what would you have done?

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Makeup Doesn’t Cover You’re Personality

May 8, 2014 San Diego 59 8,386 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: My name is Kandice. And no, I am not afraid for her to know it was me. The girls name in the picture, is Dani Campbell. First off, I have to start off by saying, I have no FCKING CLUE WHO SHE IS. She tells everybody we’re “best friends”, because we work in the same industry; Makeup Artistry/MUA. She constantly tags me on Instagram saying we hung out today, did a wedding day makeup, and work together. And let me just clear this up, NO WE ARE NOT DANI. She embarrass the living shit out of me, when she posts her “makeup photos” on IG with hot pink eyeshadow, and will wear hot pink wig with it. She has also a friend me never that she talks about constantly that is a makeup artist as well. But wanna know what she thinks about her??? A NO GOOD FCKING SLUT WHO DOESNT KNOW SHIT ABOUT MAKEUP. If I remember correctly, everyone starts out as an amateur. Nobody is perfect. And actually, you learn more everyday. You learn more as you go! This girl needs to be exposed for what horrible no good person she is. I’m so sick of her bashing on people on their creative skills with makeup artistry. I personally believe out of everyone I know that is a makeup artist, she is THE WORST. Her Instagram is : MakeupByDanilee Facebook: MakeupByDanilee And her personal Instagram is: Danimals_duhh. P.S. And if anything, she needs to stop be a makeup artist or MUA, or whatever the fuck she wants to call it. She owes EVERYONE, an apology for acting like such a fcking bitch. And stop fcking calling, texting, and blowing up my Instagram constantly. I DONT FCKING YOU!!! Oh, and another, she will sleep with ANY photographer, producer, a male owner of a makeup line, to let her do the models makeup. She actually even slept with a photographer once, did the models makeup. And when she was done with all of the makeup, he literally fcking yelled at her, and asked her to leave! She could’t believe what horrible fcking work she did. Plus, her boyfriend, opps I mean “fiancé” now, her parents FORCED him, to marry her because his parents are filthy rich. She makes him buy her literally EVERYTHINGGG, she wants. So pathetic! Oh, and one more thing, she just did two girls makeup for prom, and edited the CRAP out of that shit! Still didn’t look any better. Hahahah. I felt so bad for them! Poor girls!

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Mandie Ellis

May 7, 2014 San Diego 65 10,397 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This SLUT bag Mandie is a 36 year old waitress who works at Chilis and lives with her parents! She aint no 40 year old virgin tho! Her legs are spread wide for any and every east county guy! Does matter if the have a girlfriend, wife, or are under age she is down. She is a total psycho on top of that! You can take her out for drinks and get laid the same night but be careful she will stalk the shit out of you and try hacking into your shit. She fuks with her friends boyfriends, husbands, kids like nothing stops her slutty ass. She has the nastiest pussy I have ever seen totally blown out! Everyone thats been with her drd infested ass has said its like throwing a hotdog down a hallway! So watch out she will give it up to anyone so if your looking to get some hit her up but double bag that shit in fact triple bag it and don’t take her back to your place otherwise she will pull her fatal attraction shit on you next! She is being investigated for criminal acts that put a star on your house! Nasty nasty bitch!

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