August 7, 2014 Los Angeles, San Diego 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Plain n simple this “chafa situation”wannabe didn’t get the # nor was I intending to do so ..I seen him here before ..yadaa yadaa y’all KNO he’s a psycho slut ..idgaf this cry baby bitch should a just grew sum balls n took the rejection gracefully !

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Armie Dondoyano

July 31, 2014 San Diego 493

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Armie Dondoyano (Dipablo) this disgusting looking thing with a body of a 12 year old boy from General Santos, Philippines is after married American men for her papers and a better life in America!! She is a hooker offering prostitution servant services on a website called ***m stating “I will do everything for my man”,”I want any man”, “searching for my husband”, “I am easy”, and “I can cook & clean”. I told her to leave my husband alone and if she were woman enough she would walk away and let him make things right with his wife & young child… Her response was “he wants to fck my tight pssy!” So I am putting this classless piece of trash on the dirty for everyone to see. She claims shes a saint on Facebook with a good heart, but if she was anything decent she wouldn’t be messing with married men and being a prostitute on the internet. This peasant old lady is desperate to find herself a man to live off, married or not. She’s 30 years old and still doesn’t have a husband or children??? something’s wrong there…. I feel very sorry for this Filipino peasant slut from a third world country who will never amount to anything but being a servant to a white man!….in case anyone is wondering, I filed for divorce from the dirtbag I was married to! Talk about an international Charlie Sheen!

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San Diego MMJ be warned of these Theifs

July 30, 2014 San Diego 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Danica Wilson and Kyle Feria. Both are con artists and have stollen a mass amount of product and cash from the mmj industry in Seattle and not to mention had a loathsome affair. Kyle was an extraction artist for his brother-in-laws oil company. Kyle, a married 33 year old man and father of two met Danica 21, through the pill popping community about a year ago and they began to secretly “date”. Danica had become employed by a well known mmj dispensary when they two first started their fling. Kyle, stole product from a handful of mmj companies along with stealing over 70k cash from a mmj dispensary owner that he had been sleeping with (yes another affair). The family company that Kyle worked for caught on to what was going on after Kyle stole two slabs of oil from his own family to pay for a trip to Denver for him and Danica! After so many people catching wind of what was going on with mainly Kyle, he was 86ed from the mmj industry. Danica was warned by her place of employment that she was not to be involved with Kyle or they would not help her in anyway. Well Danica ended up stealing their in house Gods Lemon Flower/trim and started Kyle & herself their very own hash company with the stolen product. keep these thiefs away from you & your store. Do NOT support Irie Extracts. They left seattle to go do the same to San Diego. Not to mention Danica has the most disgusting & offensive body oder and is nothing but a pathetic mocking bird of whatever Kyle says.

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They Are Starting Young These Days

July 29, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 233

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why are girls starting to whore themselves out so young these days? This is Brittney Alan from the San Diego area and she just turned 18 and has already found a sugar daddy to pay for a pair of +2′s and f*cking red bottoms. She thinks that she is Gods Gift to the earth… When in actuality, she had a horse face, a sh*t personality, an annoying voice, and she is dumb as rocks. When did it become okay to be like this? She is so vain and clearly thinks there is nothing wrong with the way she lives her life.

That waist line sure doesn’t look 18.- nik

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Stormy Havens

July 29, 2014 San Diego 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Nik is stormy havens. The slutt muffin of east county. This bitch will uck anything that walks. Shes had a train straight ran on her. Shes honestly gnarly as fck. You can Smell Her Psy From A mile Away, and Lets Not Forget Her Boyfriend brandon Who Couldnt Be Faithful if Someone paid Him. This Girls Got A big Ass Mouth But An Even Bigger Vagina, she Loves To Run her Mouth Even though She Has A lisp From Hell And Can Hardly Talk. Oooh And If You Have Issues With Her Dont Bother All This bitch Does Is Call The Cops. Shes The Definition of A pussy Hahah what Do You Think NIK?

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Double Trouble

July 29, 2014 San Diego 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: These ugly fucking ladies nik is Amber Hunt and ms Taylor hunt. These ladies love to fck the same men during the same night. They often times fck 2 men and rotate when the guys Are Done With Them. They Both Have drd And Just Enjoy Sleeping With Men Who Are Taken, thats There Specialty. And Then They blame It On The Drugs they do Hahaha. Amber Is The Huge Fat One With 6 chins and Taylor Is The One With The ass On Her Chin. Taylor Hunt Is A huge H addict. Shell tell You Shes Clean Till U catch Her In the Bathroom Slamming That Shit And Sharing needles. Taylor Hunt Is Honestly The Hugest Whore In The Worlddd. careful ladies shell fck your bf and not think twice and u cant believe shit out of this bitches mouth. She Cries And Threatens To Kill Herself Every Other Day Because all she Is, is A hit It and Quit It To Thousands of dudes. She Also Loves To Run Her Mouth Like Shes Something Bad But Dont Be Fooled shes Nothing But a punk bitch Scared Of Everyone. If You Want An Easy Fck Gentleman there One Call Away. There So Desperate theyll Take Anything They can Get But Wrap your Shit Cause These Bitches Are Dirty As Fckkk. Hahah What Do U think NIK??

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Delusional Trust Fund Sleeze

July 29, 2014 San Diego, Toronto 313

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl sits on the internet all day posting deodorant of herself and her dog. She constantly needs reassurance from others and all she does is bitch about her make up and talks shit about how she works out and needs toget new skin care products. She has no job but drives a Benz. Her family must be wealthy because her mother decorated some house that’s been featured in magazines. She lost a veneer and had the courage to post a self ie with it missing. Apparently she’s from southern California and does nothing productive. Must be nice to have had family that owned slaves hundreds of years ago that pretty much made that money that got passed down all these years just so you can blow it on make up that you can’t apply properly.

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Serena Macros Cow

July 28, 2014 Huntington Beach, San Diego 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I came to see this girl because she looked overly attractive in her pictures!!! But she was surprisingly 50 or 60 pounds over what she seems to be!!!. I am not one to judge but god this girl is like double the size! lol GEEZ!!!!! I wish someone would had alerted me of the fakeness!!!!! she is nasty in person, thirsty for money, lost women! OFFERED TO SUCK MY DICK FOR practically nothing without a condom!!! omg i wonder how many strange dick she sucked!! fyi- my god photo shop does owners!

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