Beauty School Dropout

September 4, 2014 San Diego 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This beauty school dropout has nothing better to do than to continue drama that has happened. This girl tries to be a hard*ss but fails miserably! Lindsey (or Lynzie) loves attention she also pretends to be on all sorts of drugs. Alcohol is her blood. She’ll suck it for a lick of whatever you got! Lindsey likes to get her loser friends involved with whatever lies and drama situations she makes up! She is honestly a psycho b*tch! Do not trust her. This girl also cannot decide whether she wants to be a man or a woman. She will suck you dry (money wise) but that too! She will sleep with just about anyone even though she claims to be a lesbian. This confused girl needs help! Help her?

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SD Manslore

September 4, 2014 San Diego 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, put this guy on blast. This is Chris Sovacool. He is the biggest redheaded asshole with no soul. He tells you he is a sweet guy and would never take a girl for granted. Its all BULLSHIT. After sleeping with his tiny dick (four inches) he went MIA. After a couple days I see him at a bar macking at bitches. He is always in Pacific Beach bar hopping with his “bros.” Be aware ladies.. he is not worth your time unless you plan on getting screwed over by his fugly little ass.

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Closeted Middle Eastern

September 2, 2014 San Diego 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: he frequents craigslist and likes twink boys. when asked about drd and **V status he claims he’s ‘straight’ and dated a girl so he’s very clean. (like thats any reason to not get checked!) anyway my friend has confirmed this last week -unfortunately- so watch out gay boys and girls!

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Brittney Allan Has Changed For The Better

August 20, 2014 San Diego 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have known Brittney for years and she is a great girl who shouldn’t be judged for her life and what she does. She deleted her sugar baby profile and is done with all of that. None of you should be judging her on this site. She is going to be a great hair stylist someday.


Brittney Allan Is Not Happy

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Santee’s “finest” Tweeker

August 20, 2014 San Diego 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this guy. You can spot him usually on his bike with his dog a black lab. He likes to throw things through peoples windows, spy on you from his house with video camera and anything else he can get his hands on. This guy has his house wired with video cameras and likes to watch everone who walks by. Hes the kind of creeper who will follow you in a “non schulant” way. He likes to start shit and threaten people with his bat. All this guy does is do meth and whatever other drugs he can get his hands on that’s probably why he’s so crazy. He likes to go to peoples houses at night and stir up drama in the late hours and pound the fuck out of garage doors and try and break into peoples houses. So watch out for him walking or riding around on his bike also watch out for his shitty dark green teal dodge truck he’s usually driving around. You can spot it out easily he has a bunch of wood in the bed of the truck. He’s dangerous and NEEDS to be LOCKED UP for life. He doesn’t deserve the rights to be in a civilized place. If your gonna act like an animal you deserve to be locked up and caged like one too. FCK YOU Mark G Stevens your ass has been blasted on the dirty army.

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Linsey Bollinger

August 20, 2014 San Diego 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is linsey Bollinger. She is Chula Vista scum who you can find all over lakeside and east county. She’s a terrible excuse for a mother. She is a druggie, always out partying. She will find and use any guy to play baby daddy. Then she will use his family as a free babysitter. She is drama-always starting trouble with someone. And this girl will fck anyone. It’s sad, she has no respect for herself. My friend fcked her and couldn’t finish because her pssy smelled so rotten. Just beware guys! This girl is a leech and a dirty mess!! And Nik, what do u think about those eyebrows? Lol

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What Ever Happened To Kelli Hutcherson

August 18, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what ever happened to Kelli Hutcherson. She was my favorite Cage Girl, and I had high hopes the UFC would bring her over when the acquired Strikeforce.(and the eventually follow in Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste’s footsteps and do Playboy) She has great +2′s and has such an awesome personality. Hopefully she makes a comeback soon and maybe The Dirty can help make that happen!

She is too skinny and her legs are too buff. I can see why the UFC passed.- nik

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Dustin Douglas

August 18, 2014 San Diego 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This right here nik is dustin douglas aka douche bag. He runs around talking to bitch after bitch and then dropping them left and right for his ex girlfriend named crystal. This bitch is so stupid. She takes him back time after time again even though she knows all he does is lie and plays games. Ask me how i know? Its because im one of the girls he talked to, till she found out when they got back together. His girlfriend or ex or whatever she is, is crazy as shit for him.even though i hate this bitch not even my worse enemy deserves someone like him so id like to turn the attention to him. He is the definition of unfaithful. I know when she confronted me i told her and he lied about it all to her. And then if we really wana dig deep on this loser hes cheated on every single girlfriend hes ever had. He finally finds a bitch to keep him and he just wants to fuck that up to. Crystal your an idiot for staying. dustin You are lower than low and everyone knows it. Quit lying to her about everyone even me player if You Love her Like you “Says” then stop. Shes the best you will ever get and if you cant handle her Being crazy quit being a man Whore or let her find a REAL MAN. Id like to expose this lame for the douche he is. And future references for any of you ladies. Steer clear. If hes not good to the girl “he loves” he wont be any good for you.. like they say, a man will be a boy until hes ready to be a man. So what do you think about this player nik?

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