Snoby Gold Digger Found A Sugar Daddy

May 6, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 76 97,259 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl slept with everyone just so she could land some rich guy.  Well, she found a wealthy man, who takes her on trips around the world. She has no class and is willing to do whatever is neccesery to get rich, including milking any man along the way. Unfortnate for this guy he does not know that it is a possiblity she has had or has DRD. Only if people would learn more about the person before they fall in love.

Something is really wrong with her shoulder blade, not sexy at all.- nik

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Elizabeth Frohlich Loves To Brag About Being A Pothead

May 5, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 6 97,880 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl here, Liz (Elizabeth Frohlich), needs to be put on blast and hopefully read this herself. She is the biggest bragger about smoking pot, and loves to boast about it. On top of that every picture she posts shes either wearing lingerie or some slutty piece of cloth…no never wears actual clothes. Her parents hate her, and she bounces around town between every dudes couch. It’s sick how hard she tries to put herself out there. And girls who want to be friends with her beware, because she’ll try to get you to take some nasty pictures with her wearing no clothes. Hopefully she never flashes you a smile, that gap between her teeth is horrendous.

I wonder if she lets guys have sex with her armpits?- nik

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Midwest Trash

May 2, 2014 Nebraska, San Diego 3 5,348 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Josh. Don’t be surprised by his decent looks. This guy is a sleaze ball who moved out to Cali from Nebraska. His friend in the picture are two clowns that need to be put in their place. Josh enjoys putting up pictures of drunk girls passed out at his place on Facebook for display. He parades around like he’s the shit when really he is shit. He plays girls like video games & is spreading drds. He’s n This is Josh. Him & his friend Nolan in the pic moved to San Diego from Nebraska. They get trashed all the time & have random girls over & fck them. Josh takes pictures of the drunk girls passed out in his house & posts their pics on FB. Nasty. He doesn’t get tested & carries drd. Beware of this trash in PB.

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Navy Homewrecker

May 1, 2014 Navy, San Diego 1 6,130 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, this trifling whores name is Katherine. She has been sleeping with a married man on her ship while his wife is out of town taking care of their 4 year old. She has been flaunting it to everyone on their ship that she’s messing with a married man. Well turns out this tramp is married herself! Her husband has been underway and that’s when she takes the time to take advantage of all the men she can. I dont know how she gets guys look at this chick….not even sure if she even is a woman. I think all the military wives should know about this trifling slut. C’mon nik help me get the word out about this cum dumpster

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Robert McClish

April 29, 2014 San Diego 1 6,125 Views


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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this gay kid is Robert George McClish. He is 20 years old and the biggest gay slut in San Diego. He hooks up with straight men, old men, gay men, you name it he’s hooked up with them. He sleeps with men for money and brags about it like its a joke but what really funny is that he’s the joke. If he’s not drinking it up with friends he’s with an old hag dumb enough to take him out just so he can get money. Everybody knows it too and he could care less. Also he’s the fakest person ever, he will pretend to be your friend just to get at your boyfriend. He walks around like his shit don’t stink but in reality it probably does cause has an std from fucking so many men without protection. All he does is take nudes and send it to guys and his friends to make him feel better about his stupid pathetic life. I’d be surprised to find someone who DOESNT have a nude of him. He’s such a slut because his parents hate him. He does nothing with his life because he’s a spoiled rich kid who has all the time in the whole and he uses that time on dick. The only thing he is good at is partying and fcking. He has a couple DU’s already and he’s not even 21 and I think he totally does all this sluttying around because no one takes him serious and has nothing to live for. He is absolutely disgusting and worthless.

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Horse riding a Horse

April 29, 2014 San Diego 0 6,318 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl is just another typical dirty bitch who will fck anyone. She sleeps with guys while she already has a boyfriend and is going to couples counseling because they are having problems. Umm really you think?! Your having relation ship problems because your fcking other dudes. Dumb bitch! You don’t need counseling for that, all you have to do is stop fucking anything with a dick. She tells the guys she sleeps with about her issues with the boyfriend and then they listen for a bit and then fuk her. I feel bad for her boyfriend but I mean really, how do you not know your GIRLFRIEND IS A CHEATING SLUT?!!! I guess I don’t feel bad for the guy. Don’t let the picture with her on that horse fool you. She will fuck your husband, boyfriend, dad, uncle, brother or even neighbor if you’ve got one and you’ll listen to her bullshit about her issues with her and her boyfriend then she’s on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s fcking her horse.

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Amazing 20 Year Old In San Diego

April 25, 2014 San Diego 9 10,526 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is the hottest 20 year old in San Diego hands down.  Now when I was her age, I was hot as her and guys would not stop looking at me everywhere I went.  But shorty after I turned 21, I partied my ass off and woke up 7 years later with a drug and alcohol addiction… and my looks, basically gone.  I know I f*cked up and ruined any chance I had of finding a good man with a good job… I just want this girl to be smart because the whole world is ahead of her and she can do anything she wants, I don’t want her to fall into the trap that many of us pretty girls have.

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Did Fake Equis Foreclose On His San Diego Estate

April 25, 2014 Fake Equis, San Diego, The Dirty 90 103,068 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think Fake Equis foreclosed on his house in San Diego. Perhaps his lifestyle finally caught up to him and he couldn’t afford his house anymore, or his daddy stopped paying his bills. The link provided shows the price history of his house. According to the site his house was sold in a foreclosure auction on 3/21/14 for $4,750,000. Although it looks like he foreclosed, it isn’t really clear if he did. After further investigation I found a tweet from Dan on 2/2/11 stating, “On plane to San Diego to look at houses.” If you refer to the price history again it shows the house was listed for rent in 2011. So, was Fake Equis just a renter? Did he foreclose? What do you think?

From what his friends tell me, he rents his place in Hollywood… not sure what happened in San Diego.- nik

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