East County Trash

February 24, 2014 San Diego, SDSU 17 9,466 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Let me introduce to you this East County trash that goes by the name of Chelsea Dodd. I kept hearing about her around East County and kept seeing her pics on Facebook. She will accept any dudes friend request on facebook, so guys you have a shot at banging this trash if you would just send her a friend request and a few messages on there. She loves the attention! Anyways She is like 23 years old banging this 45 year old dude over the past summer until she caught him cheating. I thought she was into web cam modeling or something until I met the bitch face to face. They introduced me to “Chelsea” and I was like you have got to be kidding me. Her pics are decieving and there is no way she is a model. In person she looked like a 35 year old heroine addict who got hit in the face with a baseball bat and thats to say the least. After talking to her for two minutes I came to the realization that this chic is as dumb as a rock and has quite a bit of growing up to do. No car, no job and lives with her Mom. She would be better off doing web cam modeling, stripping, porn, or even working a Trout, but I guess all of those do require minimal amounts of intelligence so it’s likely none of that will ever happen. Maybe another DA celeb for you Nik?

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SD Sloots

February 20, 2014 Davidson, San Diego 23 10,374 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tina “slutty” Strangefield and Ratchet” Rebecca Turner hahahahhaha These two dumb, beat, fcking anorexic, looking cunts think they can rave. They had no reason to be at LED. Fakes cant rave with us!!! You girls did do the drugs, yeah, but u are most definitely not even close to being considered true ravers. LED was your first rave, congrats!, now hang up the possibility of you two living that life style. YOU AINT, NOR NEVER WILL BE, rEADY TO LIVE LIFE. P.S. FCK CLAYTON FOSTER

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Brandi’s Got Swag

February 19, 2014 San Diego, Would You? 102 10,635 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: People are hatin on this girl, but only because they’re jealous of her swag and her pretty blue-green eyes. She’s almost 30 but looks damn young and hot. Would you?

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Sarah Salman, Escort with Braces

February 17, 2014 Detroit, San Diego 328 10,839 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Now that it’s out… her instagram photos and her life will make sense. Her mom is poor. She doesn’t have a job. She’s ghetto trash… yet is always taking photos in trashy, (sometimes nice) hotel rooms and of herself going shopping? And she doesn’t have a day of education. NOW it makes sense. She calls herself a “hustler” instead of a prostitute, sucking any man in Detroit, San Diego, Texas, or NY for clothes and cash. She does duos with Anna Snowball, the second dirtiest girl around. Girls- don’t be friends with her, she will steal from you (clothes and money) and people in San Diego and Detroit will assume you are a hooker too, since half of her friends are. EWWWW. Guys- if you’re old and ugly, and can’t get a classy, educated, girl from the RIGHT side of the tracks… go for it! She’s very active on arrangement sites and you will find her very quickly.. she doesn’t even hide her photos. Sarah, you are a sorry whore and nothing more. Maybe in your next life you won’t have to be so pathetic. Enjoy growing old, alone, as a slut because no one will ever marry you. Your parents must be so proud.

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El Cajon Beware

February 17, 2014 San Diego 0 9,917 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Luisa Ramirez is a narcissist, pedophile, nympho that will only want is your money and legal papers to stay in USA. She lies, gets you to fall for this piece of trash and claim shes above you and egotist. Watch out she has a kid will say she’s single and would want is to get your money in the pocket. Sh’s from Monterey Mexico and comes often. Also has a gun purchased and friends who are hit men so stay away from this and get this Trichomoniasis out of our country. Trichomoniasis is a infection vagina having multiple partners if untreated it will get you std and the carrier is her. Get yourself tested. Watch out of this person and spread the word.

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Little Man Big Problems

February 17, 2014 Marine Corps, San Diego 6 10,080 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dated/spoke text this guy on & off for so long. When I started noticing funny things going on I looked into my suspensions & didn’t have to dig deep to figure things out. This guys drd infested, check his track record. This guy is MARRIED (supposedly to the first baby’s mom)…. now he is expecting another or now HAS new baby which popped up out of nowhere to begin with…if we are talking I think I want to know if you’re expecting a child with an ex. Who ever she is she is in a dirty mess with this guy. He is talking to so many people its ridiculous. He doesn’t hide it. He just doesn’t say it either! Idk why I was even captivated to begin with. He seemed charming I suppose. He can talk his ass off. He was always liking or commenting on my things so I caved in. Anybody speaking with this same “Marine”? IF so beware bc this bo-legged little troll loves us 18+. I was falling for him til I realized what a walking lie he is.

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Hottest Female I Have Ever Seen

February 14, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 189 110,915 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw this girl out and about and I have to say, she is one of the hottest females I have ever seen. From head to toe, she is damn near perfect.  Has the curves, but not too curvy.  Wanted to see what you and the DA think about her.

Kabob.- nik

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Michelle Betian

February 13, 2014 San Diego 12 7,827 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: michelle is a selfish horney little bitch who cares more about partying and getting banged out than her daughter and loving babydaddys needs and feelings… here she is boys

Not too difficult to hang a mirror..- nik

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