Hottest Female I Have Ever Seen

February 14, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 189 110,889 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw this girl out and about and I have to say, she is one of the hottest females I have ever seen. From head to toe, she is damn near perfect.  Has the curves, but not too curvy.  Wanted to see what you and the DA think about her.

Kabob.- nik

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Michelle Betian

February 13, 2014 San Diego 11 7,805 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: michelle is a selfish horney little bitch who cares more about partying and getting banged out than her daughter and loving babydaddys needs and feelings… here she is boys

Not too difficult to hang a mirror..- nik

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The Devil is Real

February 7, 2014 Navy, San Diego 1 7,610 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Fake is Tyren Leggins aka Tye bka TJ by his family oh and don’t not look at the beat up old bitch next to him name Tara Jones. They call themselves a couple. More like a couple of idiots. He use to date one of my friends and more so used her for help. He blames his PTSD for everything including being bipolar and way passed crazy. He is a Veteran but also a Mason who has no problem telling you or anyone that he worships Satan. He has a shrine dedicated to satan and practice rituals on my friend who was a victim of posession until he met that pig in the picture. He lied to my friend saying he was working on weekends when he was with Tara touching her kids at night. He has slept with his sons mothers Sister Tiffany on numerous occasions to get revenge on Tiffany (yes Burnett hey boo bet you didnt know he fucked Trisha) LMAO! If you come across this couple they may try to steal your kids and sacrifice them for their demonic reasons. He believes he is untouchable but the police are looking for him. He is such a pussy he had his mother calling my friend and her family to make sure she moved out peacefully when he was the bitch to call a sheriff to make sure she didnt wreck his apartment like she should have. How many men need cops and their mommy to help them end a relationship? He has 4 kids total but only claims 2 and one he can’t see cause her mom moved her out of state. (Smart bitch) We know so much about the Mason’s that he should be burned at the stake for exposing them (considering they are a “secret society”) They deserve to be exposed for being pussies! They call her job everyday to harrass her not knowing she has a protective order and the police are looking for you two bitches! She wasn’t calling your phones idiots but now you both will be somebodies bitch in jail. I hope her kids know they’re real dad cause thats who they’ll be with for about 15 years. You may want to check and make sure your son is not gay like his Tara…. Or that his son hasn’t molested your daughter. Better yet check to make sure he really is into you Tara and not your son you know he is GAY!! You both will get what you deserve real real soon.

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Nik Richie Dirty Birthday Bash

February 7, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 0 102,327 Views


I’m kicking off my birthday festivities in San Diego at Stingaree, February 7, 2014. Stay dirty San Diego!

For free entrance to event: CLICK HERE

**Tonight I kick off my west coast Birthday festivities in San Diego… here is a sample from last year. See you tonight!**

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Likes Guys

February 4, 2014 San Diego, SDSU 11 5,379 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik you ignored me today  I have summit a post about this guy more than once and dont see the post anyways I hope you help me this time I could be saving some girls of been dating a horrible professional liar…. Well this guy named DENNIS MASTERMAN is a proffesional liar he will treat girls like princess ,he will make you feel like you are the best girl he could ever have on his life … He will pretend to be the perfect men for you and you will never imagine how much he’s hiding from his past and the worst part is that he’s using girl to hide the person who he really is (he’s GAY ) he likes to fuck another guys !Transexuals to be more specific … He have hide from me that he had a kid and he denied the kid on my face several times , he have been married 3 times and he’s only 28 I wonder if his ex wife’s divorce him for the same reason I left him he likes men’s and you won’t ever imagine it since everything is perfect he used to look me in the eye ball and said to me how much he loved me and that I won’t ever have to worried of him cheating on me and he was doing it behind my back with Transexuals ! I hope I save some girls form this guy cuz as soon as he notice you know he’ll just ran away from everything … He’s gay an he won’t ever admit it I just don’t want any girl been hurt the way that he hurt me no one deserves something like this … Stay away from Dennis Masterman !!

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Homie Hoppin Hamiltion

February 4, 2014 San Diego, SDSU 14 9,127 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Soo nik, This east county homie hopping “princess” claims to be 90 days clean lmfwao BUT she just hit up my boyfriend for a sack last week. She also claims to be a good mom buut i know for a mothafuckin FACT that the bitch was using drugs & drinking while she pregnant with BOTH of her children. Because i was the one using with her during her pregnancy. Shes to busy hittin the pipe and hoeing around east daygo to realize she sounds like a dumb smoked the fuck out cum guzzling SWAMP DONKEY 4 FINGER BELUGA WHALE. BITCH NEEDS TO GET HER FAT ASS TO THE DR OFFICE FOR A STD CHECK UP I MEAN SHE HAS HAD ch***aaa BEFORE THERES NOOOO TELLING WHAT THIS NASTY FAT BITCH WILL INFECT YOU OR YOUR HOMIES WITH BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU FCK THIS EAST COUNTY catching GUTTER SLUTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

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San Diego’s Tiffany Michellae Morgan

February 3, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 139 103,047 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tiffany Michellae Morgan, biggest whore in San Diego. She flies out to different state to see her sugar daddy. She talks about not depending on men’s, yet she’s opening her legs for money and red bottoms. She makes no hidden fact that she is a whore and not even ashamed to do business on her instagram page. She’s only 22, and yet already have so many surgeries .. She still look like sh*t for an Asian girl, look at her wide forehead and busted nose. Why do so many girl keep trying to thin out their nose? Do they not realize that it doesn’t look good on every face? I feel like so many girls especially Asians take the easy way out by whoring themselves. She takes photo of the sh*t her sugar daddy gives to her, including HIV test.. Sweety, that’s not classy at all, but I wouldn’t be surprised coming from someone like you. Her best friend looks just like her, I think she does the same shady sh*t too. This girl need to stop putting up this lie about being models or gogo dancer. They’re just girls whoring themselves out for a few thousand bucks.

Blonde Asian girls never work. The fake hair makes them look Pilipino.- nik

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Pine Valley Nasty

January 31, 2014 San Diego 24 7,251 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik this chick right here is grody her name is candace linner she’s a heroin addict and her bed is never emty if you know what I mean. She messed around with my ex when she knew we were together she’s a homewrecker and likes to hook up with her boyfriends friends so beware of the drug addict boyfriend stealerstealer she’s on the prowl

Not even sure which one is which with all that exposure.- nik

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