Linsey Bollinger

August 20, 2014 San Diego 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is linsey Bollinger. She is Chula Vista scum who you can find all over lakeside and east county. She’s a terrible excuse for a mother. She is a druggie, always out partying. She will find and use any guy to play baby daddy. Then she will use his family as a free babysitter. She is drama-always starting trouble with someone. And this girl will fck anyone. It’s sad, she has no respect for herself. My friend fcked her and couldn’t finish because her pssy smelled so rotten. Just beware guys! This girl is a leech and a dirty mess!! And Nik, what do u think about those eyebrows? Lol

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What Ever Happened To Kelli Hutcherson

August 18, 2014 San Diego, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what ever happened to Kelli Hutcherson. She was my favorite Cage Girl, and I had high hopes the UFC would bring her over when the acquired Strikeforce.(and the eventually follow in Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste’s footsteps and do Playboy) She has great +2′s and has such an awesome personality. Hopefully she makes a comeback soon and maybe The Dirty can help make that happen!

She is too skinny and her legs are too buff. I can see why the UFC passed.- nik

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Dustin Douglas

August 18, 2014 San Diego 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This right here nik is dustin douglas aka douche bag. He runs around talking to bitch after bitch and then dropping them left and right for his ex girlfriend named crystal. This bitch is so stupid. She takes him back time after time again even though she knows all he does is lie and plays games. Ask me how i know? Its because im one of the girls he talked to, till she found out when they got back together. His girlfriend or ex or whatever she is, is crazy as shit for him.even though i hate this bitch not even my worse enemy deserves someone like him so id like to turn the attention to him. He is the definition of unfaithful. I know when she confronted me i told her and he lied about it all to her. And then if we really wana dig deep on this loser hes cheated on every single girlfriend hes ever had. He finally finds a bitch to keep him and he just wants to fuck that up to. Crystal your an idiot for staying. dustin You are lower than low and everyone knows it. Quit lying to her about everyone even me player if You Love her Like you “Says” then stop. Shes the best you will ever get and if you cant handle her Being crazy quit being a man Whore or let her find a REAL MAN. Id like to expose this lame for the douche he is. And future references for any of you ladies. Steer clear. If hes not good to the girl “he loves” he wont be any good for you.. like they say, a man will be a boy until hes ready to be a man. So what do you think about this player nik?

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Patricia Rivera

August 15, 2014 San Diego 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is patricia janene rivera from chino hills. she is by far the most double faced back stabber i have ever come across. she told me she only had sex 2 times before me and that she was clean next thing i know i have ch**dia. she cheated on her first bf with me and at the time i was ok with it then i realized how insane she is. she claims catholic lol thats a laugh anything but. she smells like a yeast infection and the apple doesnt fall far from the tree with this one. her sister is a stripper and so is her cousin but trust me these mexicans arent the ones you want to cross the boarder for. to any guy in the san diego area or chino area watch out for the rivera family nothing but scum. ps no condom can protect you from the scientist

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Slooty Chipmonk

August 15, 2014 San Diego, San Francisco 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t let the innocent face and sob stories fool you. Kimberly Janelle Smith aka Grimey Smeth this the most triffe fake ass bum slut you will ever come in contact with. I felt bad for the lame bitch so I befriended her despite all the foul things that were being said. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt before judging them. Our friendship didn’t last long after I figured out the real her. This bitch is beyond fake and a master manipulator. She talks shit about all her friends , slandering them only to make herself look better. She’s either bad mouthing someone or has her mouth on your boyfriend’s dick. This thirsty ho is known for fcking everyone’s man , even her own grandmother’s perverted boyfriend. I wouldn’t make that up. Her grandma is the only person she has left as well. The whole Sacramento rave scene has shunned this nasty ringworm having trick. Kimberly is nothing but a sad lost little girl looking for attention in all the wrong places. Careful what you say to her she’s a cop caller and will file a case if you threaten to beat her ass. Maybe if she wasn’t such a scared little fgot and talked shit about every one to everyone then she would stop getting beat up guys be careful , she will fck you and will leave you with an uncearable gift.

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Does Heidi Jo Ruffy men

August 15, 2014 San Diego 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Once again it’s Heidi Jo, how is this acceptable in any way. Her husband is underway AGAIN and she is running the town of Tumon spreading her scent. This stripper/bartender/waitress is the grossest thing I’ve seen. Her stomach looks like a scrotum, she has a camel toe in all her clothes, the spots on her skin are from a fungus that is easily treatable but she has had it for years. That raises more questions, what else wont she cure? drd aren’t curable. Why do military men find this attractive? How can Ryan, her husband, have such tunnel vision and look past her extra curricular activities?

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Crystal East County Trash

August 14, 2014 San Diego 105


THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is crystal of trashy east county San Diego ! Swears up and down she’s not a east county whore but I beg to differ. Just want to know what the rest to San Diego thinks. She’s has classy written all over her lol !!

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Run Forest Run

August 13, 2014 San Diego 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Nik, where do I begin… Meet Forest Boyd. This little closet scrotum licker is the most ridiculous guys Ive ever met. He was a “chef” at one of my favorite bars in North Park, but was fired for being a drunken slob. He propositioned me numerous times but was always rejected. He smells of old soggy cigarettes mixed with cheap booze. I asked him a few weeks ago why his teeth were so f*cked up and he said that toothpaste was too expensive. I had to block him from everything because he sent me a really disturbing ” sexual ” photos which I guess was supposed to arouse me, but it made my friends and I have a baby barf moment. It is so pathetic that I feel the need to share so that everyone can have a good laugh.

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