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Fat Jewish Sloot

December 24, 2014 Orange County, San Francisco 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Becca Gross is a fat Jewish slut from Dana Point, Orange County. This fat sloot moved to San Francisco State because she had already spread her DRD all over OC and needed to go elsewhere. Not only is she fat, ugly and stupid, but she’s also a dirty Jew who eats bacon. Blast this fat Jew sloot for us please Nik, otherwise i’ll get some Palestinians to do it.

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49ers Did The Right Thing

December 22, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Francisco, The Dirty 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so the 49ers did the right thing and got rid of Ray McDonald. It seems like NFL privilege is getting out of hand and football is loaded with the worst players in any sport. I think allot of these football players are secretly gay because they play a sport that demands they chase sweaty men around a field and wrap their arms around them and take them down to the ground. The homophobia is rampant and they are scared they will lose endorsement deals so they rape women knowing that it will get out in the public. In America raping women is okay because we all know “it’s her fault!”.  And because these football players are famous they will use their privilege to avoid charges because cops never prosecute criminal athletes look at Jameis Winston, Ray Rice, Ben Rothlesburger, and Colin Kaperneck. This way everyone with think they are straight and they keep their careers and avoid prison at the expense of women’s lives! What do you think of my theory Nik?

I think you are crazy. No guy wants to rape a chick for publicity.- nik

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Lindsay “the nose” Gray

December 14, 2014 San Francisco 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nose job? Or can you say a JOB at all? She doesn’t know what either one is! Try to keep your mouth shut next you’ll get another blue bump! How does it feel to know your best friend fcked and CONTINUES TO fck your bird! Try to be something but a stripper or bar tender. Try to wear makeup or comb your nappy ass hair. Or better yet TRY TO STAY OUTTA THE BAR HOME WITH YOUR KIDS you fukin bar fly. Your trash and you always will be you dirty lil hamster buahahaaaaaa . I mean just look at the profiles on this girl a hahahaaaa . Your ugly

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April Spreader

December 9, 2014 Sacramento, San Francisco 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out April has been spreeding cl**ea and drd around the discovery bay and Brentwood area. There are multiple confirmed cases. She likes to sleep with her friends men, married or Radom guys online beware. She works at Brentwood boarding and grooming and lives discovery bay. She has no regard for other people’s health beware

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Forgot to make it private

December 8, 2014 San Francisco, San Jose 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl Olivia dinino forgot to make her photobucket private. I haven’t laughed this hard in such a long time. This girl needs tat removal, rhinoplasty and rehab with all I see going on.

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Fake Model Sleeping around San Fran

November 26, 2014 San Francisco 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: So called cow model is going around interning at college and professional sports teams and pretending to be some innocent somebody. In all reality, she has sucked well over 1000 dicks and spread her legs much more. Now this gets better, Stephanie Janelle has landed herself with her professional dick sucking experience and gets front row seats at all professional football games. Beware if you are at a professional football game and you see the cow strut herself and she opens her mouth do yourself a favor and RUN!!!!! To all the healthy athletes stay healthy and keep clear of Stephanie Janelle from the good old sticks of Turlock. PS if you like cows LIKE her page!

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The Dirty Saves Lives

November 23, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Francisco, The Dirty 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not 100% sure about this but it appears Klay Thompson might have ditched his DK and is with a new chick. Can anyone confirm this?

If I was Klay Thompson I would be banging like Wilt right now…getting the poisons out will increase your shooting percentage.- nik

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Minted Homewrecker

November 19, 2014 San Francisco 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Ling Wang. She sexually harassed men in the office. A few months ago a guy quit because he slept with her and she turned psycho. Then we hired this quiet shy guy. She brought him gifts constantly despite his wedding ring and my telling her he was married. Everytime he got up from his desk she would to them walk next to him trying to press her body into his. The guy was obviously embarrassed. Some of the other guys began calling her his work wife. One day he quit coming to work. She says they had sex. I’m not sure. Work did an investigation but we were afraid to speak up. At least now i can warn people. She boasted about having over 100 partners and about not using condoms. She said she has a master but I’m not sure what that means. She also claims to be polyamorous. I think she’s gross. This has been going on for months. She picks a man, whether hes single or not, then barrages him with text from our company im, presents, and someone else walked in the stairwell to find her grabbing this last guys dick. We really liked him, he was a good worker, and it’s total bullshit that or company does nothing about sexual harassment if the victim is male. Or office is in Oakland. This girl who looks 45 but claims to be 25 lives on Clark Street in San Leandro. I can’t imagine the diseases she may be spreading. I wouldn’t touch her but maybe guys just cave in because its free pssy and ass work no work on their part. A few of us feel horrible we didn’t spill all to HR. The fact she does this regularly with no punishment is reverse sexism. We are all afraid to talk to her even when our job requires us to do so.

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