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Minted Homewrecker

November 19, 2014 San Francisco 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Ling Wang. She sexually harassed men in the office. A few months ago a guy quit because he slept with her and she turned psycho. Then we hired this quiet shy guy. She brought him gifts constantly despite his wedding ring and my telling her he was married. Everytime he got up from his desk she would to them walk next to him trying to press her body into his. The guy was obviously embarrassed. Some of the other guys began calling her his work wife. One day he quit coming to work. She says they had sex. I’m not sure. Work did an investigation but we were afraid to speak up. At least now i can warn people. She boasted about having over 100 partners and about not using condoms. She said she has a master but I’m not sure what that means. She also claims to be polyamorous. I think she’s gross. This has been going on for months. She picks a man, whether hes single or not, then barrages him with text from our company im, presents, and someone else walked in the stairwell to find her grabbing this last guys dick. We really liked him, he was a good worker, and it’s total bullshit that or company does nothing about sexual harassment if the victim is male. Or office is in Oakland. This girl who looks 45 but claims to be 25 lives on Clark Street in San Leandro. I can’t imagine the diseases she may be spreading. I wouldn’t touch her but maybe guys just cave in because its free pssy and ass work no work on their part. A few of us feel horrible we didn’t spill all to HR. The fact she does this regularly with no punishment is reverse sexism. We are all afraid to talk to her even when our job requires us to do so.

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Kristi Howell

November 18, 2014 San Francisco 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this ugly old tweeker is a mess she clams to be so sad about her boy friend who died last June because of a over douce of pills the sad thing is she knew who gave him the pills her friend audrey benson who she clams to be her b.ff anyways this hoe bag has sex with men in the same bed she shares with her kid who she cant even feed because she would rather bye meth watch out reno this fat neck pock hole well still anything she even came in my home when she was homeless strate out of jail and stole cash and my cell be careful she also has hepatitis frome slamming.thanks nik.

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Athbi Alnaser

November 14, 2014 San Francisco 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Athbi Alnaser, hes a senior at SFSU. When I was 15 last year he gave me gonorrhea and then denied it, he swears he’s clean but he’s not and he wont get tested. Not only does he go after under age guys he also guilt trips them into messing around with him. Athbi is a total trust fund baby who pretends like he made all his money himself. This guy walks around like he owns SF and everyone likes him but no one knows him. I heard that he is into heroin and I know someone who has caught him sucking dick for his next fix. Athbi is a total douche and I don’t recommend any one in the city hanging around his nasty ass, you might catch some shit.

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Married Minister’s Escort

November 13, 2014 San Francisco 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik i recently found out my husband of fifteen years had a six year on/off again affair with a whore named Araya Chow who lived on Leavenworth in San Francisco. He found her on some Bay Area porno site. She was 22, he was 60 and an ordained minister. He said it was a post mid-life crisis triggered by a mild stroke. He assisted her in her ProstitutionI by renting rooms for her by the month when her parents kicked her out when they found out how she made s living at The Nikko, The Kabuki, The Cartwright(now Larspur Hotel) Le Meridien just to name a few. Bought her gifts from Nieman Marcus and Nirdstrom, took her to expensive restaurants and used my credit cards (where he was an additional card holder) to do it. When I found out he dropped her like a hot coal and changed his cell phone number. He now lives in a studio instead of a 4000 square foot home and has no credit cards. If I ever gave it any thought I assumed that women who screws men for money were forced into it by pimps. He told me that she said she enjoyed prostitution and made good money. I’ve never actually met a prostitute so I won’t pass judgement. Let me just say it wouldn’t be my career choice. Good riddance to trash and I mean both of them!

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Cisco’s Hilton Romanski In Kickback Scandal

November 11, 2014 Dirty Business, San Francisco, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this inept dweeb Hilton Romanski is the SVP Head of Corporate Development and Investments at Cisco Systems. Hilton Romanski is fully responsible for many of Cisco’s bad M&A deals such as WebEx, Tandberg, NDS, Pure Digital and other toxic transactions that cost shareholders like me hefty. Hilton Romanski has been taking kickbacks from many of the Venture Capital Partners and Investment Bankers here in the Bay Area. These acts of bribery are profoundly abhorrent. Hilton Romanski has been pushing for awful acquisition deals that did not return any value to Cisco’s customers, employees and shareholders. Cisco has been in criminal indictments handed down by the US Attorney’s Office in the largest Insider Trading trial in US history where Cisco’s Starent buyout was at issue. When will Cisco’s executives and Board of Directors do the right things are fire this unethical morally bankrupt scaumbag fraudster Hilton Romanski and act in the best interest of Cisco’s shareholders??? Hilton Romanski needs to be arrested and charged by the Federal DOJ and he also needs to be investigated by the SEC.

I blame Obama.- nik

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Brentwoods Sloppiest

November 10, 2014 San Francisco 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Lisa Valentine. She’s a 40 something alcoholic who thinks she’s still 21. Her ex husband has custody of her kids because she’d rather be in a bar then a mother. You can usually find her at the milestone,melrose, and Shawn Ryan’s every night of the week. I used to date her until I realized she had nothing going for her but a dead end job at Jo’s Crab Shack in station square and a permenant reserved bar stool at the local bars. She also broke into my house and broke my screen door when I tried to end things with her. Now I just let her come around every so often to get my rocks off. She’s a waste of space and a embarrassment to her boys. She’s a slutty acoholic who picks booze and whatever man she can wrangle in for the night over being with her kids. Her one oldest one does stay with her and even he can’t deal with her. What sixteen year old kid wants to come pick there sloppy drunk mom up at the bar at 230 in the morning. She’s also good at running her mouth ask the 3 girls who all beat her up on different occasions! That’s why her honker of a nose is all crooked. I’m sure she’s gonna know who put her one here seeing as I blasted her on things she’s done to me personally unless she’s broken into more then one mans house but oh well the world needs to know she’s a sloppy drunk slut!

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Franky Petersen Is A Riot

November 5, 2014 San Francisco 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Franky Petersen. She’s a real 5 star riot. Kind of reminds me of the girlfriend I had when I was 16, was horrible in the sack, and only cost $10 to take out. But there’s a 99% chance this girl will sleep with you on the first two (usually first) date. She thinks she’s so fancy because her father is “Mr. Fremont” with his D level solar and roofing company. Girl has serious mental issues too. She thinks she’s using men to get stuff, when in reality, it’s a cheap bottle of red, a pounding in the sheets, then dropping her off at home. At least that’s how I treated it. And don’t let the makeup fool you, if Adam Levine met this broad, he’d be hurling Proactiv at her.

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Katie Hughes of Santa Rosa

November 4, 2014 Sacramento, San Francisco 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this whore Katie Hughes is the biggest slut on plenty of fish . She will sleep with anything that is married or dating someone even though she has her own man. She pretends to be this sweet innocent whore but look at thet picture she and me and probably hundreds of others in the bay area . If your looking for a good time you can email Katie at**. ladies and gentlemen both need to watch out this bitch has heroes . You would think working for sutter in Rohnert park she would have been a little safer with her busted out twat. Start taking better care of your daughter and man then e everyone else’s man bitch.Nolan you should drop this bitch quick.

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