San Francisco | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Mexicans Ruin Professional Teams

October 9, 2014 San Francisco, The Dirty 524


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these 2 idiots paralyzed a man because he bumped into them in the long bathroom line.. Dario and Amador Rebollero should be euthanized, people like them make it hard for anyone to want to attend any 49ers, Raiders or Dodgers game.  Mexicans are always fighting and jumping people for no f*cking reason.  How is a 49ers fan gonna attack another 49ers fan on top of it all.  Kill these mother f*ckers!!!

Just wait until the LA Chargers gang starts up.- nik

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Mom of the Year, or Sloot

October 7, 2014 San Francisco, San Jose 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: San Jose, San Francisco

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Is Roni Rose Getting “It”

October 6, 2014 San Francisco 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Veronica Rose is a dancer at Hustler Club SF. You can find her making appearances all over the Bay. I was wondering if she’s an escort/hooker too? I know she’s a good person though she is a stripper. It works for her to provide for her daughter. Thing is, I’m too scared to ask for her services! I would love to pay her to drop it on me as I can do the same with my wallet. Personally, she needs those +2s removed! Other than that, she’s a hot mama.

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Hannah Stocking Is Going To Kill Klay Thompson’s Career

September 29, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Francisco, The Dirty 79


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, mega gold digger/athlete chaser finally landed a man with a pro career.  She landed herself Klay Thompson who has so much potential to be a superstar in the NBA but I have a feeling he is going to have a sh*tty season now that she is in his life.  What do you think?

Klay can do way better. This chick is just using him.- nik

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All Natural Hannah Vinci

September 27, 2014 San Francisco, The Dirty 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Hanna Vinci is perfect. Real boobs, gorgeous face, but she is taken and has a criminal record. She assisted in two robberies. Wdyt Nik?? Real boobs and looks better than most girl on this website. She’s a mother of two and appears nothing like it. Perfect Italian queen if you ask me.

She really needs to lay off the brightness tool.- nik

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Renee Rodriguez

September 22, 2014 San Francisco, Saskatoon 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: From an inbred family, meet the ugliest black trash whore around, Renee Rodriguez. This bitch spends her nights partying and sniffing coke, and fcking any man that will give her the time of day. She acts like a fucking celebrity and is steady breaking up marriages and relationships (7 that I’ve heard of), and even once took advantage of a guy who was too fucked up out of his mind to stop what was happening. Professional whore, this one, she sells pictures of herself online and is a cam whore on several websites. She acts like she’s everyone’s dream, but she’s nothing but a fucking nightmare. She hasn\t once been in a steady relationship, and was just caught and arrested for sucking off someone in a back alley in Concord. I hope they didn’t have sex, because this bitch has some nasty ass warts. The one real boyfriend she had, she beat the hell out of him and he ended up in the hospital, almost dead. If you look like you have money, she will be all over you like flies on shit. Whip out that cock boys, she needs your money to support her drug habit!!!

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PMTattoos Player

September 22, 2014 Oakland, San Francisco 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Philip Milic (“pmtattoos) is very well known on the tattoo artist community on instagram and very talented at what he does. Homie is 37 years old and creeps on 20-year-olds on instagram using his insta celebrityism. It’s all a game, he puts up hella posts of them and his “eternal love” for them and is literally ALL ABOUT them for a few weeks until he deletes absolutely everything to set up for the next girl. He even has a 6 year old son and introduces these girls to him too so i can’t imagine him getting an accurate picture of how to treat women. Recently he got involved with Beju Naomi (“Beju_”) who’s been posted here twice, only to dump her. his lies are still on Bejus insta and they’re so funny now. He gave her some beautiful leg tattoos tho and now shes modeling more. Enter new bitch “Ily”, a ridiculous girl from Turkey with bad implants who laughably moved to new york to study fashion. This guy is all about her now and claims she’s moving in with him and his young son permanently now after they’ve been dating I guess long distance for a month. he stopped blowing Beju up on his instagram only a week before posting this new girl. Homie serial instagram-marries these randos for the entire world to see, and did i mention he is THIRTY SEVEN. Nik, try to tell me this new girl doesn’t look mentally handicapped (if you didn’t already know she was studying “fashion”).

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Param Sharma aka Itslavishbitch Is In Jail For Stealing An iPhone

September 18, 2014 San Francisco, The Dirty 51


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Param Sharma, aka @itslavishbitch on IG, has been in jail for 24 days! He sold a stollen iPhone on Craigslist. Police accidentally put him in the psych ward because they lost his case file for two weeks. Do you think Lavish is showing off in jail or do you think he’s being hush-hush get some sexy time?

Param please stop submitting yourself. Everyone already knows you are a fraud.- nik

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