Unqualified Childcare Provider

March 6, 2014 San Francisco 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Never to be trusted! She babysat me when I was preschool age at her parents. While in her care Michelle Bacon Kingon Service at Kids Castle in Walnut Creek neglected here childcare duty and I was being molested by her brother. She punished me by putting a soap bar in my mouth because I took her makeup. She still uses drugs recreationally and at and in her daycare smokes. She was raped and molested by her step father for many years. She had many mental problems due to her abuse. She has made false bomb threats to my Mom to our home when I was little. She is a sociopath and very vindictive. She sued her own niece. Michelle Bacon Kingon-Service seems to be on drugs still. Michelle is fat and bloated due to her lifestyle. She has nervous habits which cause her to bite her lips. Her daughter, Raquel is a pot head, she’s been in jail and neglectful and impatient with her own kid. Nobody should leave their kids in either of their care.

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Laya Stripper Rodriguez

March 5, 2014 San Francisco 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michelle (aka LAYA) the stripper coke whore, Professional liar Con-artists she is a massive coke head druggie. (always willing to hang out and get naked as long as there’s coke and “E”) I have spent days high fcking her, Laya remember that night with Devon…
her boyfriend is a drug dealing credit card/ID scamming hustler. she works part time at Diamond City in concord CA, ripping off personal, credit info from customers…

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Beware of Shawni

March 4, 2014 San Francisco, SDSU 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shawni Alvardo thinks its ok to sleep around with guys without telling them she has a std. She works at enterprise in the Bay Area. Guys please stay far away from her. She makes people think she’s so innocent, but little does everyone know about her disease infested past. She’s been hiding it for years. It’s time for the world to know the truth.

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Chase Howell

February 21, 2014 San Francisco, San Jose 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chase howell uses women to have a place to stay. He has sex with u and takes u out one night. After that u will be spending your money on him. He is a mooch . Ladies be warned because this is not the only post about him. Good luck

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Murray Newlands Hates Americans

February 14, 2014 San Francisco 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first I am a gay SF brat and I love your site! I was at Badlands the other night in the Castro and this ugly english wannbe smurf boy came up to me and introduced himself. Well, to say the least, I was not interested. He gave me his business card and told me that he was looking for models for his TV show here in S.F. and wanted to meet to try out for his new TV show. I spoke with him for a while and he made it clear how much he hates Americans. He was pretty drunk and kept on rambling on about how famous he is but that Americans don’t get him and so on and so on. I got home and looked him up. He’s here on a work visa and he hates Americans? Look at this sissy abigail.

He only hates cause his visa’s about to expire.- nik

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Who’re of Concord

February 14, 2014 San Francisco 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This whore Courtney Splude has been getting in between my marriage for the past three years. This tramp has a five year old daughter lives in a trailer park with her tramp mother around the corner from the drive ins. Famous on the website meet me.com for ducking everything that sends her a message . This tramp met my husband 3 years ago when he went into her work Bills Ace Hardware in concord just shopping for some stuff for work well she I guess decided to shop for a married man . Surprising a whore that doesn’t want a man who is already taken. Here my husband and I are two years later and this slut still won’t disappear . She put her number in his bag when he was leaving and looked up his customer Info which has mine and my husbands number and started by calling me and harassing me saying she’s fucking my husband and calling his phone all hours of the night !! Check it out slut were married he never fucked you and were expecting our first very soon and as far as your child goes don’t forget trailer trash its your brother matts that’s why your daddy made him move to Arizona so nobody would know how inbred your family really is who’re!! Move on and leave my husband and our beautiful family alone !! In these pictures you can see her tramp mom sister and her baby daddy/ brother get a life bitch or better yet leave the bay and go live with your brother and have your family there nobody needs trash like you around stinking up concord

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Insecure Liar

February 10, 2014 San Francisco 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,  so, Audrey Kitching is so irrelevant. This girl got famous for no reason when being a “scene” kid was cool. Anyways, I was following her on IG cause she put up some interesting pictures and I was a fan of her style. On one of her pictures, another individual had commented about Audrey’s skin being flawless and wondered what products Audrey used… I replied to that individual letting her know that no one has perfect skin, gave her some tips on skincare, and let her know that you can see bumps on Audrey’s skin when watching a certain photo-shoot video, this was all for educational purposes. Next thing I know, Audrey blocked me from her IG. How insecure is Audrey that she had to block me just because I let someone know you can see bumps on her face? I didn’t say she was ugly or try to slander her. I have lost all respect for her as an individual and I am now anti-Audrey Kitching. She is so pathetic.

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House Of Prime Rib Has Gone Down Hill

February 5, 2014 Dirty Food, San Francisco, The Dirty 44

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, House of Prime Rib in San Francisco has gone to sh*t.  The service and attention to detail have disappeared and the hosts and management are plain rude. This San Francisco landmark has been overrun with tourists and is consistently overbooked. So much so that reservations rarely run on time (at least 30 min over) and they have turned most of the bar area into an auxiliary dining room so that there is no more lounge or appropriate waiting area.

I have been coming here for years and recently have been doing a number of 30 person+ business dinners too. Even after spending many thousands of dollars here, I can’t get bare minimum acceptable service. In the last two visits alone…Tables weren’t prepared and people had to stand around while they set everything up (since there is effectively no waiting area) and wine wasn’t delivered until 30-45 min after ordering. It came almost freezing cold – it actually caused condensation on the decanters.

I also had an unsolicited, rude interaction from the old, senile manager who came over to me gruffly to very loudly make certain that I knew that they wouldn’t split up the check.. in front of my guests whom I was treating. Unwelcoming, insulting, a little bizarre and certainly not service oriented.  This place used to have class and they cared about their patrons. I’m sure the original owners would be ashamed of what this has turned into.  Management appears to care less about repeat business. They will no longer have mine.

Prime Rib is for fat people anyway. You shouldn’t be eating this kind of food.- nik

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