Lying okcupid Player

November 14, 2013 San Francisco 5 10,248 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is named Terry Latham. He has an okcupid profile that says he is looking for his next partner in life when he is just out to get laid. He sleeps with tons of women and talks them into not using protection. By talks them into it I really mean he cant keep his dick hard with one on. He knocked me up and proceeded to be a total complete jerk instead of being supportive. I would have never slept with him had I known he was just going through girls. He is supposedly in an open marriage but I’m not sure about that. I am worried that he has left me diseased on top of everything else. He is charming, has a British accent and lives in a home in Oakland. He couldn’t stop talking about some girl he use to date in SF though. He is into a bunch of weird stuff. Girls should stay away from him. He is a user. Instead of ending things he just quits calling too. He has a kid already. What kind of father behaves like this?

You can tell by the sag in his face he’s got a drinking problem.- nik

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The Silk Road Take Down

November 5, 2013 Dirty Business, San Francisco, The Dirty 57 92,496 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the other night I was watching a documentary on Nat. Geo. about the “Deep Web” aka the dark side of the internet and I was informed of the web site formally known as The Silk Road. Needless to say I was intrigued because I had never heard of such a thing on the internet. For those who do not know what The Silk Road website was, it was a website where anyone using the Tor Network search engine could search the web anonymously and go onto The Silk Road and buy and sell drugs, guns, hackers for higher and vice a versa, amongst other shady encounters using Bitcoins as currency, also leaving no money trail somewhat…there are always loop holes I guess. Anyway after watching the show I had to go on the internet to read up on this FBI take down. The site was up for a little less than 2 years and the creator Ross Ulbritch was arrested Oct 3, 2013. He is facing 3 Felony charges in Federal court…charges are 1 count of narcotic conspiracy, life-10yrs…1 count computer hacking conspiracy, 5 years…and 1 count money laundering conspiracy, 20 years. He is due in court any week. The FBI amongst other agencies have arrested drug dealers and the website generated 1.2 Billion dollars in revenue sales and Ross made approximately 80 million. So here comes my question to you Nik, since he like yourself is a creator of a website where people go onto interact do you think he should be held responsible for others actions on a site he created!? Yes I know his is way more extreme but technically he was not selling drugs or buying guns he was only guilty in my opinion of making money illegally and tax free! Plus his website did not allow child pornography. It would be like you being held accountable for someone committing suicide because of a nasty anonymous posting on your site, right? What are your feelings?

I think Ross Ulbritch created a 3rd party platform like YouTube. He shouldn’t be prisoned for other peoples wrong doing.- nik

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Julianne Hough’s Eyes

November 1, 2013 San Francisco 0 6,071 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik what do you think of Julianne Hough’s Eyes ? They seem pretty nice and clear to me . Would You ?

Answer: No,they lose focus with the rest of her soft rounded features.

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Chabot Sloot Gone WIld

October 18, 2013 San Francisco 125 10,720 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Marja Leena Nieminen from Hayward, California! This chick is a stalker not alone a home wrecking whore known in the streets for hopping on any dick she can find.This girl has been warned multiple times to quick sending these pictures via text and email to my friends husband so since she obviously didn’t listen heres a peep show for all to see. Might I also add that this cum guzzling ho attends Chabot College and works at a daycare! She wants to be an elementary teacher?! People like this shouldn’t be teaching our kids! Please help me put this ho on blast! Maybe now she will get the picture.

I wouldn’t suggest sitting down for anymore of your sexts.- nik

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Cera Goodhoe

October 17, 2013 East Carolina University, San Francisco 24 9,281 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cera goodrow, really spelled SARAH, has not had a job in YEARS, she collects foodstamps wic and welfare, and lives in a house that she doesn’t even pay for somewhere in the ghetto of DT modesto. Her fathers kid, (not to mention her second kid by two different men) beats the living shit out of her, she showed off her bruises, she constantly leaves and comes right back. All she does is sit at home all day ” watching her kids” and drinks beer and smokes cigarettes on “ceras porch” the one she doesnt even have to pay for. She flabby and fat, and fuking ugly she looks like typical valley white trash that has no goals or will ever ammount to anything but getting knocked up and sitting home gaining a beer belly and cellulite thighs because shes never worked out in her life, I feel sorry for her kids that dont have a succesful hardworking mom to look up to and wont see that you have to work and try to do something with yourself other than sitting home milking the system and her boyfriend that beats her. someone should seriously call cps with the drinking and fighting that goes on in that house, shes a skank the only think pretty on her is her eyes, maybe long hair, but her teeth are yellow as fck shes out of shape and flabby and has the ugliest fuking nose known to man. drunk sloppy ugly ghetto bitch i pray for her poor children

Enough with this self medicating.- nik

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Benni Boom, the Fake Gangster

October 16, 2013 San Francisco 134 9,307 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Benjamin Verdusco, aka Benni Boom, claims to be a famous rapper from Santa Rosa, CA. If you take the time to listen to his horrible music, he talks with much slang, even dropping the N bomb constantly. He claims to be from the Mexican Cartel, with songs like “Trap Roots.” – It’s very confusing, because his sister is living in Europe wine tasting. Benjamin was fortunate enough to be raised in a beautiful, rich neighborhood of Santa Rosa, CA, where his dad was a famous and highly successful drummer for the Jefferson Starship Band. In the gorgeous hills of Santa Rosa lie reindeer, rattlesnakes, and beautiful lakes – a far stretch from hard knocks with Mexican drug lords. It seems odd that such a character would grow up emulating poor people and pretending to be something he is not. It’s clearly carried over to adulthood, as Benamin, now in his 30′s, still claims to be from the mean streets. In fact, he’s so delusional, that he thinks he’s famous and has jealous haters. If you don’t believe me, check his facebook, where he spends quality time each day blogging about his success. Unfortunately, his YouTube songs reach an average of 152 views. Most importantly, Benjamin will appreciate this because it brings attention to his starving “career.” We all are after all, just a bunch of jealous haters. In the wise words of Facebook Warrior Benni Boom, #SALUTE #TURNTUP #CHURCH #KEEPITHUNDID

Its sad holding a fake wad for your ‘album cover’.- nik

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Gold Rush Cheerleader Alexandria Stays In The Squad Because Of Her Family

October 16, 2013 Dirty Cheerleaders, San Francisco, The Dirty 61 92,315 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, countless girls get cut from tryouts and some even before they even make it onto the calendar’s but Alexandria stays in her second year even though her weight has significantly changed from photos thanks to the influence of her family using the NHRA to balance the scales of her weight.

Gets some pads on Alexandria and throw her into Aldon Smith’s position.- nik

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Knight In Shining Armor

October 16, 2013 San Francisco, The Dirty 32 92,151 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you want to see a real fight. DON’T STEAL FROM PEOPLE!!!

I feel bad for laughing.- nik

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