San Francisco | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Douchebag Cheater

June 26, 2014 San Francisco 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met this dude off tinder named Clayton and just found out he’s had a GF for like five years!!!!! He’s a total scum bag and seriously cannot keep his greg in his pants. Beware ladies dude is a walking drd.

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Tell Me Your Fantasy

June 25, 2014 San Francisco 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Your number one fan just open your eyes

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Hailey Elrod back again

June 12, 2014 Las Vegas, San Francisco 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heres is an un photoshopped pic of her all of the pics on her page r photoshopped kz of her big nose n bak fat kz she rather snore c*ke than diet

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India, The Escort

June 10, 2014 San Francisco 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hollywood hoes should fear no competition with this thief. She goes by Sweet Cocoa or Ebony Honey on redbook. That’s not her real name. Her real name is India Warren. She is a thief who has not only stole things from work, but she slept with my boyfriend. As you can tell by her redbook page, she is a prostitute who has sex for money or as she has told me, let’s the guy walk out of the room & takes their money. Apparently she works DBA Mondays in Hollywood as a bottle server. I bet you she will suck your Greg if pay her a little extra. I know she cheated on my bf because there was no way I had a DRD. We broke up and he admitted he slept with this snaggle tooth missing, saggy tit hoe. Maybe India will hit it big with this post! I know it’s what she would want..

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Michelle Blount

June 10, 2014 San Francisco 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: So there is this hairdresser named Michelle Blount in Santa Rosa that has sex with her clients to get more referrals. She especially likes to do that with the surgeons and doctors that see her. This has been going on for a long, long time. I will get the names of the doctors in the next posts. What a scandalous thing! And how dirty.

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Charlotte Belle Is A Real Model

May 24, 2014 San Francisco, The Dirty 165


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Charlotte Bell is a model who has been featured on the runway of Michael Kors and I believe she has also modeled for Dior. She’s 6’2 and thin. She is a very pretty perfect girl. I wish I had her life and modeling career. As of recent, she has relocated to SF by the ocean. I guess modeling pays off. I know we will see more of her. She won some award through her sorority. I used to hate on her secretly, but that gets me no where… so I just admire her and wish her the best. WDYT Nik?

Is this some type of self promotion?- nik

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Complete Stalker

May 20, 2014 San Antonio, San Francisco 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Gloria, she “runs g’s comstom nails” more like let me glue some shit on ur fake nails in my kitchen. she is obesed with my best friends boy friend, she has a fake ig account with all of his pics, kids pics, snd info pretending to be HIM! She moved in to the same apt complex as his mother and brother. Not only is she a obessed stalker, but she’s so desperate for love and affection that it only takes hanging out with her once before she’s willing to fuck! she talks a large fsme but when it comes down to it shes never about anything other then talking shit thru facebook or texts or having her ghetto ass friends blowing up my friends phone. can she be any more desprete? he’s large, in most all her pics she’s bending over

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Chris Rojas Is A Mega Douche

May 18, 2014 San Francisco, The Dirty 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out the latest P.O.S. promoter/bitch ass from the San Fran Area. His name is Chris Rojas. This guy is so disgusting and a pathetic human being. First, he tried to fingerbang me when his coked up wife wasn’t looking during one of his wannabe magazine events. Then acts like he didn’t do anything wrong…WOW. Goes over to my friends, drunk/coked, whatever state of mind he was in, and puts down my friends. The only reason people deal with this d*** cuz he pretends to support them but in the end, doesn’t give a rats ass. This is one narcissistic turd. Stay away and spread the word. Thanks Nik and keep up the great work! The Dirty forever!

The watch looks fake.- nik 

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