Catholic School Aide Mia Cummings And Her 2 Year Sexual Relation With 12 Year Old Boy

December 11, 2013 San Francisco, The Dirty 58

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is sick to the damn head.   The after-school program coordinator at a Hayward, Ca. Catholic school is accused of having a two-year sexual relationship with a student.   Mia Cummings, 29, faces multiple felony counts of lewd acts with a child.  She was arrested Nov. 26 following an investigation in which the victim said that Cummings performed oral sex on him at least 10 times since Dec. 2011… here is the crazy part.  Mia’s sister is claiming that her sister was seduced by the 12 year old boy.  How do you feel about this?

She should move to Kentucky.- nik

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Biggest Scumbag On This Planet

December 6, 2013 London, San Francisco 147

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Leprechaun looking Ayman Hussein Abdelmoniem, the biggest scumbag ever!  He thinks of himself as a business mogul!  He thinks he’s Donald Trump!  This guy is 1/2 Egyptian 1/2 Sudanese but born in the UK and he brags about his penis size and how many women he slept with!  He brags about sleeping with cougars in San Francisco, his neighbors and women at the place he works at (Egypt Oil & Gas).  Just recently he was trying to blackmail a girl who blocked him. His eagle faced ass couldn’t handle her, so he got 5 of his friends to TRY and attack her. What male sends 5 males to attack a female?  This was all recorded!  He calls women whores. It made me and everyone sick when this punk ganged up 5 of his goons on one person!

I don’t see anything to brag about?- nik

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Face Of a Bruja

December 6, 2013 San Francisco 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet 22 year old Katie beverage. A close friend of mine is dating this chick, she’s a very sweet girl but I can’t for one min Longer listen to him talk about her like she’s the hottest thing on this earth. I don’t have the heart to tell him that she’s ugly .so in hopes that he’ll see this maybe you can. Tell me would you? Be honest

Answer: No, it looks like she’s abused her last name, packed on a winter layer.

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Help Identify this Cutie

December 5, 2013 San Francisco, Would You? 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: I stumbled upon a picture of this girl and was hoping someone could identify her. I think that ass is amazing. Would you Nik?

Answer: No, she’s not a fruit.

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Pervert Alert

December 5, 2013 Dirty Predator, San Francisco 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this disgusting pervert goes by the name of Jonathan Ramot. He tells everyone he’s a photographer when in reality he’s just a pervert who tries to get whomever it is he’s taking pictures of naked. That includes males as well. He set up a photo shoot and once you get there, he’ll ask if you like to push the limits of what you want to accomplish and make numerous references and innuendos that you should get naked. I’ve even had male friends bring it up and talk about how creepy he was. For those who choose to not get naked, he’ll keep all the photos he took of you and not give you any of them. He’s a creepy douchebag and I’d advise those who have been contacted by him for photo shoots to stay away from this pervert. He’s not a real photographer.

Photographers are known for being major creeps.- nik

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Biggest Sloot in California

December 3, 2013 San Francisco 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this woman, and we use this term very loosely, is a menace to society! She makes a game out of seeking out and using married and attached men. She has KNOWINGLY slept with at least 5 married men, and even more men with girlfriends, fiances, etc… NO relationship is safe or sacred with her around. She CANNOT have a normal relationship or get a man of her own, ruining other peoples relationship is just too much fun for her. Her life is garbage and she wants everyone else’s to be as well. She is a raging alcoholic with more mental issues than the entire psyche ward at Jon George! She is a master manipulater who destroys everything she touches and blames anyone & everyone but herself. She can’t keep a job, can’t pay her bills, can’t take care of her kids and when life gets too tough for her or she just doesn’t feel like dealing with reality, she stages a fake suicide attempt or a binge drinking episode so she can get put into rehab or a psyche ward where she gets to lounge around with 3 meals a day doing what she loves best, talking about herself! She wears enough make up for 20 people, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and even had the system pay for her weight loss surgery because she was too damn lazy to eat right & exercise like everyone else. She is nothing but a disgrace to women everywhere and it is simply awful that her two daughters got stuck with someone like her for their mother!

That’s quite the title.  I think someone with more hair would get it.- nik

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November 29, 2013 San Francisco 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING ALL BAY AREA MALES: This is Alyssa Delagnes and she is the worst kind of girl known to the male species. She is the drd carrying, serial dating, crazy break your shit-ex-girlfriend, lying, highly manipulative kind of cu*t. This bitch has drd, and the cl** and lies to her sexual partners about it on the regular. She is on multiple dating sites to pick up unsuspecting men, fuck them and then get them to buy her shit closely followed by her turning into a stage 5 clinger and going crazy on poor dudes. She hangs out with her army of skanks who are equally has contaminated and repulsive as she is. They can often be found on the prowl at Shoreline country concerts, Redwood City dive bars, and your local Planned Parenthood. This fat bottom girl is the definition of DIRTY. Girls: You better get tested if you happen to know you are eskimo sisters with this bitch or happen to sleep with a guy from Redwood City- chances are she fucked him and passed her ‘gift’ along. Dudes: You better get tested if you even look at her because chances are you caught something. Or if you do dare to fuck her, take it from someone who knows- DON’T.

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The Gruesome Twosome

November 22, 2013 Arizona / UofA, San Francisco 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: These cum guzzling skanks are Jiana Girouand (the brunette) and Jane Barry(the blonde). Jiana prides herself on being Italian and a great horse back rider. This makes sense given her love for “sausage” and getting to spend quality time with creatures that look like her. She thinks she is the hottest shit and will start drama everywhere she goes. Watch your boyfriends ladies she will ride anything that pays attention to her. Her lifelong goals are to become a makeup artist with the hopes of finding a sugar daddy to buy the things she will never afford with that “career.” Jane is her airhead best friend. Her favorite activities include popping a lot of ecstasy at raves, fucking anything in sight, and wearing revealing outfits that will make your eye balls bleed due to the state of her figure. She currently attends U of A in Arizona which says a lot about the state of things downstairs. Ladies avoid these girls unless you want your shit broken, high school excuse me middle school drama, and them to be all over your boyfriend. Guys before you hit it make sure to wrap it!

The closer girls are the better they are at hiding each others bellies.- nik

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