Selena Pretender Sex Offender

April 24, 2014 San Antonio, Wichita 0 9,039 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet  ”honey” andrews, this transvestite has been portraying Selena and it’s honestly offensive if you ask me. I don’t blame anyone for not letting this pedophile embarrass Selena, why are all these dikes trying to be our slain Latin queen? Miss thang brags about the high life’s and being fabulous but I didn’t know it meant living in a trailer home. Shocked me and my friend BIG TIME, but that’s what happens when you spend all your money on Selena’s clothes..STALKER MUCH?? Selena wasn’t a pedophile and Selena didn’t fck guys for money, really honey.. Take a break and get a clue. Your old! Get a fcking life and stop trying to live Selena’s..

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Kyle Szuck

April 24, 2014 San Antonio 3 10,085 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to begin well this junkie bailed on his family and by bailed i mean beat his baby mama, cheated, gambled even their food money away, and would shoplift with gang members just to get high. he’s been involved in home invasions and has had multiple drds. He doesn’t paid child support and has another child he has never met. after his baby mama was gone he moved in a prostitute who paid his rent and when he left his apartment they had to get hazmat to clean up his m*th lab. if he has access to your personal info or credit cards he will sell it for cash. piss him off and hell break all your shit. he’s failed at rehab twice now and will fck anything in sight even dudes. Beware.

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Cheap ManHoe

April 24, 2014 San Antonio, Texas 0 9,379 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Is A Super Cheap Hoe, That Basically Sleeps Around For Money. As You Can See He Posted An Ad On Backpage obviously To Get His Broke Ass Some Money! Hes A Big Bottom! Hes A Hoe! Constantly Hitting My Homeboy Up On Grindr Saying That He Sucks Dick Really Good And stuff. Like Wow This Foo A Trip. He Has No Life ALWAYS OUT AT THE BARS/GAY STRIP And Loves Fighting At The Clubs And Being Ratchet. NOT A Good Look For You Prince, Maybe If You Settled Down Your Job WOULDA NEVER FIRED YOU! this Nigga Needed To Be Put On Blast!! And Finally He Is

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Jackelyn Herrera

April 24, 2014 San Antonio 0 5,873 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this slut bag named jackelyn herrera is the most dirtiest bitch you will ever meet.She’s a low down ghetto hoe,she has bugs in her hair,probably has bugs in her private area.She’s always on watch with the child protective services.This cumdumpster is always hopping on different d**ks her man is so dumb that he doesn’t realize it.She’ll open her legs to anyone as long as they buy her food.It’s time to warn ppl bout this walking disease. Nik would you?

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April 24, 2014 San Antonio 7 5,711 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey everyone these 2 hoes here Samantha Gonzalez n Terra onedeep will suck dick n fck anyone who comes their way…Samantha has 4 kids tht she don’t take care of…she needs clothes n will fuck n suck for it…these whores are ice heads n will do anything you want them to do..hit them up on Facebook… Samantha posted her cell # for everyone to call a hoe…these ratchet bitches stay in motels…loose pussy bitches…. everybody can contact this hoe at []…put her to work or pass them around to your homeboys them whores do anything n everything

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CSM Shame

April 24, 2014 San Antonio 3 6,403 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This “Babydaddy” is All up on Craigslist Looking For Transsexuals, and Girls too Hook up with. Has a girlfriend. A Pretty Sexy one too. This Dude has no Shame.

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Loose Lisa part 2

April 24, 2014 San Antonio 1 6,398 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this drug addict is at it again. This whore has a gf, but be posting on backpage. Me and boy met up with her downtown and she gave us this sob story about shes all alone, and no place to stay. An we seen why with all the crack, and ice she’s doing. She’s as dirty as they come. Beware of this one, make sure you hide your money. I’m wondering if her gf is pimping her out.

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Fake “PopStars” Scandal

April 23, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 7 6,787 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is ethan walker.. he is the most FRAUD person you can ever come across. He wishes and brags about being a celebrity yet all he does is beg for money from his parents , he prank calls people all day long and fcks every guy he meets. I introduced him to my cousin MARCUS and he gave him a blow job the same night IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM. He pretends to be a “popstar” how about a PORNSTAR. He’s been saying hes a popstar since i met him but i have found nothing , not even a CD that he claims to be in stores… but NIK, think about it … a CD with 1 SONG about being with a girl but how obvious is it that hes a fagget. Lets not forget to mention all the COCAIN you snort up your nose, “Loosing weight” my ass. Always talking about your “so called” Career .. You cant even keep a job , let alone a clean house. He sleeps in a piss infested room with nothing but a MATRESS in it. Cant even pay his phone bill , his mom and dad do everything for him INCLUDING begging people to let him sing the national anthem ..wasting their money smh… Ethan sweetie, get a car, life and a job. Love -Brooke

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