Somerset Sloot Joy

July 16, 2014 San Antonio 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: This little elf eared midget stripper from Somerset Joy Jan Alvarez is a crazy, bi-polar drunk and pill popper constantly in and out of trouble because her drug and alcohol problems, to the point she had her son while in jail. She continues her bad ways since she got out, instead of getting her life together for her son she runs around the south side chasing dick. She has never had a real job besides Sonic and Little Caesars, with her 25th birthday coming next month looks to be headed in the direction of stripper or prostitute for life. She jumps from drug dealer to drug dealer (doesn\’t discriminate either she takes D or munches the rug), she will use you until she gets what she wants or finds another then shes on her way. Funny she has this paranoia of being raped…yet she will fuck for money and grind on you, throw her fat loose pussy in your face, tell you to be nasty with her putting your hands all up inside her in the strip club chasing a dollar$ though?!! Oh the hypocrisy! LMFAO. She also pretends to be this innocent little girl, the victim, using her son to get sympathy from anyone who will listen. Her bastard son has to grow up with out a father because dude was too scared to put up with her crazy ass, can you blame him though, bitch stabbed his ass with a screw driver! Nik this bitch is the definition of dirty!!

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Ashley Tejada Is The Real Deal

July 15, 2014 San Antonio, The Dirty 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, some people were doubting what Ashley does for a living, well the endless flaunting of Red Bottoms on her IG should be enough proof… also you can find her hanging out with any rapper that comes into town, she is a great groupie.  Here she is with rapper Rich Homie Quan.  She dies for the attention.

Red bottoms are for hookers.- nik

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Classy Mom

July 15, 2014 San Antonio 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik i dont know where to start with this Bitch!! Her name is Kathline Gustamante and shes only 18 yrs old. She has a son but being a mother is the last of her priorities. To her weed and drank and guys are all shes worried about. And if you got pills she will do anything for you!! The scary part is she has drd and dont care. She dont tell any of her partners! She smokes 24/7 without a care of what her son is doing or where hes at. She dont care for him, she beats him. He was literaly walking around w a black eye! Shes just low. Shes so pathetic she even tried stripping to get money for weed and only made $40. Even they saw how nasty and dirty she is. Seriosely ladys just look out if she fuck all her brothers friends and every guy that says hi to her. Then she has no problem going for your boyfriend, husband, brother whoever!

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Ashley Alexis Young (Asian Persuasion)

July 15, 2014 San Antonio 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this slut here is Ashley Alexis Young. But I’m sure all of you know that already. She’s originally from lytle texas, but we ran her off from here because she’s stuck up and would sleep with everyone. No one likes her here. She’s a total whore. So now she’s in San Antonio spreading her disease around. She can’t afford clothes. She must buy them by the inch because she doesn’t have enough to cover those huge thunder thighs. Eww! Worst part is she thinks she’s all that. Lol. She’s just a hole guys fuck. But they don’t stay long. That personality is fucked up. Add her on Facebook. You’ll see for yourself. When people call her out for being a hypocrite or something she doesn’t like she blocks you or has her friends defend her. She’s nothing but trash. She needs to shut her Asian mouth. She says she’s not Asian but damn look at those eyes! That pudgy face. Those thunder thighs from eating white rice all day. You tell me. That girl needs a reality check. Your not pretty. Stop wearing baby clothes. Cover those cottage cheese legs. And open your eyes when I\’m talking to yo- …oh Nevermind. And please! Lytle and San Antonio. Stay away from this girl. She has herpes!!! Had to go see the doctor. You’ve been warned!

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4 Baby Daddies

July 11, 2014 San Antonio 64


THE DIRTY ARMY: The east side hoe claims to be the realest but aint about nothimg she has four differnt baby dads yet she tells my cousin one of them is his but she dont let him see the baby shes always asking for money and always leaving her kids with different people. .so she can go out and party or get fcked …she claims to be so real but always talking about her friends …sells her foodstaps to buy weed and giving guys sexually transmitted diseases watch out for her guys shes a sneaky hoe !!!!!!!

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July 11, 2014 San Antonio 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the homie hopper-Leslie aka “mamaz”. One of the “southside’s finest stippers”, LMMFAO! I don’t know what they are smoking in the south but its must be something damn strong to make these woman believe they are hot shit. Drunk men pay for her and regret it in the morning, but 6 kids later you can still find her shaking that ass on stage-SMDH! ladies beware she is single and believe it or not but she will take your man!

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Cindy Mireles

July 11, 2014 San Antonio 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: san antonio tx her name is Cindy mireles. she is such a hoe . has 5 kids. different dad’s and worrying about jumping from guy to guy. she was recently with some older guy name jesse Mann ..Both looking like they were on drugs and still do. But some how he got locked up for a minute and then she ended up being with his son. now that fools locked up. She loves the D and will do anybody as you can see. she’s also a homie hopper..BItch is just all over the place. worry about your kids BItch n leave the guys alone . get off the white to hoe .I know your hoe ass didn’t lose all that weight exercising with your double chin ass. keeping it in the family how disgusting g pathetic and low can you be. obviously your not hot so it definitely has to be your easy. wouldn’t doubt it if you made a father and son porn. you nasty hoe! Stay away from this BItch she probably has stds.

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Lonesome Gill

July 11, 2014 San Antonio 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this pos is Gil, he is the slime thats stuck under the bottom of the barrel! He is full of DRD’s and H** and doesn’t care to give the gift that keeps giving! He hits on women left and right and when they see he’s a low life pos loser that he is and reject him he starts being a douche! He will stalk you until you have to call the cops and put a restraining order out on his pathetic excuse of a man ass!!! He has bad nasty breath, he lives at home with his momma and heard he has sex w/ his dog! He is sooo low he even verbally and mentally abuses his mother b/c that’s the only woman that has to stay in his life unfortunately. He sits at home all day long prowling dating site like POF! He’s got to be put on blast Nik, he’s a danger to every woman that meets him! They should know he’s a dirty prick that doesn’t wash his ass! RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!

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