Cindy Mireles

July 11, 2014 San Antonio 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: san antonio tx her name is Cindy mireles. she is such a hoe . has 5 kids. different dad’s and worrying about jumping from guy to guy. she was recently with some older guy name jesse Mann ..Both looking like they were on drugs and still do. But some how he got locked up for a minute and then she ended up being with his son. now that fools locked up. She loves the D and will do anybody as you can see. she’s also a homie hopper..BItch is just all over the place. worry about your kids BItch n leave the guys alone . get off the white to hoe .I know your hoe ass didn’t lose all that weight exercising with your double chin ass. keeping it in the family how disgusting g pathetic and low can you be. obviously your not hot so it definitely has to be your easy. wouldn’t doubt it if you made a father and son porn. you nasty hoe! Stay away from this BItch she probably has stds.

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Lonesome Gill

July 11, 2014 San Antonio 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this pos is Gil, he is the slime thats stuck under the bottom of the barrel! He is full of DRD’s and H** and doesn’t care to give the gift that keeps giving! He hits on women left and right and when they see he’s a low life pos loser that he is and reject him he starts being a douche! He will stalk you until you have to call the cops and put a restraining order out on his pathetic excuse of a man ass!!! He has bad nasty breath, he lives at home with his momma and heard he has sex w/ his dog! He is sooo low he even verbally and mentally abuses his mother b/c that’s the only woman that has to stay in his life unfortunately. He sits at home all day long prowling dating site like POF! He’s got to be put on blast Nik, he’s a danger to every woman that meets him! They should know he’s a dirty prick that doesn’t wash his ass! RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!

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Paula Benavidez Home Wrecking Christian

July 10, 2014 San Antonio 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: This old ass ugly whore likes to suck dick in the parking lot of the VA Hospital located in San Antonio Medical Center, she likes to fuck married men in the back of cars and get used for her money like the easy loose skank she is. She has balls to fuk your men but when you confront her she hides behind her GOD like she lives all GODLY, theres videos and pictures of her fcking behind cars and sucking dick in parking lots you want a easy lay and sugar momma this the hoe for you!

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Alondra Arellano

July 9, 2014 San Antonio 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ugly hoe is alondra arellano she just don’t know when to back the fuck off! now im putting her ass on blast  she likes to wreck people relationships by trying to fck ppls husbands and boyfriends! she thinks she looks all sexy and shit but in reality she’s a fat fck that needs to be covered from head to toe . lol fck you alondra !! i bet if i had a dick you’ll suck it lmao

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Joanna Smith Newage Bottlerat

July 8, 2014 San Antonio 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: the gap speaks for itself.

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Scamming Boy Toy

July 8, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik We all know his name is Javier Lopez aka mason grant von York and the reason y I bring him to your attention AGAIN because this infected h*mo is up to his same tricks again and scamming ppl for money and still infecting boys with his H*V. He’s now asking ppl to give money for H*V and cancer and is PLANING to KEEP the MONEY. He has pissed off people in sa. First he STOLE the crown from someone who deserves it, then doesn’t not show up for any performances. Then wants to do his shows in corpus where they didn’t vote for him. Darling EVERYONE is glad your gone back to that hell hole u call Odem. His new boy toy Jacob Gomez is the most trashiest transgender person alive. Jacob has said that he’s let Javier/Mason fu*k him with no condom on, infecting Jacob. He has repeatedly gotten violent with his family. When Javier is drunk he steals from everyone he clams he loves including his family.

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Little Louis

July 8, 2014 San Antonio 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Let me introduce you to San Antonio’s, new Playboy his name is Luis Lugo ladies if you see this man run, run for dear life. He thinks he is God’s gift to woman and calls himself Big Sexy has more confidence than a mother f****r. He prays on woman tells them what they wants to hear tries to use them to buy him things. He has one hell of a cocaine problem and doesn’t care what he has to do or who he has to do to get it. He can’t perform in bed so to take place of what he is lacking he loves to eat other things than food. He wears more girdles than a woman. He will sweet talk you and use you and he is on to the next. He will tell you he love you and wants to be with you and wants to marry you blah, blah, blah. He tries to make it seem like it is all his past girlfriends that are the problem in all reality he is the one messed up. He is nothing but a lying, fat, nasty, cocaine, little d**k, whore. LADIES STAY AWAY FROM HIM YOU ALL HAVE BEEN PRE-WARNED!!!!

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Baby Making Olivarez

July 8, 2014 San Antonio 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: So here we gots this LIL RATCHET FACEBOOK SMELLY ALL DIFFERENT BABY DADDYS DESPERATE ASS SLUT NAMED MARTHA LYNN AGUIRRE OLIVAREZ:x THIS HOE SITS ON FACEBOOK ALL DAY NOT PERTAINING TO HER 10 Kids flirting and fucking every and anyone who will message, poke , or like anything on her page… She soo easy I betted my homie that he could hit it and I won my $5.00 bet . Sadly he had a one night stand with her and he regretted it he said the odor that thing has was nasty and her place was nasty he couldn\’t even finish he went limp he said he got scared and thought his dick was gon fall off WTF!!!!! !!! Her poor kids are dirty and soo is she . After a while we starting hearing from other dudes that she would have one night stands and get all psycho and get pregnant by them not even knowing who the baby daddy is..,???!!!!but would blame all the guys until a dumb enough one would fall for it. and have abortions and when they wouldnt pay for them and she couldn\’t afford them she would keep them. Now THE kids GOT TO PAY FOR STINKYS HOEish mistakes,,, ! Any ways this back stabbing hoe needs to be put on blast !!cause she need a new pussy!!! She needs to cut down on kids and she needs Jesus \”GOD” not Jesus’s from all your Facebook pendeja tescAda mucosa !!!! Fake ASS BITCH

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