Icehead Gone Wrong

September 9, 2014 San Antonio 60



THE DIRTY ARMY: Gabriel garcia aka RASCAL this guy is out of control he has let the drug control him he abuses women he fuks anything he can he gets naked n runs around in the street when hes high this guy has managed to manipulate his friends and has conned his family beware

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Two Daughters one Support

September 8, 2014 San Antonio 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rick gomez has a second daughter. He got a dna test and everything. It proves he has another daighter. She’s 5 yeats old and he has justtttt found out that she is his.

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Homewreaking Sucia

September 8, 2014 San Antonio 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little home wreaking sucia fuks anybody that wears uniform, they go after her just for mommy and daddys money they pay all her bills even though she works by the way she works with kids at the hospital so I(uthsc) wouldn’t even trust her with your kids ,she doesn’t pay her car and she lives off mommy and daddy she a damn psycho and wont take no for an answer when a guy says to leave her alone, I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures after all she screws guys who are engaged, Fucks anyone who is married or engaged or in a relationship in general she is a desperate attention seeker, shes a true definition of a under cover hoe that just screams desperate! but go ahead have sloppy seconds cause you wont ever find real love being the sucia you are now! Just take her ass for dinner(anywhere) or even a drink and I promise you she is all yours. She loves it in the a$$ but downside she cant suck d!CK she love sending nasty ass pictures to men who are taken oh yea by the way if you smashed which im sure all military men have get checked my ex walked away with a std….SUCIA PUTA!

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Crooked SAPD officer

September 8, 2014 San Antonio 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lance Little is a cheating, womanizer who thinks he has the biggest dick in San Antonio he sucks in bed. He will tell you everything you want to hear but in reality he goes to 911 calls on duty and then calls the women later to hookup with them. He will take your money and use you!!!! Stay away!!!!he’s a worthless pile of shit.

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Sarah Fernandez

September 8, 2014 San Antonio 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this girl sarah fernandez needs to be exposed in san antonio ! She in the most sluty & fake ass bitch i ever known , she says she the most downest bitch & keeps it 100 when the only thing she worried about is dick every month ? Lol she should be a shame of her self , knowning she has drd every month and kiss every boy she comes across with , every boys she messed with says she has saggy tits and loose pssy ! Get it together sarah thinking everybody wants you but in the end nobody wants a drd ass girlfriend & knowing your bestfriend telling EVERYBODY ! this bitch thinks she a loving mother when we all know your mom taking care of your son while your ass goes out to the clubs or pretend to go to work and work hard when we all know you just sucks guys dick in the freezer lmao. Your the most nasty unfit drd mom you could ever be but then again that’s not my bussines LOL

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Nina Neira

September 8, 2014 San Antonio 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK This is Nina neira she is a the definition of dirty. I hate this slut. She is a homeless prostitute.She just uses people and sleeps with anyone and everyone for drugs.She steals , lies and screws husbands from her own family and friends. She lost her kids because she was a no good abusive drug addict who always abandoned them for men and drugs. Her kids are much happier without her.She still thinks she does nothing wrong , even though she admits she was high on drugs and abused them, some how she believes its okay. She tries to pretend she is miss goody goody and try to have people believe she is something she is not.She’s homeless a prostitute , homewrecker , child abuser , a user , liar, ect . She is a waste of air everyone hates her and wants to beayt her or kill her for all she has done. She snitches to the cops every time she’s in trouble.She use to stay with me and she was a dirty pig , she stank so bad , something is wrong down there. She is an illiterate idiot , completely clueless retard. She thinks she’s gods gift to men , yet her dude use to cheat on her and all others screw her and dump her. They all realize what kind of girl she is , sh’s a cheap ignorant annoying whore . There are many things I could say and many many many people who know. She just needs to quit wasting our air and our space. I’m glad she doesn’t stay with me anymore she was filthy stinky useless trash .

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Pill Popper Sandy Bernal

September 5, 2014 San Antonio 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, what is your opinion on this broad? Well first of all, her name is Sandy Bernal. She also goes by “Lil Shy Girl” but not shy one bit. This b*tch has 3 kids & can’t take care of them. She & her people claim to be GANGSTERS but real quick to dial 911. She on SSI & foodstamps but sells them instead of feeding them. Her SSI(ONCE A MONTH CHECKS) goes to her pills. B*tch rather be on pills instead of feeding her kids & buying them school clothes. Ha she rather f**k for a buck instead of getting a REAL JOB. Fat b*tch is to dam lazy. Her apartment is dirty clothes every where, dirty dish stacked up & dirty toilet paper in the bathroom floor. Its crazy cause you can bend over backwards for her & she just goes & talks shit. But wait this is funny when you confront her & she just straight up deny it. She a f**king liar. This b*tch even talks about her own family, but then again they are all the same. What family calls CPS & cops on each other? She says she married but has no proof. She tries to make everyone feel bad for her. Then she goes & f**ks you over. Well enough bout this low life, dirty broke b*tch, pill popping ass broad. One day hopefully she grows Tf up & realize she a mother..

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Amy Golden

September 5, 2014 San Antonio 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, in this day and age there is a lot of travesty. Double digit inflation, the war in Iraq, the recent beheading of an american journalist, etc. However, i don’t think a travesty of such gigantic proportions has existed since Amy “Cum-dumpster” Golden popped out her mothers hairy vag and joined the ranks of civilized society. For those who are not aware this twats existence meet Amy Golden. An attendee of the University of the Incarnate Word where she majors in whore-to-culture. Okay, I’m just joking. The University of the Incarnate Word does not actually offer programs for majoring in prostitution, but it seems that ever since her arrival, the act of leg opening seems to be the thing she continues to pass with flying colors. I doubt a dorm room in that place has not been polluted with the scent of this bitches fishy smelling pussy. Attendees of UIW will recognize her from parties which she attends regularly due to her growing alcoholism.Lets talk about the drugs. This bitch consumes more drugs a day to sedate the entire city of manhattan. Weed, meth, cocaine. Shes tried them all. In fact if you have any drugs on you she will probably sleep with you in exchange for them. Now, while the promise of an easy lay does sound fulfilling, I beg you to be cautious. This hoe got gonorhea. Shell deny it but she started having symptoms last summer. For all i know shes clean but thats a gamble with your dick.Plusihearsheslooserthan a fat kids bicycle so not much pleasure can be derived

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