Big Bad Crystal Saucedo

March 28, 2014 San Antonio 12 9,890 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, This big ugly beats actually has a name its Crystal Saucedo but I call her “IT” since she wears more damn make up then that damn clown lol this thing can be found sitting on a couch doing nothing with her life but putting on pounds of make up or laying on her back for her so called fiance or babydaddy i feel bad for her boyfriend because he is a nice guy even tho he looks and acts like a damn fag but i guess that’s why he’s whit her she big like a man even got a face of a man hell if she didn’t have a son who she pays no mind too i would have though this bitch was a tranny I just wanted to put this dirty hoe on blast oh and before i forget this hoe always likes to pick up guys on facebook don’t believe me take a look at her OTHER messages on facebook and see how many other dudes she is talking to lol even on one of here pictures someone offered her beer and she asked him for his adders lol go get checked for all you know you got a std already!

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Sloot Wife; Michelle Valdez

March 28, 2014 San Antonio 65 10,936 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This Sloots Name Is Michelle Valdez Someone Needs To Expose This Chick She Had A Man & He Got Locked Up And She Cheated On Him Practically Right Away. & Now She Is Known To Have Gone Around With Many Guys. She Is Currently With Matthew Belmares & She Got Him To Marry Her By Faking A Pregnancy. She Made It So Believable She Even Faked The Miscarriage To Keep Him Around. But As Soon As He Turns His Back She Cheats On Him & Its Pretty Funny Cause Everybody Knows It. But Its Like A Two Way Street Cause He Cheats On Her Too. All The Time & Makes It Seem Like its The Girls Looking For Him But Really He Sent The First Message. Idk What Type Of Girl Would Fake A Pregnancy Than Fake Miscarriage That Is So Low It Is A Disgusting Thing.& Im Saying This As An ex Friend To Her That Is Tried Of Hearing Her Play With Guys That Do Care For Her She Is Just A Sloot & Is Interested In Money & Partying & Keeping Her Life Style She Is Not Ready To Have A Baby & I Hope Matthew Watches His Back Cause Having A Baby With Her Will Ruin His Life. Babymomma Drama!

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Stripper Mom

March 28, 2014 San Antonio 39 9,815 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this girl the worst of the worst she claims to “loves” her kids but this is what she spends her nights doin instead of getting a real job like a real women with her head strong would, as you can see she is disgusting and lives like a filthy pig all she does is eat, sleep, and strip I don’t know how. She has no body figure she looks like she’s in pain just bending over, she claims to be SAN ANTONIO’S finest lmao we all know that’s obviously not true more like san antonio’s easiest along with her disgusting infected walking disease friends… your a poor excuse of a mother and you need to get your mind right and get your shit together your kids Will grow up to be embarrassed of you. No man ewill ever want her because she is so easy and she falls in love the same day she meets them lol then the next day she’s with a different guy get checked you dirty c*nt

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This Impulsive Liar

March 28, 2014 San Antonio 9 5,455 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little f**got seems to sleep around his friends boyfriends. He try’s to act like the innocent man but really he is not . He slept with my boyfriends friend and said that he was a good fuq beware guys. He will try and sleep with your dudes man. Literally he is a dirty piece of shit follow his ass on Instagram to call his ass out haha no one wants this cumbag @ iishowbizzii

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Brittney Johnson

March 28, 2014 San Antonio 5 6,409 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl name is brittney johnson just had her 4th baby and instead of taking care of her kids she waiting for the next time she can start up her bathroom photo shoots 4 kids all got different dads and she so proud of that girl dont work dont know how to drive lives off food stamps that she dont always use on her kids and child support cause that easier than getting off your ass and working for a living I feel bad for her kids girls like this dont change just cause you stay at home and aint all in the streets dont mean your a good mom go buy more bad weave and let she how quick she pick up another guy she found on the internet and pop out baby #5

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Cas Morado

March 28, 2014 San Antonio, Texas 30 5,910 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Cas Morado or should I cas cas Rodriguez she tried changing her last name on Facebook because she’s known as a psycho low life Loser . That lives from pay check to paycheck .she rather spend her money on drugs then pay her bills. She likes to beat on her gf’s and she likes to steal. She’s nothing but trouble. Last month she broke a bottle on some guys face at the club poor guy last a lot of blood. Her gf left her became she was too addicted to drugs and she was too crazy. Watch out san antonio this girl is very shady she will fuck you over . She’s nothing but a free loader and aalways does crack. As you can tell on her face .

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Anyone Know This Guy

March 27, 2014 San Antonio 29 7,118 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who is this guy? I’ve seen him in many places but I still cannot find out who he is

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Who is this Female

March 27, 2014 San Antonio 44 9,898 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I was wondering if anyone knew who this is I saw her out a couple of times.. She’s always at clubs but do t dance wit guys and then I see her a lot with that guy.. A charity case or he’s gay… I think her name is Amanda or something anyone know what’s up or at least how would y’all rate her??

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