Karina Valdes East Central Sloot

March 25, 2014 San Antonio 18 9,787 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this girl is from adkins Texas a few of my buddy’s just thru a train on her she was not even drunk or on any drugs. She thinks she is gods gift to men little does her sister Jessica Rivas know that she was banging her sister boyfriend his name is uzziel Munoz well enough said her sister should be on here as well

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Jackie, the other Southeast Sloot

March 25, 2014 San Antonio 44 6,515 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girls name is jaclyn ochoa she goes by jackie shes another big time slut of the southeast side just like her litlle friend stephany pando.its about time someone calls these whores out!she takes nudes for money cause she cant do anything better with her life she always cheats on her boyfriends she loves fuking her boyfriends friends this girl has been around!by now shes probably all loose and nasty and filled with drds.this bitch is always ready to fck she’ll fck anyone.fck this nasty ass slut! So everyone of the southeast watchout for this whore! Bout time someone puts your nastyass on blast!

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Fake Ass Mike Montana

March 24, 2014 San Antonio 23 9,431 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fake ass bell pepper nose wanna be mike montana is not worth your time ladies! He says hes stacking and packing. All hes packing is a doughnut in his damn pocket! Eyery post on his his facebook or instagram is about some random bitch wanting to suck him off. He claims hes “Italian” but lets be real nick hes just a fake ass mojo from south of the border.. his raunchy sister is the same way.. smh all he will do to a female is pump em and dumb em and tell your business to everyone.

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Ratchett Valerie Garza

March 24, 2014 San Antonio 51 7,563 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bitch here loves men with families as long as they give her shit. She’s Ratchett n gives it up. All about herself and how she benefits from everyone. Always out clubbing n shit instead of doing as she claims. Give her anything for free shell give you sumthn especially men with families.

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Cheating Michelle

March 24, 2014 San Antonio 19 6,891 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey dirty army! What can you guys tell me about this chick. All I know is her name is Michelle.

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Pretty Boy

March 24, 2014 San Antonio 26 6,357 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ramon Tamayo but most of you might know him as “Ray” . This guy is is the biggest bullsh*tter I’ve known! And ladies the biggest man whore! Dont believe his lies, he plays a good front sweet romantic and all that when in reality hes a scubbag. Has sex with anyone and anything! Hes all about that party get drunk life, has nothing going for him! Hes just a plain dumbass enough said!

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She Loves To Have Sex

March 24, 2014 San Antonio 16 5,838 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is “Krystal Rodriguez” and she has 2 little girls. This girl right here is a straight up Slut and is a homie hopper plus she has had sex with club promoters, emcees and Djs. She loves guys with tattoos. Also every time she is dating a guy she claims she loves them but yet likes to flirt with your homies behind your back and has sex with them when she gets a chance too especially if they are tatted up. She has even slept with her friends boyfriends behind there back. I use to be her friend until I found out she slept with my ex behind my back. So ladies watch out on being friends with her because she might turn her back on you by sleeping with your boyfriend or your ex even though she has a boyfriend now and been with him for a while I’m sure she has slept with other guys behind his back including his homeboys. San Antonio Slut here.

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Army Jerk

March 24, 2014 San Antonio 32 10,380 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this guy gets so mad because people dont want his drama he starts talking all kinds of mess making threats wont stop texting u even though ur not texting back everyone watch it for this psycho i know im not the only one with a problem with this f**got ive seen him on here several times and now i know why hes a psycho little bitch who gets his little feelings hurt when u dont like him so he starts talking out of his ass and making threats. Everyone watch for this psycho..

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