Fake Bitties

September 4, 2014 San Antonio 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Fck this fake ass bitch she dates way below her age with little girls that probably don’t even know what a real relationship is. She’s gross as fck. Anything and everything that comes out of her mouth is lies and it’s alot seeing as how she never shuts the fck up. Skank ass fcking idiot ass girl. You talk to much. You ain’t ever been a loyal friend you lie and mistreat and misuse people your whole life.bounce from place to place because nobody fucking wants you and you’ve done that to your self. You’re as pathetic as it gets. Come off as innocent and down for yours but it’s all just a weak as front. Some day bitch is gonna fck over the wrong person and I hope I’m there to see this bitch eat the fcking curb. She’s around tucson, az. Anyone who’s her friend now is an idiot and will learn soon because it doesn’t take long for a bitch like this to fck you over. Dirty ass molesting ass bitch.

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The South Side Baby Maker

September 4, 2014 San Antonio 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met mandiie on tha south side at bus stop .it was hot so i ask her if she needed a ride so she hop in she was jockin my slab nice car u must sell dope i just laugh . She said I’ll suck you up if you take me to the grocery store and get some formula and pampers for my baby. I said sure why not so she suck me up in tha h.e.b parking lot .she got mad head game made my toes bust thru my jordans best next thing to Drano. So i was goin to knock her down she got on top mann her pussy was leakin cream color shit pussy stank real bad. So i pasa on that gave her a few dollars and bounce.. So if u see her look for a face tattoo like mike tyson …..

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Attention Seeker

September 2, 2014 San Antonio 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I begin! This bitch is a whore she try’s to flaunt off her fake titts && her NO ass.she looks like a tranny haha she sends pictures of her in her bra & panties to rusty when for one he has a lady &&she has a man poor guy don’t even know what she’s doing! She don’t know how to discipline her kids there so disrespectful they tell her she’s a bitch a whore &&I she don’t do shot about it her family’s all fcked up wanna be north siders haha more like goat heads! Her sisters ain’t all that good either! Haha she needed to be called out!

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Paul Mendez – Cheater

September 2, 2014 San Antonio 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this guy he is a cheeter and will tell you he wants a relationship but he has side hoes i been dateing this guy and being exclusive Yet he brough another guy from san angelo someone he never even met he will play you take all your money i leave you his name is paul mendez hes from san Antonio

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Hot Mess

September 2, 2014 San Antonio 49


THE DIRTY ARMY: the only reason anyone messes with her is because she pays their bills Lol no man on earth would ever do you for free

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Best Looking Transgender Is Julian

September 1, 2014 Chicago, San Antonio, The Dirty 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Philipno guy (Julian) became a girl (Julia)… after so many years… he looks amazing, he could be the best looking transgender ever! I’m just surprised… all the guys he sleeps with gotta be drunk or on drugs to not to notice the downstairs.

I’m confused, so does this make the dude in the red shirt Gay?- nik

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Roxanne Chavez

August 28, 2014 San Antonio 124



THE DIRTY ARMY: Here she goes again and apparently this dead beat does not learn as she runs the streets claiming she’s a drug dealer part stripper with different men most married man using them in any way she can.riding around in crackheads cars I guess she expects to drive her kids around like that.while her kids are still with state she jokes about like it doesn’t matter to her.she’s too worried about being with her dirty stripper friends claiming they’re the BADDEST out 411 look how nasty they look for a buck or two get a job support your kids and stop sharing those cheap stripper clothing you’d expect the men you sleep with to buy y’all some decent clothing lol no wonder her baby daddy would beat her and send her to the hospital in front of those poor kids yet she claims she’s still holding him down learn how to be a woman,a wife get your self together cus you look bad and worry about getting your kids back no which guy your going to ride next

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Cheating John Anthony

August 28, 2014 San Antonio 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik let me tell u about this little boy he always cheating on his girl krystal he sleeps with as many girls as he can then brings his girl back diseases i know his girl she always complaining about him but yet runs back to him stupid bitch cheats on him too lol ther just made for eachother beware walking drd couple u can find them both on mocospace him name is john aka anthony thats what happens when u think u can run game hoes

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