Yesenia Zamarripa

August 6, 2014 San Antonio 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut here is Yesenia zamarripa you can find her every Friday at El Fuerte and Saturdays at Joes volcano she is a Mexican whore who fcks any guy she meet for money she can’t pay her bills and lives with her parents she has three kids with three different baby daddys she sucks dick at the club and fcks in the a car and doesn’t give a fck if a man is married or had a girlfriend she also claims she has a deep and she doesn’t she has a fcked up yellow bug she is sick and nasty so ladies beware Of your man cause this dirty nasty ass aids bitch is all over the place

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Big Al AKA Andrew Zeidan

August 6, 2014 San Antonio 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well! Big Al is a Pepsi head providing my girls drugs at the mid ! A fat ugly guy with a sense of greatness but still living In momy’s basement! You are not who you think you are fatty, you are and always be an Arabic promoter . Ps, we just use you for rides and drinks ! No love.

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Ice Head Moni

August 5, 2014 San Antonio 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, any words? This hood rat is Monica Carrasco Aka moni. This dumba** has 4 kids but only has 2 with her. She 31 years old & still on that little kid sh*t. She does ice & she smokes it too. Rumours are she an escort prostitute same sh*t. She is disgusting & her house is filthy. Like b**tch clean up nasty a**. She says she works on body’s but please that girl don’t work. She gets money by selling her ass. She known to be a stripper but b**tch don’t even got titts or a a**. This b**tch is dirty & has a disease or infection in her p**sy she always itching. She need to grow the hell up & stop trying to be with all these men & using them for money. Word of advice lay off the ice you look like a crack head… Hopefully she snaps she too old. Well good luck h*e stop smoking ice your teeth are getting black you basic bum b*tch

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Big Nose Gonzo

August 5, 2014 San Antonio 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Jessica Marin I’m sure yall seen her before on here from her last post when we talk about her and ray ray. I heard she finally left her fiancee, husband, boyfriend, babydaddy or what ever he is to her and she move to Chicago. I guess she finally realize nobody like her big nose ugly face here in San Antonio because she ain’t nothing but a fake. So she ran away from her problems and left her baby daddy which she was cheating on him anyway because she’s a straight up hoe and always will be no matter what city she lives in. If she thinks the guy is cute she will meet him up if she can and have sex with him she’s not about that faithful love relationship life. Jessica stop trying to think you can fit in with anybody when all you do is talk sh*t behind their back remember that’s why no one likes you cuz you’re fake friend, glad I’m not that hoe’s friend anymore. All I have to say is once a hoe and a fake always a hoe and a fake no matter what city you live in. Ta ta for now…

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Did Herba-Slore Get Wifed Up

August 5, 2014 San Antonio 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ewww did HERBA-SLORE (Pepsi-slore) get wifed up??? As you see she’s sporting a ring on her ring finger… WHO in their RIGHT mind would want to marry this drunk horse??? I hope its NOT Macho poor guy could do way BETTER and I don’t think it is he should KNOW better!!! If it’s NOT him, I feel bad for whoever is getting deceived by this nasty bed hopping and homie hopping degenerate. Gaby, you’re making a good move by trapping this one this time so he doesn’t leave but we know that’s how you try to trap your guys until they leave and you collect child support so, Let me guess, your fat ass is pregnant AGAIN right?!?!? YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T BE DRINKING THOSE DRINKS but we know hoodrats like YOU don’t care. I bet you’re probably going to keep this one considering the six or so that didn’t get to see the light of day. Let me guess you need more child support for your white girl and ratchet nail habit. I feel bad for your kids but maybe it’s a good thing they never see you since you can’t walk straight from all the drinks you’ve CONSUMED and guys yo\’ve slept with. Glad you’re going to just stay with ONE for a while, you know until he’s off to the next when he realizes what a disgrace you are ALL around. Congratulations to you and the new “hubby” poor guy. If you see this, RUUUNNN!!! As you can see, this thing has no business calling ANYONE beaver teeth Lolz you could build a dam with those chompers!!! Coolchick813??? Maybe you should change that to drunkchick813 or Dumbchick813 lmmfaoo there’s NOTHING COOL ABOUT YOU GABY.

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Rodriguez Tots

August 5, 2014 San Antonio 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik first off let’s start with old ass Laura Rodriguez . This old fart running around like sh’s 21 offering pussy to the highest bitter she don’t want nothing but money . Poses in her underwear and hello kitty shit really how old are you !! She’s an drunk and really creepy with her sons . Their relationship is creepy . If I was her kid I’d be embarrassed .Then we have her god o mighty sister June Rodriguez who was a crack head for years didn’t even have custody of her kids now thinks she’s saved and has turned into a Jesus freak . Trust God saw that !!! Last but not least Ashley Nicole Rodriguez where do I start two kids two different baby daddies . Lives off her dad but couldn’t hold on because the bitch is a low life who smokes weed all day and drinks . Her fucking teeth are gross as fck notice in every picture the bitch can’t even smile no teeth lol. She tries to show off with material things her daddy bought! Sad you can’t show off the shit you bought your kids always bragging yet daddy bought it all . Bitch can only hold a job a month . She acts like sh’s better then everyone and Claims to be self made .Ashley it don’t count if daddy bought it . Someone needs to take her kids . Poor babies live day to day place to place because she’s such a fcking loser . Her youngest daughter is even delayed because the bitch can’t properly take care of her kids.What mother would drive high off drugs with her two kids in the car and wreck it YEP this retarded slut. She will always be living off the system .This retard is slow as it is running around looking dumb. They all hide their real them. Everything you see with these women are all just cover up. So word to the wise BEWARE these generations of whores are bad business .

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Crooked Cop

August 4, 2014 Dirty Cops, San Antonio, The Dirty 181

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mr. Jesse Ramos and he is the definition of a pathetic loser. Beware if he pulls you over cause he steals and cheats on every girl he’s with. Hell I’m glad his latest baby momma got him cause the kid he’s raising ain’t his… lol that is Karma.

Cops are real people too.- nik

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Easiest Ever

August 4, 2014 San Antonio 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, let me tell you about Dulia from San Antonio, TX. Dulia used to be a girl i knew back in high school. She broke with her bf who is a real psycho and she has four boys. Well anyways I start talking to her and her ex wont leave us alone. I go over to her sister, where she was living with when she left her ex. This guy drives up to the house force himself in the house and starts to pushing me and telling me sh**. So I left and I told her what the hell going on the next day. She said she was sorry, came over to my place and it was on. Everytime we get alone time, her ex blows up my phone, he shows up to my family house, so i said fuck this left her ass. Told her she need to get him striaght or go back to him. Im not trying to catch a case here. The funny thing is that she still comes over, blows me and have sex and go back to her life.

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