Elda Cardenas

September 15, 2014 San Antonio 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty bitch is chriselda cardenas. 38 years old and alone. no kids cause the guys were smart enough to either pull out or have her give them head before the money shot! beware! she claims she has everything, house, money, and the dumbass still lives with her mom and stepdad which I’m sure she has fcked already. her boyfriend, poor guy, got locked up cause of her and the whore could not wait to try and fuk his friends. I’m sure some of his friends did, she’s pretty slutty. she fcks anything that gives her some booze. she piles the makeup on her face to cover all the drd scars and puts black around her eyes to cover up the bags from staying up all night and day. she’s a mth head, crack whore, easy slut who would give it up to anyone that swings the glass dick or money in her face. I used to work with her and she gave the boss head in the bathroom! and he still fired her ass! she claims to be skinny and a trainer? sh’s got cellulite everywhere and the only thing she “trains” are dudes. beware guys and girls! this slut is known to go both ways once drunk enough. one guy at work said her pussy smells like fish and she had crust on her underwear. he let her give him head and got mad he wouldn’t do her. sick bitch needs a muzzle and disinfectant. last I heard she was living in sunrise off foster rd in san Antonio texas. if u want a iced up, cracked out, old lady, fishy, stank ass, crusty coochie than this be the hoe for you! I’d worry about sexually transmitted diseases

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Little Joy Alvarez

September 10, 2014 San Antonio 80

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Joy Alvarez, she lives in Somerset, TX, she is a bad mom with no morals. I’m sorry, but as a mother myself, I can’t stand seeing how she acts like a kid taking no responsibility for her actions. Joy, you have a child and all you do is take pictures of yourself like a Slut and pop pills. do drugs. Grow up, get a job, get a life, and take care of your son!

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Jennifer Gonzales

September 10, 2014 San Antonio 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start with the piece of shit hoe her name is Jennifer Gonzales and can be found at legends sports bar where she sucks dick in the restroom. This whore is fucking sick she loves to fuck her uncle and brothers and allows them to touch her 3 year old daughter this bitch Will trade her daughter for dick and money. She claims she knows who her baby daddy is but doesn’t she fcks anything that walks and sucks anyone she can. This whore does not give a fck if a dude has a chick she will jump on that shit. This slut is a walking disease so girls beware this whore is desperate for your man and needs fast cash and for you guys who want a cheap fuck or docked sucked you can find her at legends sports bar or her house [removed[]

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Ratchet Ass Thief

September 10, 2014 San Antonio 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stolen phone in San Antonio

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Maradeisy Bustos

September 10, 2014 San Antonio 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl right here is seen every where, someone needs to put a stop to her. She loves pills cocoaine and other drugs. Give her a little and she will let u fuk or suck u up. She the ine on the left

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EJ No Good Soliz

September 9, 2014 San Antonio 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik! This is EJ Soliz where do I begin. We’ll EJ is a LIER who tells you everything you want to hear so he can USE and live off of you for FREE. He is BROKE! He has no job, lives at home with his parents and OOOH loves to cheat on his “GIRL”. He is a junky self centered no good broke MexicanT. I dated him for a while until I found out he was out playing me just to get HIS HABBITS paid for.He loves to talk smack about his baby mother while all she did was support his broke ass. I actually feel bad for his child’s mother. IN ALL HONESTY hes not even great in bed with all them Drugs he does he can’t even get it up. All he does is speak upon the lords name but can’t even have a spence to understand what he does wrong. Him and his bed buddy Mike Lean are LAME they love parting together and then turn around and cause each other for missing things they can’t remember on. Ej needs to turn himself into rehab. LETS NOT FORGET SAN ANTONIO WHEN YOU SEE EJ USE A RUBBER HE ALSO HAS drd’S.

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Icehead Gone Wrong

September 9, 2014 San Antonio 60



THE DIRTY ARMY: Gabriel garcia aka RASCAL this guy is out of control he has let the drug control him he abuses women he fuks anything he can he gets naked n runs around in the street when hes high this guy has managed to manipulate his friends and has conned his family beware

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Two Daughters one Support

September 8, 2014 San Antonio 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rick gomez has a second daughter. He got a dna test and everything. It proves he has another daighter. She’s 5 yeats old and he has justtttt found out that she is his.

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