Ruby Q

October 20, 2014 San Antonio 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dumb broad better known as chubsters is dirty af bitch black in between her legs i couldn’t even fuk her. Would do anything for a beer or to at least hit the blunt. Bitch cheating on her babydad with me and homeless. Sucked me up with her daughter right by us. IF THOUGH LOOKING FOR A EASY HOE HIT UP RUBY !

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Typical West-sider

October 20, 2014 San Antonio 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, this ghetto fat b*tch is Laura Bernal. This b*tch has 7 or 8 kids but only has her 2 oldest daughter. This ghetto b*tch gave up her kids because the b*tch couldnt handle them. She stay with two daughter & boy let me say she has them in the streets. These girls are like in middle school & she has them dressing like if they are in their 20s. B*tch is ghetto As f**k & talks ghetto she says she gangsta she an OG. This b*tch can’t even get a job. She gets all that government help but for what she don’t use them. Her ghetto talks like a normal westsider. She date all these guys from mexico & she uses them for money. B*tch need to get a job, learn how to talk. & have respect for herself. She also need to reach her kids not to be trashy like she is. Come on 13 & 14 year old Lil girls showing there boobs & f**king older men for money is what she thinks is right. News flash b*tch your ghetto always will be & you ain’t about sh*t take your ass back to the westside or mexico with your ghetto ass.

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Jessica Rivera

October 17, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m putting Jessica Rivera on blast for being a shitty friend, sloppy drunk & nasty whore! This monkey looking bitch fcks all these random losers that she meets on POF or other dating sites. Its hard to keep up with all her fck buddies that she obsessed about! This girl loves to constantly complain about her love life but never takes any advice or offers to listen to any of her friends when they are having a hard time. She’s a self centered puta from Corpus that should go back. She pretends to be sweet & innocent but instead is a cum dumpster! Every month she’s scared that she’s pregnant but after all the dick she’s had I’m surprise she doesnt have any kids yet. She was even a slut back when she was married to some joke name Joseph. She’s is loose drunk is always out at bars & causing a scene. If not, she’s working with all the other whores at the VA. Its about time someone puts this ugly slut on here! If you see her…RUN! All she’ll do is go psycho on your ass & give you a DRD!

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Monica Mini

October 17, 2014 San Antonio 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this dirty little sl*t goes by Monica aka mini. This b*tch be trying to f*”k everybody’s vato. Funny cause she be on that little girl sh*t. She finds any way to get a man even its flashing her smelly p**sy at a strip club. B*tch is from brownleaf. She f**led a lot of the Brownleaf possy. She say she makes all this money but drives a jacked up Honda civic that sounds like a damn lawnmower. B*tch if you got chedda get a brand new whip & fix you jacked up teeth. Been smoking to much ice & cracked. To everybody watch out for this trick cause she be trying to everybody’s boyfriend. You need your d**k sucked go find her in brownleaf.

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Bernie Rodriguez

October 16, 2014 San Antonio 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik you need to put this piece of shit Bernie Rodriguez on blast this sick twisted freak likes having sex with underage girls this motherfucker is still banging that 16yr old girl from his old store. Misty but this little slob is not innocent at last count she was sleeping with three other girls and at least four other guys even the toy-cop hit it but back to piece of shit Bernie i wonder if hes wife knew while he was trying to convince her to take him back that was still getting some from that lil slob i wonder if she knew he was banging her in there bed or that he liked banging her in their daughters room hey Jen why don’t you ask the girls at rittiman and foster store they all know and most of them want to tell you oh and he like to have unprotected sex with her you can check his credit card receipts for the time he took her to a motel 6 the movies and Natural Bridge Caverns you really know how to pick em

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Watch Your Men

October 15, 2014 San Antonio 49


THE DIRTY ARMY: This sweaty s!ut Munica Saenz sleep with my brother and my roomate the same weekend after meeting both on POF in September 2014, beware because she gave both a drd and after researching her she is on every hook up date site and uses them for sex. She has a daughter that she gets rid of on weekends to meet up with random men, which is loco because she has a boyfriend. She has a history of being raunchy with men and women. When confronted about the drd, she blamed them for not wearing protection. She has sores aroun her mouth on the picture. Don’t get drunk horny and take this fat girl home

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Jina La Cochina

October 15, 2014 Los Angeles, San Antonio 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik met Jina LA cochina! Another broke welfare hoe she lives off government assistance and has nothing better to do than stalk peoples profiles and talk shit from fake profiles. Girl you need a hobby a job or a man to keep you occupied and off of the internet how about taking care of your daughters nasty lookin bitch. Who is pregnant and sleeps around this girl right here! Your trash and obsessed with your ex’s and their ex’s. Grow the fuk up stalker stop making fake profiles stop sending Christina and her friends requests if you want to know someshit bitch ask don’t lurk around scary ass you know where she works smh grow up or stfu and fall in line with the rest of the slut buckets junior fuked

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Deserae the Sloot

October 14, 2014 San Antonio 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik I’m suprised that this dumb hoe has not yet been on here. This slut is soon to marry and she is still sleeping around, she waits until her soon to be husband to leave because he travels a lot for work to go and fu** other guys! She thinks that everyone is jealous of her and want to be her if no one does who wants to a whore. She still works at sugars suckling di** for money. She’s nasty and we’ll fu** any guy who just buys her drinks. Her soon to be husband needs to open his eyes and see that he is marrying a slut who still sleeps around and only wants him to support her while she gives her nasty lose pu**y to everyone.. she needs to be called out and needs to get it in her head that noone is jealous of her or want to be her with her horse face that she and cash register mouth..

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