San Antonio | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Proud F-Buddy and Side Chick

November 14, 2014 Salt Lake City, San Antonio 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this trick here is 19 and uses her age as an excuse to be a cum bucket to TAKEN men! She does it raw and uses them DSLs to yap ally how she can take any dude from any woman. She lives and Utah and things she owns the state with her drd having self. She is beyond DIRTY and looks like shiet without makeup

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Briana Nuñez

November 13, 2014 San Antonio 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everybrows, they make you or break you. In this case it broke her!

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Paul an SAFD Firefighter

November 13, 2014 San Antonio 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, please put this low life perverted sick reject on blast !! he likes to send cock pictures to me on a daily basis after i’ve told him over and over to stop contacting me. he is fat, ugly, has weird star tattoos going up his left pec for what reason i have no clue….his name is Paul and claims to be a firefighter a the San Antonio Fire Dept. one your website revels who he is then i am contacting the safd chief….. he needs to be put in jail or exposing himself…i also found out that paul goes by the screenname ‘acesinhell’ ..sure enough i googled it and this man loves to pay for sex….hes pathetic nik…let this be a lesson for paul so his safd brothers can see this and confront him….nik, it will be messed up if this guy has lied and impersonated a firefighter…thats total disrespect especially to those brave men and women who where there during the tragedy of 9/11.

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CT Muy Guapo

November 13, 2014 San Antonio 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, with the fortunate help of your website we can expose guys like this pervert. He goes by the name of CT-MUY GUAPO….. really ? this due is obviously a white boy with a receding hairline that makes Lebron James look good. I found out that his real name is Craig Thomas and he’s a sex offender originally from Colorado, but now resides in san antonio. However, with the help from the dirty we can all figure this ugly piece of dog shit out. Nik, he talks down to every person on an app named MOCOSPACE…. THEN on the downl he send messaged to transexuals and crossdressers to meet up with them so he can SMOKE POLE , IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) CLAIMS TO WORK FOR A FIBER OPTICS COMPANY IN AND OUT OF SAN ANTONIO…..CLAIMS to get pussy daily (NIK, even you know that a fag with a receding hairline doesnt get no ass) LOL!! PEOPLE in san antonio if you know anything about this coward that lives hotel to hotel let it be known!!! nik, one more thing can someone be a tranny lover, plus a child molestor at the same time?? isnt that an oxymoron? hahahah one more thing… that receding hairline of his is definitely making him self conscious as hell..always wearing caps, bandanas, tampons…what else nik????

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Uncontrollable Girlfriend

November 11, 2014 Kansas City, San Antonio 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stephanie Salgado (Aguirre) is a 18 year old girl who has been with a guy on anx off for over a few years. Is amazingly stuck up, takes the sluttiest pictures and posts them on social networks. She isn’t a virgin, she’s had sec with Kore then one guy, she also doesn’t know how to wear makeup as you can see in the face picture. Can you say cake face? She is a very jealous girl so it is rare for her to have any girl friends. She talks to guys while her boyfriend was in jail. She doesn’t know how to do her eyebrows at all. (Poor girl) was almost going to have a child at one point but she didn’t want to let go of her own life. Selfish much. This girl needs to be on a leash with her wild crooked ass teeth self.

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Terca vs Sentiva

November 11, 2014 San Antonio 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik blast these dope heads. Who’s nastier in your opinion SA? These broads are a waste of oxygen nik…let’s see who’d the dirtiest!

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South Side Sloot

November 11, 2014 San Antonio 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sara castillo the chick easy ass fck ,, practically gave it up to me not only that shit but fuck with all the south side I can name a few people she try saying to trap on that baby daddy staus ..hahahah stupid hoe straight give it up for sum b town dammm brown head

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Jada Martin

November 11, 2014 Hartford, San Antonio, Wichita 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jada Martin aka crypt keeper one of the lowest of lows when it comes to everything, she likes to show off her herein and drd addict figure when she isn’t in jail and knocking out as many state phone books as she can while she can. She has lost both of her kids to the state and uses anyone she can for money and drugs. She likes to think she’s a good person but the only thing she is good at is spreading her legs and diseases. Be careful with this one she bites before she robs you.She has admitted to ruining relationships and laughs about it,thinking she was somehow justified, she went though half a million dollars in 3 years doing drugs and buying cars and not cries because she is homeless. She’s a far cry from role model or even class, she has been known to wear the same cloths even panties for weeks at a time. She gives Nasty a hole new name

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