Lord Can’t Help You

July 21, 2014 San Antonio 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik After seeing trashy Taylor on here I feel it’s my duty to inform you of this sa gay trash, WHICH NO ONE likes. Gabino Barrea (lord ) we already know the obvious that he dated someone who was hiv and is infected. This conceited fucker acts like he’s gods gift..but did you know he has a criminal record for physical abuse, and sexually molesting a youth .. Which later got dropped.. Only cause he paid his way out. He has dated many feminine men only to bring up his own ego, to be more of a man, he lives right next door to the aci (White House) and when he’s bored he will sit outside and bring aci customers walking in or out and sleep with them. He is the front desk person at home 2 suites by Hilton downtown, will flirt with customers as they check in and will sleep with them no matter how old. He has two young daughters and has no shame to show his kids daddy’s new boy toy and have them pay for there sweet 16. Swears he’s always broke cause he pays tonz of child support.. But barely pays a hundred dollars for both children. He’s really broke cause he really spends all his money at the bar or on coke he likes to buy. Keana lord, Bitch your a mess For even being associated with him. Your better than him. The only reason he dated u was to be a lord not cause he liked you.

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Man Traps

July 21, 2014 Dallas, San Antonio 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Dani Webb or D-Webb as her friends like to call her this slut is just like her friend Adriana S Morales this cumdumpster did what all sluts do when they find a guy that got his stuff together like a good job nice car and his own house she tried to trap him by getting pregnant and making him stay with her but this didn’t work cause my friend saw through her he knew she was a slut and told her that he wasn’t going to be with her that she wasn’t wife material so what did she do she went to Planned Parenthood and had an abortion but apparently not all guys are smart cause adriana’s boy friend fell for this trap so Nik please put these bitch’s on blast

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Bobbi Bottom Beer

July 21, 2014 San Antonio 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Miss Beer has been in my family since high school, after i got with my sons father i’ve had nothing but problems with her and him hiding things behind my back swearing up and down they were only friends. A couple months ago this hoe got her daughter taken away and thought and was sadly mistaken that i called cps on her so she convinced my baby daddy that i was screwing her dude which i wouldnt touch with a 20ft pole! now her and him are together and she wont let him even see his son. this girl his a theif of everything and she cant be trusted.

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Michael Molina

July 20, 2014 San Antonio 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: I believe this site was made for kids like this (even though hes in his mid 30′s. Mike is nothing but a pathological liar, Pill popping junkie, weed smoker and, alcoholic. He lives in a nice apartment off La Cantera and will make you think he is a succesful business man. In reality he’s got a chick who pays for the apartment and his daddy gives him money because he has no job. I unfortunately fell for his b.s for a while but, wasn’t long till I started noticing all these red flags. He only wants to use girls to get what he wants and is really possesive. If you read this and still buy into his shit then your just as worthless as him so, do yourself a favor a steer clear. Dont let that smile fool you.

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San An Homewrecker

July 20, 2014 San Antonio 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’ll start by saying this whore here is something else. 10 years ago I met my husband and we’ve been married for 9 years. Back in November of 2011 I get an anonymous phone call from this girl staying she was fcking my husband and she knew he was married and she didn’t care. The early morning hours of December 3, 2011, my husband’s cousin set them up because they were together. When they pulled up they didn’t see me but I guarantee she felt me. After the altercation that night I went in labor early with our son. At least 2 years pass and we don’t see or hear from her. Now all of a sudden just a couple months ago this ugly man looking slut started in boxing my husband on Facebook and then started sending him pictures. She know he is married but she doesn’t care. My husband isn’t the only man she tries and sleeps with. She doesn’t want anyone unless he has a girlfriend or wife. Currently she is walking around town bragging like its cute or right! If you have a husband or boyfriend watch out for this ghetto project hood rat slut bucket!!!

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Bernie Rodriguez

July 18, 2014 San Antonio 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik this piece of garbage right here is Bernie Rodriguez a 35-year-old man married with to kid’s and he is having sex with a 16 teen year old girl named Misty Santana they both work at the HEB on rittiman and foster this piece of garbage takes her to the motel almost every night or get head from her in the parking lot and he tells this little girl that they will be together forever then tells all his friends that she a dumb Lil slut and he’s going to try to talk her into letting him and some friends run a train on her this little girl has no idea what’s going on so put this sorry excuse for a man on blast

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Wanna-Be Thug

July 18, 2014 San Antonio 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dude right here Devin “Killa” Cason broke into some cars including mine at my apartment complex. He got caught in the act. Mother Fucker was wearing some flip flops and bright ass basketball shorts robbing people at 5 am. Really Dude not cool.

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Runaway Chester

July 18, 2014 Austin, San Antonio 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This idiot thinks hes cute and is gonna get away with trying to have contact with my kids… alil fyi he is a registered sex offender he has 3 court orders from bexar county judges that he can not have contact with my kids he has felony fugitive warrants for his arrest has been trying to write my daughter letters under his uncle ric rios name lies to everyone about him being a childmolester. Owes $47000 in child support for my 2kids no telling how much he owes for his other son try to kidnapp my daughter n take her out of state when she was with him wtf dont u get leave my kids alone they dont want nuttin to do with u… u think u can run but u cant hide they will find u. EVERYONE HELP ME SHARE AND REPOST THIS TO GET THE WORD OUT IF U SEE THIS GUY CALL THE COPS HE IS A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER HIS VITIM WAS ONLY 13 HE AGGRAVATED SEXUALLY ASSUALTED HER… GET THIS BASTARD OFF THE STREETS BEFORE HE DOES IT AGAIN HE MAY BE IN GONZALES TX HE IS ALSO KNOWN TO WORK AT RESTAURANTS ALONG THE RIVERWALK

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