Can’t Find Her Baby Daddy

April 16, 2014 San Antonio 21 5,946 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik let me tell you about this wanna be fake ass wanna be good mother she dont know who her baby daddy is so she goes around looking for perfect relationships to fuk up and once she gets your man she try’s to have him taking care of kids like if he is the daddy this dirty hoe needs a dna check for all of fb

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Wanna Be Model Danielle Geary

April 16, 2014 San Antonio 41 5,955 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: We have another white trash wanna be model Danielle Geary in San Antonio thinking their trashy ass is going to go somewhere in life by working downtown collecting tips and giving customers some special needs if you tip her right. When you don’t find her in the bar this hoe is stripping on the poles thinking she will land a model gig that way. In high school known as Alamo Heights biggest hoe in school and banged most of the school. Take a look in the mirror you white trash chipmunk looking ugly bitch no one wants your wanna be model ass. This hoe will give it up the first night you meet her or tip her well when working in the club. Every ugly bitch in SA thinks they take some kinda of fake model pics and BAM they are all that, guess this dumb hoe got played like most by giving up that ass for free pics to think they will be some kind of model. Banging random guys for pics and living that stripper lifestyle isn’t going to get you anywhere you trashy hoe.

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Danity Stripper

April 16, 2014 San Antonio 12 5,896 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this slit right here thinks she’s the shit acting like she’s happy in her marriage when her husband left her for another and is having a baby… She begs him to go back to her claiming she will give him a three some just to keep him. She begs hims to fck her. She will try anything to keep him when he says how loose her pssy is and only married her cause she stripped and all he wanted was her easy slut ass money. She calls herself dainty the bitch name crystal Ann Lmfao wack ass bitch get over Isaac already he doesnt want your ugly ass!!!

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Dumb Chuck Jenny

April 16, 2014 San Antonio 71 6,247 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This fat slob is Jennifer Denise Gonzalez. Pathetic excuse for a mother and girlfriend. All she worries about is getting high and relying on others to take care of her and her kids. Lazy fat bitch would rather go out to eat than cook when she needs to visit a gym every now and then. She says shes thick and pretty…No you’re FAT and UGLY with that Jay Leno chin. She acts like shes so happy her baby daddy/boyfriend but complains about him. Tells everyone that she doesnt love him and he has a baby dick. That she only uses him for money to take care of their boys. What she doesnt kno is that her baby daddy is a low down dirty dog. He has kids all over SA but is nothing but a deadbeat dad. He talks to girls and complains how shes a crazy bitch and never does anything for him but bitch and complain to get them to sleep with his nasty ass. She tells people he hits her and treats her like shit but all she does is talk out of her ass. This bitch needs to wake up and see her “boyfriend” is cheating on her and get a job and take care of her kids instead of smoking and eating her life away.

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210 Finest/Downtown’s Pero

April 16, 2014 Dirty Army Strong, San Antonio 16 6,978 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this N*gga\’s Name Is Chris But Goes By Spookz ! He Will F*ck Anybody And Anything ! You Can Find Him Downtown 24/7 Hoein It Up , He Done Been With Half The Bitches Down There RT So Beware This Puto People.

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Hillbilly Rooster

April 16, 2014 San Antonio 76 7,887 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat ugly Honey Boo Boo trailer park trash is DRD Positive! She gave my coworker drd. She opens her legs to ANY man! She’s a ratchet rooster screaming from the trailer tops Any Cock will do! Dis broke ass WW, Welfare Whore, is the reason Ted Cruz wanted to shut down welfare and food stamps in Texas! Dis triflin stank ho was in special education classes in high school and graduated Swallow Cum Latte!!! Skanky Ho has three babies from three different baby daddies! This dirty ho just had a baby girl and had about seven different potential dads including her brother in law. Stanky Ass only takes a baf but one time a week n her greazy hair always smells like rotten eggs. Nic please put dis ratchet welfare ho on blast! She say she a full time mom but she is a full time HO! She can’t even take care of her kidz they always Crusty and she even has a pic of her poor new baby on fb with a head band that say daddy’s girl but da truf be hiz broke ass already got another baby momma and don’t even have nothin to do with her baby!

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The run away Immi

April 15, 2014 San Antonio 148 9,142 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this right here is a run away imagrant that has no friends because she trys to hit them all up like an under cover hoe. She is always talking shit about other girls being quetto and dirty. But she draws her eye braws in like a Westside hoodrat. Talks about how rich and classy she is but works out her house and dose hair out her house. Goes to clubs and sucks whoever dick she can. Likes black cock in her mouth she even lost her virginity to a black guy. Her pssy is so loose her only real boyfriend was her ex from like 5 years ago. She’s so obssesed with him that she stalks his baby’s mother and puts her on the out of anger. She’s also fcks her own dad when there both wired. Make sure you wear a bag over your head because this girl is terrible at ducking dick she almost bit my piece off. But hit her up if you want it your way .

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Jessica Vasquez Tejano Sloot

April 15, 2014 Fort Worth, San Antonio 29 8,469 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Vasquez. 35. Manager at Shasa at [removed]R. Como la flor tattoo on her forearm. Has slept with members of Tejano bands, Kumbia Kings, Stampede, Lazzo. You will find her at Fiesta, MK Davis, Cadillacs, anywhere where Ondo is playing. She moved from Dallas to SA. Likes movies with Kevin Costner and Lucas Black. Hit her up on facebook, has a picture of Kourtney Kardashian as her pic. Great lay. Can also find her other post (Dallas) on here, google “The Dirty Jessica Vasquez”

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