Sucia Alyssa Nicole

April 11, 2014 San Antonio 41 6,943 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Alyssa Nicole and she is a dirty slut liar she was f*cking my homeboy runz and her ex pako at the same time she got pregnant with her babysdad baby. She even told Paco that it was his baby and that cause he called her a hoe she wouldn’t let him see him anymore. She was always telling him that he was your son until he found out she was actually telling Fernando Gemr the same damn thing. So truth be told who is the babys father. She acts like she a saint but everytime she cheats on her nigga gemr even now that he is locked up she is f*cking & sucking up this guy from her work. But she is so scared of his family that she plays it low key. she a little slota that got pregnant at 16. Nik, do you think the guys deserve to know the truth about this sleezy hoe.

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Failed Porn Star Jennifer Gonzales

April 11, 2014 San Antonio 32 11,053 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick, Jennifer A Gonzalez, is one of the sluttiest chicks in San Antonio. She sleeps with men to try and get them to take care of her. She just wants to have a baby by a rich guy so she will be set. Now she’s working on baby #5 with 5 baby’s daddy’s. The latest, a loser guitar player, Ruben Rea. He’s a loser and still wants nothing to do with this ratchet whore. This slut has been on bang bros and brazzers. Do everyone a favor and stay in del rio and take care of the kids you gave up.

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Gold Digging Baby Mama

April 11, 2014 San Antonio 15 10,187 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name Georgina Hernandez but she calls herself Chika Fresa, Princess, Gina, Chikita and works at chachos. Shes a little whore who fuks with anyone who will take her to dinner or take her out. She is currently about 7 months pregnant. She doesn’t know who the baby daddy is. She runs and tells one that it’s his then runs and tells another it’s his. She’s always begging for money to buy food because she says the unborn baby is hungry. She sleeps with guys for gas money and outfits to go out and that’s probably how she got pregnant to begin with. She’s already has a daughter who is 6 and she puts lip gloss on her and uses a curling iron on her. She wants her daughter to look just like her. She’s just a gold digging Graham’s rat who got pregnant and is looking to milk any man who she can convince it’s theirs. If she told you that you’re the daddy BEWARE! She told everyone in San Antonio with a job that the baby is theirs!

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All Aboard Ruth Montellano

April 11, 2014 San Antonio 20 6,595 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: RUTH PRICILLA MONTELLANO is just another skank. She works at XTC as a “door girl” but she’s actually just an escort who keeps getting suspended for tricking. she’ll pretty much let you hit it if you get her no job having ass a meal. She comes on strong, pretending to be really into you (says she wants to marry you and have your baby) while talking shit behind your back and fcking everyone you know. She’s a coward who runs when the drama she starts comes back to her, she’s a deadbeat mom that black mails her baby daddy and others she infected into having sex and faker than her cheap ass weave and painted mole (not even doing a quarter of what she claims she has done). Oh and watch out for her drd’s that she spreads without a care and also probably why her pssy smells like something crawled in there and died (it was probably her dignity). You can see her medicine In one of her pictures. She acts like her shit don’t stink and the saddest part is she’s not even happy with herself and knows she’s a ugly busted basic bitch. Oh yeah. Nik, would you?

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Homewrecker Chelsea Parker

April 10, 2014 San Antonio 3 9,499 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty hoe came into my life by accident through a mutual friend. At the time I was with my ex husband trying to work things out, make family life better. That didnt happen, in fact she seduced old boy. I knew but what old boy didnt know is that this girl is possibly drd positive. Now i dont want him around my kid at all for moral and medical reasons. Thanks Chelsea Parker and Jedidiah Rosales Herring for being homewreckers and fcking up any ideas i had about having a happy family. This man loves pssy more than his kids and this dumb bitch loves misery and doesnt know the same shit will happen to her too once he gets bored. Good luck and good riddance

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Southside Tamez

April 10, 2014 Kansas City, San Antonio 64 9,964 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Southside dick sucking hoe sells cell Phones on Craigslist and Facebook she takes her kids with her to do this broke ass job this one night my boyfriend was looking for a galaxy s4 so happens to be Natalia tamez selling a galaxy s4 my boyfriend calls to set up the meet to buy the phone so they meet at south park mall to do the exchange will she cames up to his window trying to see if he would let her give hima Lil bit of head for the phone she tryed giving him a Lil slob story about she’s a prostitute to provide and that if he would help her out with 200 dollars with sex so please watch out for her my females please she’s dirty ass hell she posts on her facebook doing drugs and being a party hoe so be careful she may actually getting to the point of robbing you sincerely Southside hood rat

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Kimberly Donovan, Deadbeat Mom

April 9, 2014 San Antonio 62 10,128 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this ugly fat girl is Kimberly Donovan. The best example of a deat beat mom. Catch this bitch always posting on fb about how much she loves her felon ass “husband” sounding so desperate and always crying about it. Bitch is so ghetto always posting about how shes holding it down and sending him heartbeats. Lololol PATHETIC. She is always posting about how shes always high, selling bars, wants bars, wants weed, wants to get tatted and how someone needs to smoke her out. Her and her family are probably the most ghettoest people in san Antonio. This girl swears shes a hard ass, thinking shes the shit with her nasty yellow hair thinking shes a blonde. Ive known this nasty bitch since middles school and shes been hoeing it up since then. Shes been on here before also and she says there is nothing bad to say about her? What about all those trains theyve ran on you? Or you giving a guy head after fcking ON YOUR PERIOD. Nasty bitch. Instead of her worrying about weed, bars, alcohol, tattoos and when her disability check comes in she should start worrying about her daughter and get her life together. BUM ASS BITCH!

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Cecilia Molano

April 8, 2014 Dirty Craigslist, San Antonio 17 7,329 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty whore is always looking to be fcked on craigslist, she doesn’t tell people she has an std. Instead of worrying about her two kids she is always trying to get the pipe. Be aware she doesn’t care who she sleeps with as long as she gets hers. Her name is cecilia molano.

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