They Love Her

July 17, 2014 San Antonio 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this tranny is Maria Godinez. Apparently the street low magazine team bagged her from one of their trashy shows. I’m pretty sure they had him, I mean her, shave his mustache. She thinks her body isn’t manly, but I’m sure there’s a penis somewhere. Not only is this girl man ugly, she’s fat AF.

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Male Stripper

July 17, 2014 San Antonio 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s about time some one puts this SS stripper known as Milkman on blast. All he does is lie to woman to get what he wants (money, sex, attention) He sleeps with his boys chicks! He has no morals. Says he works at the club to pay for school but he aint going to school. No education all he does is strip for easy money and claims to be a hardworker lies to all of the beautiful ladies at the club just so he can sleep with them. Spreading his SHIT every where. Be careful ladies and gentlemen this non educated stripper knows how to play his cards right.

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Bree Cane

July 17, 2014 San Antonio, Wichita 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Say this trick right here brittany cane brittany y bree man fck this slob ass hoe she wuz good i smashed and than came out weeks later with clyamdia no bs she talked a bad ass game smokes bud with no life than i find out the bitch strips and fucks for paper im just glad i got cured so watch out no joke she be in the west with her lil homies moving around that pooh nannie bitch get cured and get a job you aint got shit to do plus the shit she claims to sell she does half of it than gets fucked all geeked out my dick smelled like fish she claimed to just got off the rag fucked her raw never again

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Trashy Taylor

July 16, 2014 San Antonio 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright nik it’s time that I put up this transgender trash. Sasha Taylor is a child molester and has been in jail for it many times. She used to only date the run aways kids that were 16 17 once they turned 18 she would dump them . I have been in a few competitions with her and this trash does not know how to take no for a answer. There has been many times where she has pushed her way on me I’ve told her NOOO! many times but she just won’t stop. She calls her self a entertainer but who the hell does she entertain the rats in her apt She’s won tons of titles that were never anything special.. From Bars that aren’t around now and no one remembers .. She’s went to jail 3 times for prostitution as far back as 96 finally on her 5th time she went to prison for years. She really is infected cause her and ci ci Malone both once fought for a guy who was infected and now they are passed on. She’s claims to be sober now after being in attic for more than 20 years but we all know the truth darling

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Blaze Salinas n Friends

July 16, 2014 San Antonio 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: Anyone missing a tooth?

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Somerset Sloot Joy

July 16, 2014 San Antonio 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: This little elf eared midget stripper from Somerset Joy Jan Alvarez is a crazy, bi-polar drunk and pill popper constantly in and out of trouble because her drug and alcohol problems, to the point she had her son while in jail. She continues her bad ways since she got out, instead of getting her life together for her son she runs around the south side chasing dick. She has never had a real job besides Sonic and Little Caesars, with her 25th birthday coming next month looks to be headed in the direction of stripper or prostitute for life. She jumps from drug dealer to drug dealer (doesn\’t discriminate either she takes D or munches the rug), she will use you until she gets what she wants or finds another then shes on her way. Funny she has this paranoia of being raped…yet she will fuck for money and grind on you, throw her fat loose pussy in your face, tell you to be nasty with her putting your hands all up inside her in the strip club chasing a dollar$ though?!! Oh the hypocrisy! LMFAO. She also pretends to be this innocent little girl, the victim, using her son to get sympathy from anyone who will listen. Her bastard son has to grow up with out a father because dude was too scared to put up with her crazy ass, can you blame him though, bitch stabbed his ass with a screw driver! Nik this bitch is the definition of dirty!!

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Ashley Tejada Is The Real Deal

July 15, 2014 San Antonio, The Dirty 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, some people were doubting what Ashley does for a living, well the endless flaunting of Red Bottoms on her IG should be enough proof… also you can find her hanging out with any rapper that comes into town, she is a great groupie.  Here she is with rapper Rich Homie Quan.  She dies for the attention.

Red bottoms are for hookers.- nik

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Classy Mom

July 15, 2014 San Antonio 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik i dont know where to start with this Bitch!! Her name is Kathline Gustamante and shes only 18 yrs old. She has a son but being a mother is the last of her priorities. To her weed and drank and guys are all shes worried about. And if you got pills she will do anything for you!! The scary part is she has drd and dont care. She dont tell any of her partners! She smokes 24/7 without a care of what her son is doing or where hes at. She dont care for him, she beats him. He was literaly walking around w a black eye! Shes just low. Shes so pathetic she even tried stripping to get money for weed and only made $40. Even they saw how nasty and dirty she is. Seriosely ladys just look out if she fuck all her brothers friends and every guy that says hi to her. Then she has no problem going for your boyfriend, husband, brother whoever!

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