San Antonio | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Owner of a Sex Swing

December 4, 2014 San Antonio 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: 210Bitch WillSuck ForA Buck

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Walmart Sloot

December 4, 2014 San Antonio 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this RATA use to work at walmart with my dude and let me tell you this bitch is the number one homewreker in san anto. first off she fcked my dude got pg by my dude and messed with my homegirls dude when she wasnt home.My dude told me she was the slut of walmart fcking around with all the vatos .her vato is a dumbass beaner from the southside who has no clue what she has done and who she has messed with. i dont know what these vatos see in her with that stupid mike tyson tat on her face,these nasty vatos probably cum all over it and dont care.these females need to watch out with this two faced RATA

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Marty Ladwig Still at it

December 4, 2014 San Antonio 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy Marty Ladwig is still at it hitting up bars, clubs, mens clubs, and strip clubs. But it looks like his lies and fake racer lies are not working anymore as he has now stooped so low to paying stripers and hoes to bang him in the mens club. What happened? I guess your lies and fake lifestyle that never existed ran out. Every time he steps foot into our bar we all cringe and wish he would get a life and go far far away with his fake life. Females who bang this nasty guy better be careful and get checked!

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Crystal Esquivel

December 4, 2014 San Antonio 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Crystal esquivel ” crystal aka baker this dirty westside looking rat is crystal the biggest loose hoee that goes to Lanier lives in a roach infested house that smells like dog shitt on laredo st in the westside lives with her fat ghetto mom chris bliss both are big hoes , her mom lets her daughter sleep with order guys for money and lets them crash over night she lets them smoke weed take bars and drink , crystal likes to sleep with her boyfriends homies cause drama . This sloot is always partying , smashing for barz and blows any guy just to blaze . let’s anyone fuckk , this bitch is straight up trashy ghetto just like her mama , guys just be aware and wear a rubber with this drd hoee

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Dezy the Slore

December 3, 2014 San Antonio 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here she is again nik. This bitch doesnt learn. She is stalking my man he admitted he saw u the day before we renewed our vowels we have kids you bitch. Then your fcking some black nigga that looks like flavor flave i had to go get tested to make sure she didnt come back fck my man n give us her a*ds with her drd having ass. On top of all that shes fcking some bitch and her homegirls man her baby dad the last one n every nigga her and her owls meet. Nik this whore calls herself a owl because she is a ways on ice high as she can be how do people think shes loosing weight? News flash shes a icehead!!! All her fb post are about partying nothing about her 4 kids who she has no custody of. Nik blast this bitch.

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Jesse Peck

December 2, 2014 San Antonio 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: ok nik this is jesse peck he is 39 and lives in the east side with his sister. he has six kids but only claims two because they are the only ones that like him cuz he gives them money. this guy swears hes gods gift to women so he hops around a lot. he dated someone I know for a short while but was with someone else the whole time even though he was living with my friend. he drinks a lot but swears hes gonna stop but really only works to support his girls who are 17 & 18 one already has a baby and his drinking habit. this guy is so fkn scandalous that’s hes been posted on this site about three times. he tries his best to be a gangster but seriously cant pull it off cuz hes nothing but a pussy real talk. hes also posted on other sites like pof and always says hes just looking for sex cuz he knows once these women see his true colors then its time to move on to the next one. he shows his girls that its ok to treat women like crap so in turn his daughter that has the baby isn’t with the dad of her son cuz she treated him the way her dad treats women. he just needs to be put on blast cuz he will tell u he loves u have u all over his facebook for about two weeks hell he will even ask u to marry him even though he is still married to his daughters mother (lucy) so beware san anto cuz this guy is on the prowl for his next victim!!

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Picture of Ghetto Romance

December 2, 2014 San Antonio 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: I came across pictures of this couple on Facebook. I think they take the award for ghetto love! What you think? Hot or nah?

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Chelsea love Attention

December 1, 2014 San Antonio 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone this sloot is Chelsea first off she is a 26 yrs old thinks she 17 still..likes Hangin out with ppl half her age , goes around acting like a great mom when really she leaves her son with her grandparents while she goes out drinking smashing random guys she meets , this bitchh loves causing drama so desperate for attention, when really she should stop sucking dickk and take care her kid.. Cheated on her dude Andre while he was lock up, this dirty sloot needs to stop causing drama everywhere she goes and pay more attention to her baby!.

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