Photoshop Queen Veronica

October 3, 2014 San Antonio 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik here is the deal with this Attention seeking broad! Her name is Veronica and this fat bitch is worthless. She looks nothing like her pictures she is a fat ass chick with low self-esteem but uses facebook and likes to boost it. She hides her pansa wanga in all her pictures and sticks her ass out. Anyway this dumb bitch is pathetic Im calling her ass out because she sits there on her facebook crying about how her son was sick and in the hospital and how her daughter was molested but yet likes to post pictures up of herself asking for attention. BITCH everybody knows you dont look like that! My family and I thinks she needs to wake the F up ! Photoshop should not be your hobby and getting a bunch of attention from strangers on facebook should not be an ego booster your only lying to yourself!

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Eric Jacobo

October 2, 2014 San Antonio 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start with this sick fck Eric Jacobo he is a sick fck who lives to touch little girls and take nude pictures of them. He is a dirty Mexican who pay women to have sex with him . He currently has a girl friend (Yesenia Zamarripa) who allows him to sleep on the same bed with her kids after knowing what he likes to do. Eric jacobo is a sex offender and is all over the Internet so ladies watch your kids cause this sick fck is on the loose. He also had a child of his own but is not allowed around cause of the sex offender case he has. This dirty shit needed to be put on blast for the safety of the children

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Fairy Tale Puppies In Texas

October 2, 2014 Dirty Business, San Antonio, The Dirty 241


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lady and her family let there small children hold and play with the little puppies They are dropped and tossed around and abused by the little kids which in turn you get. Puppy that has aggressive issues from the time they are able to walk and then sent out to there new homes where when the new owner get them they grawl snap mad even bite at your hand when you are only giving trying to show your new pup love now it fears hand! This is what happen to our chihuahua we bought from this lady! From the time we took him home from the airport till today 3 years later no matter how much love you give this dog he still grawls and snaps at your hand.. I called her after he bit my hand while taking him out of the travel crate from airport told what he did she said I don’t know why he was fine when he left then I went back on her site and I didn’t realize all she had pictured on her website was toddlers holding week old pups and we all know toddlers can’t hold the pups without shaking tossing and dropping them all over the place what do you think they where doing to the puppies! Be cautious when buying from her.

This is why adopting dogs is risky. I want a new (big) dog for Press, but I’m afraid it might attack her.- nik

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Jennifer Delgado

October 2, 2014 San Antonio 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty big nosed snaggle tooth slutbag better known as THE WHORE OF SOMERSET is the biggest pothead druggie c*nt you’ll ever meet and it’s time someone put her retarded ass on blast. That picture of her holding a shotgun… yea she is PREGNANT in that picture. Talk about F**KING STUPID! She cares less about her unborn child’s life than her own. I know from her cousin CRYSTAL she doesn’t even know who the father of her baby is. Just like her first kid, she’s been with so many guys in the past year it’s a miracle she’s still alive and hasn’t died from all the diseases she’s collected. The main reason she’s been with so many men is because she’s a crazy pathetic pathological manipulative liar and no SANE man can stand to be with her. Because she knows how true this is she’ll sleep with any guy who gives her the littlest bit of attention EVEN IF SHE KNOWS THEY HAVE A WIFE/FIANCE/GIRLFRIEND. She’s one of those sluts who using getting pregnant as a way to make a man stay. She’s so desperate to have someone pay her bills and take care of her son she’ll do anything they ask INCLUDING MAKING A SEXTAPE WHICH YOU CAN FIND ON PORNHUB! She pretends not to know the camera is there but then gives her ex a blow job and lets him cum on her disgusting face. Someone needs to make sure her kids are taken away and put in a good home instead of being in one with a mother who is high off her ass every day and smokes OPENLY in front of her son even though she pregnant! Nik can someone please tell this pothead whore to get her s**t together and stop sucking d**k for money?

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Married Moco

October 2, 2014 San Antonio 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty c**t is jessica garcia.She is married n gets on kik,mocospace,arig n craiglist to send dirty pussy n tit pics to married men or any men who have woman.This hoe acts like she is the best wife lil dose her husband know is that she pays men for sex.Nasty hoe is in bed with her husband n still sends pics of her playing with her nasty pussy.Bitch has a deforme face n no neck but wants to act like she is the hottest bitch.Bitch ur ugly fat n nasty.Her husband needs to know that she is a dirty c*nt.

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Miss F-alicious

October 1, 2014 San Antonio 54


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik. This is Denise miss Aka Fck’a’Licious! Ha.. I’m sure most of you know.. She’s slept with most of Tucson. Better know as getting that ass smashed in and getting fist and she ain’t ashamed of admitting it. How sad.. Girl has 5 kids and 3 of them she don’t even know who her baby daddy’s are. She goes out and parties and leave her kids at her moms to get get coked out and smoke a little G and get fucked by literally WHOEVER! MOTHER OF THE YEAR. &when shes not opening her legs to ppl shes too busy on Facebook tryna bash on females who are way better looking then her.. Lmao. And stalking one of her bbydaddys who she claims isn’t even her daughters dad … Me and her are very good friends but she just needs a reality check and needs to grow up. She s so stuck on his wife and his ex girls tryna bash on them when honestly she really ain’t shit. She just had another baby and still on the loose to fuck WHOEVER .. She’s overweight with her pansa hanging everywhere &her face looks like a rat face with her rat teeth. But she wants to hate on other ppl &try to bring me in her drama NO! This bitch needs to grow up already with her drama bullshit. I’m mean if you compared her to his ex’s & wife you would laugh your ass off bcuz hands down the wife is a bad bitch. She called me crying bcuz the wife saw her at the store and punked her for running her mouth and let her pass by not beating her ass and she still talks shit like she’s bad its pretty pathetic. Just had to be honest. And the other baby mom she always bashing on calling fat and miss piggy is way more in shape then her andhas a better face. Just saying. she post herself on Craigslist to meet ppl and get money if you k ow what I mean and trys to get on any guy on Facebook whether he has a lady or not.. So many guys she brings around cps got involved bcuz accusations of her daughters being molested and she never believe her girls … How sad. What kind of a mother does that shit. Smh. This low life needs to get her shit together and worry bout her damn self and her kids FOR ONCE. but she’s fckalicious … Tatt says it all.. Hahahaaa

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September 30, 2014 San Antonio, Wichita 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met Roxanne this girl thinks she is really something she acts like everyone want s to be her while she lives with her mom and her two kids she claims she’s engaged but they don’t live together she works when its convenient for her with her dad because she can’t keep a real job her fiance finances her so she likes to live off her mom and her fiance how embarrassing. Her mothers house us a pig pen how she has her children there idk. She believes everyone wants to be her and look like her lol girl stop you have the ugliest smile and highlights are in style your friends don’t want to be you or look like you stop acting like every man wants you and every woman is jealous and your ex’s new bm doesn’t even think of you while your secretly wishing he was still yours he new you were a drama how that’s why he left you

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Leopard Steve

September 30, 2014 San Antonio 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies beware this piece of shit is a walking disease. I will admit I went out with this fool not too long ago and I got the worst news ever..I was diagnosed with Sy**s!! At first I thought I had a rash and then chicken pox but soon learned it was this shit!! I confronted Steve and he freely admitted to not knowing where he got his rash I told Steve he gave me this fucking disease and to go get treated but he refused. Hes still untreated so watch out. I dumped this fool and soon found out hes really married and has two kids who he doesn’t even see what a fcking deadbeat!! His name is Steven Barron and works at Jack in the Box on Wurzbach, check ur food!!

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