August 25, 2014 San Antonio 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy goes out and picks up girls (so sad I was one of them’) takes them to whoever he can usually the girls place (me it was a hotel) and does what he wants. Tells you what he wants to hear and then leads you on for awhile then never speaks to you again. Looked for him and found out he had a family the whole time! Don’t know if I should tell her cause I’m sure I ain’t the first gorl. Don’t believe this guy man. His name isaiah and works in the oil (that’s the first thing he will mention) so ya he’s out there but poor chick. He’s out theere cheating and he has a baby and a girl. SICK! I wanna post his account names but that going a little to far.

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April Lynn Cadena’s Selfies Should Be Illegal

August 24, 2014 San Antonio, The Dirty 177

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thinks she’s hot but she’s preggo and still trying to take the men from their women. Someone tell this bitch that its not ok to pose like this when your ass is this wide and you have cottage cheese hanging all over. And Big J says it stinks, so stay in your lane and move around bitch!!!!

I’ve never seen a sideways Camel toe like that before.- nik

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Fake Thug

August 22, 2014 San Antonio 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is John Eric..typical west side trash. Lives in the projects.I worked with a guy who went out with this douche only to find out he likes to hit his partners and has at least two stds. He claims nobody knows he’s gay has a voice like Michael Jackson. This dude also fcks around with a bunch of different dudes on Facebook where he goes under the fake name Drake Ruiz. If he hits you up,DON’T DO IT!!! Luckily my friend didn’t get any of what he’s giving away fcking with all these dudes..

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From the Courts

August 21, 2014 San Antonio 36




THE DIRTY ARMY: I introduce yall to this ghetto ass whore that cant get over the fact that she is only a booty call no one takes her serious she is a easy fck. She works at legecy/legency whatever that bar is called and does her side job of prostitution sucked dick for some dollars, but hell nah that bitch is nasty looking probably has drd/a**s and shit”no rubber no love” from this whore. Thinking shes fuken hot bitch your a hot mess!! you and your westside drama trying to break happy homes for your ass but that shit dont work cuz everyone knows ur ghetto ass I honestly feel sorry for her this bitch has no self esteem running around guys to take her serious YOU ARE JUST A FCK!!! you really need a life, fcken pathetic life you so called badass and have your shit together! yeah fcken right!! your a nasty looking hoe cant even go to the dam store looking like a dam clown with all that make up! ps get in a dam diet whore your fcken fat taking pictures like that!!

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Doesn’t Even Know

August 21, 2014 San Antonio 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikki girl do I have one for u. This guy Rodney Ramos aka big eared freak has no shame. I met him at a gay bar a couple of weeks ago an he said he was with his friends however, they never showed up. I was drunk off my ass an had my beer glasses on cause this guy look like a tranny off of cherry street. Then next day I didn’t even know who he was so I ask him to send me a picture of him an he sent me the pic with what looks like to be his girlfriends underwear on but I guess he is into that. Well I ask him what he does an he told me he was a master cook.(whatever that meant) I come to find out when I went to his house I see he makes sandwiches for a living. But hey whatever pays the bills. Well this guy is a deadbeat an I know cause I told him one weekend ago that instead of picking up his kids he should come pick me up instead an go eat well we hung up that afternoon an just around dinner time I here my doorbell ring an this pussy is at my front door with roses, lmfao this guy pick me over his kids an that was the last time I saw an spoke to him that night I had to change my number just so I can get him to stop contacting me. People b carefull he told me that he looks through peoples trash to see if there is anything he can keep. Ladies he likes gay bars an goes to working woman’s Wednesday no matter where it’s at.

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Stacey Rauls Regino

August 20, 2014 Houston, San Antonio 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch Stacy Raula Regino fukd her own best friend Matildas husband paul Soria how can she do that to her own best friend, she also fcked his brother manuel and their cousin franky. Look bitch stop crying what dont YOU understand Ram DONT LOVE YOU!!! his just tired of playing ur little games, u want him to support ur stupid daughter after what they did to him years back. Stacy u want people to think ur so innocent but ur not ur just a fcken bitch money hungry gives her ass for money.she’s not even divorce yet n have an old man living with her poor grandpa she’s just taking ur money away.and bitch y dont you say your story about Janies cousins frank Alaquinez n manuel soria n paul Soria they all fuked your ass..yes bitch their her cousins and paul Soria is your best friends husband.wht the fck what kind of best friend is that n keep it up bitch i have proof.ill put them up here in this web.if you keep it up!

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Dickhead Cheater

August 20, 2014 San Antonio 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this asshole is named antonio aka dj tone his says his a good dj but always steals shit from over djs. doesnt know wat the hellz his doing..by the way guys his has the smallest dick i every seen and his hairy as fck, oh his a straight cheater, his this stupid ugly ass girl thinking his all that n shit. but he cheats on her evry time he goes out he fcks his groupies. he ask gizl on fb to come out and see him, they get drinks which he provides to later take them out. the gf thinks he has change but never did sweetet check his phone. Btw if u have had sex with check yourself he doesnt use protection fckin sick he gave one girl. He lies to get u in bed where his own gf sleeps in. His one fckin asshole that needs to be caught asap..girl watch out unless u want tha dirty dick go for it.

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Petty Thief

August 20, 2014 San Antonio 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mark Payam Shayani attorney of Shayani Law Offices, 2012 till now Beverly Hills , Ca spent over a million dollars on his remodel but refused to pay his workers.

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