Rodriguez Tots

August 5, 2014 San Antonio 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik first off let’s start with old ass Laura Rodriguez . This old fart running around like sh’s 21 offering pussy to the highest bitter she don’t want nothing but money . Poses in her underwear and hello kitty shit really how old are you !! She’s an drunk and really creepy with her sons . Their relationship is creepy . If I was her kid I’d be embarrassed .Then we have her god o mighty sister June Rodriguez who was a crack head for years didn’t even have custody of her kids now thinks she’s saved and has turned into a Jesus freak . Trust God saw that !!! Last but not least Ashley Nicole Rodriguez where do I start two kids two different baby daddies . Lives off her dad but couldn’t hold on because the bitch is a low life who smokes weed all day and drinks . Her fucking teeth are gross as fck notice in every picture the bitch can’t even smile no teeth lol. She tries to show off with material things her daddy bought! Sad you can’t show off the shit you bought your kids always bragging yet daddy bought it all . Bitch can only hold a job a month . She acts like sh’s better then everyone and Claims to be self made .Ashley it don’t count if daddy bought it . Someone needs to take her kids . Poor babies live day to day place to place because she’s such a fcking loser . Her youngest daughter is even delayed because the bitch can’t properly take care of her kids.What mother would drive high off drugs with her two kids in the car and wreck it YEP this retarded slut. She will always be living off the system .This retard is slow as it is running around looking dumb. They all hide their real them. Everything you see with these women are all just cover up. So word to the wise BEWARE these generations of whores are bad business .

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Crooked Cop

August 4, 2014 Dirty Cops, San Antonio, The Dirty 168

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mr. Jesse Ramos and he is the definition of a pathetic loser. Beware if he pulls you over cause he steals and cheats on every girl he’s with. Hell I’m glad his latest baby momma got him cause the kid he’s raising ain’t his… lol that is Karma.

Cops are real people too.- nik

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Easiest Ever

August 4, 2014 San Antonio 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, let me tell you about Dulia from San Antonio, TX. Dulia used to be a girl i knew back in high school. She broke with her bf who is a real psycho and she has four boys. Well anyways I start talking to her and her ex wont leave us alone. I go over to her sister, where she was living with when she left her ex. This guy drives up to the house force himself in the house and starts to pushing me and telling me sh**. So I left and I told her what the hell going on the next day. She said she was sorry, came over to my place and it was on. Everytime we get alone time, her ex blows up my phone, he shows up to my family house, so i said fuck this left her ass. Told her she need to get him striaght or go back to him. Im not trying to catch a case here. The funny thing is that she still comes over, blows me and have sex and go back to her life.

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Looks are Contagious

August 1, 2014 San Antonio 118

THE DIRTY ARMY: San Antonio what will we do? Kandy & Laura!!! blast mode , yes indeed! Dirty hoes they hangout with that other cum slut goes by Bonnielove or sexy. These hoes claim to be bad bitches more like stanky bitches . I set up an appointment with bonnie but decided to cancel .talk about Dead fish smelly pussy. then there is laura, meet mrs.scallywag! her fb photshopped pictures are a front, fraud ass trick is broke. she put together the homeboys money for pics! dumb broad snorts brown and blames it on Xanax! Please wastch out for her, she is a mess and she down to set you up!

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Westside Ghetto

July 30, 2014 San Antonio 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this birch is Karina gonzalez. Let’s just start by she the most biggest hoe I know. She has two kids by two different baby daddies to top it off she was fuckin her first baby daddy while she was prego. She lives on the west side with her immagrant parents. Who support her. This botch is fuckin two faced always making her self look innocent to her parent when in reality she just a Who fckin every nigga fat or ugly or small lol I hope your parents know that you ain’t nothing what you seem to be customized fuckin your playing your family stupid. My biggest Sergio fckin her good though to bad she hoe ha always meeting up with dude when lies to parents that she working late that’s why she got two kids and she barley 20 lol but that’s all Mexican girls know. She drives around a little jeep with unmatched tires. I never see her with her kids he mom always watching them while her mom is being hoe must sick for them. This botch is so fukin two faced always lying and shit. Putting on front. Bit cheaper you been fckin your puss loose and smells I bet you have aids customers when I fckin her she had bumps on that shit that vaginal is black too. She try to much to look good with that ugly ass mole on her face. I was wrapped though. No wonder you baby dad left you. Except for that one night always blowing up your phone. So niggles the out customers she will lie and try to fool you that she innocent when really she a hoe and controlling ass fuckin botch you ain’t even all that good to tame a man down. Stop opening your legs and spend time with your kids stop making your mom watch them and quit putting on a front for them. You Deserve To Be On Blast bitch is fat always wearing small ass clothes. I feel sorry for you. I deported her parents and put this botch on blast. She s deserve it that’s what a botch gets when she be putting on a front to cover up her hoe ass. Karina gonzalez that eye liner wear does not suit you well a makes you look like a cheap hooke lol do your eye brows hoe customers your like man but you look like one regardless. You got no bobs and no ass. Loose weight girl or buy clothes that fits.

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Homegirl Guel

July 30, 2014 San Antonio 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: homegirl quel had talk shit behind my back to ny boyfriend so u gonna b dirty i can too. This hoe said she was pg from her babbydaddy and was gonna tell mando it was his. She didnt knw if she was or not bt if she was was gona uss it to keep mando around . She was fukin aroun wit different niggas an met mando and since nigga dumb as fuk she said she was gonna lock it down . She fukd wit 2niggas from workin at tmobile knowin thy got their babymommas .we used to kik bac at her crib and chill wit our babys but she got shady. U want weed coke or underage drinkin visit her crib on the weekends . Mando test that baby cause wht she told me it aint yours bro quel learn how too b a real bitch cuz girls dont do that to homegirls never trust this bitch she will catch feelin for your nigga and rowdy bash on u

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Gays n Girls Beware

July 29, 2014 San Antonio 19


THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik here is Jesse Espitia,typical San Antonio TRASH! He’s a loss prevention at Ross on So***. at brooks city base. He hangs out a lot of the time at the Pegasus, Sparky’s and most of all The Annex.We talked for awhile earlier this year and admittedly I was smitten until I found out his true character. We fuked and instantly he stopped talking to me! He’s MARRIED but fck with a bunch of different dudes..divorced my ass!! He’s constantly taking selfies and has the smallest dick I’ve ever seen on a guy his size and can’t even stay hard!STAY AWAY FROM HIM! He can’t fck and only wants sex..ugh won’t make that mistake again,PAYBACK IS A REAL BITCH AINT IT?!?hope he enjoys this post

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Jacob Gomez Is Ladyboy Trash

July 28, 2014 San Antonio, The Dirty 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I start with this trash. Jacob Gomez is a lady boy trash that will lie steal and now is dating an equal, who loves that life style. Jacob recently stole his grandmother credit card just too see his boyfriend Javier Lopez. Who has been on this site twice already. I guess if daddy didn’t leave daddy would of told him .. Put a condom on.

I don’t understand these poses. Scooby, you met a Gay once in the steam room at Mirage… can you please explain the lighter pose or what he is looking at in the second image?- nik

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