Sahvanna the Homie Hoppe

April 7, 2014 San Antonio 109 7,840 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is sahvanna Rae she is hooter trash. She slept with my boyfriend at the time just cause she was drunk and offered him to buy drinks. She goes for any guy who has a nice body or goes to gym. She sleeps with the same circle of guy friends everywhere she goes and she just loves attention. Everybody knows her as the Instagram slut and flirt cause she flirts and sends messages of her pics to any guy. She needs to be out on blast nik and she needs to go home and take care of her baby.

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Richard Alaniz

April 7, 2014 San Antonio 13 9,591 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ricardo Alaniz Aka Coach/Klick Klicaksta… Now for all of you out there that don’t know this Dirty Dick!!! This is a str8 up Walking DRD.He will not go get check ups nor cares to know for a Fact that He is Sick. Richard sells the Happily ever after story to females, and drains them for money.He is a internet Whore you can find him almost on any Site( PoF,kik,tango,Facebook and so on) He is so proud of Gaming females and giving the Gift that keeps on Giving. Now this is one twisted fuk.THis is Not the first time he is being Blasted on the Dirty. WArning when he gets sick, He ask anyone for meds instead of going to the DR.EWWW He thinks it’s cute to live in black lights like a sixteen year old.NOw he clams to not like drama, but he causes Drama and then hides like a pussy.HE don’t have anything under his name has a REcord and brags about not having to work for 6years Thanks to all the donations that females give him.He Uses the LovE word LOosel. He’s a dead beat dad when infact he don’t ever see them nor finalicial cares for them. Str8 lazy Fck that just thinks of smoking weed and living in a fantasy Land. REmeber This is No lie He dose have a Disease. Watch out cause he will go as far as making you his girlfriend just to get the best of you.. and leave you as Fast. Fck YOu Richard Alaniz For what you Did Bitch. He has NO Remorse on his chest And lives by it.

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Alicia Bade Is A Very Proud Stripper

April 5, 2014 Corpus Christi, San Antonio, The Dirty 57 90,296 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this walking drd is name Alicia Bade but her real name is Karina. She does nothing but brag on how she is a model, how everyone wants her for shoots. Lol she is nothing but a mess! Always in and out of jail. She has to pay child support for her child she left alone so she can party, do drugs and have random guys in her everyday. She walks around with her ugly stretch marks, horrible boob job and her Wicked Witch of the West nose! She will sleep with any guy that gives her attention.. she gave my boy the cl**. She is gross and most definitely no model!!

I like the color of the bucket.- nik

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Shann Ashley Welcomes 2

April 3, 2014 San Antonio 35 10,093 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl goes by the name of shann ashley trujillo well first thing is 1st I been fuking her and come to find out she has a lil boy and a dude which lives with her but she calls me when hes at work lets me drive “her harley” which I come to find out its her dude motorcycle anyways I wonder if the guy knows I been fuking her I found out his name and wonder if this is really it “leo zuniga” does anyone know this trash ass dude and hoe ass girl that fuks with guys emotions anyways bitch make up your mind because messing with two guys I thought you were faithful so I was being the same and you burned me up with chl**ia thats how I found out everything so whats up bitch ..

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Trashy Amberlyn Mejia

April 3, 2014 San Antonio 38 9,873 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik  meet Amberlyn HOE Mejia. Shes one of the nastyest sluts in the city im surprised she isnt a stripper. Then again shes to dam fat to be one, with that gobble gobble double chin and those dark stretch marks dean clowns on wouldnt cut it. This girl has been all around town really thats why she knows so many people but do people know the real her? She fuks anyone dick or pussy that she can get. Shes fukin trash! Startin from her mom to her, her mom never wanted her so she went to grandmas house on somerset like a fukin orphan. She used to always party, smoke, rap and go tagging “Amer” everywhere, like bitch what kind of girl does that? She had sex with my homeboy and bopped him up then he found out she gave him C***dia. Shes gross! So many people stick up for her until she fuks your man. She claims she doesnt go out anymore but shes just LOW KEY, claims she doesn’t smoke anymore when its only been 2 weeks lol. Shes been faithful to Dean lately but my sister was close to Amber at one point and said Amber would just talk about ex’s from her past and told her shes cheated on Dean with one of her ex’s, fuked him then went home to Dean. No im not hating bitch just stating facts because I KNOW THE REAL YOU. She tried to get pregnant from Dean thinkin it would make him finally be faithful to her and it didnt work at all lol shes always wanted attention while pregnant ate her life away so she can hurry up and show and now just ended up with tonssss of fat. You aint real your a low key fake ass bitch and have sooo many skeletons in your closet. Bitch if your so real claim the fuk up to your shit to Dean. YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! But anyways if you see this hoe at a party dont get near her shes had scabies, infested with lice, ye***t infections, Chl***ia, & Mono. Shes dirty from her pssy to her hygiene. Thats straight up.

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Homewrecking Haley Crowley

April 3, 2014 San Antonio 21 9,730 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Haley Crowley. She is a dirty slore. She roams bars picking up unavailable men. She’s been spotted at this hole in the wall bar named Zona preying on this one guy that works there. She is known to go around sleeping with random men and giving them drds. She hangs around this fat tub of shit named Courtney Needels. She acts all innocent but is really the opposite. I tried warning the guy she is preying on since he has a gf but won’t believe a word I say. I hope this helps out. She drives around a jacked up black Tahoe and wears trashy yoga pants out to a bar, who in the hell wears that out especially with how fat she is? I would like to put her on blast Nik since she thinks she is the shit. Somebody needs to put a stop to her ratchet ways. She is nothing but trailer trash and I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets her ass handed to her.

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Crystal Man Looking Lopez

April 3, 2014 San Antonio 15 10,496 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this trashy bitch crystal lopez, she has 3 kids and claims there from 1 guy which they are not, she always claims shes married to the guy that she says is her babys dad, but shes not her last name is lopez not Gonzales, shes just a wanna be, who has 3 kids and doesn’t even know who the father is, and the one she says is her babys dad doesn’t even claim her kids, he always talks shit about her ugly kids, they look like baboons, he doesn’t want nothing cause she is worst then a kangaroo, she hops on more dicks then a prostitute, and sells all her kids foodstamps, shes a unfit mother, who got all her kids tooken away, she calls her kids ugly names, shes fat as fck, she looks like a quarterback on crack, she looks like she over did her steroids

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Fat Dezzy

April 3, 2014 San Antonio 14 6,460 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik thank you for The Dirty it’s the best, anyways First of all this FAT UGLY TRICK name Dezzy will I can’t stand this fat hoe Nik all she does is talk shit on Facebook and then block me like get real bitch, okay talk shit to me but bitch not my husband hoe, and I’m here to say since your lame ass is scared hears the message your a lying fat trick who thinks your the shit when you look like shit, your nothing but ugly fat and, don’t nobody want you (laugh out loud) you’re over there sending your number to my man that why you got jealous cause he don’t want you! My husband clearly doesn’t want you bitch so chill the fuck out and watch us succeed and he was and never will be you ex so hop off his nuts and go fck yourself puta!!!

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