All Around Town

July 7, 2014 San Antonio 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: this right here is jennessa charles…claims to be a innocent precious girl…but is clearly the whore from downtown. trying to dick down every dyde comes her way..she loves to keep it in the crew. she sends pictures half naked nd naked to everyone from town! she says boys never keep it faithful with her but truth is maybe its her maybe they see what kinda slut she is! bitch is broke, dnt even got vus money to go ride to get some dick. doesnt even rake care of her daughter. and currently has a drd! so if you ever see this trick at the bus eho knows you might get lucky shell suck you up for a ride or probably just for free!!

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Nasty Mom

July 7, 2014 San Antonio 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Diana ‘Dee’ Folse, terrible mother of the year, she does drugs drinks beer like its water has sex with her kids in the same room and spends more money on beer than she does her own children. she likes to color and draw on her kid in permanent marker and thinks it is the funniest shit. this bitch is worthless fcking trash with DRD’s Galore!!! she doesnt even know who the father of her youngest son is because she cant keep her legs closed. Bitch is nothing but trouble, her and her cousin brandy are both whores. dont even get me started on the rest of her family…like her bitch brother who commited suicide like a pssy

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Melanie Sanchez

July 7, 2014 San Antonio 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikka this women sick Fuk dicl sucking drd bitch right here name Melanie Sanchez is a silent hoe she fuks nigga from left to right to stay with them she lost her kids and she doesn’t even help herself to try n get them back she is sick bitch always wana fukk and at that She don’t even Warn anyone that she has drd what sick bitch wouldnt warn anyone for there lives that’s called on selfish bitch well San anto gs watch out for this walking drd slut

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Looks Will Fade

July 4, 2014 San Antonio 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: my exfling, she just mad because I wont buy her a new MK purse!  It’s about 4 A.M. she ain’t nowhere to be found Some-where wit her friend dick in face and turned to ground But you best save it last and you know that she’ll go Suckin dick, chewin cat, and I hear she on that blow Did a line maybe two now she down to do the dew Took her to the studio so she down to do the crew

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Pillhead Mom

July 3, 2014 San Antonio 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where should we start with this fake a** b****? Well everyone know’s Kathy she’s a well known WEST SIDE h**!! She does not take care of her kids, pops pills and smokes w***. Her poor baby ddy Chico is locked up, and has been only for about 5 months and she’s already on the d*** of everyone you could think of. She hustles for a living. So sad for her kids. She is actually the side piece of some nigga that has a bby momma and she’s is okay with that. B**** is scandalous. 4 years ago this poser b**** was not the way she is today, now she thinks she’s about that life. She has pictures that say LOYAL. LMFAO “that h** ain’t loyal” I really don’t need to say much about her because once everyone see’s her picture up here they will have a lot to say.. P.S, YOUR OWN FRIENDS AND FAMILY THINK YOUR FAKE

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Smelly Karina Sandoval

July 2, 2014 San Antonio 213

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl right here is karina Sandoval, she is the biggest slut in the stripping industry. She is a wanna be model who sleeps with every guy that offers her something. She’s had like 4 different boyfriends this year, not to mention the old ghetto wanna be thugs she fcks at the strip she works at. She is always bragging about how she doesn’t trip over what isn’t her. We’ll of course she doesn’t because she gets with guys knowing they have a girlfriend, then she is blowing them up when they return to their previous girlfriends. She doesn’t realize that all she will ever be is a side line rebound slut lol she is always flaunting her money, I mean who wouldn’t right, but I just can’t understand what is it to be proud of when your sleeping with guys for money. Keep it classy not trashy, maybe this advice will save you money from all those abortions you’ve had and for future ones.

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Heather Shipley

July 2, 2014 Kansas City, San Antonio 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Heather Nicole Shipley. She’s been on here another time before, I just want to say she’s the most disgusting MINIPULATIVE CNT I have ever met. She changes guys more than she probably changes her uderwear! She’s bounced from relationship to relationship to relationship! She has no self respect or respect for other peoples happiness. I strongly believe in the saying misery loves company. She is famous for a good BJ down the block for free… If you’re in a relationship with her ex she will manipulate her way back in! She just doesn’t stop! I hope this bitch some day gets what she deserves ! And another thing she’s an awful mother!! She posted a picture of her child “pretending” to take a shot. Who the fck does that? She thinks she’s got her shit together but far from it. She’s is like human chameleon, she will try and blend into who ever she’s around or whatever she’s doing. She dates a puertorican then she’s gonna act likes she’s a puertorican. Again if she dates a black guy she’s gonna think she’s thug and black. She seriously has issues and has no idea who she even is at the age of 26 that’s sad. Nik, I would like to here what you have to say about this bug eyes chameleon manipulative whorey ass bitch.

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Found THE hottest Latina

July 2, 2014 San Antonio 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: simple would you…

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