Roxanne Chavez

August 28, 2014 San Antonio 120



THE DIRTY ARMY: Here she goes again and apparently this dead beat does not learn as she runs the streets claiming she’s a drug dealer part stripper with different men most married man using them in any way she can.riding around in crackheads cars I guess she expects to drive her kids around like that.while her kids are still with state she jokes about like it doesn’t matter to her.she’s too worried about being with her dirty stripper friends claiming they’re the BADDEST out 411 look how nasty they look for a buck or two get a job support your kids and stop sharing those cheap stripper clothing you’d expect the men you sleep with to buy y’all some decent clothing lol no wonder her baby daddy would beat her and send her to the hospital in front of those poor kids yet she claims she’s still holding him down learn how to be a woman,a wife get your self together cus you look bad and worry about getting your kids back no which guy your going to ride next

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Cheating John Anthony

August 28, 2014 San Antonio 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik let me tell u about this little boy he always cheating on his girl krystal he sleeps with as many girls as he can then brings his girl back diseases i know his girl she always complaining about him but yet runs back to him stupid bitch cheats on him too lol ther just made for eachother beware walking drd couple u can find them both on mocospace him name is john aka anthony thats what happens when u think u can run game hoes

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Kans Esquivel

August 27, 2014 San Antonio 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser is robert kans esquivel.he has h** and s**ss as well as tr**imonsis.he is well aware of this yet still sleeps w any n everything without condoms.says he cant get it up.loves to flirt with all the desperate ratas on his fb.its sad to see these tricks all over him knowing hes spreading these drds wothout a care.anyone thatssleeping with him go get checked.hws definately infected.he claims to be all gangsta n orejon yet his parents are pastors n hes an dl gay.nothing wrong w that but his boys would mess him up if they knew.hes all bark no the sex is less than 5 out san antonio girls n guys.

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Barber Wannabe

August 25, 2014 San Antonio 63



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty ass bitch, or whatever it likes to be called, is no good Andrea Saldana… It goes by barber deezy. This thing thinks its god’s gift to women. It thinks it can turn any chick into its bitch. She thinks she is thug but she ain’t shit. Just a little bitch ass pill pusher and she swears to people she don’t sell drugs but her fb says differently. Always talking shit about her family online but in person she would never. Her cuts are weak just as her “game…” If she such a bomb ass barber why she gotta sell pills? She talks about getting a Benz since last year where it at? Does it even have a license? She think she’s a man but I ain’t know any man with double D’s. Nik blast this thing.

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Dave & Busters Ex

August 25, 2014 San Antonio 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so Tayler “HoeDown” Handley should be on everyone’s radar for being a back stabbing hoe! No joke the girl had no where to live so a co worker let her stay with her and her husband till she got back on her feet. Well in return after living there for countless months she decided to go fck and sleep around with the co workers husband, as well as having little side relations with guys at work. The husband and the skank than kicked the wife out of the house to continue their drug and sex addiction. Tayler and the guy were forced to quit at Dave & Busters due to the embarrassment of being a hoe and a home wrecker. She is either to Xanaxed out or just plain stupid to realize what she has done to the people around her. I highly recommend all of SA stay away from this girl, as she is a plague and a horrible person. She will stab you in the back faster than you can say suck my…..

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August 25, 2014 San Antonio 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy goes out and picks up girls (so sad I was one of them’) takes them to whoever he can usually the girls place (me it was a hotel) and does what he wants. Tells you what he wants to hear and then leads you on for awhile then never speaks to you again. Looked for him and found out he had a family the whole time! Don’t know if I should tell her cause I’m sure I ain’t the first gorl. Don’t believe this guy man. His name isaiah and works in the oil (that’s the first thing he will mention) so ya he’s out there but poor chick. He’s out theere cheating and he has a baby and a girl. SICK! I wanna post his account names but that going a little to far.

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April Lynn Cadena’s Selfies Should Be Illegal

August 24, 2014 San Antonio, The Dirty 178

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thinks she’s hot but she’s preggo and still trying to take the men from their women. Someone tell this bitch that its not ok to pose like this when your ass is this wide and you have cottage cheese hanging all over. And Big J says it stinks, so stay in your lane and move around bitch!!!!

I’ve never seen a sideways Camel toe like that before.- nik

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Fake Thug

August 22, 2014 San Antonio 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is John Eric..typical west side trash. Lives in the projects.I worked with a guy who went out with this douche only to find out he likes to hit his partners and has at least two stds. He claims nobody knows he’s gay has a voice like Michael Jackson. This dude also fcks around with a bunch of different dudes on Facebook where he goes under the fake name Drake Ruiz. If he hits you up,DON’T DO IT!!! Luckily my friend didn’t get any of what he’s giving away fcking with all these dudes..

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