Cruel Intentions

August 14, 2014 San Antonio 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: MEET OLIVA M GONZALEZ. this little dirty slut is close to the biggest and most sweetest cruel bitch in town. She goes all over san antonio with her groupies to get free drinks and attention because her boyfriend clearly isn’t good enough to tame her down. thats why she has repeatedly slept with a dj who has a girlfriend oh i forgot to say that THEIR ENGAGED. This dirty cunt slept with 4 guys while she waned the boyfriend he has now. She acts and trys to give the image that she’s cool and down to earth, but in reality she will talk behind your back. Her best friend now, she had a threesome with then she would talk shit about her,and anyone around her. She feels no happiness for anything around her who is succeeding in life. she hates her own. She wants to look like a classy rich lady but in reality she’s just a poor bitch. NO CLASSY LADY SLEEPS WITH YOUR FRIENDS MAN FOR YEARS BEHIND HER BACK THEN ACT LIKE YOU ARE BOTH FRIENDS AT CLUBS, THEN ASK YOUR BEST FRIEND TO JOIN THE FUN AND GET ANGRY AT THE WORLD BECAUSE SHE FUCKS BETTER. If you see this girl at clubs call her out for being a HOMEWRECKER!!!!

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Child Beater Update

August 14, 2014 San Antonio 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: i was wondering if anybody had any updates… i saw him downtown…so this guy was obviously bailed out of jail…. after giving a 4 year old child brain damage. smh

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Mark Hypz Miranda

August 13, 2014 San Antonio 158

THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s got nice hair doe.

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Spoiled Eurotrash

August 12, 2014 San Antonio 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am sick of listening to this spoiled Albanian princess talking shit about American girls and the country that took her and her family in when they escaped Kosovo in the 90s. Her family was broke and receiving government assistance when her dad got a loan and started his business. The family is well off now thanks to the help of the government they so despise and make fun off. Tringa is such an annoying spoiled brat who knows nothing of the real world. Shes been sheltered and coddled her whole life with hundreds of her fellow trashy Albanians telling her how gorgeous she is on FB and IG when in reality she’s basic and manly looking just look at those hands and that Adamss apple! Please put this spoiled Eurotrash in her place.

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Laura’s Affairs

August 12, 2014 San Antonio 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this woman Laura had been in a relationship with a man for 8 years who knows how long she was screwing other men while they were together. He took this dirty hoe out the gutter!! How does he get repaid by her screwing her coworkers meanwhile trying to act like she still loves them man while she screwes other men. This woman has no shame in her game and don’t care bout who she hurts. This bitch is dirty and fcks wit dirty people she’s scum on this earth. she goes around telling everybody bout this new guy she’s been fcking meanwhile everyone knows about the man she been with and lived with for years now!! your a hoe laura a big dirty hoe.

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Deadbeat Mom

August 11, 2014 San Antonio 62



THE DIRTY ARMY: stupid bitch likes to sell her ass and do coke and crack and strip with no ass with street marks on her stomac she fuks anybody her own homies pimp her out and sleeps with exs brothers or homies lol and she caint even raise her son because she perrfer dick and drugs b4 her son thts y her bbydaddys mom has her son stupid dumb broad and then c.p.s is takeing away her rights lol dumb bitch and she likes to live in motels and uck old dudes for money and she lies and says shes working at a good job lol were suking dick ha anyways bitch grow the fck up and raise that son of yours because bitch you act like you dont got a son you rather have diffrent niggas piking you up instead of stayimg home but oh well thats y c.p.s is giving rights to ur bbydaddys mom not your hoeass lol go get check for drd and a**s for prositudeing in the corner lol

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Elizabeth Baltinegro

August 11, 2014 San Antonio 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Drug ddealing phonies who work for rope repeat offender parole enforcers and escort to 60 year narcs who don’t pay them shit beware of too nice oompa lompa Whiney Addie Cisneros and her side kick at ro call Elizabeth baltinegro weird anyways you’ll are exposed name tarnished and your bisexual homie Gabe flashing his dick chip is too fucking weird thinking he was gay since he was all fruit looping with attendants at nordstroms mofo try’s to get at me to I thought that chip was fucking gross inmates in the Feds implanted it weird beware San Antonio fck you’ll fake ass people

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Northeast side Fake Gangster

August 11, 2014 San Antonio 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Justin Austin Salinas also onna as Just. This piece of work stays on the ne side of San Antonio. Let me start off by saying this idiot lives with his gma tht hes supposedly taking care of but all he does all day is smoke weed and sell drugs. Whenever she comes out of her room he yells at her to go back to her room. He talks ugly to her and gives her xanax a the time so she can stay asleep whn he doesn’t want to put up with her. He wears nasty dirty socks with his chanclas to the corner store to go buy beer. ( did I mention he is also a alcoholic. .) Hes lazy and always flashes money on fb proudly bragging tht this is hard earned money.. NO u ugly prick! Get urself a REAL JOB ! Im tired of my tax dollars helping to support ur druggie low piece of shit life. Not to mention he adds alot of girls on his fb page then stalks them commenting and sharing their pics on his page being a fcking creeper. He always ends up with chicks that have kids or babies and this stupid ass claims them cuz he cant have kids.. theres a reason why he cant reproduce cuz they would turn out to be dumbfcks like him. he claims gns which stans for gGangsta Nigga Squad.. this motherfcker is a joke. He also messed around with christina mendez which is another dirty pos posted on here. Trash belongs with trash lol. This tecato is dirty his breath stinks hes ghetto and fake. Always claiming that people shoot at his house..its a shame they missed cuz this dog needs to be taken off tbe streets fckn loser.

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