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Community Slore

December 17, 2014 San Jose 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This little used up tramp is forever giving out her number or meeting guy on social media websites. She brings her guys home awhile her 3 boys are at home watching her pull porn star in front of them, it got so bad that neigbour had to call the poilce, then had her boys taken away from her. Welfair gave her kids back after how long, and she’s back to her same old tricks, sucking penises and bagging for food. Grossest mother ever. Her boys don’t even respect her. I hear she’s been around her building and using her”best friends” boyfriend as a fcking buddy. Ewww….

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Alisa K

December 12, 2014 San Jose 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik. I searched your site and not sure if aLOOSEa Alisa has been featured before, but here she is. This bitch is consistently blowing up my instagram feed with thirsty ass photos arching her ass as hard as can be. Then this past month it’s been all about ‘baby daddy broke nigah Michael Andre Johnson’ (as she tastefully puts it). She is consistently posting photos on her instagram and whining on her FB page about her stalkers and broke baby daddy. She thinks she is a good mother and posts photos of her daughter cussing and using the word nigah. Not only is this low life living of dads money a hoe, but shes about to be 30 years old and hangs out with 22 years olds in downtown san jose. I know this hoe been to jail before, maybe she should open the door when people knock. I will be nothing but kind to her since she runs in the ‘circle’ but damn i hope she grows up. I guess if i post this and then delete her annoying ass of social media she will know its me…hmm good idea. Dont ever trust a white girl with shaved eyebrows Nick!

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College drop out

December 11, 2014 San Jose 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch can’t even spell so she dropped out of her class at a jc. Her tats are ghetto. She screams essj and chola. Claims to have 3 jobs but I bet one of them includes applying chola clown makeup on people. shes a fat bitch who rocks Ben Nye pancake face paint. Like a fckin little pssy she left class after I called her a dumb bitch and fckin stupid for not knowing how to spell. She is laughable nik! Put this trash on blast. Keep working your 3 jobs bianca robles I’m sure none of them include spelling the word ‘placebo’.. Which I’m sure she doesn’t use in her birth control pack seeing that she resembles a pregnant slob. Aw is that why she has 3 jobs? Dumb bianca robles from San Jose!

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Viet Cafe Sloot

December 11, 2014 San Jose 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Crystal rose savannah Sanchez is a dumb girl working at a viet cafe and goes to de anza college. Fake tits, fake lashes.. Fell off in dance Class which was funny af! Her gauges are as wide as her pussy is loose. She has no ass. Skinny tweaker. Pays the bills by losing lashes in viet food. Community college drop out in the future.. You bet. She knows the money is where her titties are. Swipe those visas in the cleavage …

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Will Use you for money and drinks

December 9, 2014 San Jose 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dez disgusting, annoying and ugly! She will use she thinks she so hot, she ain’t shit! Desiree has a kid she can’t take care of and ! This bitch put the HO in SAN JOSE! Their trashy, ugly, self centered and will do anything to get a man, even if they have to STEAL him from a woman. Get a life girl dez and I know you will think who put this up I did im a someone you talk too and see im a real ass bitch I hate you ,, stop use your babie daddy !!!!!

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Forgot to make it private

December 8, 2014 San Francisco, San Jose 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl Olivia dinino forgot to make her photobucket private. I haven’t laughed this hard in such a long time. This girl needs tat removal, rhinoplasty and rehab with all I see going on.

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Besties With Testies

December 5, 2014 San Jose 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two best friends are disgusting, annoying and ugly! They both think they’re so hot, they ain’t shit! Leanne has a kid she can’t take care of and Sania is a nobody pretending to be a celebrity!! These bitches put the HO in SAN JOSE! Their trashy, ugly, self centered and will do anything to get a man, even if they have to STEAL him from a woman. Get a life girls

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Andi Lyn Root

December 3, 2014 San Jose 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone meet Andi Lyn Root, bending over to show the world her loose purple bumpy butthole. This white trash bitch obviously spends way too much time in the trailer park tattoo shop. I almost felt bad for Joe her fiancé having to look at gangrene durd tats until we f*cked in his new house Aug 2013. Andi Newsflash dumb bitch- he’s not at Gold’s gym working out like he tells you. Maybe next time you call someone a bitch and run your d!*k sucker online about ppl you will think before doing so or step up. Amanda, Lauren, Amber, Heather, Angie and countless others know what a filthy slut you really are, holding enough sperm inside yourself to be a surrogate to all of Africa. You stabbed me in the back and turned the blade so hard it’s unthinkable what you did. You want everyone to think you never did but you’re a prostitute along with other professions like ripping people off and talking shit behind friends’ backs. We used to be so close it was stupid of you to tell me your secrets then fu*k me over. Pay attention Andi because everyone now knows you’re a dirty little cum dumpster. You get paid pennies on the dollar to get rammed by nasty fu*king dudes all day. You know you have nightmares about that s*it you told me. Remember the fat a*s that cummed all over your face and it was green and smelled like a sack of s*it? By the way Andi did I tell you ‘we’ love sick/rain days?

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