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Kyt Verbowski

November 27, 2014 San Jose 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this Rave slut drug addict Kyt Verbowski aka angel suicide is a real winner ! when she is not getting pushed down step’s and getting beat by her “Boy Friend ” Daniel Irving she’s off trying to fck every dj she can “le beck , she likes to spend her time bragging how rich her daddy is and how he pays for every thing for her but yet rip’s off her own so called friends for hundreds of $$$ we all know Daniel Irving like’s to get drunk and beat on her then in her words likes to cry that he’s going to k**l him self wow sad , but she love’s to sit around and talk shit about every girl that is on her “go go team ” like she is so over them , high and god like telling every one about each girls privet life hmm good friend she is also loves to talk about her so called Best friend telling every one about all the guy’s they sleep with and what guy made her friend “SICK” some call it drd this girl is classy , just last year she was in a warehouse bed drugged a miner -some one who was 15 at the time and also brags about having sex with em and how photo’s taken – sounds like some one needs to be on the registered sex afenders list . But then has some one give the SD card with all the photo’s to her and she give’s it to her BF Daniel Irving mother to get rid of any evidence . hmmm sounds like a classy bunch She still brags about being a m*th addict ,stay clear of this CRAZY C*NT

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Tine Marie

November 24, 2014 San Jose 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ratchet ass hoe is the biggest cake faced, homie hopping slut I have ever met in my life!!! She will fuck anything with a penis. Shes fcked over 3 guys at her work including her manager. She fcks ALL her friends boyfriends and the guys she claims are her “brothers”. There ain’t not chicks before dicks in her vocabulary. I’ve witnessed her make out with at least 4 guys and girls in one night. She even fcks guys for alcohol and drugs. She attempted to suck a guys dick in front of all her friends right after she threw up from being to drunk. IF YOU FCK WITH HER OR ANY OF THESE NIGGAS GET YOUR SHIT CHECKED(btw this is just the homies): Gabriel,Florian,Jose,Nikhil,Jusitn,Alex,Edgar,Moses,Eirk,Izzy,Vinny, William are just some. Im sure theres 500 other random niggas I don’t know the name of.

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Dj DirtyBeatz

November 24, 2014 Sacramento, San Jose 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: DirtyBeats, also known as Aaron Schwartz is the biggest pedo i know. Hes 33 years old, fcking 18yr old girls and dating them when hes old enough to be thier dad. Not to mention if the girl isnt into him he throws the biggest hissy fit of all time. A manwhore at best, hes been in Gay porn multiple times. He brags to everyone how amazing of a dj he is and about all this stuff hes done in the past. YOUR STILL PLAYING LITTLE SHOWS AT 33 DUDE. Can i just add that my friend fucked him and was seeing him for a while And told me he was the worst pussy eater of all time. I mean, do you even know what a clitoris looks like?

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Jones Day lawyer does not pay bills

November 18, 2014 Los Angeles, San Jose 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Scott Schwind is one of those blood sucking twerps that is use to getting the upper hand on his environment. Scott has no compassion for the small guy which sums up most of the houston working class. Scott has neglected to pay $5000 for services rendered at his 1+ million dollar home in river oaks. The man has gone as far as implementing restraining orders just so he won’t pay. Let’s teach this dirt bag a lesson…. The rich keep trying to take from the poor and this guy could serve as the ambassador. He is a UT alumni and by no means is he representing his alma mater with integrity. Guys like this should be buried with a dollar bill stuffed in his mouth…the contractor lost his home and now his parents are suffering major health problems resulting from this ass clown robbing us for $5000……contact jones day law firm in downtown and give this guy a piece of your mind if you we’re ever screwed over for money from one of these rich little dick tycoons. This pussy coward needs to get a reality check

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Dream killing Cougar

November 17, 2014 San Jose 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this cougar lives in or around Santa barbara. Deana Michele is what she goes by- who knows her real name??? I wish we knew so we could take her to court, preys on young men that are alone with low self esteem. She takes them in like a mom then uses sex to keep them. She then proceeds to take any money they have and if they have family pushes them to scam on their own family to get more money. She’s very abusive and insane. She lives off her ex husbands money and hits on her two sons friends. Her daughter will not talk to her out of disgust. At one point she was court ordered to go to AA meetings, yet fakes going stays up all night(drugs) and on her facebook preaches how spiritual she is. Her facebook is full of quotes and pictures of herself- she thinks she is amazing… She is ruining lives… I’m just wondering how many young guys she has worked over

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Emily Smith

November 14, 2014 Calgary, Sacramento, San Jose 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Emily Smith is a nineteen year old scene slut that works at the Lieutenants Pump. On week days when she isn’t cheating on her boyfriend Graham Finnigan after work, she’s at Mavericks watching what ever shitty local band is playing and taking selfies with all the dudes she’s slept with. This girl plays the pity card by whinning about how her parents died and how badly she wants to move back to Alberta because she leads such a hard life. It must be so having unprotected sex with every guy you meet and having two abortions in one year. This girl is stage five clinger material and if you attempt to even get her drunk, she’ll even go on a little rant about how pop punk she is and what her next hair color is going to be. This little girl is the epitome of self pity and everything attention seeking. Oh, don’t forget her two bffs, Nathan Farren and Ryan Wilson who sleep with anything as young as 14 and spread chlamydia among the city. Gosh, she has such a hard life, dont you think.

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Peggy, a PT drunk & children’s aid

November 11, 2014 San Jose 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Peggy works with children. She posts a lot if pictures with drinks and a wrinkled forehead. I’m unsure why this girl works with kids when she\’s hungover and possibly drunk the next morning. Her employer is City Year. Take a look at her profile picture with a beer!!! Trash. She is a ucsb grad so I assume her drinking carried on until now. Peggy has the swing of drinking the night before and mastering the art of going about the following day as if no drinking happened..

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Husband Father Cheater

November 5, 2014 San Jose 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Archie Papastesis. he’s married with five kids. left his wife when she was pregnant with the fifth child. I was unknowingly with this loser in the summer of this year. His wife pmd me on Facebook one day and told me what happened. this cheater and liar has bedded over 25 women in less then a month and is still doing it. he plays mind games his wife constantly. plays mind games with everyone . He found me on Facebook and started messaging me. gave me his digits on the third day. made me believe he was falling for me and calling me sexy and beautiful. I’m exposing this asshole because he won’t stop. Exposing his shadiness is the best for everyone who ever had the unfortunate pleasure of hooking up with him. ( he doesn’t use protection and I’m lucky I didn’t get anything)

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