San Jose | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Rachelle Farnese

November 4, 2014 San Jose 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is rachekke farnese, san jose’s dirtiest.  Comments will speak for themselves on her.

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Amenda Nguyen

November 4, 2014 San Jose 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi guys, just wanted to give you a heads up on a dirty one from San Jose. This broke 27 year old living with her mother is A former *eth addict who gave up ice for snow, and is doing that Coke all day! Surprisingly enough she’s maintained a decent face so anyone out there interested in a Vietnamese Sloot that loves anal and has no respect for herself, this might be your girl. she’s from the Piedmont Hills area originally and went to independence high school, but stays on the south side now. She could be found at most of your typical Asian spots, 5**, taste, pure, sp2.just show up with that white girl, and she’ll be all over you like a coke whore on coke. oh yeah be careful she does have a criminal record, just theft nothing too crazy, lol. other than that, wrap it up and have fun.

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Mom Who Sneaks out at Night

October 29, 2014 San Jose 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This chick, Cristal, lives with her parents in San Jose because she cheated on her husband and he kicked her and their FIVE kids out. She has NO CAR, NO JOB, NO MONEY and did I mention she lives with her five kids in a two bedroom apartment that her parents and her brother also live in? She uses guys for money and favors and sneaks out at nights to have sex in cars while her daughter sleeps alone on a sleeping bag in the living room. She constantly hits up her exes homies for sex and likes to have group sex. She feeds her kids chicken nuggets everyday and I feel bad for humanity, because people like her exist.

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Jasmine Dayum Phillips

October 27, 2014 San Jose 4



THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t trust her she will put out and literally so anything you want but just make her think she’ll get something out of it and she will do anything lol but dont fall in the trap just fck her and dip

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Bill Abbott

October 27, 2014 Los Angeles, San Jose 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: William Steven Abbott or Bill Abbott was the owner of CCLA, athe Central Coast Language Academy in San Luis Obispo, CA. I was a former student there and let me tell you this guy is a thief. He was known for taking foreign students money and placing them with local families then never paying the family. He used a students credit card number to pay the businesses utility bill. He was married 3 times, has a few kids in SLO. He claimed he got an Egyptian student pregnant while I was there. He now lives in rural Maui and I am sure is being supported by his new partner, Reesa. She will find out the hard way. He had/has a gambling addiction and has lost large sums of money at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez. He owes many people money in SLO. From host families, former teachers, employees and vendors. Most of them wont fight as Bill always says, “good luck collecting” or ” get in line.” He owes child support to his two ex-wives, so he tries to keep everything under the table. When he ran CCLA he would basically sell Visas to foreign students so they could stay in the USA. They would not even live in SLO, let alone attend his school. There was a rumor the FBI had him on a watch list. I interviewed many people and I hope many of them will come forward and add details to this list. I know some of the agency’s in France, where I live sent him a lot of money on behalf of their students only to be cheated out of it. I hope other victims can add comments to this!

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Baseball Wives

October 26, 2014 San Jose 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Adriana Ibanez shes 32 years old. A chick who wants to be a baseball wife soooo bad. This is why her and her friends take a trip every March to Scottsdale, for a little spring “training” if u know what i mean. She works at Santana row at laser away and. Shes pretty lazy with the sex so i rate at a 5/10

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Darryl Brent Walker is a Pig

October 22, 2014 Salinas, San Jose 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Darryl Brent Walker, Is a dirty disgusting pig, Who likes to hit on every girl in site. He will even cheat whill in a realtionship. But he is so benedictive his will make you believe, be crying or threat to ki*l him. He lived in Santa Barbara,CA for while, then came to his hometown Seaside,CA. He never had a job while in the relationship, he was so to speak using everyone. He would always talk mess about people. But when confronted by that person he was talkinh about, he would deny everything. HE IS LITTLE BABY, who is in need desperate of a mother. He is just a mind altering person. Who could make you do anything or feel anyway or change who you are.

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Adriana No Doubt

October 21, 2014 San Jose 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Adri. A chick who wants to be a baseball wife soooo bad. She works at Santana row at laser away and loves to persuade her old ass clients into dates and buying her things. She charges top dollar for the ass buh if you mentioned a players discount like i did, then your in for like 75% off. Other then that she a snake and has 0 loyalty. The ass is nice believe meee, buh the stench was something i couldn’t deal with any longer. Its funny she tells me all the bad things about here girlfriends thats shes claims shes so loyal to. For example the twin Asian girls, adri said she hates it when they have no $$$$ to go with her on trips and for still being hooters girls for years smh. She also cheated on her bf for 4 years and put on public display with this baseball player, no shame. Keep in mind though she could suck a mean dick, definitely had alot of practice. check her insta: @adriheartsu. Basically she a summer ho tryna be a winter wife.

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