Must Run In The Family

June 20, 2014 San Jose, The Dirty 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Stevie Shae’s little sister is trying to make it big too now. Starting with the ghetto streetlow team, walking the streets, posting back page adds under Taylor Love and now doing soft core porn in downtown San Jose. Any words Nik? I guess it runs in the fam.

I can’t tell if that is an outline of California or Kentucky?- nik


Stevie Shae Is Not Only A Porn Star

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June 19, 2014 Fresno, San Jose 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey NiK, This little piece of work is Aubrey Chantel. Aubrey is the mother of a little girl that at first she didn’t know the father of. After paternity tests she now knows. She has given her up twice now so she can party and travel the U.S. Her daughter now stays with her parents so she can continue with her debouchery. Aubrey use to work at a Hotel where she was fired for sleeping with a guest. She had numerous guests there who supported her if you know what I mean. Every pic she’s in she has a drink in her hand. Rather then be home raising a child she is out on the town spreading her love with anything that buys her a drink. She reals in the guys only to sleep with them use them for money and then leave them. She’s a dirty little piece of trash that has had more abortions then she can handle. It’s time she’s put on blast and that everyone knows her true colors.

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Hazel Needs New +2s

June 16, 2014 San Jose 26

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, is it just me or does this Vietnamese cafe GoGo girl look like a chipmunk?  Her saline implants look like crap and they are rippling.  She should wear a bra with those heavy bags of water. At least get silicone girlfriend.

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Hoodlum Hustle

June 10, 2014 San Jose 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl goes by Abiihustle. What I don’t comprehend is why she says she has no idea compare her to Brittanya (`nee O’Campo) Razavi when she follows her style and hair to a ‘T’. AbiiHustle has dumb dimple piercings and dyed her hair red immediately after Brittanya did. She thinks she’s hot shit for being a car girl model when anybody can do it! This girl carries it on though and doesn’t get a hint that she’s just a mimc of another and can’t even make a name for herself without the Brittanya comparison. No one cares that you are a local car model..there is never any money involved unless she’s a hooker or stripper. As far as I am concerned she doesn’t have a legal real job and how could she with those tattoos? Nik, set this girl straight.

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This is Uncalled for

June 5, 2014 San Jose 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica perez, Tracy ca.  need i say more

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Hipster John

June 3, 2014 San Jose 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, DA strong since 09 in Man Jose. Im putting this beta out on blast to make sure no other females get conned into this guys game. Meet Jason (Jay) McIntryre. Most fake dude you will ever meet. They broke up, he didnt want to accept i guess. I took a girl out and we ended starting dating, while this lowlife couldn’t get his 31 year old life together to live somewhere else while clinging to the gf\’s back room couch. We started dating and i treated her as best as any guy could. Then we were great for months, but I could still see sometimes on my gf’s phone that this beta was still texting her. I was not happy with her, and told her to block him yadda yadda. This sociopath ended up using a friends phone to contact her and me, a bunch of nonsense trying to break us up. I believe he will never leave us alone now. Hes currently on OkCupid as (srfjay) trying to lure any dumb girl. Dont fall for his shit. He told her that he has his degree, (hes never been to college ever) and has a bunch of money (broke). Lied about both. Pathetic, cuz all of a sudden his fortune got stolen and he wasn’t even mad. Nik, put this guy on blast before he cons any other girl falls into his shallow beta scheme. Hes a 32 year old loser, that has to bum rides off his brother just to pick up his trash weed growing supplies, and has to ask ex gfs if he can crash on her couches. He will soon be a 42 year old beta loser doing the exact same thing, if he doesnt change.

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June 2, 2014 San Jose 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: people think felicia salazar is some perfect angel, but her vine is of her smoking weed and talking about drugs. i can\’t stand this stuck up girl. she is so full of herself and boasts way too much. hope this pic haunts her. no one is jealous of you. what do you think of girls who smoke weed nik?

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Myshka Everett

May 29, 2014 San Jose 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Myshka Everett is a HOMEWRECKER COUGAR! She has been sleeping with my best friend’s Fiance for over a year now! She’s caught them having a relationship 3 times now. I bet you wonder why she hasn’t left this guy? Well, when she first found out she was 5 months pregnant! So, she dismissed it thinking things will get better… Then She found out again when her son was 8 weeks old. NOW, she’s 4 months pregnant AGAIN and this B*tch is BACK! She knows about about my friend, she knows about her kids, her being pregnant, and their family, but the whore bag doesn’t care! To me, she’s a true definition of a HOMEWRECKER! And believe me the man she’s decided to have 2 children with is a douchebag too! Someone who can knowingly sleep with a man that has a spouse and family at home is a complete whore bag – not to mention she is 10 years older than the man she is sneaking around with!!!!

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