Pizza Makin’ Sloot

November 27, 2013 Modesto, San Jose 7 9,278 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Marlin Gallegos Damas, she has a husband that takes pics of her to masturbate to, apparently he prefers to rub one out to her pics than to actually touch…guess thats why she sets out to look for married men or anyone willing to give her what her own husband won’t. He takes these pics of her and she sends them out to other men.

Too much pepperoni.- nik

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Lizzy Adult Foot Shoot

November 3, 2013 Dirty Craigslist, San Jose 15 7,357 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: ” photographer looking to cast females aged 18-30 for a foot worship, footjob (on a real person), photo/video shoot” if any of you ladies want to be like miss lizzy heres the link for craigslist

That’s creepy, what’d she do with the lotion?- nik

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Lexi The Loser

October 31, 2013 San Jose 3 5,972 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hillbilly is Alexis Lopez. This girl is fcking gross.She took a year off after highschool and is a fat loser working at shoreline ampitheater who will fuk anything that messages her on okcupid or that likes her pictures on Instagram. Do not befriend or sleep with this girl.

Doesn’t count as a break if you don’t intend to go back.- nik

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The Girl That Posted Me

October 25, 2013 San Jose, The Dirty 145 92,411 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m just curious.  Since she thinks shes better than everyone, not saying shes ugly but she posted me on here, so lets get some word on this girl, wanted to see what you think about her?

Why do you think she posted you? Is it because of the nose ring (that would be my first guess)?- nik

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Skinny Tweaker

October 18, 2013 Dirty Greeks, San Jose 60 11,770 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cheyenne Amber Nir is a dirty tweaker hooker lurking the streets of Los gatos and infiltrating my neighborhood of Los Gatos and near by cities. This bitch literally sucks dick everyday and smokes meth on her free time and if you think she sleeps, think again. This bitch is up looking for dick 24/7. I even found her in the parking lot in down town Los Gatos by the safeway getting fingered in her tweaker status. She has two little sausage legs a skinny ass body (M*TH) and non-existent tits. I don’t even get how people can fck her she looks like a dude. This dirty mud buster will put anything in her for a shard. No wonder she lives in the mountains keep that ho off the streets. It’s a damn shame she has a vehicle to lurk this great wonderful little town of Los Gatos. plain and simple she craves cock. She doesn’t care if it’s from a homeless man or an old man but if you got m*th she’s got points. She’ll give into any shard she can. Staying up gives her more dick time. She lives to stroke, suck, and smoke tweak. IDK if she puts it in her coolo but i’m sure that’ll get her another gram or two. look how skinny she is!??? Meth and cock really makes her sweat all that fat out. If you bang her I’d be scared to break her pelvis. Her tits are like an eye spy game you really gotta find it if they even exist. Give this bitch some food not cock! Her p*ssy probaby smells like meth and a variety of dick. I hope she overdoses one day and has a heart attack.

I can see her being another one of the single mothers of Hooters.  Just a prediction.- nik

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Cyndi Jackson

October 17, 2013 San Jose, SDSU 8 8,399 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the ugliest, most fake bitch you’ll ever meet, and I feel sorry for anyone who befriends her. She looks like a retarded incest 10 year old with fcked up ass teeth. This girl claims to be “the rich girl in san fran” and constantly puts down people who receive government aid, and makes fun of people without a job. Growing up in hick town chowchilla, this girl will deny it but she has also received food stamps for about a year, because she had no money, only income coming from her mom or step-dad. The only reason she has anything is because she demands money from her parents, and only talks to her family when she needs something. She is a barista at starbucks( hella successful right?)ha. Her first job was when she was 20 at subway and she put her job title as “sandwich artist” Shes also a master thief, my friend let her live with her and her 3 year old kid and one day when they weren’t home she decided to bail out and take all of her kitchen supplies including a toaster and all of her belongings and her kids pet fish? trash right?The whole time she was living with her she would complain that she couldn’t get her kid to sleep because cyndi would get drunk and invite at least 7 people over a night and have orgies in the shower and people puking fights starting, so safe for a 3 year old child right?..and what a good friend doing all of that after letting her live in their home for free. Oh back on the family topic, she fucked her sisters kids dad, in her sisters bed and house fcking SCAND! Shes also hella psycho ex gf status, she dated a guy nicknamed tony trees (Anthony treece) she would literally call him 30 times in a row and panic when he didn’t answer, because she couldn’t accept that he didn’t want her ugly ass anymore, stalk where he was and walk there in the middle of the night. This girl lacks modesty and has no self respect, or respect for others Shes just plain dirty and ugly and deserves to be on here, she also looks like the girl from teen mom that doesn’t take care of her kid lol

I feel like needing someone to accompany her to the washroom is a common occurrence for her.- nik

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Johanna the Manipulator

October 9, 2013 San Jose 4 5,630 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Johanna Castro. She is psycho, to say the least. She thinks she is so cute and that everybody wants her. She uses people for money and she lies to the government saying her man isn’t in the kids lives so that she can get all kinds of handouts when her man is working his ass off everyday to pay for her expensive lifestyle. She has 3 kids and puts them all in daycare so she can spend all day on her fatass talking crap on facebook. She used tofollow her man when he went out with his friends to check up on him. She lies about everything to try to make people feel bad for her, she’s beyond crazy!! If people start to see the real her, she drops them and tries to turn everyone else against them because she’s jealous and insecure, which makes sense cuz look at her. Shes hideous, and what is that on the side of her mouth? Its huge and hairy! What do you think Nik? Does she deserve the attention or should she be locked away so the world doesn’t have to deal with her crazy ass?

Never expected that bottom after those quarter shots.- nik

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Amanda Douglas Loves Her Career… At Hooters

October 7, 2013 San Jose 722 15,425 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this is Amanda Douglas. She dropped out of college to be a Hooters waitress and is making it her career now that she’s the Manager. She thinks she is such hot stuff but wears 10 layers of makeup to cover her cracking, bumpy, skin. She’s not even cute, has down syndrome eyes and her boobs are AA’s (so much for Hooters). She has several DRDs and only got her BF to commit to her after she had an abortion. She was not even sure it was his because she cheats on him regularly. She even accused him of cheating and said “at least I’m not dumb enough to get caught”. I asked her why she stays with him if she’s just going to cheat and she told me because he gives her money and let’s her use his car – since she can’t afford it on her own. This chick needs to be put on blast and her man needs to know to watch out.

Hooters in San Jose sounds like the white trash diaries.- nik

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