Jaimie Elisa Chagoya

October 3, 2013 Dirty Craigslist, San Jose 18 9,573 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: IMPORTANT EVIDENCE ATTATCHED: this post here claims that Jaimie is a snitch. To back that shit up with some hardcore evidence, we have a screenshot of her name listed as an informant on a police report. there’s ya proof . also attached is a picture of her homeless boyfriend as well. WHO? FULL NAME: Jaimie Elisa Chagoya. Also referred to as a snitch, an uneducated druggie loser, and a giant slut. She needs to take that nasty ass, hairy ass, crusty ass pussy back to Mexico—BUT OH YEAH, she claims she isn’t even Mexican. LOL! False. Bitch please. WHAT? A little punk ass, going-nowhere in life loser who thinks she’s important. This 5 foot nothing little piece of shit is a loud mouth snitch. She’s quick to turn up the volume behind your back, but as soon as you come around she’ll try to laugh with you and act like your friend. Fake bitch needs a reality check QUICK. She took an extra year to graduate high school (she’s really stupid because she’s a complete drug addict, always smoking meth in the back room of her pathetic minimum wage job at Target, where she’s been working for the last 3 years). Her hobbies include hanging out in her dirty, old, ratchet ass Mazda Protege that her boyfriend likes to pretend he’s a speed racer in. Her and her boyfriend (who looks like a homeless person on a GOOD day) are total druggies and are disgustingly co-dependent. 4 years ago her boyfriend cheated on her and fell for some fat, ugly bitch and to this day they still argue about it and SCREAM at each other over an event that happened in like… 2009. Can you say LOSER? They both live together in Jaimies PARENTS house. Did I mention her boyfriend is 25?! LOL, maybe it’s time to move out, losers. Oh wait that’s right, they USED to live together until her crusty boyfriend got kicked out because they’re constantly screaming at the top of their lungs, yelling at each other. They obviously hate each other but are too pussy to leave each other because they’re both retarded. Her and her boyfriend are constantly texting everyone they know, asking if anyone wants to buy some of their drugs so that they can put gas in their car. After graduating as a super senior, she never continued doing anything else. She will probably remain working at Target for the rest of her life.. well, unless she accidentally chokes on all the dicks she sucks in the bathroom. Last I heard from her, she was giving blow jobs to her coworkers to compensate for her boyfriend being a jobless, ambition less loser… But hey, as long as she keeps smoking meth, all her teeth will fall out then she’ll be REALLY good at giving blow jobs! Basic information about Crybaby Jaimie aside, SHE’S A TOTAL SNITCH. Her boyfriend got his ass BEAT because he was talking shit, and she snitched everyone to the cops. She also snitched on her other friend to the police, for absolutely no reason.. she wasn’t even involved! Jaimie loves to think that she belongs in other peoples business, when in reality her life is a train going absolutely nowhere fast.. Well, maybe not nowhere.. shes probably going to end up somewhere like a cute little alleyway where customers will meet her for $5 fcks while her boyfriend watches. She’s known to snitch on everyone, she even runs and tells her parents when something goes down in her circle of friends, simply because she’s scared she’s going to be revealed for being a snitch. She snitches, snitches, SNITCHES, SNITCHES, then CRIES, AND CRIES, AND CRIES ABOUT IT. LOL! Loser. Maybe she should pick up a book and put down the cr*ck pipe. When? Recently. In the last few weeks, her hunger for dick (yeah, she cheats on her boyfriend on a weekly basis. She admitted it’s hard because they live together, but she gets away when she can). She recently also ATTEMPTED to file a police report because somebody called her out for being a snitch. Needless to say, the police laughed in her face LOL. Where? Jaimie lives in Santa Clara, California in a dirty little house in a gross neighborhood where every other house is running a meth lab. (San Jose area) Why? Trust me when I say, she deserves it. She fcks over her “homies” constantly for drugs, and to make her self look good. She fcked over the wrong person this time. In reality, she’ll probably be dead in 10 years. Druggie ho! But much worse is coming to her. Those who she wronged, are coming together… wish her luck, she’s going to need it.

I doubt the guy could lift her anymore w/ the half face crop.- nik

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James The Pedophile “Kick Boxer”

October 1, 2013 San Jose 80 7,997 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is James Ady, he is a 27 year old loser. He fucked a 14 year old, two 17 year olds, and a 16 year old in the last years, who knows how many others. He has hideous demon tattoos and large black spots where he just covered other shitty tattoos with a blob of ink. He is a total loser who lives off his mom, selling drugs and pretending to be good at mma and boxing, he trains out of AKA in San Jose and is an embarrassment and gets his pedophile ass beat up by the amateurs. He tries to rap and is horrible, he also tries to race and has crashed multiple cars. He continues to try to get young girls by giving them weed and buying them alcohol because they don\’t know any better. Total pathological liar and creep, can\’t wait til he goes to jail. Please put him on so these young girls can see the truth.

Nice mustache.- nik

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Lowlife of a Man

September 27, 2013 San Jose 8 5,423 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ill get straight to the point: name: gustavo r flores . 1. this man is liar. a thief. a predator on the loose. 2. he has stolen money from people and his last employer…twice. 3. he never payed back the company and has not paid for his company van he still has to this day. 4. he talks a big big game. yet its all bs. hes like a chihuaha. he owes money to his former coworkers and has not paid. 5. ruth hired him to do photos for them. he charged them 150 with 50 down. the family has been wanting the photos back for months. they dont even care about the money the photos are the last they took of their dying father. 6. always feels he is above and better than everyone, even when he aint do nothin. he says he doin this and that, when reality is he just wakes up late from all night drinkin an cryin himself to sleep. 7. former m*th head junkie who drinks 3 or 4 rockstars just to get a tweak. 8. brainwashes poor girls into thinkin hey stick with me ill bring your status up and well get you gigs etc tec. the girls are just as stupid to listening, 9, his own family doesnt even speak to him on account of him doing them wrong. 10. his brother owes flores proffesional services where they do tax and legal work in san jose. 11. i guess he must be bitter since he isnt a SUCCESS as his brother is, must sting at the family gatherings. 12.an idea how wack this dude is: he host a small on the air radio at  www.radiofu***. well one day he had no ride so he got one from one of that nights speakers. finishing the show, they got back to her house and he needed a ride home. she said ill let you use it just come back at 7 am so i can go to work and take my kids to work. the next day…no text or call was answered. no one knew what happened to him till he showed up at five pm. no sorry, no excuse, a full tank gone. and money from the ash tray missing. no word no thank you nothing. 13. he manipulates people. he uses and lies about people make himself look good. forget this dude 14. THIS LAME HAS HAD IT COMIN…BOUT TIME SOMEONE DID THIS.

I bet he plays a mean forgy card.- nik

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San Jose’s Finest

September 10, 2013 San Jose, Would You? 13 10,337 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik. This is Ashley Rutherdale. She’s been here before apparently, and still think she is HOT SHIT. You would think since she’s a hair stylist she would have some sense of what to do with her hair, but no. Bitch went straight Miley Cyrus on us, and beyond.
So I have a question, would you?

Answer: No, I’d rather not know what’s on her nose.

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Maddie Hyde

September 4, 2013 San Jose 11 9,512 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this ratchet skank who goes by the name Maddison Hyde. First off she plays every guy she meets. She cheats on her so called “boyfriends” like it’s not a big deal. She sneaks around with the guys her friends like behind their back. She would open her legs to anyone that walks, which explains why she got a job at a gym. She needed the free membership to tighten up her pussy due to the amount of guys she’s let in. This hoe posts pictures of herself on the internet kissing other girls just for the attention she so badly craves to make her feel important and good about herself. She will do anything to make anyone look bad including her own friends which explains why they all talk shit about her behind her back. You do not want to involve yourself with this dirty girl and if you have, I do recommend definitely getting checked.

Looks like she’s got some sort a growing op going on w/ all those outlets.- nik

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Fake Pregnancy w/ Twins

September 4, 2013 Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Jose 6 7,962 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: ATTN:: FAKE PREGNANCY WITH TWINS and FAKES OWN DEATH!! This story is on some Manti Te’o type stuff! I’m pretty sure this would also be a form of a CatFish??!!! I used to be friends with SARAH ADAME she’s from Salt Lake City, Utah now living in San Leandro, Ca (she was dating a much younger guy and only added his friends/family none of her own friends/family on her new fb page). This Old Hoe is the lowest piece of sh*t you’ll ever meet!!! She lies about EVERYTHING. Her age, still being married to her husband Carlos Adame, her kids that she doesn’t take care of, being prego with twins ect. Sarah supposedly was in a coma for 9 hours a couple weeks after the boyfriends dad passed away and he went home for the funeral, she herself just recently passed away, lol with the helpful phone call to her boyfriends family from a friend of hers, (keep in mind that her being in a coma and dying is only like 2 weeks apart if that). Sarah posted on her fb trying to act like someone else posting from her own account the very next day some bullsh*t about the pain in her beautiful green eyes with what was supposedly her last pic. Point is she lied to her boyfriend and the family about being prego with twins and continues to lie. But the whole time she isn’t, she was just pushing her fat stomach out and stuffing pillows in her shirt, taking pregnancy pics and stealing random peoples ultrasound pics off other websites so she could play the part of being prego! I google imaged her ultrasound pics and they both pop up on 2 different websites with the exact same ultrasounds she had posted as her own. Seeing how she was 23 weeks (6months) prego Sarah decide to herself and the babies so she wouldn’t have to tell the boyfriend that she’s a lying piece of sh*t!! But now she’s getting tattoos and updating he fb status!! Pretty strange for a dead b*tch to be updating her status saying dumb sh*t like “its all gewd in sarah’s hood…..its a sunny d….kinda day.lol…….;p”. Like really who lies about being prego then kills themselves off?!! Only Scandalous A** B*tches do Low Down Dirty Sh*t like that. And she still continues to lie to his friends/family saying that she is prego still while posting pics of her FAT stomach she’s clearly struggling to push out! Talk about a psychotic person she clearly needs mental help asap. P.S.>> Ain’t NO hating going on this way I just don’t think it’s right for a LADY and I use that term very loosely to be lying about being prego just to keep a man then to turn around and say you died?!! That right there is some F*cked up sh*t to do to a person, have that man thinking he done lost his girl and his 1st born babies all at the same time. That’s some mind game sh*t she be playing. And that kind of stuff be making it hard for girls to get a GOOD MAN or even for a guy to trust a girl when she says she’s pregnant ect… ***NO DISRESPECT TO THE BOYFRIEND AND HIS FAMILY/FRIENDS… here’s the link to her fb if anyone knows the old lying sack of sh*t… The lady in the pic with Sarah Adame is her friend Shauna Kelly the one that called and said Sarah was dead. heres her fb also..Her fake ultrasound pic. DON’T LET THE MAKEUP FOOL YA!

Her shirt would not sit like that with a baby, clearly a balloon.- nik

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Sucks Them All

August 28, 2013 San Jose 11 7,478 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is Maggie Costella or Maggie Marin she is a complete slut. When I met her she was dating a friend of mine, she ended up fcking another friend of mine while they were still together, before it was over she had fcked 4 dudes that lived in the same house together, 3 homies and 1 random dude 10+ years old then her while on meth. She started smoking m*th soon after moving into the house and wasnt able to hold down a job do to that and her alcohol abuse, so she fucked whoever she could to keep a roof over her head, even currently she is playing the role of home wrecker fcking a guy from the military and pushing for his divorce to settle wife his current wife, of course she is getting him to pay all her bills. Now for the smell, oh god this bitches pussy smells like the inside of an ear gauge after a month of not being cleaned, like something crawled in her semen filled uterus and died (probably a gerble while she was smoking mth!) Slo smelly, sluty, and a moocher and all this in less then a year! I think this girl is perfect for the Dirty dont you Nik?

Is she sucking on popcorn?- nik

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Online Sexual Predator

August 28, 2013 Sacramento, San Jose 6 9,636 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Matthew Marques. He is an online dating sexual predator! He tends to hang out on POF and OKCupid and is a sexual predator of the worst kind! He comes across as an intelligent, well spoken, sincere, guy until you actual hook up with him then he shows you his true colors and you find out that he has been hooking up with at least 4-5 other females at the same time. The best part about it is that he has unprotected sex with all of the women he hooks up with, loves to send nudies, and will lie through his teeth to get you into the sack then turn around and ditch you making you feel like you did something wrong never to hear from him again. He lives to brag on how he had a professional baseball career that was ruined by an injury. Not true! He will tell you he is a professional umpire, also not true, he umpires little league games. Not to mention how he brags about his house in Brentwood California that he bought. Google it, he and his ex wife, that he cheated on, bought it. This guy wouldnt know the truth if it scored a home run and he was standing behind home plate and he had to call it safe! He is a nasty sloot that is a hit and miss that is simply looking to score on all the girls he can and God only knows what diseases he is carrying! If you have slept with him be sure to get yourselves checked because he spreads his c@ck from the Bay Area to Nevada! He even got someone pregnant and left her to handle it alone. So Nic please post these so all the woman out there that are on your site and also use social dating websites can protect themselves from this predator!

What fast food chain does that shirt belong to?- nik

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