Sarah Goodrow

May 19, 2014 San Jose 50


THE DIRTY ARMY: shes a fcking hanus lunatic! give me any info you have and I will make another one of these and blast it on every social network site there is til everyone knows who the fuck goodhoe is , a fucking god damn sad pathetic piece of soiled shit from a dog with aids. Ugly ass alcoholic with no future, no morals no goals no life. She has nothing she can say she worked hard for, other then working numerous dicks so she can pop out kids out of her loose ass nasty vagina. That’s all you have to show for Sarah is your kids, someone make a cps report I heard about allllll the ratchet crazy shit that goes on at her house, all your friends” put your pathetic life on blast. your 51/50 get serious immediate help someone help this poor ratchet long ass nose bitch. Help her with a resume and some job search or something, When more then ten ppl say the same things about you sarah its probably fucking true !!! Go to college im sad your kids have u as a role model all they can look up and see is a big ball of fucking trash . you deserve all of Modesto hating on you, no one fucking likes you how does that feel? I hope you get so drunk you decide to kill yourself your a waiste of human life. You’ll probably d with cum beer in your mouth. Being a “boss at mommy 24/7″ isnt really paying the bills is it, thank god welfare so your kids have diapers to fcking wear.

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Sapphire Love

May 16, 2014 San Jose 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Sapphire Love aka Britney from San Jose, CA. Nik, have I found your eyes? Look past the tattoos and chubbiness. I think she is pretty for San Jose.

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Fake Bikini Model

April 30, 2014 Cougars, San Jose 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is Nikki Ortiz. She is a mother of two from two different dad’s. At a glance she looks like a catch but really her job is taking money from baby daddy’s and frontin like her fake Chinese bikinis are making her the money. She buys $5 bikinis from china and sells them for $40 and still can’t make money. She currently has a restraining order on her baby daddy when lets her live in the house with both kids, gave her an Acura, pays the bills and food. She thinks shes some celebrity because she has some overly big cannons and some basic guidette tattoos. She’s a thief, ratchet and social media slore. She brags about having 11,000 followers on ig BUT what chick with fakies couldn’t!? Stay away fellas….her business plan is to take your money!

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Old Porn Star living in Denial

April 16, 2014 Indianapolis, San Jose 1027

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this old, overweight porn slut just got blasted on her Fb page, & yet she is still living in denial…even though she’s tried (& failed miserably) breaking up Many marriages across Indy & Cali. This is the type of dirty bitch Kate McIntosh is. Why anyone would call herself “Dirty” on her own FB profile, is beyond me. (Let alone leaving up picture comments like this, for all to see.) It’s time this sad case hippo got on a diet, & left people alone who want nothing to do with her maniac jumbo-sized ass. Still posting 10 year old photos as her profile pics, (LoL) being she’s got nothing New to post, that doesn’t reveal how HUGE she has gotten, over the years… Still pic-texting topless flapjack fat titty photos, to all of her old booty calls, as IF any of these guys would resort to revisiting her fat ass, for 1 lousy lay. She compulsively lies, acting as IF any of these married guys would EVER have anything to do with her. Hell, I don’t even think any Single men would give this hippo loser the time of day. LoL Kate McIntosh has an obsession with taken/married/unattainable men. She thinks its “cool” to home wreck Marriages. Pure evil. Yet, funny, not one Divorce has come out of all of her efforts to sabotage. It is because guys don’t take amateur porn fatties too seriously. They look at you as a lay, sweetie. Nothing more. Nik, we already know you wouldn’t touch this mammoth if your life depended on it. So we don’t even have to ask.

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GoGettas Are A JOKE

April 10, 2014 San Jose, The Dirty 265

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so there’s these guys they go by the go gettas and they consider themselves the real deal in the rap game. Like no joke they think they are hella tight! Here are some pics I ran across in my newsfeed because we have mutal friends..first off that bike is the ugliest thing I have ever seen who would customize a motorcycle to look like that? They were making this music video and had the fattest girls and also some busted girl featured on it with no ass trying to twerke. It was funny to see some of the footage of the video cuz they actually believe they r artists!! Then there’s this post one of em said about their bills for the month like he is so responsible!! Hunny u r not ballin if you consider paying your measly monthly bills an achievement! Your such a baller when your bills are under 60k/yr!!!Just wanted to hear from the DA on this one.

I feel like 200 for water is too much.- nik

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Trinity Dang Is Trying Way Too Hard

April 2, 2014 San Jose, The Dirty 95

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. As you can see, Trinity Dang has went through many years along with many changes to look the way she does now, yet, everyone still hates her. Why? She’s an ungrateful wh*re. Simple as that. No one has heard anything good/nice about her EVER. Except the fact that they’d tap that. Through the nose and breast implants, she’s still one big fat ugly annoying bitch ass pug that’s everyone wants out of the Bay. Even her idol, Holly Lee hated her because she was weird and annoying as f*ck. Do you think that’s why she’s a bitch? To cover up who she really is? A sore loser? Or to cover up having to answer questions if her boobs are natural but ends up telling everyone it’s from birth control pills? I don’t know who’s more stupid. The person lying or the people who actually believes it. Let me know what you think, Nik.

The cheek bone implants look a little forced.- nik

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Please Tell Felicia She Stands No Chance

April 1, 2014 San Jose 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Felicia Salazar walks around her community college like she is all that with her 3k instagram followers. She wears unflattering clothes and her nude bra always shows. Get a new bra felicia. It’s dirty and disgusting. Your bombshell isn’t fooling a soul. Get over yourself, honestly.

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Finally Isabella Got A Real Job

April 1, 2014 San Jose 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Finally, Isabella the model, got a job at Safeway and now she poses for instagram shots with ugly bangs. Way to go Isabella. You’re really making it big.

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