Nikita Wallace

August 27, 2013 San Jose 43 10,036 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikita Wallace, Where to start. Well I guess let’s start with her occupation, She currently works at the Northwest YMCA in Cupertino. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, LEAVE YOUR CHILD IN THEIR CARE. SPECIFICALLY IN “HER” CARE. My daughter was once enrolled in there and on more then a few occasions came home with large bruises on her under “nikitas” care. After being ignored by the administration and other staff, (except for one who provided me insight on her) I decided to look in Miss Nikita. As it turns out, she should be the last once providing any kind of childcare. This low life, has been rolling on drugs long after her departure from school. Shes known as quite the whore as well as muff diving. I mean, what woman in their right mind would want her??? She looks like a trout!! When not fuked up off the “X” she’ll be found at the local club trying to mooch whatever she can off of anyone.Guys, Gals, those in between. This is after she burns her own cash. She’s on the go trying to support her habit. People,if you care anything about your own kin, You would be best staying as far from her and that place as possible. Guys (and gals) if you wanna live a long and healthy drug and disease free life,  are highly contagious steer clear of her.

Her milkshake brings no boys to the yard.- nik

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Bostin Loyd is Small

August 21, 2013 San Jose 23 18,071 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this Bostin Loyd KID and I start talking on facebook. He starts sending me pics of himself. Then starts sending pics of his “supposedly” big penis. Pics didnt look right but we end up meeting up at his house come to find out he lives with his mom . We started fooling around and seriously his penis hard with the size of my thumb!!!! No joke! He had sent me the pics of another mans penis! Then when I refuse to have sex with him he asked me if I would dress up as a guy and put a strap on and put it in his butt!!! I ran out of his moms house! Not only that all that night he was bragging about how much steroids he does. This guy is the biggest gay guy pretending to be straight! Plus his ex gf hit me up on FB and told he to watch out for him! GROSS! Biggest loser and douche bag I ever met!

Greg faces don’t lie, they love greg.- nik

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Geoff Hermle

August 21, 2013 San Jose 9 6,775 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik… ive seen him on here before but i had to post myself. after i heard he almost killed 4 freinds in a car accident i stupidly gave him my trust and befreinded him… little did i know he was a lying stupid thief.. one night at my house he stole my wallet helped me look for it and then (from a mutual friend) had called me to inform me he saw geoff emptying out my wallet and threw it away at a gas station.. how fcking low can you be i was his only freind and now all he has is misses piggy.. i mean felicia

He walked there no doubt…- nik

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That Shadzi

August 20, 2013 Dirty Craigslist, San Jose 18 6,275 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikki Shadzi is the Slut of the year! She has not only been cheating on her Handsome boyfriend, But getting pimped out at hotel gangbangs! With in the first week of working at her latest job she managed to get arrested for petty theft, sucked two dudes off in the work supply closet. #thatisntverychanel Is an understatement, This bitch is the definition of poser. Rocking an illest sticker on her jetta trust me its the stockest piece of shit! Also she tried to be a tagger as well, needless to say after realizing that she cant even do a stencil she put the cans down! She says she throws down but she prone to balling up like a bitch. Not only that she ratted her homies out when she got caught for petty theft! Remember Its never Chanel when you have to spread that curry gap to get money for that bag you ho! She will be quick to rob you, shes a straight klepto, not only that she will try to fuk your man. This slut loves attention and what does she love more then that? Taking strangers loads! Like the day after she lost her virginity.

I think he’s trying to imply something with that wiener.- nik

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Clueless Theif

August 8, 2013 San Jose 2 9,390 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Arturo Duran. This guy has a serious problem with stealing people’s money from any place he can see an opportunity to do so. This guy works at an upper class restaurant in mountain view, ca with several other young college students and 20 something party people. Arturo has just finally made a name for himself when he decided he was going to rob an entire house and all of the roommates one night at a party. This slimy bag of ass grease took a couple Aderol pills and was drinking along with everyone else… just enhanced. I believe the whole little raid he did on every room that had an open door was premeditated. Why else would you want to be high on legal methamphetamine at a party where everyone else is getting drunk? The house has 6 different roommates whom 5 of are girls. Arturo decided he was going to find purses, get cash, and even have the nerve to stay the night and ask for a ride in the morning. He took money off of the dresser of the one male roommate(dude left the 120 bucks out in plain sight at a party… kinda had that coming), and totaled another 500+ dollars from 3 other girls’ purses; all of which were in different rooms. As the news of this spread around his workplace, the bites and stories about this bag of wormy shit started to raise several other incidents to awareness. This bitch boy was once handed a purse at an after work employees outing at a local bar when the girl decided she wanted to dance… she handed Arturo her purse for safe keeping at which time he proceeded to buy everyone drinks with the money from her purse. He also had stolen a credit card from a friend and gone on a shopping spree in the recent past and somehow skated away from that. My advice is to know who you have around you. Even better, dont have this shit bag in your home or you will definitely end up missing something. Thief of the worst kind.

He’ll be stealing a lot more once he loses his job.- nik

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Mervin the Saberkitten, I mean Sabercat

August 6, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Sacramento, San Jose 28 10,016 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to the Father of the Year – MERVE BROOKINS who is a wannabe football player on the Sabercats. You might not have heard of him because he sits on the bench 95% of the time. How do I know that he’s a Father you ask? Because he asked me for child support money. Oh, and I heard from other girls he has asked them too. He walks around San Jose like he’s God’s gift to women. If you see a mohawk ladies, run the other way!! He likes to eat dirty pssy and he has more head on his head then the bootleg Amber Rose girl that he’s dating. He tries to act like he has multiple jobs and will probably tell you that he loves you after “dating” you for a week. He will also steal from you, so hide your belongings! Hes from Sacramento…enough said.

He needs multiple jobs benchwarming for his mens league.- nik

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Home Wrecker of the Year

August 2, 2013 San Jose 84 9,526 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sharon Gonzales is this years number one home wrecker. She is known for (multiple occasions) befriending her friends lovers and or spouses during an argument. She will take time to phone the male before consoling her friend, if she even consoles them at all. She will offer unwanted relationship advise to her “friends” in order to gain some sort of relevance to a relationship she had no part of. Once you are down, she is on the pounce to get your man. She will use her drug habit to make excuses for her actions. The ultimate event that gets her home wrecker of the year is… One of her closes friends of 15 years was having an argument with her livein boyfriend. Sharon thought it to her advantage to make her move. After reviewing his taxes (cause that’s what she use to do for a living, until her boss that she was fking found out that she was also fking her friends man) she saw an opportunity to weasel her way into a better life. So she worked on her seducing ways.. and you can tell from the looks of both of them how comical it must have been. Anyhow, Sharon thought it would be a good idea to position her naked self in a hot tub while her friend came home to work things out with her man. Sharon even went has far as to invite her to a threesome because ..”we both love you.. friend”. Meanwhile her “friend” stood there balling and asking over and over.. how could you do this to me.. i thought you were my friend.. Sharon had no words only to confess she had been sleeping with him. She couldn’t even look her friend in the eye. So her friend moves out.. Even after wrecking her friends world, Sharon continues to flaunt her “new” relationship on facebook with no shame in her game. She doesn’t even have custody of her kids and most time is homeless. She can normally be found loitering outside planned parenthood waiting to be treated on a weekly basis for’s. Beware, she is no good.

Nice mullet.- nik

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Saralyn Henry and Baby Daddy Chris Cabana

July 31, 2013 San Jose 29 10,197 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Saralyn and her fat ass, disgusting baby daddy Chris are one of the dumbest bitches of San Jose. Saralyn lost her first baby while pregnant because the dumb bitch was too caught up in the party scene to care that she was carrying a child. She then married that fat ass chipped tooth fcker Chris only because her parents forced them after finding out she was pregnant. They were going around telling everyone the reason why they got married was because she was “supposedly” going to *ie. They are such pathological liars. They believe all their fcken lies. They think they are so high class when the two dumb bitches are living with her parents in a townhouse because they cant afford to get their own place. They now have a son that they don’t even take care of. They leave the kid with her parents while they are still partying and going to the runs. Chris dead beat ass got his ass kicked at Sabor for talking shit and now has a chipped tooth. That’s what you get you dumb motherfuker when you and your lady talks shit about everyone! Chris even has a DUI that he cant even afford to pay off. And let me tell you, Saralyn likes to go on facebook talking shit about how other females are so ugly when the bitch looks like a fcken MAN. The bitch probably has a damn penis. She even has an instagram where she has FAKE ACCOUNTS liking her pictures because she signed up for gramh[]. A website you can gain a bundle of fake likes from fake accounts. Talk about desperate to be popular? Chris has 2 kids that he doesnt even take care of. Like father like son!! They are both known to be psychological insane and pathological liars.

Speaking of handouts, nice shirt.- nik

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