Cynthia Roman Stays Roamin

December 31, 2013 San Jose 55 7,719 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Say hello to the bay area’s biggest drunk! You can find this little troll all over your local bars and clubs in sf and San Jose, or wherever you can supply this thirsty little hoe with some cheap alkie. You’ll see her either falling all over the place or falling onto some random dudes dick. Cynthia has no shame in her game so hop on this hoe train and you’ll get to explore the great wonders of her hairy ass chewbacca vag. Better yet date her! She’ll cheat on you like she has done to all her other boyfriends because even though she’s not a ginger she has no soul. She will act sweet as fuck to your face but the second you turn your back this bitch is more fake then a Kardashian, she’s off running her mouth. Cynthia is that typical annoying, has to be the center of attention kinda girl. She always talks about how she has so many haters and how successful she is in life. NEWSFLASH honey you got your degree but your still working at a supermarket and not doing shit with your life. You want to know why you go through so many friends and have so many “haters”? Its because no matter how many extensions you put in your hair or how much makeup you throw on your face, you’ll never be able to cover up what an insecure, jealous, shitty human being you are. Maybe this will be your wake up call, your actions say it all so stop being a cunt and try being a nice genuine person for once in your life. Like you always say haters gunna hate but bitch you always give people a reason too.

Looks like they crashed a lot of tables.- nik

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Where Does Nikki Really Get Her Money

December 22, 2013 San Jose, The Dirty 197 99,416 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, DA strong all day. So this chick Nikki who supposedly works at AT&T as a rep acts all cute and sweet and then when you go to her Instagram she has pics with wads of hundreds claiming she makes all that cash in a matter of hours. Really Nikki, really. Her man is a “Bay area rapper” who calls him self J-Sauce and he’s in with this crew that goes by “Da Go Gettas”. I’ll save that joke of a rap group for another post. Any ways I just wanna know how this kid makes all this cash at her side job and won’t even disclose what that side job is. Also Go Gettas you suck and will never amount to anything. I can’t wait to read all the comments from their crew.

The money looks fake to me.- nik

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Tranny Trashbag

December 18, 2013 San Jose 10 6,900 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Theresa Flores and she is a fat ugly ho! She has a daughter and still manages to find time to sleep around with half of San Jose. Who’s taking care of your child, you slut? Guys will bang her but no one wants to wife her up. Not even her baby’s daddy. She could care less if the man is taken or not. She’s the definition of a home wrecker!!! She looks like a man, and has the deepest voice ever. If she didn’t have a kid I would swear that she’s a tranny. (Which would be a disgrace to them!) Everyone stay away! My buddy got herpes from her. I would never do her. Would you? but I know a bunch of guys that have. You’d have to brown bag it and double wrap it to even get near this ugly ass worn out “female”.

What’s the prize for being double jointeD?- nik

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Nicole Ordway

December 12, 2013 San Jose, Temecula 8 6,528 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Nicole Ordway, I meet this girl at my university CSUMB(California State of Monterey Bay) I was roommates with this girl in the beginning of the semester. This girls has stole from me on numerous occasions. She sleeps around, she brings random guys to our dorm & every week she has new guys. Nico is from Tomecula,CA. She brought 8 different guys to our dorm in the last 4 months of school. My best guy friend had an intercourse with her & she bragged to him that she can get any guy. She brags to me that her family is very good at lying. Nicole sleeps with any guy when she gets wasted. Rumors at our school CSUMB, that Nicole has drd. One of the golf players has claimed that he caught drd from her and he was raising awareness on her at school. Be careful

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Mike Garmany from The Hold Up

December 10, 2013 San Jose 17 7,401 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Mike Garmany, a delusional alcoholic pedophile. He is the front man for San Jose’s pop-reggae band known as The Hold Up, I used to date the bassist for a number of years. The whole band is a strange bunch of guys but the lead signer, Mike, certainly takes the cake. When hes not busy playing the same venue in hopes of selling out the crowd, he’s busy having sex with 14 year old girls and doing drugs. His ego is like no other, he is fully convinced that he is a celebrity and compares himself to people like Drake and Kanye West. He runs The Hold Up street team but really just uses it to get in the pants of your little sister. There was even a sex tape of him and their manager (and DJ of the band who literally does nothing on stage or so I’m told) hooking up with minors in a hotel room in Reno, when this tape got out it nearly ended the band. Luckily (for them) the ID’s of the girls where not on tape, but there braces and innocence certainly were. At their last show I heard Mike and the band were feeding this little girl cocaine and then kicked her out of the show because she wouldn’t take off her top. How these guys get away with this I’ll never know! these poor girls must be obsessed enough to not press charges. Whats even more disturbing is they have this cheer leader named Anthony Redy (who is pretty much the band-bitch and does web design work for them) who owns and runs a youth sports camp, I cant even imagine what goes on there. Nik please rip this guy a new one.

No wonder they aren’t giving up the dream.  They’re giving misfits and LG’s the opportunity to be groupies.- nik

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This Sloot

December 4, 2013 San Jose 8 8,766 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m honestly suprised she isn’t on here but this is Amy Vargas. She’s seriously the ugliest, skankiest bitch I’ve ever met in San Jose and I’m so glad we aren’t friends anymore because she’s a two-faced hoe. Shes going around telling people she’s a lesbian now but not even four months ago she fcked my friend and gave him a DRD and I hear he’s not the only one. This little girl seriously needs to grow the fck up and stop doing anything for attention. Her tattoos are cheap and unprofessional but what do you expect for someone who’s basically homeless. What a joke. She uses people, she’ll use you if it gets her what she wants. Dropping this bitch was the greatest thing I could have done because all she does is lie and complain like the little bitch she is. She’s is so desperate for a relationship its even funny how pathetic she is. I mean, she even lies about being sexually abused. I just, I can’t fcking deal with her existence and if you are her friend then I can’t wait until she fucks you over because she will. I’m not posting this due to jealousy like she’s going to claim, because there’s no reasoning to be jealous of this loose attention-whore.

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Pizza Makin’ Sloot

November 27, 2013 Modesto, San Jose 8 9,402 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Marlin Gallegos Damas, she has a husband that takes pics of her to masturbate to, apparently he prefers to rub one out to her pics than to actually touch…guess thats why she sets out to look for married men or anyone willing to give her what her own husband won’t. He takes these pics of her and she sends them out to other men.

Too much pepperoni.- nik

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Lizzy Adult Foot Shoot

November 3, 2013 Dirty Craigslist, San Jose 17 7,453 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: ” photographer looking to cast females aged 18-30 for a foot worship, footjob (on a real person), photo/video shoot” if any of you ladies want to be like miss lizzy heres the link for craigslist

That’s creepy, what’d she do with the lotion?- nik

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