San Jose | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

This is Uncalled for

June 5, 2014 San Jose 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica perez, Tracy ca.  need i say more

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Hipster John

June 3, 2014 San Jose 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, DA strong since 09 in Man Jose. Im putting this beta out on blast to make sure no other females get conned into this guys game. Meet Jason (Jay) McIntryre. Most fake dude you will ever meet. They broke up, he didnt want to accept i guess. I took a girl out and we ended starting dating, while this lowlife couldn’t get his 31 year old life together to live somewhere else while clinging to the gf\’s back room couch. We started dating and i treated her as best as any guy could. Then we were great for months, but I could still see sometimes on my gf’s phone that this beta was still texting her. I was not happy with her, and told her to block him yadda yadda. This sociopath ended up using a friends phone to contact her and me, a bunch of nonsense trying to break us up. I believe he will never leave us alone now. Hes currently on OkCupid as (srfjay) trying to lure any dumb girl. Dont fall for his shit. He told her that he has his degree, (hes never been to college ever) and has a bunch of money (broke). Lied about both. Pathetic, cuz all of a sudden his fortune got stolen and he wasn’t even mad. Nik, put this guy on blast before he cons any other girl falls into his shallow beta scheme. Hes a 32 year old loser, that has to bum rides off his brother just to pick up his trash weed growing supplies, and has to ask ex gfs if he can crash on her couches. He will soon be a 42 year old beta loser doing the exact same thing, if he doesnt change.

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June 2, 2014 San Jose 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: people think felicia salazar is some perfect angel, but her vine is of her smoking weed and talking about drugs. i can\’t stand this stuck up girl. she is so full of herself and boasts way too much. hope this pic haunts her. no one is jealous of you. what do you think of girls who smoke weed nik?

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Myshka Everett

May 29, 2014 San Jose 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Myshka Everett is a HOMEWRECKER COUGAR! She has been sleeping with my best friend’s Fiance for over a year now! She’s caught them having a relationship 3 times now. I bet you wonder why she hasn’t left this guy? Well, when she first found out she was 5 months pregnant! So, she dismissed it thinking things will get better… Then She found out again when her son was 8 weeks old. NOW, she’s 4 months pregnant AGAIN and this B*tch is BACK! She knows about about my friend, she knows about her kids, her being pregnant, and their family, but the whore bag doesn’t care! To me, she’s a true definition of a HOMEWRECKER! And believe me the man she’s decided to have 2 children with is a douchebag too! Someone who can knowingly sleep with a man that has a spouse and family at home is a complete whore bag – not to mention she is 10 years older than the man she is sneaking around with!!!!

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Alex Needs To Start Acting Like A Mother

May 24, 2014 San Jose, The Dirty 101


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Alex aka Mac has a child and seems to post pics of her Marijuana vape pen.  She has unattractive tattoos.  Anyway, her family is loaded so it’s no big deal for her to buy a lot of pot and have a kid she probably she doesn’t even care for. She even has an etsy store which is pretty cool, but unfair because her family is rich so she can make all these design pieces of top notch crystals. I guess in a way I am envious of her, but idk why she denies her nose job.  Her boobs are huge and as karma, I hope they sag or are doing so already… Nik, what think of all this privilege?

The audi is all I see.- nik

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Fake Celebrity Profile Kingpin Andy Fanelli

May 20, 2014 San Jose 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone loved Enter The Dragon right?? Well let us tell you about a bonafide conartist who weaseled his way into some of the celebs that we all love and went to their events to get pictures taken with them and posting on Facebook saying and acting as if they are his friends. He has also created many fake profiles and fake fan pages for some of the stars without their permission. Two years ago he wanted to put together a public event at his high school and paid them $5-$15k each to come and be represented and watch his students perform..which were horrible. Basically this all started 2 years ago with fallout with 3 different filmmakers who had put their trust in Fanelli and then finding out about his lies that he was telling another filmmaker that he could get Wesley Snipes and Nicholas Cage and dropped the name of Steve Lombardi as being the one representing Wesley and then when the filmmaker got in contact with the real representatives, they had no clue who Fanelli or Steve was and then Tony got word cos they somewhat know each other and then Tony dropped or kicked Fanelli out The day he got kicked out, Fanelli sent everyone a resignation letter lol As if he had resigned when he did not Then another filmmaker martial artist got word about that and decided to drop him After these guys dropped him Fanelli started on this rampage or vendetta against them and started creating fake profiles to talk shit against them and to infiltrate their investors and friends

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Sarah Goodrow

May 19, 2014 San Jose 51


THE DIRTY ARMY: shes a fcking hanus lunatic! give me any info you have and I will make another one of these and blast it on every social network site there is til everyone knows who the fuck goodhoe is , a fucking god damn sad pathetic piece of soiled shit from a dog with aids. Ugly ass alcoholic with no future, no morals no goals no life. She has nothing she can say she worked hard for, other then working numerous dicks so she can pop out kids out of her loose ass nasty vagina. That’s all you have to show for Sarah is your kids, someone make a cps report I heard about allllll the ratchet crazy shit that goes on at her house, all your friends” put your pathetic life on blast. your 51/50 get serious immediate help someone help this poor ratchet long ass nose bitch. Help her with a resume and some job search or something, When more then ten ppl say the same things about you sarah its probably fucking true !!! Go to college im sad your kids have u as a role model all they can look up and see is a big ball of fucking trash . you deserve all of Modesto hating on you, no one fucking likes you how does that feel? I hope you get so drunk you decide to kill yourself your a waiste of human life. You’ll probably d with cum beer in your mouth. Being a “boss at mommy 24/7″ isnt really paying the bills is it, thank god welfare so your kids have diapers to fcking wear.

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Sapphire Love

May 16, 2014 San Jose 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Sapphire Love aka Britney from San Jose, CA. Nik, have I found your eyes? Look past the tattoos and chubbiness. I think she is pretty for San Jose.

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