Photoshopper Cristina Yescas

March 28, 2014 San Jose 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty fake thirsty bitch is Cristina Yescas she has been around sleeps with numerous guys just so they can pay her rent on a dump bag studio near seven trees neighborhood she has a child she does’t even know how to take care of! And spends all her money on her fcked up hair color and cheap ass accessories she thinks she’s the shit but shes just a slut with a few drdS her teeth are fcked up and her body looks disgusting ass fuck… She works at California check cashing. She slept with a few friends of mine and didnt even use condoms my boy told me she’s hella loose her shit started making hella nasty noises when he pulled out! Men beware shes nasty as fck and hits all the local bars even used to strip at the poodle until she got knocked up. She’s a fcking flea bag broke SLUT she supposedly has a man and still gets around what a FAT THIRSTY SLUT! CRISTINA YESCAS from San Jose from seven trees is dirty nasty as fck… Enough said so men beware!

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Brian Atchison is an Immature Druggie

March 27, 2014 San Jose 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is brian atchison, I dated him for quite sometime, within that time he cheated on me twice (that I know of) and was using heroin behind my back. I have done nothing but been a good friend to him while he was detoxing gave him rides, money, and food since he doesnt have family where we live. He said he was living in a sober house when really he was staying at a cheap crack head motel and using drugs. He is 24 and never had his license and spends all his money on drugs cigarettes cheap hotel rooms and candy. When he got arrested for using he told me to get his belongings out of the hotel room for him… and I didnt im tired of dealing with his child like nonsense and lies. He can help himself from now on!! I have always had his back and defended him when I shouldnt have and then he stabbed me in the back by lying to me and talking bad about me to get the heat off him for being a drug addict. Whats even more pathetic is hes the same even when hes clean I have learned my lesson!!

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March 25, 2014 San Jose 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bald motherfcker right here……he thinks you can Google him. Aint nobody got tome for dat! He chills with gay guys everyday. He does drugs with them, and I’m pretty sure he takes it in the ass. Then he tries to look like a player, by posting pictures of himself with different girls every day. (to make people think hes not gay) HOMO!!Come out the closet buddy! You’re not fooling anyone. He goes to the strip club everyday! Chills with dirty strippers everyday. He has sexual intercourse with escorts and he doesn’t wear condoms. drds!! His best friend is a stripper. He wears sunglasses at night, every night at the club, strip club, on the street in the house, car, bed. He’s a playing, cheating ass, take it up the ass motherfcker. The Dirty should be called the BALDY. Please Please Please Nik! Post this for me, all the good girls with broken hearts, and the gay community. Hes a threat to the whole world. Literally a walking drd!

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Brother Lover

March 25, 2014 San Jose 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Karen Rebellido is a dirty whore. She fuked my friend Alex for a month and then she fcked his little brother Tony until she got caught. She works at Mac and thinks she’s hot shit but she is actually hideous and fat. She was pregnant a few years ago but she has no baby? She’s just a slot who Fck everyone and anyone for some attention. Please expose this dirty fat brother fcker for the slot that she really is.

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Keeping Up With Martha

March 21, 2014 San Jose, The Dirty 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Martha Mendoza aka Mustache Martha… she has been around Facebook and Instagram for a while. She uses it to lure guys in. But are the pictures they see of Martha real? Martha is a high school drop out who recently immigrated illegally from Mexico. She spends her time taking pictures from people’s Instagram and posting as her own. Not only does she have fake posts of what her location is, what she currently is doing, what “new purse” she has bought but she also has fake pictures of herself. Martha photo shops all her pictures she posts on intagram. She adds more makeup on top of the makeup she already has and makes her derriere seem big. She also frequently pretends to be in night clubs when in reality people have confirmed she has faked her location and is at home washing dishes and drinking on her own.Martha is the fakest slut I have ever seen, she is most defiantly not psychologically O.K. Martha has created an imaginary world inside her head. The reason behind this, Martha is desperate for a man’s attention. Why wont anyone please love her! Mustache Martha deserves some love too.

Photoshop is for LIARS!- nik

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Santini Houdini

March 14, 2014 San Jose 14

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Beautiful, she is. But shes also incredibly easy. I used to work with Cristina Santini, aka SantiniHoudini, the insta-famous model, at Abercrombie and Fitch at The Grove. She thought I was sexy and would always flirt with me. One night at a party she got a little too faded (as she always does) and let me suck on those nice big titties. Mind you, we weren’t dating or even “talking.” If she finds you attractive she’s basically mush in your hands guys.

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Dumb Troll

February 27, 2014 San Jose 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: What up Nik, this gal takes the cake of all the dumb trolls, this trolls name is Amber and gets around hard and don’t even care if others know this slut was cheating on her fiance with me 2 or 3 times a week.. she not only cant fck all to good she domt even know how to suck dick. She will fck you for tattoos and other free shit she needs. Shes a little club whore and has also fcked multiple friends of mine did up on her phone she got this video to prove it just do what I did and download it to your computer I have also seen her at some of my regular bars hitting on bartenders she likes to get down in public places like her job at a lingerie shop in the mall this bitch I know has fcked with many guys heads and will fck with yours this bitch gave me drd too so if you wanna get your dick wet AND I MEAN DRIPPING WET get up on it shes easy bro but beware its hot dog in the hallway just wrap that shit and I aint a small dude she fcked me over for the last time after running out wit my wallet and using my credit cards, fuck this crazy white whore careful she is notorious for playing the cute innocent victimized girl

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Chase Howell

February 21, 2014 San Francisco, San Jose 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chase howell uses women to have a place to stay. He has sex with u and takes u out one night. After that u will be spending your money on him. He is a mooch . Ladies be warned because this is not the only post about him. Good luck

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