Santini Houdini

March 14, 2014 San Jose 14

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Beautiful, she is. But shes also incredibly easy. I used to work with Cristina Santini, aka SantiniHoudini, the insta-famous model, at Abercrombie and Fitch at The Grove. She thought I was sexy and would always flirt with me. One night at a party she got a little too faded (as she always does) and let me suck on those nice big titties. Mind you, we weren’t dating or even “talking.” If she finds you attractive she’s basically mush in your hands guys.

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Dumb Troll

February 27, 2014 San Jose 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: What up Nik, this gal takes the cake of all the dumb trolls, this trolls name is Amber and gets around hard and don’t even care if others know this slut was cheating on her fiance with me 2 or 3 times a week.. she not only cant fck all to good she domt even know how to suck dick. She will fck you for tattoos and other free shit she needs. Shes a little club whore and has also fcked multiple friends of mine did up on her phone she got this video to prove it just do what I did and download it to your computer I have also seen her at some of my regular bars hitting on bartenders she likes to get down in public places like her job at a lingerie shop in the mall this bitch I know has fcked with many guys heads and will fck with yours this bitch gave me drd too so if you wanna get your dick wet AND I MEAN DRIPPING WET get up on it shes easy bro but beware its hot dog in the hallway just wrap that shit and I aint a small dude she fcked me over for the last time after running out wit my wallet and using my credit cards, fuck this crazy white whore careful she is notorious for playing the cute innocent victimized girl

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Chase Howell

February 21, 2014 San Francisco, San Jose 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chase howell uses women to have a place to stay. He has sex with u and takes u out one night. After that u will be spending your money on him. He is a mooch . Ladies be warned because this is not the only post about him. Good luck

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Catherine Thomas

February 19, 2014 San Jose 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nik, let me tell you about Cathy Thomas ! She isn’t just a slut, she’s a sneaky slut. She likes to use her religion as an escape to not face up to the fact that she’s a whore. She brags about going to church while she’s fu*king our boy nick while she is in a relationship. Her boyfriend was always lead to believe the one cheating in the relationship while little do you know she’s is to. She likes to go on about how heathy she is when really all she’s doing is throwing up in the ducking toilet and starving yourself. She’s fake as fck and if you notice how many best friends she’s had it’s because no one likes her!

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Christina Miller

January 28, 2014 San Jose 164

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THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK- this is christina miller (Bosher). This bitch is nuts. She is 27 and has the maturity level of 12 year old. She is pregnant with a 21 year olds baby. Her baby dad kevin also has a child with his ex. Christina threatened to kill her and their son. Her whole pregnancy she has drank and done drugs so I wouldn’t be surprised if that that baby is taken from her. She lives off the government and refuses to get a job. One of her favorite past times is when she got butt ass naked for her baby dad and his friends and sucked all their dicks and then had a threesome while her baby dad would watch and participate. This bitch is so busy ruining other peoples lives that her whole family has abandoned her because they are disgusted to be related to such trash. I just wanted to let everyone know that she is a grimy ass bitch. And ladies watch your dudes because as soon as that baby pops out she will be out because her baby dad wont be young enough forever!

Horses like this can kick the saddle…- nik

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Slooty Cassie

January 13, 2014 San Jose 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Cassandra Sadsad. She has to be one of the biggest sluts and liars that ever lived on the face of this earth. I’m not sure where to begin but let me just say this girl has slept with so many people from the Military. She’s has numerous miscarriages and abortions (one of her closes friends said she lied about it and wasn’t even pregnant to begin with). She also thinks she’s the hottest piece of ass to ever walk on the planet she has gone as far as saying she looks like Selena Gomez, and what’s worst is guys on social media actually agree with her (I’m unsure if it’s just because they want some easy ass or what). I’ve seen her in person many times, her pictures that she post online does NOT match what she actually looks like. For example, her “boobs” that she claims to have are all thanks to Victoria secret and tissues, seriously she has no curves what so ever. In addition she claims she’s so successful and so independent yet she follows her boyfriend (a new one every 3 months) wherever they live even if that means to move across the country. I guess she just moved back to the bay area from living in the south for about a year now, she claims she’s going to sign up for the air force, something she’s been claiming she’s going to do for years now. I;’ assuming she moved back because everyone she\’s met in Florida and New Orleans were tired of her fake lying ways.

Those eyebrows will be gone in a year.- nik

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Cynthia Roman Stays Roamin Revision

January 9, 2014 San Jose 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Cynthia will try and contact you to take down her post because she will claim she isnt this person who is being portrayed. This picture of her drugged out hooking up with a guy at a rave is on her instagram. How can she not be this person if she is shamelessly promoting this on social media. So please add it to the post . thanks

How bout a post of its own…- nik

Also See: Cynthia Roman

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San Jose’s Ratchet

January 7, 2014 San Jose 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik… Meet this ratchett, 20 year old, KATIE WAGNER! Shes known all over West San Jose for being that nasstty tweaker bishh. She dropped out of SJCC her freshman year because she got into hardcore drugs. Shes the kinda girl who cant say No to anyone or anything. She was recently in a 5 year relationship with a guy who abused the crap out of her, yet she continued to give in to him and his b.s, she even became homeless so she can sleep on the streets with him… Even tho she may seem devoted to “her man”, she continuously slept with his friends behind his back, she even let her boyfriend persued her to have a 3sum with him and his best friend! Her bf of 5 years then left her for another girl who bought him a car and gave him a place to live. She than started hanging out with an old high school friend and began to fuck her friends 16 year old brother… She has no shame in her game. She will go days with out showering, when she walks into a room it reaks of sweat and ass! She will go to work (at the mall) after long nights of sex and no shower -___- NASTYY She needs to take better care of her personal hygiene and gain some self respect. She can also be found on SKOUT under a bunch of different names, her nudes are posted all over the internet. SMH this girl should be ashamed of her self… She has definite DADDY ISSUES!

She knows its only a matter of time before the wrinkles stick.- nik

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