805 Senor Muerte

April 16, 2014 Hollywood, Santa Barbara 0 7,181 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is “Senor Muerte” he likes to call himself. His real name is Zimrri but he likes to tell people his name is Noe. He is a lowlife who loves graffiti and thinks he’s a professional photographer when all he does is take pictures of hoodrats half naked. I didn’t really know him much we dated 3 months he seemed to be sweet little did I know he was a physco path! He beat me and is now in jail im keepin the baby & he’ll never see it! So long dirtbag!

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She Loves Backdoor Action

April 16, 2014 Santa Barbara 0 9,168 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl likes it in the butt from guys she’s just met.  Has drunkenly bragged about it to multiple people. one of her victims remembered that she told him he didn’t need to stop to change the condom before switching to the v*g. enough said.

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Sarah Lawson

April 11, 2014 Santa Barbara 0 8,739 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so there is this whore in the tiny town of Santa Barbara who has a really bad case of drd and she thinks its funny to spread it around like wild fire! This girl has literally been bullied out of every job she has ever had because she has sex with everyone and then wonders why no one respects her. In the course of knowing her, she would sleep with two to three guys in a WEEK and then cry her eyes out when no one would call her back. Not only is she infested with diseases, she also grows more hair on her face and ass than a gorilla. She literally shaves her ‘beard’ and ass on the daily or else you would think she was a man. LOL. Aside from all her promiscuous and hormonal issues, she thinks its normal to check herself into a psych ward on a monthly basis because of all her ‘mental health’ issues. This chik is bat shit craazyyyy!!! Is there anything Santa Barbara can do to keep her locked up on her next vacation to the mental hospital?? We don’t want drd!!!

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Rave girl Erika

January 28, 2014 Santa Barbara, Would You? 13 7,009 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty flat chested raver slut Erika Rundle has fucked more than 30 guys AND girls in the small town of santa barbara! I personally think she is revolting and and her p**sy looks like [removed] but what do you think nik?

No pasties needed…- nik

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Charles Fosset-Lee

January 2, 2014 Santa Barbara, UCSB 0 6,698 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me tell you about this guy named Charles Fossett-Lee. So I am at a party in IV and meet this guy named Charles Fosset-Lee. He kept telling me that he had this supper hot girlfriend, even though I pegged him for gay, and insisted on me meeting her. A few drinks later he shows me some pics of this hot ass chick that is supposed to be his gf and says he wants me to have sex with her, buzzed and intrigued I gave him my number and went home for the night. That night I kept getting texts from this person claiming to be Charles’s gf saying she wants to do all kinds of things to me. We text for a little while and I asked her if she wanted to meet up. This is where it gets interesting; to meet up with her she tells me first I have to get my dick sucked by her boyfriend Charles. Lol, I told her no way and dismissed it. A little later I told my friend this story and he cracked up cuz the exact same thing happened to him by the same guy. He also told me that this Charles guy posts on craigslist posing as a chick, sends some fake pics of a hot chick and then says you can have her and do whatever you want to her after you get your dick sucked by Charles, her boyfriend. Come on man, I don’t care if you straight or gay or bi or whatever but going around sb lying and deceiving is sick. Nik what do you think is this guy’s problem?

The problem is this tactic works, a couple dumbass’s is all it takes.- nik

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Raymond Morua Needs To Be Put Down

December 12, 2013 Santa Barbara, The Dirty 54 96,901 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is truly a sad story, a 27 year old girl Mallory Rae Dies (note that is her last name, she is not deceased) is still in critical condition after Congresswoman’s Lois Capps Aide, Raymond Morua hit her while intoxicated after leaving a party for Santa Barbara Independent at Savoy Nightclub and fled the scene. After leaving the scene the driver (who was intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.17) then was chased by many people where he himself eventually crashed his car. He is now detained on $250k bail in Santa Barbara County Jail. Recently the offices of Lois Capps have fired him, however it has been released that this is not the first time that Raymond Morua has been arrested for DUI hit and run and other charges such as embezzlement. I am trying to figure out how a person of this stature and with his criminal background was working for Congresswoman Lois Capps? My prayers go to Mallory Rae Dies and her family that she recovers fully. This guy deserves what he has coming to him because he literally got out of his car looked at the victim and got back in his car and fled!!!! Who does that…?

Can you imagine living with a last name like “Dies”… that’s like Final Destination sh*t.- nik

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New Breed Of Ratchets From The 805

October 14, 2013 Hollywood, Santa Barbara, The Dirty, Ventura 118 95,196 Views

antoinetteii copy

antoinette copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, say hello to the new breed of ratchets invading Hollywood and become low level Bottle Rats. Angela Vargas is an inspiring model that is seeking work for mole removals with the worst attitude (straight b*tch), Claudia Rodriguez, well she is just inspiring not to pick up another Burrito or Mexican Pastry (No side pics of her), Antoinette Martinez is a new comer to the group, although I hear she is an escort and has the biggest chip on her shoulder (you are not that pretty-doable but not hot). I am not sure which one will fulfill my GREG first… Which would you stick it in? Welcome to reality ladies your about to be baptized.

I find it funny that these girls have photo positions. It’s like they practice their angles on slumber party nights.- nik

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What Happened To Tonic

September 19, 2013 Santa Barbara 1 7,511 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I have been coming to this club called Tonic since I was 17, now at 20 the club had totally gone down hill.  I don’t understand how a place could be so much fun and bring such amazing memories into my life and then all the sudden, its dead and no one wants to go there.  We started off going there because we knew a guy that would let us in while we were seniors in high school because it was such a privilege to go out, drink and hook up with older guys.  Do all clubs go downhill after a while?

They have Urban clubs in Santa Barbara?- nik

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