**Update: No Need To Ever Go To The Liquor Store For A Lottery Ticket

March 30, 2012 Jacksonville, Miami, Newport, Orlando, Oxnard, Palm Springs, Riverside, Sacramento, San Clemente, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Monica, Tallahassee, Tampa, The Dirty 13

**I use the service it and it works.  640 million here I come.- nik

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sure like everyone else, you hate going to your local gas station or liquor store to pick up a lottery ticket because of the inconvenience.  Well LottoGopher has solved that issue, now in California and Florida you can order your ticket online from your own home/office and not waste your time going to the store.  Best part is, that you can go in on group tickets with an even better chance of hitting it big. Everyone in our office is using it so I thought I would share with the dirty army.

America is becoming lazier and lazier by the second.- nik

Click here to purchase Lotto tickets without going to the gas station.

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Pacific Plaza Apartments In Santa Monica Suck

March 26, 2012 Dirty Business, Hollywood, Santa Monica 2

Pacific Plaza Apartments- Santa Monica

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, PLEASE HELP ME! I have been living at the Pacific Plaza since August now… to say the least it has been a NIGHTMARE. Justin, F*CK YOU. He will make everything seem perfect and be very helpful until you signed your lease. This place is a living hell, my door is broken, the microwave doesn’t work and things are always falling apart… literally everything falls apart! The manager and all the people that work here are ZERO help… they do not give a sh*t. SO PLEASE THIS PLACE MAY LOOK AMAZING BUT WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T BE LIKE ME, TRAPPED IN YOUR LEASE.

Thanks for the heads up.- nik

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Larry Leight Is The King Of All Scumbags

February 24, 2012 Dirty Predator, Santa Monica, The Dirty 19

Larry Leight is the king of all scumbags

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Larry Leight is the king of all scumbags. He tells these girls that they can be models for his sh*tty sunglass company, Oliver Peoples. Then he gets them to his hotel suite at the intercontinental (classy hotel right) and does a “test shoot” then he pays them a few grand to have sex with him. His wife and kids know nothing about all this. The guy is nearly 70 and he tricks all these 18-20 something’s into thinking they can really be models. Time to put this trout dirtbag on blast. There are some pictures on the net of him blowing his old man wad on some slut with a f*cked up stretched out stomach but you can’t tell its him because its just his greg and his load on this cracked out young moms face. All the while his wife Brit Momaday Leight has no idea that he is paying these little wh*res to f*ck his old fat ass. Will you and the DA please slam this old f*ck, and for god sake someone tell this guys wife while she is still young and hot enough to find a new husband.

Isn’t Oliver Peoples owned by Oakley (the cult mormon company)?- nik

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Biggest Piece Of Dung Ever

February 24, 2012 Dirty Craigslist, Santa Monica 2

Biggest Piece Of Shit Ever

Biggest Piece Of Shit Ever

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik. First time poster, avid reader. Anyways, I have a huge piece of shit for you today. This cocksucker, Joseph Alan Patrick Smith (which is probably a fake name to escape prison time for fraud) is by FAR the WORST person I have EVER met in my whole f*cking life. This douche bag will post an ad on Craigslist with a bunch of false information in hopes of dooping you into moving in with him. I know, it happened to me. In October, we found his Craigslist post and it said that all utilities were paid for. A week or two later, a buddy and I visited him and, other than finding out that he was increeedibly IRRITATING, signed the lease after making sure that the utilities were paid for. January, 2012 rolls along and we found out within a few days that utilities were NOT paid for. Luckily for him, he went to Milwaulkee for a funeral – he’s been gone ever since. So, he left us to do everything and we had no clue what was going on. The manager started banging on the door and we just hid (give us a break, we’d only been there a week). Later, Joe told us that the owner/manager hadn’t given us keys so were weren’t paying power/water. So, we believe him and everything goes smoothly for a while until the manager got fed up with paying our bills and decided to get a real estate company to manage their building last month. Welp, guess what happened today (02/23/12)? The f*cking power got shut off. We called him immediately and he acted like it was our responsibility to turn it back on! Fuck that! He thinks we’re going to put anything in our name after he’s been lying to us this whole fcking time?! Think again, bitch. He thinks that a one-time payment of 50 dollars for illegal cable is a utility. And, according to people that have known him for years, he is known for pulling little bullshit stunts like this. He’s constantly getting evicted – CAUSE HE’S A FCKING IDIOT!!!
You know how this motherfcker makes rent money? He either spends every day in the local bars trying to swindle people into having him paint murals for them or he rents out his room on [removed]- and that’s just filled with more lies. He overcharges the shit out of honest people just so he can get by a bit further. He still gets the same amount of food stamps that he’s gotten since he was homeless and he has more money than my roommate and I COMBINED. Sure, he’ll come off as a nice guy but as soon as he gets in a position of power over you, or does something “nice” for you..he’ll turn on you and hold it over your head. This dude is the definition of a cocksucking piece of shit. This shitbag is the biggest liar you will EVER meet.

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Santa Monicas Biggest Sloot

February 13, 2012 Santa Monica 4

Santa Monica's Biggest Sloot

Santa Monica's Biggest Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we need to get the word out about this sloot. She pretty much will do it in the back of any vehicle to get attention, rumor has it she has a bf that does not know she is just slooting herself all over the city of Santa Monica. She prefers black dudes but will settle for anything these days. Her name is Courtney Samoly, not sure her bf’s name, but the word needs to get out when she is spotted on a corner in Santa Monica.

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Samantha Rae Is A Dirty Skank

January 27, 2012 Santa Monica 52

Samantha Rae is a dirty Skank

Samantha Rae is a dirty Skank

Samantha Rae is a dirty Skank

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is samantha rae castillo. A dirty hoe who thinks she’s hot shit because guys’ want to stick it in her. She’s talks to multiple guys, sleeps with them and their homies within three days and moves on to the next. And she often goes back around sleeping with the same guys ..like a cycle to her. Who’s next on her list? hahaha It’s not so bad the she gets around, It’s the fact that she thinks she can get any guy she wants, can tell any lie and anyone will believe besides the people she screwed over and caught her making her own drama. She’s had sex with 18 guys, that’s before she moves to cali and suck almost 40 dicks… Almost. Not bad, Nik?

That’s a big top for such small pea shooters.- nik

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Ryan Phinny Had So Much Potential

January 25, 2012 Santa Monica 8

Ryan Phinny

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ryan Phinny.  The wannabe and failed racecar driver has made his last and final attempt at being anything. He should be done lying to his family friends and people who ever cared for him. He used to have ambition to make something of himself. It is so sad because the person he has become now is a sad desperate cry for help. He is clearly to fat to every have a career (um go to the gym ryan) but he solicits drunks girls in the town he lives in and preys on them when they are drunk. He is cocky and so his red hair is clearly a ruin all. He resorts to liquors to figure out these kind of problems! You need to be exposed, you deserve it, everyone knows how desperate you are.

Now that is a forehead ladies and gentlemen.- nik

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Boob Sloot

December 20, 2011 Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks 8

B.O. Boob Slut!

B.O. Boob Slut!

B.O. Boob Slut!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so peep this. This chick here, Theophania Korianitis of Thousand Oaks CA is theee most disgusting, fat, dirty wh*re of them all. She can’t even count how many scum bags she has slept with. Its always a new guy too because once the dude she bangs sobers up and realizes what he just put his pecker into he pukes, runs and never comes back! Any where this chick goes she will bang the first dude that will give her attention, age, race, look, bar bathroom, behind a building… non of that matters to her as long as she gets pounded. And she keeps it all on the low down pretty good! Some serious daddy issues lie behind this one. Its not enough that she bangs anything that walks but she also makes up stories about being with guys that would never give her the time of day because at 26 years old this dirty vag cant even get a bf! Besides being a cesspool for dirty c*ck, she is the fakest person to walk this earth and will stab even her bff of 15 years in the back at the drop of a hat. Sara Oxford is her childhood bff and that poor girl doesnt even know that one of the most hurtful things that was plotted against her years ago was not only set up by 2 girls, but Theophania was in fact behind it all. The secrets this chick carries inside would drive a normal human to suicide. Its no surprise that she is filled with depression and anxiety and hides away from the world, but she cant hide from that mirror, everyday she is faced with herself and it shows on her fake fat face that it is taking a serious toll on her. In her eyes everyone does her so wrong and she is so quick to move on to a new bff and spread lies bout the old bff, until she is drowning in her own lies so deep that she cant even go into public cuz of the shame she holds, but wait, its only a matter of time before the new besty gets effed over by her an then she is running back to the old ones. its a viscous sad circle this girl runs. Her own father and family want nothing to do with her and cant stand her. They wont even call her or answer her calls for ANYTHING, not even the holidays. I think they realized they adopted the wrong kid, no wonder her real parents gave her up but kept moving forward with a family and other kids. so sad, but they say a mothers instinct is the strongest and her real mom was right to make this one a dumpster baby but unfortunate that the rest of the world ended up with the trash. Theophania has to be put on blast for her sick ways and so people, including the ones who think they are her friend, can really get just a little glimpse of who she really is and what a dirty, infested, lying, fake, sad, pathetic piece of shet for a human she truly is. GROW UP AND SAY YOUR SORRYS AND FACE WHAT YOU BROUGHT ONTO YOURSELF.

Her chin looks like her can opener.- nik

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